The Omnibus Society Fleet

39 - 1955 B.U.T.(Leyland) ETB/1

At Kilbirnie depot June 2004 being prepared for 100 years of Electric traction celebrations. Unfortunately an electrical fire shortly afterwards put 39 out of commission. Photo Graeme Inwood.

First Registered: 1955.

Bodybuilder: COMENG/W.C.T.

No of seats: B42D.

1st Owner: W.C.T. 39.

2nd Owner: W.C.T. Museum.

3rd Owner: Omnibus Society.

Fleet Number: 39.

Chassis Number: 510481.

Registration: EV6714.

Into Service:

Out of Service:

Joined OS Fleet:

Current Status: Painted into silver colour scheme during its time in the WCT museum fleet to represent an earlier trolley bus colour scheme. Known as the "Silver Ghost" 39 appeared in the horror movie "Truth About Demons" in 2000. It was used in the 2004 "100 years of Electric Traction" event in 2004, but suffered an electrical fire and has been inoperable since.


Operating in 2004. Photo: Lachlan Rendall

In the sun during the festival. Photo: Wayne Duncan

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