The Omnibus Society Fleet

49 - 1938 AEC Regal I 0662

Photo: Peter Rendall

First Registered: 1938.

Bodybuilder: W.C.T.

No of seats: B33F.

1st Owner: W.C.T. 49.

2nd Owner: W.C.T. 249.

3rd Owner: Mike Flinn.

4th Owner: Ian Little.

5th Owner: Peter Berry.

6th Owner: W.C.T. Museum.

7th Owner: Omnibus Society.

Chassis Number: 33024

Registration: DO4223

Into Service: 1938

Out of Service:

Joined OS Fleet: 1986

Current Status: Under restoration

History: 49 (later renumbered 249) passed through a number of hands before ending up back with the WCT for their museum fleet. Restoration started, which unfortunately ended up with most of the seats and glass missing, before passing to the Omnibus Society fleet. Considerable work has been carried out rebuilding the frame work for the rear end and roof with work continuing on the front end.

Closest to camera at the Mirimar Motor Coach Museum - Photo: Graeme Bennett

New framing in roof truses

Rebuilt framing at rear of 49

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