Mercedes Benz 0305

Between 1977 and 1980 Auckland Regional Authority acquired 300 Mercedes Benz 0305 buses with New Zealand Motor Bodies B46D bodies built under licence to VOV - Verband Offentlicher Verkehrsbetriebe. Translated to Englsh VOV means German Union of Public Transport Companies. The VOV bus was a standard design developed in Germany 1967.

Two of the 0305 buses, including the doubly unlucky 1313 were destroyed by a fire at New Zealand Motor Bodies Takanini? plant while being repaired so only 298 were delivered under the contract.

The buses replaced by the 298 0305 and 96 0303 buses were 158 Daimler Freelines, 50 Leyland Royal Tigers, 106 Bedfords ( 73 SB3, 2 SB8 30 VAMs 1 VAL ) 1 Leyland Leopard, 2 Leyland Comets, 1 Mack CBLIRS, 2 NST/Macks and a Kea. The last four models were built or extensively rebuilt at North Shore Transports workshops.

New Plymouth City Council had frequently added a small order onto large orders placed by other municipal operators. In 1976 it obtained 4 buses to the ARA specification.

Fleet Data

The buses on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 9 January 2012.

1301-1333 1334-1367 1368-1400 1401-1433 1434-1467 1468-1500 1501-1533 1534-1567 1568-1600
New Plymouth Stagecoach Fairfax 2000 rebuilds Stagecoach Designline rebuilds Mana Rebuilds
Hamilton City Buses Fairfax 2000 rebuilds Hamilton City Buses Designline rebuilds

1301 to 1333

Change of ownership from Auckland Regional Authority to Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd (the operating company for Yellow Bus Company) in June 1991 is not recorded.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
13010000510/10/73GN8818 P Jenkins, Silverdale.GN881829/7/97 
B Kindt, Newton, Albany.GN88184/2/88  
Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany77XB54991/7/98 
M & M Bonham, Whangarei XB54996/3/06Movan; CoF exp 03/11 
130200014216/1/74GZ3365 Carrington Passenger Services.GZ336513/10/92 
Carrington Passenger Services.RN355813/10/92  
Cesta Travel ltd, Dunedin39RN355830/11/93Scrapped 3/98 at Bayes 
130300012522/1/74GZ3550 R Jenkins.GZ355014/3/95Reg Can 14/9/96  
13040001327/2/74GZ4120Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd407 GZ412017/9/91Auckland; Reg cancelled 7/9/01 
13050001397/2/74GZ4121Morris Catering Ltd.GZ4121 21/5/91No LTSA record 
13060001907/2/74GZ4119No information available   Scrapped 
130700019714/3/74HA8761 Bethelem Coaches, Tauranga20HA876123/4/92(Innoculations Ltd) 
Bethlehem Coaches, Tauranga20TD130918/01/95(To Ken Frew Holdings 2002) 
K J Baker, Waimate?TD130914/11/05Reg on hold 06 
P M & K M van Zanten, Waimate?TD130931/3/08Reg on hold 06 
13090001841974HA9422 No information available.JM7142.Scrapped 
13100001601974HA9424 No information available.MK658 Scrapped 
13110001671974HA9423Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany... Scrapped 
1313.1974HC330Written off..1977Fire at NZMB 
13150001128/5/74HC332 Auckland Regional Authority1315IC35401976?  
Tony Verryt.IC354028/8/95  
Day Trip Touring Co Ltd.IC354017/2/00Tony Verryt, Manager 
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai184IC354011/12/04 "Purple Magic"; reg on hold 09 
Information not available DSM91130/1/10reg on hold 09 
13160002495/6/74HF6027 Auckland International Airport Ltd2HF602711/12/90  
Auckland International Airport Ltd12 AIAL1217/2/94  
Village Autos, New Plymouth AEM67410/8/01Dealer (Fawley Productions Ltd) 
Bethlehem Coaches, Tauranga22AEM67414/1/02(Ken Frew Holdings Ltd) 
D C McKenzie, Invercargill AEM67415/9/05Movan 
D G Durban, Te Anau AEM6749/5/09Movan. Reg on hold 09 
13170002661974HF6028Exported to Nauru     
13180002411974HF6029Exported to Nauru     
13210002888/7/74HF7074 Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany63HF707428/8/95  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai.HF707427/2/04  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai179CLU1917/1/05"Purple Day" 
Scrapped  9/7/07  
13220005378/7/74HF7075 Quigley Technical Services Ltd, Glen Massey, Ngauruawahia .HF707516/2/95Bridge Builder; reg lapse 10/97 
S G Quigley, Glen Massey, Ngauruawahia .WR306121/11/97Reg on hold 99 
13230005528/7/74HF7151 Ribhouse, Outside 326 K Rd, Auckland.HF715130/9/97Pie cart; reg lapse 9/99 
Ribhouse.YY66501/3/00At some time Malo Va'apelua Takeaway Bar 
Philip Fry.YY665022/11/02Reg as truck; Owner of Commercial Buses 
W P Henry, Riverhead.YY665012/10/04Reg on hold 03 
Reg Lapsed  10/6/09  
13240005677/8/74HF8095 Auckland Regional Authority1324OQ320813/10/89 
F M Tapuvae, Mt Wellington (Bus Driving School?).OQ320816/7/97  
J Taia (J & S Buses), Papakura.OQ320820/5/02  
Alpha & Omega Bus Co, Mangere.OQ320813/7/04G Snow; CoF exp 11/05 
Silver Star Farm, Waitakere.OQ320812/1/07W J Van der Star 
scrapped. 12/1/07  
13250005821974HF8096Ray Vincent Ltd.HF8096 Scrapped 
13260006391974HF8097Auckland Healthcare.HF8097.No LTSA record 
13270007047/8/74HF8098 Ritchies Transport Holding Ltd, Timaru432HF809814/8/92  
Ritchies Transport Holding Ltd, Timaru432RQ829813/10/92Christchurch 
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru432RQ82984/7/97 leased to Christchurch Transport Ltd 
Written off.RQ82989/1/01Fire damaged 
13280007201974HH2313C & B King, Alfriston.?13/7/92 Horsefloat; No LTSA record 
13290007365/9/74HH2314 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru433HH231414/8/92  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru433RQ829913/10/92  
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru433RQ82994/7/97 Leased to Christchurch Transport Ltd 1997  
13300007975/9/74HH2315 Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga21HH231522/9/72(Innoculations Ltd, Tauranga) 
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga21HH231518/4/02(Ken Frew Holdings) 
D G Brewer, Tauranga HH231514/12/05Reg on hold 05; To Waiuku 2007 
M C Gray, Cambridge HH231524/6/09Reg on hold 05 
Information not available HH23155/4/11unconfirmed; Reg on hold 05 
13310008175/9/74HH2316 Matchmarc Holding Ltd, Papatoetoe.HH231630/1/92used by Harris Tranz, Paraparaumu? 
Leopard Coachlines, Christchurch33HH23161/7/94  
Registration cancelled..25/8/04  
NZ Busrentals, Woodville..07/04broken down for spare parts 
13320008385/9/74HH2317 Palmerston North Taxi Society Ltd.HH23179/8/95. 
Okato Bus Lines, Taranaki57HH231721/4/99"Hoppa" 
scrapped  13/9/06  
13330008532/10/74HH3056 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd408 HH305617/9/91Ashburton 
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua.HH305618/7/01 Cancelled 23/8/01; 731,524km Was this bus rebuilt? 

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1334 to 1367

Change of ownership from Auckland Regional Authority to Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd (the operating company for Yellow Bus Company) in June 1991 is not recorded.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
13340009033/10/74HH3057 Homeward Bound Ltd.HH305718/2/98Failed Cof 5/8/97 
B Tait, Meadowbank, Auckland.HH305719/4/99no CoF; reg lapsed 2000 
13350009042/10/74HH3058Ray Vincent Ltd.HH3058 Reg can 26/3/96 
13360009362/10/74HH3059 Auckland Regional Authority1317OC417430/11/88  
Taupo Passenger Services Ltd5OC417423/1/98  
Okato Bus Lines Ltd17OC417426/5/03"Slab" 
Tranzit Group Ltd, New Plymouth582OC417424/7/08  
R & A White, Marton OC417411/6/09Reg on hold 
Information not available WHITEZ17/3/10Reg on hold 09; chg plate  
13370009662/10/74HH3060 Ritchies409HH3060   
Ritches Transport Holdings Ltd409RQ4333 30/10/92  
13380009942/10/74HH3061 Auckland International Airport Ltd3HH30615/6/91  
Auckland International Airport Ltd13AIAL1317/2/94  
scrapped at Commercial Coachlines, New Lynn  1/6/01  
13390009467/11/74HH3903 Auckland International Airport Ltd5 HH39037/3/92  
Auckland International Airport Ltd15 AIAL1518/2/94  
Okato Bus Lines Ltd65ALH36111/1/02"Connie" CoF exp 02/02 
withdrawn from use  6/4/06  
13400009357/11/74HH3904 Kaimai Stevedoring Services ltd, Mt Maunganui?HH39047/3/92  
Veronica Chalk, Waitara002HH390416/3/93Carrington Passenger Transport 
Carrington Passenger Transport Ltd, Waitara002RZ831713/5/93 
Cesta Travel40RZ831730/11/93Failed CoF 6/12/95 
Pavlovich Coachlines, Auckland.RZ83172/7/97broken up for parts 1997 
13410009657/11/74HH3905Scrapped. 19/3/97  
13420009451974HH3906Ray Vincent Ltd...Scrapped; No LTSA record 
13430010011974HH4944Ray Vincent Ltd...Scrapped; No LTSA record 
134400100810/12/74HH4945 Bethlehem Coaches, Tauranga.HH494523/5/97(Innoculations Ltd) 
L Hagenaars, Torere, Opotiki.HH494531/3/98Movan; Reg on hold 01 
13450010121/12/74HH4946 Reg cancelled by Yellow Bus1345HH494619/3/97  
G F Van der Star, Massey, Auckland.WY382026/3/98Movan 
134600121310/12/74HH4947 Swasbrook Tour & Event Management Ltd, Auckland10HH494729/4/98  
Auckland Tour & Event Management Ltd, Auckland10HH494713/8/04 Reg on hold 06 
scrapped  2/3/11  
134700121622/1/75HI8136 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru423HI813617/9/91Rotorua 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru423SG678721/10/93Rotorua 
Shaws Transport Ltd, TakaniniS40SG678730/4/03Murphy subsiduary
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesS40SG678720/3/07  
Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga?SG678721/10/10R J Harris Ltd 
134800122022/1/75HI8137 Taverner Motors, Hamilton.HI813720/2/92  
Hamilton City Buses.HI81371/3/93  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru438HI813713/8/93  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru438SD410326/10/93  
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru438SD41034/7/97 Leased to Christchurch Transport Ltd 1997 
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai171SD41034/6/03 "Purple Haze"; Reg on hold 09 
Corporate Events Ltd, Whenuapai?CLU118/1/10No CoF 
withdrawn from use?SD41033/2/11  
134900109722/1/75HI8138Auckland International Airport Ltd 11AIAL1111/12/90Used by Crash Fire Service. reg as truck 5 seats 
135000108022/1/75HI8139 Permanently off road..30/9/97to Blackpower? 
13510010847/3/75HI9560Hanham's Buses Ltd.HI9560 .Scrapped 
13520013697/3/75HI9561 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru434HI956114/8/92  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru434RQ156615/12/92  
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru434RQ15664/7/97 Leased to Christchurch Transport Ltd 1997 
Shaws Transport Ltd, TakaniniS19RQ156623/5/03body modified by Designline 
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesS19RQ156620/3/03 
13530013847/3/75HI9562 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru411HI965217/9/91 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru411SG678821/10/93Reg cancelled 14/5/99 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru400ZA75228/6/00Rebuilt as SLF 
Eastbus Ltd, Dunedin60ZA75221/6/05on loan from Ritchies by Nov 04 
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd, Dunedin41ZA75222/9/05  
13540013597/3/75HI9563 Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany64HI956328/8/95  
Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany64TZ64518/2/96  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai174TZ645113/10/03  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai174CLU1417/1/05  
G R Cooley, Henderson CLU1430/12/05Reg as truck; Reg on hold 06; to Ruawai 08 
Information not available CLU1414/9/10Movan 
13550013902/4/75 HL6034 Ritchie's Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru403?    
Ritchie's Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru 403WT82823/1/98Out of service 1996-98
Scrapped  22/1/06  
13560014142/4/75HL6035 Abbotts Motors Ltd, Papatoetoe.HL60353/3/93  
Matchmarc Holdings Ltd, Papatoetoe32HL603521/7/93Abbotts ? 
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch32HL60351/7/94  
Christchurch Coach Charters?HL603520/3/09Ken Watson 
13570014032/4/75HL6036Withdrawn from use..29/4/97  
13580014212/4/75HL6037 Reebsy Buses Ltd, Rotorua6HL603627/5/92  
Taupo Passenger Service Ltd?BZS24520/4/04No number on bus 
Shaws Transport Ltd, Takanini12BZS24531/8/04 
Murphy Buses Ltd, TakaniniS12BZS24520/3/07  
Information not available BZS24522/6/10  
registration lapsed  1/12/11  
13600015312/4/75HL6039Withdrawn from use  29/4/97  
136100153723/4/75HL6545 Auckland International Airport Ltd6HL65457/3/92  
Auckland International Airport Ltd16AIAL1617/2/94  
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga?AIAL1614/1/02(Ken Frew Holdings Ltd)  
Gee Cee Engineering, Te Aroha BCF59820/6/05 G K Cowley; Reg as truck; Reg on hold 05 
B A & D A Spraggs, Paeroa BCF59824/4/09 Reg as truck; Reg on hold 05 
136200151823/4/75HL6546 Silver Star Farm, Waitakere ?.HL654629/4/97reg cancelled 
M & S Freeth, Glendene, Auckland. YW53175/2/00Movan 
S Freeth, New Lynn. YW531724/1/03Movan; Reg on hold 04 
136300152423/4/75HL6547Ray Vincent Ltd...Scrapped 
136400152523/4/75HL6548Ray Vincent Ltd...Scrapped 
136500153023/4/75HL6549 Palmerston North Taxis?HL654927/9/91  
Taupo Passenger Services Ltd, Taupo7XH63678/9/98  
Swasbrook Tour & Event Management Ltd, Auckland12XH636711/11/03  
Auckland Tour & Event Management Ltd, Auckland12XH636713/8/04  
Auckland School Bus Co Ltd, Pt England, Auckland12?XH636717/3/10  
136600151223/4/75HL6550 Taverner Motors, Hamilton?HL655014/7/92  
Hamilton City Buses?HL65501/3/93  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd437HL655013/8/93  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd437SD409822/10/93  
RTH Leasing Ltd437SD40984/7/97 Leased to Christchurch Transport Ltd 1997 
Shaws Transport Ltd, TakaniniS31SD40983/4/03Murphy Subsiduary 
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesS31SD409820/3/07  
Information not available SD409823/11/09Unconfirmed 
registration lapsed  22/4/11  
136700151715/5/75HL6981 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru410HL698117/9/91  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru410SG678921/10/93Rotorua 
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga24SG678928/5/02(Ken Frew Holdings Ltd)
Twin City Coachlines, Whakatu, Hawkes Bay SG67899/3/09W D Davies 

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1368 to 1400

Change of ownership from Auckland Regional Authority to Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd (the operating company for Yellow Bus Company) in June 1991 is not recorded.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
136800178915/5/75HL6982 Withdrawn from use..8/9/03  
13690017921975HL6983 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru424HL69831991 No Registration data available pre 1995 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru424TK849230/6/95Rotorua 
Shaws Transport Ltd, TakaniniS35TK849230/4/03CoF exp 02/04 
scrapped  19/6/07  
13700017941/5/75HL6984 Cesta Travel Ltd, Dunedin20HL69844/5/93Reg lapsed 30/8/97 
137100122217/6/75HL7518 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru415HL751817/9/91  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru415TK847327/6/95  
Shaws Transport Ltd, Takanini?TK847323/5/03Murphy subsiduary 
Shaws Transport Ltd, Takanini?BRR1623/12/03  
written off?.7/8/05  
137200179617/6/75HL7519 Palmerston North Taxi Society Ltd?HL751927/9/91  
Palmerston North Taxi Society Ltd?YB686328/5/99  
Taupo Passenger Servces Ltd10?YB686331/8/99  
S W Pratt & C Laverty, Papamoa, Tauranga.YB68631/3/04Reg as truck 
D S Mikkelsen, Wellington.YB686325/8/05Reg as truck 
Budget Decorators, Belmont, Wellington.YB68636/6/07Reg as truck; reg on hold 07; A R Ellings 
Information not available YB686314/9/09Reg as truck 
137300198317/6/75HL7520 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru416HL752017/9/91Christchurch 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru416RO68513/10/92Christchurch 
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru416RO6854/7/97Leased to Redbus 1997; Cof Exp 07/01 
G M Mawer, Christchurch RO68513/6/06Reg on hold 01 
registration lapsed  13/11/10  
137400198417/6/75HL7521 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru425HL752117/9/91  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru425SD328021/9/93  
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru425SD3280. Leased to Christchurch Transport Ltd 1997 Cof exp 02/01 
K Patterson, Gerladine SD328031/2/05No CoF 
withdrawn from use  12/10/05  
1375?17/6/75HL7522Written off ..1977Fire at NZMB 
137600199117/6/75HL7523 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru417HL75231991?No Reg info available 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru417RQ433530/10/1992 Timaru; Re-engined for use on Timaru-Temuka service 
137700202817/6/75HL7524 Auckland Regional Council1377NF446820/2/87  
Shaws Transport Ltd, Takanini?NF44688/1/96  
Shaws Transport Ltd, Takanini?UB134919/3/96Reg on hold 07 
withdrawn from use  30/10/07  
137800202915/7/75HL8175 Auckland Regional Council1378MD2029c1986LTSA has MD2029 as 1975 plate 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru418MD202917/9/91Christchurch 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru418TU149502/02/96 
Astro Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch399TU149512/09/97  
Redbus Ltd, Christchurch209TU149524/11/00 
N Z Trolley Bus Museum Trust, Foxton TU14953/11/05  
New Zealand Coach Service, Upper Hutt TU149519/9/08Boss Transport Ltd 
Information not available TU149528/5/10Movan 
137900203515/7/75HL8311 Shaws Transport, Pukekohe?HL83118/1/96withdrawn from use 23/7/04
138000203615/7/75HL8312 Don Munro, Warkworth?HL831219/11/97Reg on hold 97 
138100231415/7/75HL8313 Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany53RJ475328/4/92No ARA data on reg; CoF Exp 02/08 
D R Treloar, Lower Hutt RJ475331/3/09Reg on hold 08 
138200229915/7/75HL8314 Taverner Motors, Hamilton?HL831423/4/92  
Hamilton City Buses.HL83141/3/93  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru436HL831413/8/93Auckland 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru436SD410226/10/93Auckland 
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru436SD41024/7/97 leased to Christchurch Transport Ltd 1997 
Bristol Motors Ltd, Auckland?SD41022/8/02  
Shaws Transport Ltd, TakaniniS35SD410214/5/04Murphy subsiduary
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesS35SD410220/3/07  
scrapped  28/2/08  
138300228314/8/75HN408Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru 419HN40817/9/91Timaru. reg cancelled 13/1/03 
138400227614/8/75HN409 Edwards Passenger Services, Tuakau17HN40917/10/95CoF exp 21/4/04 
withdrawn from use..31/3/05  
138500228414/8/75HN410 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru420HN41017/9/91  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru420RW961818/6/93  
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru420RW96184/7/97Leased to Chch Transport 1997 
Shaws Transport Ltd, Takanini?RW961813/2/04Murphy subsiduary 
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames?RW961820/3/07  
Information not available RW961813/1/10Movan 
13860022771975HN411 Withdrawn from use ..2/9/97to Silver Star Farm, Waitakere 
13870023004/9/75HN3869Scrapped ..19/3/97  
13890024604/9/75HN3871 Auckland Regional Authority1389MR23326/3/86  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru421MR23317/9/91  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru421SD48299/11/93  
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru421SD48299/11/93 Leased to Christchurch Transport Ltd 1997 
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai170SD48294/6/03 "Purple Rain"; CoF exp 03/08 
M E Cotman, Kaitaia CLU1029/4/09Reg on hold 08 
13900024664/9/75HN3872withdrawn from use ..28/5/98to Silver Star Farm, Waitakere 
13910025644/9/75HN3873Withdrawn from use ..29/4/97to Silver Star Farm, Waitakere 
13920024712/10/75HN4593 Taverner Motors, Hamilton.HN4593   
....Dismantled at Taupo Passenger Services 
13930026152/10/75HN4594withdrawn from use ..29/4/97  
13940025732/10/75HN4595 M & R Welsh, Christchurch.HN45959/3/98Movan 
R Welsh, Okato, Taranaki.HN459522/6/99Movan 
M Welsh, New Plymouth.HN459512/5/00Movan; Reg on hold 09 
13950025822/10/75HN4596 Auckland International Airport Ltd 4HN45967/3/92  
Auckland International Airport Ltd 14AIAL1417/2/94Scrapped 20/7/99 
13960025912/10/75HN4597 C MacDonald, Auckland.HN459712/12/97Movan 
C MacDonald, Auckland.XE684028/7/98Movan 
C MacDonald, Auckland.XQ818431/12/98Movan 
W J Jamieson, Whangarei.XQ818430/5/02Movan "Spirit Odyssey"
V C Potter, Hikurangi.XQ818423/12/05Movan 
G E Wiltshire, Kerikeri.XQ818417/3/06Movan 
Information not available XQ81841/7/11Movan 
13970026231975HN5136Withdrawn from use ..12/6/91to Silver Star Farm, Waitakere 
139800246123/10/75HN5137 Alpha & Omega Bus Co, Mangere5HN513721/4/98G Snow 
J & S Buses (James Taia), Papakura?HN513729/6/01  
Bristol Motors Ltd, Greenhithe?HN513714/5/02  
Tavs Coachlines, Waiuku?HN513710/11/03  
Alpha & Omega Bus Co, Mangere?HN513724/11/03G Snow
City Connections, Otahuhu?HN51375/1/08Brian Southee & Gordon Snow 
scrapped  29/8/08  
13990026356/11/75HN5372 Silver Star Farm, Waitakere.HN537219/3/97Reg cancelled 
G A Fair, Massey, Auckland.WY71221/4/98movan VIN 7A8K90P1098002635 
D J Hopkins & H Bryham, Mt Albert, Auckland WY71228/11/03 movan; To Waipu 09 
14000026456/11/75HN5373 Swasbrook Tour & Event Management Ltd, Auckland 5HN53733/11/98VIN WDB30700161002645 
Auckland Tour & Event Management Ltd, Auckland 9HN537313/8/04CoF exp 05/09 
Auckland School Bus Co Ltd, Auckland 9?FGS8823/2/10Cng plate 26/2/10. Same address as prev owner 

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1401 to 1433

Change of ownership from Auckland Regional Authority to Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd (the operating company for Yellow Bus Company) in June 1991 is not recorded.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
14010027771975HN5374Ray Vincent Ltd ...Scrapped 
14020027871975HN5375Ray Vincent Ltd ...Scrapped 
14030027971975HN5376Ray Vincent Ltd ...Scrapped 
14040027421975HN6098Ray Vincent Ltd ...Scrapped 
14050027021975HN6099 Withdrawn from use..2/9/97  
Ian Sceats, Warkworth.6979M2/9/97converted to semitrailer 
14060027285/12/75HN6151Scrapped ..19/3/97  
140700287611/2/76HP3457 J Green, Tokoroa .HP345726/2/98Movan 
A Todd, Wyndham.HP34571/4/99Movan; To Raumati 2007; Paraparaumu 2009  
140800280711/2/76HP3458Ray Vincent Ltd ...Scrapped 
140900275011/2/76HP3459Withdrawn from use ..2/9/97to Silver Star Farm, Waitakere 
141000289311/2/76HP3460 Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga30HP34601/12/95(Innoculations Ltd) 
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga30UL1155/8/96(Innoculations Ltd) 
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga30UL11518/4/02(Ken Frew Holdings) 
Twin City Coachlines, Hastings?UL1155/8/05W D Davies; Reg on hold 09 
141100296011/3/76HP3979New Zealand Army .?1/5/91No LTSA record 
141200295711/3/76HP3980Scrapped .MK1644.Re-reg by ARA 
141300294811/3/76HP3981 Reg cancelled..28/5/98to Designline rebuild 
141400271411/3/76HP3982 Registration lapsed..30/8/97to Fairfax 2000 
14150029016/4/76HP4458Ray Vincent Ltd ...Scrapped 
14160029106/4/76HP4459 Pemanently off road..2/9/97P Fisher? 
14170010936/4/76HP4460 Auckland Regional Authority1417IG7818   
Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany65IG78182/11/95  
Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany65TR77825/12/95  
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku TR778227/11/06Brian Taverner 
S J Bryan, Manurewa TR778210/1/08Busy Bee mobile cafe; CoF exp 04/09 
Information not available TR77824/9/09unconfirmed; No CoF 
registration lapsed  8/2/10  
14180030276/4/76HP4461 Auckland Regional Authority1418MK1061c1984Scrapped 25/11/96 
14190030331/1/76HP4462 Withdrawn from use  29/4/97  
Silver Star Farm, Waitakere XE774515/7/98Movan VIN 7A8K90P1098003033 
M I Mansell Enterprises Ltd, Henderson XE774521/10/98  
C Brightmore, Henderson XE77459/1/04Movan; Reg on hold 
A E Taylor, Kelston, Auckland XE774511/9/06Movan; Reg on hold 99; To Waiheke Is 2007 
registration lapsed. 7/11/09  
14200030791976HP5218Ray Vincent Ltd ...Scrapped 
14210030891976HP5219 Reg cancelled ..19/12/97Doug Longhill of YBC? 
14220030991/6/76HP5220 Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany67HP522023/2/96  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai175HP522013/10/03 "Purple Mist" Reg on hold 08 
Corporate Events Ltd, Whenuapai?CLU153/12/09reg on hold 10 
14230031081/6/76HP5221 Electricity Corp of NZ Ltd.HP522113/7/93Converted to Tag Axle by ARA 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd24HP522127/4/95  
Bristol Motors Ltd?HP52212/8/02  
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku?HP522123/12/03Brain Taverner
The Party Bus Company, Whenuapai201CZU133/11/05Reg on hold 08 
Scrapped  13/1/10  
14240033111/6/76HP5222 T Penberthy, Hamilton.HP52221/3/99Classic Line Distributors?; Reg on hold 97 
T Wood, Napier.HP52228/12/03Reg on hold 
T Wood, Cambridge.HP52221/12/04Reg on hold 97 
Information not available HP522213/8/10Reg on hold 97 
142500331821/7/76HP5898 Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany71HP589823/2/96  
Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany71WQ893524/11/97 
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku WQ893527/11/06Brian Taverner 
North Harbour Motors, Greenhithe WQ89354/7/08Michael Painter; Reg on hold 
Alpha Omega Buses, Manurewa WQ893512/5/09Goron Snow; Reg on hold 08 
withdrawn from use  15/2/10  
14260034461976HP5899Ray Vincent Ltd ...Scrapped 
14270034319/8/76IC3519 M Barnett, Hikurangi, Northland.IC351919/5/97Movan 
P A Darlow, Waiuku IC351913/7/98Movan; Reg on hold 04 
L E Ritchie, Mercer IC35195/3/08Movan; Reg on hold 04; To Rotongaro 09 
Information not available IC35191/9/09Movan; Reg on hold 04 
14280034619/8/76IC3520 Wilson Buses, Rotorua.IC352024/12/97  
Tavs Coachlines, Waiuku.IC352013/3/04  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai182IC352026/10/04reg on hold 08 
scrapped  17/8/09  
142900357023/8/76IC3618 Reg lapsed.IC361811/10/97to M Tucker? 
143000357418/8/76IC3619 Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd1430RJ47641/5/92  
Wilson Buses .RJ476424/12/97Reg lapsed 9/12/02 
14310035826/9/76IC4101Ray Vincent Ltd ...Scrapped 
14320036146/9/76IC4102 Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany73IC410221/2/96  
Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany73UC991815/4/96Single door 
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai200UC99181/11/05Reg on hold 08 
Corporate Events Ltd, Whenuapai?UC99188/1/10Reg on hold 08 
withdrawn from use  3/2/11  
143300354516/9/76IC4299 Reg Cancelled..2/4/98to Fairfax rebuild 

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1434 to 1467

Change of ownership from Auckland Regional Authority to Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd (the operating company for Yellow Bus Company) in June 1991 is not recorded.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
143400354916/9/76IC4301 Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany68IC430123/2/96Reg can 31/3/04 
143500355830/9/76IC4376 Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany 69IC437623/2/96Written off 15/6/00 
14360035628/10/76IC4542 Swasbrook Tour & Event Management Ltd, Auckland7IC454223/11/98  
Auckland Tour & Event Management Ltd7IC454213/8/04  
Auckland School Bus Co Ltd7?IC454231/5/10reg on hold 09 
scrapped  6/1/12  
14370037028/10/76IC4543 Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany72IC454323/2/96  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai176IC454313/10/03 "Purple Dawn" 
Tony Peers, Chartwell, Hamilton CLU168/5/06  
K J & L J Burton, Marton CLU1612/6/06Reg on hold 06; to Woodville & Feilding 2007 
Information not available CLU1628/7/11Reg on hold 06 
14380037148/10/76IC4544Ray Vincent Ltd ...scrapped 
14390037221976IC4669Withdrawn from use ..2/9/97  
144000373013/1076IC4670 Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga.IC467028/3/95(Innoculations Ltd) 
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga.IC467018/4/02(Ken Frew Holdings Ltd) 
G W Saywell, Tauranga.IC467023/5/05Reg on hold 05 
registration lapsed  19/7/09  
144100360713/10/76IC4671 Reg cancelled..2/4/98to Fairfax rebuild 
144200359010/11/76IC4973 Reg cancelled..19/9/96to Designline rebuild 
14430037841976IC4974 Ray Vincent Ltd..4/9/90  
144400379310/11/76IC4975 Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany70IC497523/2/96  
Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany70WE896021/5/97Reg on hold 06
J C Rolston, Matakana WE89606/5/08Reg on hold 06 
withdrawn from use  7/7/08  
144500384610/11/76IC5060 Cinema Services, Whenuapai.IC50604/11/98(G A Hogg) Movan? 
Silver Star Farm, Waitakere.IC506016/12/02(John van der Starr) Movan 
Te Ruru Trust, Whangaparaoa.IC506024/12/02(Ian Crowe) Movan 
14460034762/12/76IF4015Withdrawn from use ..29/4/97CNG 
14470036212/12/76IF4016 Bay Bus Builders Ltd, Tauranga.IF40162/11/98.Movan; Reg on hold 06 
Information not available IF401621/5/10Movan 
14480038012/12/76IF4071 Reg cancelled..3/2/98to HCB Fairfax rebuild 
14490038542/12/76IF4018 Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Auckland66IF401812/2/96  
Pinetree Estate Trust, Riverhead, Auckland.IF401819/8/04No CoF 
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai183IF401818/10/04   
scrapped. 1/4/06  
14500038002/12/76IF4019 Reg lapsed..4/4/99to Peter Fisher? 
145100388810/2/77IF5311 Hamilton City Buses Ltd?IF531128/5/99  
withdrawn from use..12/8/99to Fairfax rebuild 
145200389710/2/77IF5312 M I Mansell Enterprises Ltd, Henderson?IF531215/10/99CNG 
Silver Star Farm, Waitakere?IF531220/1/03Reg on hold 01; W J Van der Star 
145300390510/2/77IF5313 Harkers Passenger Services Ltd, Waiuku?IF531328/2/00  
Good Hope Ministries, Onewhero IF531327/4/09Movan; To Kaitaia 11; CoF exp 09/11 
145400386210/2/77IF5314 Hamilton City Buses Ltd?IF531428/5/99CNG 
withdrawn from use..12/8/99to Designline rebuild 
14550038717/3/77IG7524 Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua..2000Rebuilt by Designline 
14560038067/3/77IG7525 Silver Star Farm, Waitakere?IG75259/12/98Diesel/CNG 
Brooks Motors Ltd, Maungatoroto?IG752511/1/99 
J K & J F Henry, Riverhead IG75255/12/05Reg on hold 06 
I M Gatman & J R Love, Te Aroha IG75254/7/08Reg on hold 06 
I M Gatman, Te Aroha IG75252/4/09Reg on hold 06 
Information not available IG75252/10/09Reg on hold 06 
145700362522/2/77IF5378 Brooks Motors Ltd, Maungatoroto ?IF53787/12/98CNG 
Silver Star Farm, Waitakere?IF53789/12/98  
Brooks Motors Ltd, Maungatoroto?IF537811/1/99  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai181IF537818/10/04CoF exp 11/08 
Corporate Events Ltd, Whenuapai?CLU218/1/10reg on hold 08 
withdrawn from use  3/2/11  
14580039977/3/77IC5050 Natural Energy Resources Ltd, Pakuranga.IC505012/11/98CNG 
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn18YW97817/2/00  
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn18C2K28/7/00  
Philip Fry, Glendene, Auckland.C2K9/8/04  
Jaguar Tours Ltd, Waiheke Is.C2K29/3/05  
P A & L J Savill, Hamilton.C2K4/5/07Movan? 
R M de Romph, Pukerua Bay, Wellington.LVAFFR26/9/07Movan chg plate 22/1/08; To Havelock 08; To New Plymouth 09
Information not available LVAFR20/9/10Movan. Reg on hold 11 
14590040047/3/77IC5051 Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua15ZG 18462000rebuilt by Desigline 
14600040257/3/77IC5052 Makora Transport Ltd, Mangere2IC50528/12/98  
Favona Charter Service, Mangere.IC505229/5/03(Peter Fairgray) same address 
Rapture Holdings Ltd, Penrose.IC50528/3/04  
Alpha & Omega Bus Co, Mangere.IC505223/8/04Gordon Snow 
N G Crozier, Dunedin.IC505213/2/06Reg on hold 06 
14610040327/4/77IG7859 Reg cancelled..2/4/98to Fairfax rebuild 
14620040017/4/77IG7860 M I Mansell Enterprises Ltd, Henderson?IG786015/10/99Heavy van 
Silver Star Farm Ltd, Waitakere?IG786020/1/03reg as truck 
G A Fair, Massey, Auckland IG786016/2/06reg as truck 
B H Sunnex & J Dickson, Tauranga IG786024/10/06reg as truck 
B H Sunnex, Tauranga IG78607/3/07reg as truck; To Westport 09; reg on hold 10 
14630040187/4/77IG7861 Harkers Passenger Services Ltd, Waiuku?IG786128/2/00  
R C Hoskin, Bucklands Beach IG786124/3/09Reg on hold 09 
14640040397/4/77IG7862 reg cancelled..2/4/98to Fairfax rebuild 
14650040467/4/77IG7863 Hamilton City Buses Ltd.IG786328/5/99CNG 
withdrawn from use..12/8/99to Designline rebuild 
146600406711/5/77IK6850 Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn9IK685012/2/99CNG 
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn9XTMN8R13/5/99  
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn9ANP30327/3/02Reg on hold 03 
withdrawn from use..02/11/07  
14670041031977IK6876 M I Mansell Enterprises Ltd, Henderson?IK687615/10//99CNG 
Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Frankton59IK687627/9/02CNG; CoF exp 10/07
withdrawn from use  4/4/08  

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1468 to 1500

Change of ownership from Auckland Regional Authority to Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd (the operating company for Yellow Bus Company) in June 1991 is not recorded.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
146800411411/5/77IK6877 Hamilton City Buses Ltd?IK687728/5/99CNG 
Withdrawn from use..12/8/99to Designline rebuild 
146900408711/5/77IK6878 Commercial Buses, New Lynn6IK687812/1/99CNG 
Commercial Buses, New Lynn6YL751229/9/99Reg on hold 04 
withdrawn from use..2/11/07  
147000413511/5/77IK6879 Okato Bus Lines, New Plymouth54IK687914/12/98CNG "Topaz" 
Tranzit Group Ltd, New Plymouth585IK68791/7/08Reg on hold 09 
Information not available IK687921/10/09Movan 
147100414611/5/77IK6880 Brooks Motors Ltd, Maungaturoto.IK688024/11/98CNG
W Henry, Riverhead.IK68805/12/05CNG; No CoF 
registration lapsed..8/8/07  
14720041577/6/77IK7144 Cinema Services(G A Hogg), Whenuapai.IK71444/11/98Movan 
Redwood Industries Ltd, Taupaki, Auckland.IK714419/9/03Movan; Reg on hold 06 
J R Gilmore, Palmerston North IK714428/8/07Unconfirmed; Movan; Reg on hold 06 
registration lapsed..8/2/09  
14730041687/6/77IK7145 G & S Cartage, Mangawhai.IK714521/10/98Movan 
Information not available IK714515/2/10Movan 
Information not available FZP87812/7/11Movan VIN 7AT0K90PX11004168 
14740043157/6/77IK7146 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd8IK714619/2/99CNG 
withdrawn from use..13/1/03  
14750043287/6/77IK7147 M I Mansell Enterprises Ltd, Henderson.IK714715/10/99CNG 
Hamilton City Buses Ltd20IK714722/10/02Reg on hold 05
Scrapped  4/5/07  
147600434212/7/77IL8375 Papakura Bus Services LtdP8IL837525/2/99  
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesP8IL837520/3/07  
The Daktory, New Lynn IL837518/5/11(Bud Sun Ltd) 
147700434213/7/77IL8376 Gubbs Motors Ltd, Warkworth 13IL837628/8/98 
Hamilton Party Bus(T Peers) IL837612/6/06 
M N Baas, Paihia IL837626/10/06  
W B Dawson, Paihia IL83765/3/07<  
Dutch Courage Ltd, Paihia IL837623/5/08Reg on hold 09 
Information not available IL83762/12/09Reg on hold 09 
147800453613/7/77IL8378 Leaderbrand Produce Ltd, Gisborne.IL83787/12/98CNG 
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames.IL837822/10/04No CoF 
withdrawn from use..22/10/04  
147900455013/7/77IL8379 Reg cancelled..2/4/98to Fairfax rebuild 
14800045641977IL8380 G & E Eade, Papatoetoe.IL838030/7/99Movan 
G & E Eade, Papatoetoe.BFM5149/4/03Movan; Reg on hold 07 
148100457818/8/77IL8830 M I Mansell Enterprises Ltd, Henderson.IL883015/10/99CNG; CoF exp 01/99 
R E Elliot, Titirangi.IL88306/1/05Reg on hold 
M I Elliot, Kelston.IL88305/3/07Reg on hold 99; To Warkworth 2007; To Glen Eden 08 
Information not available IL88309/11/10Reg on hold 99 
148200459118/8/77IL8831 Makora Transport Services Ltd, Auckland?IL88318/10/98(Peter Fairgray) 
Favona Charter Service, Mangere?IL883112/11/01(Peter Fairgray) 
City Connections, Otahuhu?IL88315/1/08(Brian Southee & Kereama Pene) 
R D Parkhill, Raglan?IL883129/8/08Reg on hold 08 
148300459818/8/77IL8832 Ultimate Bus N Coaches, Whakatane.IL88327/9/98CNG 
Okato Bus Lines Ltd, New Plymouth58IL883212/7/99"Omega"
Tranzit Group Ltd, New Plymouth574IL88321/7/08VIN WDB30700161004598 
D G & T Lang, Bulls574IL883214/12/08Reg on hold 09 
148400460418/8/77IL8833 Hamilton City Buses Ltd.IL883328/5/99  
withdrawn from use  12/8/99to Designline Rebuild 
148500406915/9/77IL9260 Okato Bus Lines Ltd, New Plymouth56IL926023/2/99CNG "Diamond Lil"; CoF exp 10/06
withdrawn from use  6/8/07  
148600461615/9/77IL9261 Western Cab Society Ltd, Henderson.IL926117/11/98CNG 
Commercial Buses, New Lynn11IL926121/9/99to YM1083 30/9/99 
Commercial Buses, New Lynn11CCL85721/7/04  
HCD Transport Ltd, New Lynn11CCL8572/10/07  
Information not available CCL8575/1/11Reg as truck 
148700462215/9/77IL9262 Gubbs Motors, Warkworth24IL926231/8/98< 
B J Hamilton, Palmerston North IL92628/8/07Movan; To Pahiatua 09 
14880046281977IL9263 Hamilton City Buses Ltd.IL926328/5/99CNG 
withdrawn from use.IL926316/12/99to Fairfax rebuild 
148900478915/9/77IL9264 Ultimate Coachlines, Whakatane.IL926431/8/98CNG 
Okato Bus Lines, New Plymouth59IL926412/7/99"Jack"
Tranzit Group Ltd, New Plymouth566IL92641/7/08  
J Collett, Ohakune IL926430/1/09Unconfirmed 
registration lapsed  13/2/09  
149000479615/9/77IL9265 withdrawn from use..13/8/0  
14910048037/10/77IP5560 Transportation Corp Auckland Ltd1491RZ342425/5/93  
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga36RZ342418/7/97(Innoculations Ltd) 
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga36RZ342428/2/02(Ken Frew Holdings Ltd)
M McSeveney, Wainuiomata RZ34248/7/06reg as truck; To Eastbourne 09 
14920048117/10/77IP5561 Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd1492SF584028/9/93CNG 
Kawerau Coaches, Kawerau.SF584024/12/98Graeme Harvey; Reg on hold 03 
Kawerau Coaches, Kawerau.BUS26616/2/04Graeme Harvey; Reg on hold 
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai.BUS26622/4/04Reg on hold 
W P Henry (Cirle Star Holdings), Riverhead.BUS26625/11/05Reg on hold 03 
registration lapsed  25/11/08  
14930048187/10/77IP5562 reg cancelled..2/9/97  
Silver Star Farm, Waitakere.WO861320/10/97VIN 7A8K90P1097004818 
Homeward Bound Group Ltd, Warkworth.WO861315/10/98Movan 
E Watts, Leigh.WO861322/1/99Movan 
Warkworth Towing (G Torkington).WO861315/12/00Reg on hold 01 
Information not available WO86132/5/11Movan 
14940048267/10/77IP5563 Papakura Bus ServicesP1IP556325/2/99  
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesP1IP556320/3/07  
Information not available IP556324/9/10CoF exp 11/10 
14950048337/10/77IP5564 Papakura Bus ServicesP4IP556425/2/99Part of Murphy Group 
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesP4IP556420/3/0  
Information not available IP55642/6/11Reg on hold 11 
14960048407/10/77IP5565 Leader LTSA rec 
14970047811/11/77IP5872 Gubbs Motors, Warkworth15IP587211/9/97 
J L Waterson, Wellsford IP587216/10/06  
J P Guiness, Papakura IP587226/7/07Reg on hold 07 
registration lapsed  26/7/09  
14980048511/11/77IP5873 Valley Charters, Rotorua.IP587319/10/98Graeme & Kate Hawker
Information not available IP587322/4/10Reg on hold 10 
14990048581/11/77IP5874 Gubbs Motors, Warkworth 1IP587411/9/97 
W J Haigh, Coatesville, Auckland IP587413/11/06reg as truck; reg on hold 09 
15000068591/1/77IP5875 Registration lapsed..13/8/01953,263km 
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua 43ZG 18432000Rebuilt by Designline 

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1501 to 1533

Change of ownership from Auckland Regional Authority to Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd (the operating company for Yellow Bus Company) in June 1991 is not recorded.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
15010048711/11/77IP5876 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd9IP587619/2/99CNG 
withdrawn from use..18/9/02  
15020048641/1177IP5877 E C Reesby Ltd, Rotorua92IP587717/3/98  
Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB20BNY79130/9/03 
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo?BNY79117/4/07  
The Daktory, New Lynn?BNY7917/4/11(Bud Sun Ltd) CoF exp 10/11 
15030048721977IP5878 Registration lapsed ..13/8/01858,428 km 
Mana Coach Services ltd, Porirua115ZG18442000Rebuilt by Desginline 
15040048839/12/77IQ4496 Makora Transport Services, Auckland4ZH783515/3/00  
Makora Transport Services, Auckland4ZO515520/10/00  
Favona Charter Service, Mangere4ZO51559/9/02(Peter Fairgray) 
Favona Charter Service, Mangere, Auckland4ZO515521/4/04Leased from Rapture Holdings Ltd 
O L Rogers, Helensville?ZO51553/9/04  
Tau te Arohanga Akoranga Trust, Helensville?ZO515529/4/06  
15050048779/12/77IQ4497 Silver Star Farm.IQ449727/3/00  
K Carrington, Palmerston North.AAF31513/6/01Movan 
G G Kilmartin, Woodville.AAF31511/7/05Movan 
Information not available AAF31512/12/09Movan; Reg on hold 10 
15060048849/12/77IQ4498 Okato Bus Lines9IQ449812/10/04"Peanut" 
Tranzit Group Ltd, New Plymouth576IQ44982/7/08  
B A Barnard, Paraparaumu IQ449829/1/09unconfirmed; reg on hold 08 
registration lapsed  8/8/10  
15070050419/12/77IQ4499 R A Wood, Manurewa.CFF72613/9/04Swanson depot; 
Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga22CFF7266/3/07Robert Harris 
Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga22CFF72610/8/08R J Harris Ltd; reg on hold 09 
Information not available CFF7261/3/11Unconfirmed; reg on hold 09 
registration lapsed  8/1/11  
15080050299/12/77IQ4501 Hamilton City Buses Ltd21IQ450128/5/99CNG 
withdrawn from use..16/4/04Scrapped at Frankton 
15090050153/2/78IU3476 Taverner Coaches, Waiuku.IU347626/4/05Swanson depot 
Insley & Sons Ltd, Pakuranga.IU347630/12/05A R Insley; Movan 
Information not available IU347615/2/11Movan; Reg on hold 09 
15100050779/12/77IU3477 Hamilton City Buses Ltd.IU347728/5/99CNG 
written off..21/10/99Destroyed by fire 
15110050663/2/78IU3478 Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn26IU347831/5/05Swanson depot
HCD Transport Ltd, New Lynn IU34782/10/07  
Information not available IU347824/8/10Reg on hold 11 
15120050533/2/78IU3479 Circle Star Holdings (W P Henry), Riverhead.IU34797/4/05Swanson depot; CoF exp 09/04 
Gritblast Services Ltd, Papakura.IU34791/8/05reg as truck; Reg on hold 06 
srapped  14/4/10  
15130050893/2/78IU3480 Merv Young Ltd, Otahuhu.IU348011/2/99used by Jaguar Tours, Waiheke Island
City Transfer Services Ltd, Auckland.IU34809/9/00  
G M Craven, Glenfield, Auckland IU348015/11/06   
M Deacon, Henderson 0W1FE5/2/08Reg on hold 08 
151400510028/2/78IU6004 Hamilton City Buses Ltd22IU600428/5/99CNG 
withdrawn from use IU600417/5/01to Fairfax rebuild 
151500511228/2/78IU6005 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd10IU600519/2/99CNG 
Shaws Transport Ltd, TakaniniS13IU600530/4/03  
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesS13IU600520/3/07  
K A Collier, Cambridge IU600510/12/08reg as truck; reg on hold 
scrapped  11/1/10  
151600565328/2/78IU6006 Hanham's Buses Ltd, Albany 26IU600617/2/99  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd332IU60069/5/05Auckland; Reg on hold 06 
withdrawn from use  23/8/08  
151700564128/2/78IU6007 Registration cancelled..12/6/91  
K Bradford, Kaiwaka.XU403825/2/99Movan 
Xtra Publications Ltd, Warkworth.XU403820/3/00Movan 
K Bradford, Kaiwaka.XU40382/5/02No CoF 
registration lapsed. 3/9/07  
151800565828/2/78IU6008 Hamilton City Buses Ltd23IU600821/9/00CNG; Reg on hold 05
registration cancelled  4/5/07  
151900566921/3/78IU6297 Hanham's Buses Ltd, Albany27IU629717/2/99CNG 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd333IU62979/5/05Auckland 
A J Short, Helensville IU629718/12/07Movan 
No information available IU62972/6/10Movan; reg on hold 10 
15200056746/4/78IU7095 Hamilton City Buses Ltd.IU709528/5/99CNG 
withdrawn from use..12/8/99to Designline rebuild 
15210056716/4/78IU7096 Jaguar Tours Ltd, Waiheke Is.IU709622/06/05Swanson Depot; reg on hold 10 
15220058756/4/78IU7097 registration lapsed..13/8/01  
Mana Coach Services Ltd116ZG18452000Rebuilt by Designline 
15230059066/4/78IU7098 Go-Bus Transprt Ltd, FranktonW61IU709814/3/00CNG; Blueworth; Reg on hold 05
withdrawn from use..4/5/07  
15240058906/4/78IU7099 Harkers Passenger Services Ltd, Waiuku.IU709928/2/00  
Harkers Passenger Services Ltd, Waiuku.CEE6865/8/04reg on hold 09 
withdrawn from use..2/10/09  
15250059226/4/78IU7100 Okato Bus Lines63IU710019/4/00"Rio" 
Tranzit Group Ltd, New Plymouth578IU71001/7/08  
L Y Frost, Tauranga IU71002/6/09reg as truck; reg on hold 09 
15260059149/5/78IU8159 Merv Young Ltd, Otahuhu.IU815915/3/99used by Jaguar Tours 
Swasbrook Tour & Event Management Ltd, Auckland11IU815931/1/02  
Auckland Tour & Event Management Ltd, Pt England11IU815930/7/04  
Auckland School Bus Co Ltd, Pt England11?IU815931/5/10  
15270059379/5/78IU8160 The Mueseum of Transport & Technology, Western Springs1527IU816018/1/06Swanson Depot; reg on hold 10 
15280060859/5/78IU8241 Silver Star Farm.IU824127/3/00 W J Van der Star
reg as truck; reg on hold 09
15290060779/5/78IU8242 Hanham's Buses Ltd, Albany17IU82422/3/00  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd324IU82429/5/05Auckland; Reg on hold 05V 
Withdrawn from use  23/8/08  
15300060929/5/78IU8243 Hanham's Buses Ltd, Albany18RO84012/3/00  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd325RO84019/5/05Auckland 
Explorer Tours NZ Ltd, Penrose RO840116/9/07  
Dave Marsden, Maraetai, Auckland1092RO840105/13Charter service 
15310061003/7/78IX2458 Taupo Passenger Services Ltd13IX245829/2/00  
Taupo Passenger Services Ltd13YY572116/3/00  
Valley Charters, Rotorua?YY57213/4/06G R & K J Hawker
15320061073/7/78IX2460 Harkers Passenger Services Ltd, Waiuku.IX246028/2/00reg on hold 09 
No information available IX24601/6/11reg on hold 09 
15330061083/7/78IX2459 Bethlehem Coachlines.IX24596/4/05Swanson Depot; (Ken Frew Holdings Ltd) for parts; Reg on hold 04 
scrapped  25/6/08  

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1534 to 1567

Change of ownership from Auckland Regional Authority to Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd (the operating company for Yellow Bus Company) in June 1991 is not recorded.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
15340061973/7/78IX2561 Transportation Corporation Auckland Ltd1534TD266111/1/95 Swanson depot; CoF exp 08/04 
15350062043/7/78IX2562 Taupo Passenger Service Ltd..20/12/05 Swanson depot; Scrapped at Taupo 
153600621011/8/78IX3258 withdrawn from use..8/9/03  
153700621711/8/78IX3259 Harkers Passenger Services Ltd, Waiuku.IX325928/2/00 
Hamilton Hornets Rugby League Sports Club IX32597/4/09Carol Ogle; reg on hold 09 
153800622211/8/78IX3260 C B Irimana, Waiuku IX326020/12/05Swanson depot; Reg on hold 06 
153900622811/8/78IX3261 Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd1539XC876211/6/98Swanson depot 
Ranui Buses Ltd, Tologa Bay1539XC876229/9/05CoF exp 09/07 
No information available XC87621/4/11Unconfirmed; reg on hold 07 
154000638912/9/78IX3955 Jaguar Tours Ltd, Waiheke Is IX395522/6/05Swanson depot 
154100638812/9/78IX3956scrapped..9/04Swanson depot 
154200639312/9/78IX3957scrapped..9/04Swanson depot 
15430064695/10/78IX4152 Taverner Coaches, Waiuku.IX41526/4/05Swanson depot 
L D Smith, Hamilton.IX41522/3/06Reg on hold 05 
15440064735/10/78IX4153 McGrath Buses Ltd, Taumaranui.IX415310/6/05Swanson depot
Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Taumaranui473IX415327/1/09  
withdrawn from use  2/3/10  
15450064785/10/78IX4154 Scrapped..7/8/05Wiri depot 
154600657013/11/78JA1473 Withdrawn from use..8/9/03  
154700657813/11/78JA1474 Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn27JA147431/5/05Swanson depot
No information available JA14747/5/10reg on hold 10 
154800657413/11/78JA1475 Lumley Insurance.JA147521/11/00Stolen 06/00 
154900663912/12/78JA2161 Jaguar Tours Ltd, Waiheke Is.JA216122/06/05Swanson depot; Chassis 0663266 on LTSA CoF Exp 11/04 
155000662812/12/78JA2162 R & T Passenger Service, Taihape.JA216219/9/05Swanson depot; (R W & T M Johnston) 
Go-Bus Transport Ltd?JA21625/3/09  
Withdrawn from use  11/9/09  
155100661012/12/78JA2163 Transportation Corporation Auckland Ltd1551NR89643/11/98Swanson depot; Chassis 6619 on reg 
Sold for export to Fiji..06/05  
155200707623/1/79JD139 Auckland Regional Council1552LAMPEN17/8/89  
Transportation Corporation Auckland Ltd1552RE737426/11/91 Swanson depot 
withdrawn from use..8/3/06  
155300703523/1/79JD140 Sold for export to Fiji..06/05  
155400705923/1/79JD241 Explorer Tours NZ Ltd, Penrose.19/12/05JD241Swanson depot 
No information available JD24123/8/10Movan 
155500664619/2/79JD612 J K A Henry, Riverhead, Auckland.JD6127/4/05Swanson depot 
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku.JD6128/6/05Brian Taverner 
H W Stevens, Glenfield.JD6128/6/05Movan 
15560066511/3/79JD790 J K Henry (Cirle Star Holdings), Riverhead, Auckland.JD7907/4/05 Swanson depot;reg as truck 
L M Cunningham, Kaiwaka.JD79013/9/05reg as truck; Reg on hold 05 
J N Lowry, Waipu.JD79013/9/05reg as truck; Reg on hold 05 
No information available JD79025/6/10reg as truck; Reg on hold 05 
15570066421/3/79JD791 Jaguar Tours Ltd, Waiheke Is.JD79122/6/05Swanson depot 
D J Williams, Hinds JD7912/7/09Movan; reg on hold 
15580068901/3/79JD792 Jaguar Tours Ltd, Waiheke Is.JD79222/6/05reg on hold 08 
No information available JD79230/12/09Reg on hold 10 
15590069061/3/79JD793 Jaguar Tours Ltd, Waiheke Is.JD79322/6/05City depot; Reg on hold 05 
D L Williams, Papatoetoe.JD7938/8/07CoF exp 01/11 
15600069401/3/79JD794 Silver Star Farm.JD79427/3/00Reg on hold 99 (W J van der Star) 
15610071101/3/79JD795 Okato Bus Lines Ltd25JD7957/4/05Swanson depot; "Holly" 
Tranzit Group Ltd, New Plymouth565JD7951/7/08  
L M Anderson, Dunedin JD79528/4/09reg on hold 
No information available JD79519/10/09Reg on hold 09 
15620070951/3/79JD796 scrapped  14/4/11now used as a truck; reg on hold 08 
15630071261/3/79JD797 Bethlehem Coachlines35JD79723/5/97(Innoculations Ltd) 
Bethlehem Coachlines35JD7976/5/02(Ken Frew Holdings Ltd) 
K R Walker, Mt Maunganui JD79725/9/06Movan; Reg on hold 09; to Te Aroha 08 
15640073633/4/79JD1326 Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga42JD13265/4/00(Innoculations Ltd) 
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga42JD13266/5/02(Ken Frew Holdings Ltd)
Mussel Barge Snapper Safaris Ltd, Coromandel?JD132612/3/09A R Andrews;Movan; Reg on hold 10 
15650073623/5/79JD1678 G M & J Jordan, Westmere, Auckland.JD167816/6/05Swanson depot; Movan; reg on hold 10 
15660073803/5/79JD1679 Auckland Regional Council1566PS295714/2/91Swanson depot; CoF exp 11/04 
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku.PS295730/7/05  
The Farmhouse, Rotorua.PS295721/10/05B-Y Wang
R N Gane, Tauranga PS295721/10/05Movan; Reg on hold 08 
15670073913/5/79JD1680 Auckland Regional Council1567MF7509c1984City depot 
S M Nicolson, Queenstown.MF750926/7/05Reg on hold 05; To Lumsden 09 

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1568 to 1600

Change of ownership from Auckland Regional Authority to Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd (the operating company for Yellow Bus Company) in June 1991 is not recorded.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
15680073815/6/79JG4613 Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku.JG461319/11/05City depot; CoF exp 05/06 
persons unknown JG461315/12/06  
registration lapsed  21/5/07  
15690073905/6/79JG4614 Jaguar Tours Ltd, Waiheke Is.JG461422/6/05City depot 
Hunting & Surf Fishing Trips NZ Ltd, Waiuku.JG461414/11/06Reg on hold 07 
15700075615/6/79JG4615 Transportation Corporation Auckland Ltd1570YL661124/9/99Swanson depot 
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku.YL661130/12/05CoF exp 06/06 
P Russell, Hamilton YL661121/2/07Reg on hold 06 
157100758011/7/79IB8097 Hanham's Buses Ltd, Albany9IB809714/8/92  
Hanham's Buses Ltd, Albany9UC563227/3/96  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Auckland315UC56329/5/05  
scrapped  11/8/06  
157200759911/7/79IB8098 Ranui Buses Ltd, Tolaga Bay.IB809829/9/05City depot 
C H ↦ B C Henry, Tolaga Bay.IB809828/5/09Reg on hold 09 
No information available IB809813/12/11Movan 
157300790111/7/79IB8099 Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku.IB80996/7/05 City depot 
N C Toia, Hillcrest, Auckland.IB809920/7/05  
R S Barron, Kumeu.IB809927/3/06Reg on hold 06; To Waitakere 08 
Bidwell Construction Ltd, Mt Cook, Wellington IB809928/3/11Reg on hold 06 
157400790011/7/79IB8100 Jaguar Tours Ltd, Waiheke Island.IB810022/6/05Panmure depot; Reg on hold 05 
J A Douglas, Moerewa.IB810018/9/08Reg on hold 05 
157500789216/8/79JG5928 Okato Bus Lines Ltd.JG59287/4/05City depot 
withdrawn from use. 31/10/05never operated by Okato 
157600802716/8/79JG5929 Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku.JG592922/10/05City depot 
R J & M R Thornton, Otara, Auckland.JG592922/4/06Reg on hold 06; To Maraetai 07 
R J Lever, Tokoroa JG592911/5/09Movan 
157700802816/8/79JG5930 The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai.JG59307/4/05City depot 
broken up for parts..8/4/05  
157800802111/9/79JG6297 Transportation Corporation Auckland Ltd1578UK549230/7/96Swanson depot 
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku.UK549225/1/06  
N G Crozier, Dunedin.UK549213/2/06  
D Ravenwood, Dunedin.UK54922/11/06CoF exp 07/06 
L G & P G McDonnell, Christchurch.UK549215/4/08reg on hold 06 
15791823111/9/79JG6298 Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt1579JG629831/1/00  
Transportation Corporation Auckland Ltd1579JG629815/10/01City depot 
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd25JG629826/5/05  
No information available JG62984/11/09Movan;reg on hold 10 
15801821211/9/79JG6299 Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga43JG62995/4/00(Innoculations Ltd) 
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga43JG62996/5/02(Ken Frew Holdings Ltd)
R R Waapu, Hastings JG62992/4/07  
1581182329/10/79JL876 Okato Bus Lines Ltd, Taranaki62JL8767/2/00"Prada"
Tranzit Group Ltd, New Plymouth577JL8761/7/08  
D M & J A Farquhar, Hamilton JL87626/2/09"Prada" CoF exp 05/09 
1582178069/10/79JL877 Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt1582JL8778/3/00  
Transportation Corporation Auckland Ltd1582JQ349615/10/01Swanson depot 
A G Miscewski, Warkworth JQ34968/4/05Reg as truck 
G D Care, Kaeo JQ349626/7/05Reg as truck; Reg on hold 06; To Russell 2007 
No information available JQ34967/5/11Movan 
1583178079/10/79JL878 Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga44JL8785/4/00(Innoculations Ltd) 
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga44JL8786/5/02(Ken Frew Holdings Ltd)
R & S R Garrett, Akina, Hastings JL8787/6/07Reg on hold 07 
No information available JL87811/2/10Reg on hold 07 
1584178259/10/79JL879 Taupo Passenger Services Ltd.CQK65031/3/05Wiri depot; new plate 27/4/05 
Waipawa Buses Ltd.CQK65020/4/07  
Associated Coach Sales Ltd, Palmerston North.CQK65026/7/07  
withdrawn from use  10/8/07  
1585182512/11/79JL1404 Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt1585JL140431/1/00  
Transportation Corporation Auckland Ltd1585JL140415/10/01Wiri depot 
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai188CRB8837/4/05new plate 13/5/05 "Purple Sea"; reg on hold 09 
Corporate Events Ltd, Whenuapai?CRB8838/1/10reg on hold 09 
withdrawn from use  3/2/11  
1586182522/11/79JL1405 Taupo Passenger Services Ltd12YX11902/3/00  
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo?YX119017/4/07  
No information available YX119016/9/09Movan 
1587182502/11/79JL1406 Woodhill Community Bus.JL140621/6/05Wiri depot; (C A Brown) 
F E & R J West, Napier.JL14069/9/06Movan; reg on hold 10 
1588190652/11/79JL1407 Okato Bus Lines Ltd.JL14077/4/05Swanson depot 
scrapped for parts..19/4/05  
1589190452/11/79JL1408 Auckland Tour & Event Management Ltd14JL140811/4/05Swanson depot 
Auckland School Bus Co Ltd,Pt England14JL140823/12/10  
1590190462/11/79JL1409 Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga45JL14095/4/00(Innoculations Ltd) 
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga45JL14096/5/02(Ken Frew Holdings Ltd)
R R Waapu, Hastings JL14092/2/07Reg on hold 07 
1591190867/12/79JL2162 Auckland Regional Council1591PE159312/7/90  
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt1591PE159331/1/00  
Transportation Corporation Auckland Ltd1591PE159315/10/01Wiri depot 
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai187CRB8827/4/05new plate 13/5/05 "Purple Frost" 
Airport Shuttle West Ltd, Lynfield, Auckland?CRB88229/1/09  
withdrawn from use  14/5/10  
1592190877/12/79JL2163 Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt1592JL216331/1/00  
Transportation Corporation Auckland Ltd1592JL216315/10/01Wiri depot 
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai189CRB88426/4/05 new plate 13/5/05 "Purple Tornado" 
Corporate Events Ltd, Whenuapai?CRB8848/1/10  
No information available CRB88422/11/10Movan 
1593190967/12/79JL2164 Transportation Corporation Auckland Ltd1593SJ170013/12/93Swanson depot 
M Mane, Pakuranga, Auckland.SJ17008/4/05  
City Connections, Otahuhu.SJ170014/7/07Brian Southee 
J T Pene, Ratana.SJ170025/9/08CoF failed 08/08 
H J Pene, Ratana.EWJ31728/11/08Change plate 16/3/09. Reg on hold 
No information available EWJ31723/5/11Cof exp 06/11. Reg to carry 1 person 
1594195311/2/80JN1684 Transportation Corporation Auckland Ltd1594TC518419/12/94Swanson depot 
R M & G P Norton, Waitakere, Auckland.TC518411/4/05Reg as truck; Reg on hold 
N G Lockyer, Whagaparaoa.TC51847/8/06Reg as truck; Reg on hold 05 
1595195321/2/80JN1685 Harkers Passenger Service Ltd, Waiuku.3/3/05JN1685Roskill depot; CoF exp 12/05
withdrawn from use 2/10/09   
Luke MacDonald, Northcote, Auckland 2009  scrapped due to rust. Body at paintball near AKL Airport. Engine and transmission retained as spare parts for 1600 
1596195111/2/80JC3376 Blue Worth Coaches, HamiltonW67JC337619/1/01Go-Bus Transport Ltd 
D M Smyth & R S Cross, Hamilton JC33766/11/06To Taupo 07, Picton 08; reg on hold 09 
1597195501/2/80JN1687 Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga46JN16875/4/00(Innoculations Ltd) 
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga46JN16876/5/02(Ken Frew Holdings Ltd) 
No information available JN168728/1/10Reg on hold 10 
1598195514/3/80JN2204 Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd1598TR3543/10/95  
Dismantled at Swanson depot..27/6/02  
1599195674/3/80JN2205 The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai190CRB88526/4/05 Wiri depot;new plate 13/5/05 "Purple Hurricane" 
withdrawn from use  7/8/05  
1600199114/3/80JN2206 Harkers Passenger Services ltd, Waiuku.JN22063/3/05Roskill depot
Luke MacDonald, Northcote, Auckland JN220621/11/09Reg as truck. Movan 

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New Plymouth City Council 16 - 19

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
70380195/9/84LS5186 Gold Star Buses Ltd, Hamilton7LS518630/7/91ZF HP500 Transmission 
Ritchies Transport Holdings, Timaru430LS518618/3/92  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru430SG678421/10/93Auckland 
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru430SG67844/7/97  
No information available SG678418/2/10Movan; reg on hold 11 
80370615/9/84LS5187 Gold Star Buses Ltd, Hamilton8LS518730/7/91ZF HP500 Transmission 
Ritchies Transport Holdings, Timaru429LS518718/3/92  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru429SG678521/10/93  
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru429SG67854/7/97  
No information available SG678515/3/11  
90379905/9/84LS5188 Gold Star Buses Ltd, Hamilton9LS518830/7/91ZF HP500 Transmission 
Ritchies Transport Holdings, Timaru428LS518818/3/92  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru428SG678621/10/93Timaru 
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru428SG67864/7/97  
scrapped  21/2/11  
1600303926/4/76HP4766 Gold Star Buses Ltd, Hamilton16HP476630/7/91  
Ritchies Transport Holdings, Timaru412HP476618/3/92Christchurch 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru412SD411329/10/93Rotorua 
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru412SD41134/7/97  
Shaws Transport Ltd, TakaniniS30SD411313/10/03Murphy subsiduary 
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesS30SD411320/3/07  
withdrawn from use  30/10/07  
1700304526/4/76HP4767 Gold Star Buses Ltd, Hamilton17HP476730/7/91  
Ritchies Transport Holdings, Timaru413HP476718/3/92Christchurch 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru413SD48309/11/93Christchurch 
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru413SD48304/7/97  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai173SD48304/6/03 "Purple Moon" 
scrapped  23/2/09  
1800333126/4/76HP4768 Gold Star Buses Ltd, Hamilton18HP476830/7/91  
Ritchies Transport Holdings, Timaru414HP476818/3/92Christchurch 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru414SD411529/10/93Rotorua 
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru414SD41154/7/97  
Shaws Transport Ltd, Takanini?SD411530/4/03Murphy subsiduary 
withdrawn from use  15/11/06  
1900333826/4/76HP4769 Gold Star Buses Ltd, Hamilton19HP476930/7/91  
Ritchies Transport Holdings, Timaru426HP476718/3/92Christchurch 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru426RW85923/5/93Timaru 
RTH Leasing Ltd, Timaru426RW85924/7/97  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai172RW85924/6/03  
scrapped  13/1/10  

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Stagecoach Fairfax 2000 Rebuilds

Six buses rebuilt with tag axles by Fairfax as Fairfax 2000 with B53D bodies. The allocation of chassis numbers to these vehicles appears to have been random. Garth Stewart recorded the engine and differential numbers and used these to match the rebuilds to the original buses. All these buses were scrapped in 2011
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegComments
11407A8L706099700271426/11/97WR2559ex-1414; scrapped 21/11/11 
11417A8L706099900455026/2/99XU8299ex-1479; scrapped 21/11/11 
11427A8L706099900403931/5/99YC6102ex-1433; scrapped 21/11/11 
11437A8L706099900354524/6/99YE4656ex-1464; scrapped 21/11/11 
11447A8L706099900360721/7/99YE4658ex-1441; scrapped 21/11/11 
11457A8L70609990040322/8/99YH5811ex-1461; scrapped 21/11/11 

Stagecoach Designline Rebuilds

Two buses rebuilt as B53D with tag axles by Designline, initally registered to Wellington City Transport Ltd but I don't think ever operated in Wellington. Scrapped 2011
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
11477A8K90P09000029488/2/00YP8055 Transportation Corp Auckland Ltd1147YP805527/2/01ex-1413 
scrapped  21/11/11  
11467A8K90P090000359017/2/00YS5352 Transportation Corp Auckland Ltd1146YS535227/2/01ex-1442 
scrapped  21/11/11  

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Mana Designline Rebuilds

In 2000 Mana Coach Services had 6 ex-ARA 0305 buses rebuilt as B51D tag axle buses by Designline. The VIN for these buses is 7A8K90P0900 plus the 6 digits below. I have been unable to verify the information on which ARA bus became which Mana bus. There were 7 ARA chassis owned by Mana. I don't know what happened to the 7th chassis ex-1333
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegComments

Mana also have 12 2-axle bus which are rebuilds by Designline of imported Mercedes Benz 0305 chassis.

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Hamilton City Buses Fairfax 2000 Rebuilds

Four buses rebuilt by Fairfax as Fairfax 2000. The allocation of chassis numbers to these vehicles has been assumed to be correct but see the notes on Stagecoach Auckland Fairfaxes
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
627A8L7060998 0038013/8/00ZJ5889.   ex 1448 DP49F 
86WDB 30700161 00388822/12/99YS4370 Hamilton City Buses Ltd86YS45345/1/00ex 1451 B47D 
87WDB 30700161 00462818/1/00YT3274 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton87FGN3438/3/10ex 1488 B47D; CNG 
88WDB 30700161 00510014/9/01AGA312 ....ex 1514 B47D

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Hamilton City Buses Designline Rebuilds

Five buses rebuilt with B47D bodies by Designline. The ARA buses used for the rebuilds are 1454, 1465, 1468, 1464 and 1520. I have no information as to which bus was the donor for each of the rebuilds. The VINs commence 7A8K90P0999 and terminate with the 6 digits below
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
8144908630/9/99YL7610..  CNG 
8207771013/10/99YL7611..  CNG
834190661/11/99YL7612..  CNG
8484047811/11/99YL7613..  CNG 
8504366122/11/99YL7614..  CNG 

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Last updated 6 January 2013

My thanks to Ivan Prince for the original information for this page. Chassis numbers (apart from New Plymouth 1984 vehicles) extracted from Sean Millar "New Zealand City Bus Fleets" 1980.