Fleet Notes July - December 2008

This page lists new acquistions and disposals. Operators and enthusiasts are welcome to submit data to Mike Butler mbutler@ihug.co.nz. Photographs will also be accepted. All photos should be jpeg format and not exceed 100Kb in size. Please advise who took the photograph so a credit may be provided.

January - June 2009

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December 2008

Operator # Rego Make Model VIN orChassis no Bodybuilder Type Comment
Whalewatch Kaikoura   ETD99 Zhong Tong LCK6112G LDY6KS1C480003297 Zhong Tong B49FA  
Go Wellington 364 ETK220 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008242 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 363 ETK217 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008241 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 362 ETK216 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008240 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 361 ETK214 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008239 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 360 ETK215 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008238 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 359 ETK209 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008237 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 358 ETK208 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008236 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 357 ETK203 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008235 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 356 ETK202 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008234 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 355 ETK201 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008233 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 354 ETB425 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008232 Designline B43D  
Newlands Coach Service 153 ETD76 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6M3278A129354 Kiwi B51+19DA  

November 2008

Airport Express MAN 18.280

Newlands 152 Volvo B7R with Kiwi body. The large LED display behind the bus warns traffic joining State Highway 1 of major delays on State Highway 2 on 27th December. Photo Mike Butler

Operator # Rego Make Model VIN orChassis no Bodybuilder Type Comment
Reesby Buses Ltd 92 ESK957 BCI JXK LSFC030808C005223 BCI C37F  
Auckland Explorer Bus   ERQ751 2006 Optare Spectra XMGDE02PS0H011597 Optare H47/27F last Optare Spectra built; new as Angliabus 501 Ellough, Suffolk
Northliner Express 2 ETM72 Scania K114 YS2K6X200001861498 Coachwork Central B57FA Kerikeri-Auckland-Kerikeri
Newlands Coach Service 152 ESB369 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6M3258A129353 Kiwi B51+30DA  
Johnston Coachlines, Christchurch 1270 JCL70 Volvo B12B YV3R8M9278A126116 Coach Design C20DAT Ultimate New Zealand Photos
Classic Coaches, Wainuiomata ? ND8805 1986 Volvo B10M YV31MGC19Y012723 NZMB Tourliner C45FA ex Hawarden Garage & Transport 36
Citibus, Dunedin 343 ESG887 MAN 16.223 HOCL-NL 7ABA800565AD01217 Designline B39D  
Citibus, Dunedin 342 ESG878 MAN 16.223 HOCL-NL 7ABA800564AD01216 Designline B39D  
Newlands Coach Service 151 ESB348 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6M3268A129099 Kiwi B51+29DA  
Go Wellington 353 ESG894 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008231 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 352 ESG893 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008230 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 351 ESG872 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008229 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 350 ESG875 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008228 Designline B43D  
Newlands Coach Service 150 ERH576 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6M3248A129098 Kiwi B51+27DA  
Go Wellington 348 ESG873 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008226 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 349 ESG871 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008227 Designline B43D  

October 2008

Airport Express MAN 18.280

Airport Express MAN 18.280. Photo Michael Kilgour

Operator # Rego Make Model VIN orChassis no Bodybuilder Type Comment
Haywards Coachlines, Auckland ? NZ2RS BCI PK6930A LGG5SKCM68H006010 BCI C38F City Transfers
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd 2150 ERA229 Scania K270 UB6 YS2K6X20001859519 Designline B47DA Blue & Silver
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd 2149 EQG695 Scania K270 UB6 YS2K6X20001859506 Designline B47DA Blue & Silver
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd 2148 EPN273 Scania K270 UB6 YS2K6X20001859510 Designline B47DA Blue & Silver
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd 2147 EQG692 Scania K270 UB6 YS2K6X20001859515 Designline B47DA Blue & Silver
Airport Express ? EQG818 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NL WMAA80ZZX8C010501 Designline? B47D Johnston's Coachlines Ltd. For Auckland Airport service
Go Bus, Hamilton 5 EPG378 2006 Nissan Diesel Civilian AHW41 7A8DH070908035144 Nissan B21F Chassis 35144
Tranzit 1143 ERQ851 BCI PK6120 LSFC130898C005251 BCI B38DA Manukau Airporter 380
Tranzit 1142 ERQ845 BCI PK6120 LSFC1308X8C005274 BCI B38DA Manukau Airporter 380
Tranzit 1141 ERB750 BCI PK6120 LSFC130818C005275 BCI B38DA Manukau Airporter 380
Tranzit 1078 ERZ338 Scania K340 YS2K6X20000552205 Kiwi C54DA Intercity
Tranzit 1077 ERT900 Scania K340 YS2K6X20000552156 Kiwi C54FA Intercity
Citibus, Dunedin 341 ERR968 MAN 16.223 HOCL-NL 7ABA800563AD01215 Designline B39D  
Citibus, Dunedin 340 ERA230 MAN 16.223 HOCL-NL 7ABA800562AD01214 Designline B39D  
Howick & Eastern 230 ERA225 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NL 7ABA800592AD01256 Designline B47DA 3 axle, Euro4
Bayline Tauranga 134? ERH501 Volvo B7R LE YV3R6M3248A126105 Kiwi B43DA Bay Hopper
Tranzit BCI Buses

Tranzit BCI buses 1140, 1141, 1142, 1143 for Manukau City Centre to Auckland Airport service. Photo Paul Willams

September 2008

Howick & Eastern 229

Howick & Eastern MAN 18.280 number 229. Photo Craig Mair

Operator # Rego Make Model VIN orChassis no Bodybuilder Type Comment
Bayes Coachlines 110 ERJ811 MAN TGL 10-210 WMAN15ZZ47Y186237 Kiwi B52F School Bus
Bayes Coachlines 109 ERB406 MAN TGL 10-210 WMAN15ZZ37Y186195 Kiwi B52F School Bus
Bayes Coachlines 108 EQU913 Scania K420 EB YS2K6X20001859906 Coach Design C49DA  
Cambridge Travel Lines 31 ELA101 1994 Mitsubishi Fuso MP618K 7A8CJ1D0908657329 Mitsubishi B37F Chassis 22053
Reesby Buses Ltd 38 R038 Optare Solo M880 SABENGAF08R193049 Optare B28 Chassis 193049
Reesby Buses Ltd 37 R037 Optare Solo M880 SABENGAF08R193040 Optare B28 Chassis 193040
Reesby 37 Otare Solo

Reesby Buses 037. 2008 Optare Solo M880. Photo Michael Kilgour.

Reesby Buses Ltd 36 R036 Optare Solo M880 SABENGAF08R193039 Optare B28 Chassis 193039
Reesby Buses Ltd 35 R035 Optare Solo M880 SABENGAF08R193048 Optare B28 Chassis 193048
Howick & Eastern 229 ERA201 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NL 7ABA800591AD01255 Designline B47DA 3 axle, Euro4
Go Wellington 347 EQG814 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008225 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 346 EQG813 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008224 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 345 EPN271 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008223 Designline B43D  
Bayline Tauranga 133 EQC323 Volvo B7R LE YV3R6M3228A126104 Kiwi B43DA Bay Hopper

August 2008

Tranzit 1140

Tranzit 1140 BCI PK6120 for Auckland Airport service at Palmerston North 15 August 2008. Photo Alan Smeaton

Operator # Rego Make Model VIN orChassis no Bodybuilder Type Comment
Go Wellington 344 EPN268 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008222 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 343 EPN264 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008221 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 342 EPN253 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008220 Designline B43D  
Birkenhead Transport Ltd 37 EPN266 MAN 16.240 HOCL-NL 7ABA800673AD01272 Designline B39DA  
Birkenhead Transport Ltd 10 EPN255 MAN 16.240 HOCL-NL 7ABA800674AD01273 Designline B39DA  
Birkenhead 10 MAN 16.240

Birkenhead 10 MAN 16-240. A Designline MAN A80 with MAN front panel. Photo Ivan Prince

Ritchies Transport Holdings 571 EQL519 Scania K270 UB6 YS2K6X20001860820 Kiwi B51DA Northern Express
Ritchies Transport Holdings 570 EGS566 Scania K270 UB6 YS2K6X20001860473 Kiwi B51DA Northern Express
Ritchies Transport Holdings 569 EQG634 Scania K270 UB6 YS2K6X20001860573 Kiwi B51DA Northern Express
Ritchies 569 Scania K270 UB6x4

Ritchies 569 loading at Britomart for a trip on the Northern Busway to Albany. Photo Anthony Ng

Ritchies Transport Holdings 568 EQG610 Scania K270 UB6 YS2K6X20001860460 Kiwi B51DA Northern Express
Birkenhead Transport Ltd 40 EPN254 MAN 16.240 7ABA800675AD01274 Designline B39DA  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd 2146 EPN257 Scania K270 UB6 YS2K6X20001859537 Designline B47DA Blue & Silver
Transportation Auckland 2145 EPN272 Scania K270 UB6 YS2K6X20001859437 Designline B47DA Blue & Silver
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd 2144 EPN256 Scania K270 UB6 YS2K6X20001859430 Designline B47DA Blue & Silver
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd 2143 EPN258 Scania K270 UB6 YS2K6X20001859440 Designline B47DA Blue & Silver
Transportation Auckland 2142 EPN280 Scania K270 UB6 YS2K6X20001859445 Designline B47DA Blue & Silver
Tranzit 1140 EQB423 BCI PK6120 LSFC130878C005250 BCI B39DA Manukau Airporter 380
Howick & Eastern Buses 234 EQB216 Scania K270UB6x2 YS2K6X20001860536 Kiwi B51DA 13.5m
Go Wellington 341 EPN242 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008219 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 340 EPN241 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008218 Designline B43D  
Go Wellington 339 EPD800 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008217 Designline B43D  
Howick & Eastern Buses 233 EPT967 Scania K270UB6x2 YS2K6X20001860470 Kiwi B51DA 13.5m
Bayline Tauranga 132 EPJ415 Volvo B7R LE YV3R6K7237A117862 Kiwi B43DA Bay Hopper
Scania 2146

Transportation Auckland Scania 2146 in Fielding during delivery 17 August 2008. Photo Mike Butler

July 2008

Ritchies 564

Ritchies 564 Designline built MAN 16.223 B32FA. Photo Michael Kilgour

Operator # Rego Make Model VIN orChassis no Bodybuilder Type Comment
McDermott Coaches, Winton 100 EPC728 BCI JXK6105BR1 LSFC030878C005218 BCI B47F  
Go Wellington 338 EPD794 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008216 Designline B40D  
Go Wellington 337 EPD792 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008215 Designline B40D  
Go Wellington 336 EPD793 Designline Citybus Trolley 7A874010908008214 Designline B40D  
Howick & Eastern Buses 232 EPL920 Scania K270UB6x2 YS2K6X20001860556 Kiwi B51DA 13.5m.
Howick & Eastern Buses 231 EPL902 Scania K270UB6x2 YS2K6X20001860490 Kiwi B51DA 13.5m. First of four
Airport Flyer, Lower Hutt 1013 ENU733 MAN 16.223 HOCL-NL 7ABA800672AD01271 Designline B43FA  
Valley Flyer, Lower Hutt 1012 ENU732 MAN 16.223 HOCL-NL 7ABA800671AD01270 Designline B43FA  
Airport Flyer, Lower Hutt 1011 ENU731 MAN 16.223 HOCL-NL 7ABA800670AD01269 Designline B43FA Reg to Wellington City Transport Ltd
Ritchies, Albany 567 EFB941 2007 MAN 16.223 HOCL-NL 7ABA800557AD01209 Designline B39D Ex Dunedin PT 200
Ritchies, Albany 566 EEG75 2007 MAN 16.223 HOCL-NL 7ABA800556AD01208 Designline B39D Ex Dunedin PT 199
Ritchies, Albany 565 ENK541 MAN 16.223 HOCL-NL 7ABA800570AD01222 Designline B32FA  
Ritchies, Albany 564 ENK542 MAN 16.223 HOCL-NL 7ABA800569AD01221 Designline B32FA  
Ritchies, Albany 563 ENK537 MAN 16.223 HOCL-NL 7ABA800568AD01220 Designline B32FA  
Ritchies, Albany 562 ENK536 MAN 16.223 HOCL-NL 7ABA800567AD01219 Designline B32FA  
Howick & Eastern 231

Howick & Eastern 231. Scania K270UB6x2 with Kiwi B51DA body. Photo Craig Mair

January-June 2008

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