Volvo B58 Buses and Coaches

Volvo trucks started to make a big impact in New Zealand in the mid-1970s. In 1976 Volvo agents Dalhoff & King landed an order from Newmans for tour and service coaches. In 1978 the tender to supply 68 trolley buses for Wellington City Transport was one by a consortium including Dalhoff & King who would supply B58 chassis. I suspect it may have been a surprise to Volvo that these buses were marketed as Volvos. From then on Volvo have had a significant share of the New Zealand coach market and have sold a small but steady number of buses. Dalhoff & King went out of business during the construction of the Wellington trolley buses. Titan Plant Services took over as Volvo distributor in New Zealand.

The buses on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 13 February 2012.

Original operators are:
Fourways Tours Gibson Motors Gisborne City Council Moa Trek
Murphy Buses Newmans 2-axle coaches Newmans 3-axle coaches Newmans composite coaches
New Plymouth City Council Okato Bus Lines Ranui Buses Ritchies
Wellington City Transport

Fourways Tours B58 Coaches with NZMB Tourliner bodies

Between 1978 and 1982 Fourways purchased 7 Volvo B58 Coaches all with NZMB bodies. Numbers 26-28 were C42FAt and the remainder C44FAt
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
26836313/10/78JA6257 Keith Hardy, Patumahoe.JA625729/5/87.  
Paul & Linda Cook, Pukekohe2?JA62574/8/93.  
Paul & Linda Cook, Pukekohe2?SU306719/8/94.  
Ashs's Coachline, Wanganui4SU30672/9/99.  
Leisure Travel NZ Ltd, Nelson21SU30676/4/04.
Ashs's Coachline, Wanganui4SU306721/9/06A T & N A Mayor Ltd
I J Buckley, Waikawa Beach, Horowhenua SU306722/11/07.  
D H Keatch, Levin SU306725/6/09Movan  
271291119/12/79JJ2147 Newmans Coachlines 291JJ214711/9/87.  
Abbots Motors, Papatoeotoe.JJ21473/12/92.  
Otene Buses Ltd, Okaihau66JJ21473/12/92.  
JV's Vans & Buses Ltd, Tokoroa.JJ214730/10/96.
D L Ewers, Wakefield, Nelson JJ214710/10/05Movan  
281291317/3/80JK9053 Newmans Coachlines 292JK905311/9/87.
H E Hindmarsh, Patutahi, Gisborne.JK905328/4/92.  
H E Hindmarsh, Patutahi, Gisborne.WD735316/5/97   
A G Hindmarsh, Patutahi, Gisborne.WD73537/8/08   
Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton118WD735323/12/08Gisborne
Information not available WD735329/8/11   
29129172/12/80JZ1384 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland001JZ138411/9/87.  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North1JZ138424/3/92.
Ivan Jones Engineering Ltd, Hawera JZ138417/8/06Movan; CoF exp 05/11  
31129191981KJ822 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland002KJ82211/9/87.
Donald Roberston, Omapere, Hokianga.KJ8223/12/92.  
Cambridge Travel Lines40KJ8223/9/93(Tauwhare Transport Ltd)
D M Charlton, Bulls.KJ82223/7/09Reg as truck  
321679528/10/82KU1940 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland003KU194011/9/87.  
Central Coachlines, Levin.KU19402/11/92.  
Central Coachlines, Levin.RT87294/2/93.  
Scottsdale Tours, Whangamata.RT872922/8/98.  
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames.RT87299/11/00Kerepehi  
S G Penn, Napier.RT872912/9/05Reg as truck  
33167975/11/82KU1941 Newmans Coachlines Ltd004KU194111/9/87Tag Axle  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd004PN855927/11/90.  
Adams Bus Service, Whangarei.PN855912/2/92.  
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei.PN85596/12/96.  
Okato Bus Lines Ltd, Taranaki1PN855921/8/00"Roamio"
Tranzit Group Ltd, Palmerston North579PN85591/7/08reg on hold 11/08  
A E Packer, Rotorua PN855921/1/09Reg on hold 10  

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Gibsons Motors B58

Six B58 coaches were first registered to Gibson Motors. These have numbers within the Newmand fleet numbering sequence and were supplied after Gibson Motors was owned by Newmans. 025, 032 and 771 are 3-axle the others are two axle.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
58776110/11/76IA658 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell258IA65817/8/79Napier  
Mid Canterbury Industries Ltd, Ashburton258IA6582/3/93.  
Perry & Maama Clark, Kawakawa43IA65810/2/95Also carries number 258  
Clarks Coachlines, Kawakawa43IA65829/3/96(Clarks Pacific Ltd)
W J Woodley, Upper Hutt IA65830/8/06Reg on hold 02  
P A Thomson, Waimauku IA65813/12/07Reg on hold 02  
Information not available IA6582/12/10Reg on hold 02  
59889710/11/76IA659 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell259IA65917/8/79Napier  
Mid Canterbury Industries Ltd, Ashburton?IA6592/3/93.  
Waimate Shuttles?IA65924/12/98(Patrick Scannell)  
68955528/10/77IK5468 Newmans Coachlines268IK546821/2/78New Plymouth Contiki; leased from Chase-NBA NZ Group Ltd  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd268IK546819/1/83.  
Robbie Murdoch, Greenhithe, Auckland.IK546813/1/93.  
Kerry Kitchen, Kaitaia.IK546814/3/94.  
A J Nathan & C Adams, Te Atatu, Auckland.IK546830/8/95.  
Ashs Coachlines, Wanganui.IK546831/1/00.  
Ashs Coachlines, Wanganui.ZK347721/8/00.  
Leisure Travel NZ Ltd, Nelson.ZK34775/4/04.  
W P Signal, Palmerston North.ZK347727/10/05Movan; To Hutt Park 09; Reg on hold 11  
031955616/11/77IK6032 Newmans Coach Lines031IK60323/7/78leaseback from Southpac Corp Ltd  
Newmans Coach Lines Ltd031IK60321/6/83   
Newmans Coach Lines Ltd731IK60321/6/83C29Fv  
Warmans Passenger Transport, Te Kopuru.IK603210/3/93C45F  
Warmans Passenger Transport, Te Kopuru.SD75756/9/93   
Information not available SD757527/5/11Reg on hold 11  
03295601977IK6033 Newmans Coachlines032IK60333/7/78Tag Axle; leased from Southpac Corp Ltd  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd032IK60331/6/83Napier  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd732IK60331987C29FV  
Graeme Moore, Tokoroa?RX276516/2/93.  
Valuxe Coachlines, Tokoroa?RX276521/4/97AR & VG Hema
N & S Carter Ltd, Ranui, Auckland?RX276527/9/05 
7711060311/9/78JA5364 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd771JA536417/8/792-axle NZMB European C20Fv  
Matakohe Passenger Transport Ltd.JA536413/7/92.  
Matakohe Passenger Transport Ltd.RX116818/2/93.  
Simbo Motors, Whangarei.RX11688/11/02Anne Redmond & Mark Simperingham  
Eruption Tours Ltd, Hawera.RX116818/11/03.  
Runciman Transport, Inglewood.RX11683/2/04.  
Eruption Tours Ltd, Hawera.RX116815/3/04.  
A C Anderton & S M Brook, Waihola, Otago.RX116821/10/05Reg on hold 05  

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Gisborne City Council

Hawke Hunter B45D
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
51068413/4/81KA7667 Thomas Te Kahu, Gisborne855?KA766730/7/91.  
R & P Mason, Warkworth KA766714/9/03Movan; to Blenheim 08; reg on hold 08  

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Moa Trek B58 2-axle Coach

In 1981 Moa Trek NZ Ltd purchased three Volvo B58 C45F coaches with Hawke bodies. Before these were delivered the company was purchased by Contiki.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
10166751/10/81KH8023 Midland Coachlines Ltd, Parnell590?KH802312/3/82to H&H 590  
Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell007KH802328/6/85.  
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga107KH80236/12/91.  
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga107RE665821/1/92.  
J K & L W Wilson Ltd, Motueka.RE665821/1/93.  
Nelson SBL Travel Ltd, Nelson65RE66582/10/95.  
Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd, Nelson65RE665814/5/99.  
Rose Coachlines, DanevirkeNoneRE665824/11/04Derek Rose
Information not available FHF32422/7/10Chg plate 24/3/10; Still PSV  
11166771/10/81KH8024 Midland Coachlines Ltd, Parnell591?KH802412/3/82to H&H 591  
Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell008KH802428/6/85.  
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga108KH80246/12/91.  
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga108RE665921/1/92.  
Tasman Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.RE665929/9/92.  
Adams Bus Service, Whangarei9RE66595/5/93.  
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei9RE66596/12/96   
Information not available RE665919/3/10Reg on hold 10  
12166761/10/81KH8025 M Pavolvich & Sons ltd, Hamilton.KH802523/12/81.  
Midland Coachlines Ltd, Parnell592?KH802513/12/82to H&H 592  
Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell009KH802528/6/85.  
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga109KH80256/12/91.  
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga109RE666021/1/92.
Otene Buses Ltd, Okaihau.RE66602/11/94.  
Bowman Buses, Kaitaia.RE666019/12/97Dennis Bowman  
Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia.RE666021/1/00Bowman 2000 Ltd  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai?RE666011/9/02.  
G L & J Lyons, Kaitaia RE666030/3/09Reg on hold 09  

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Murphy Buses Ltd

Australian Import
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?6177661976  Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames58TK830030/7/91B53F
D W Grason, Thames TK83002/4/09Reg on hold 09  

Volvo Home

Newmans B58 2-axle Coach

18 coaches with NZMB C41FA European bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
250776325/8/76IA650 Mid Canterbury Industries Ltd.IA6502/3/93Napier  
Knightline Enterprises, Nelson.IA65011/12/98(Leslie Knight)  
Knightline Coaches, Motueka.IA65010/4/01(B & C Harrington)  
K P Filipov, Christchurch.IA65012/8/05Reg on hold 10  
2518133B13825/8/76IA651 Colemans Rd Travel Trust, Blenheim.IA65120/10/92Napier
J B Farms Ltd, Mosgiel.IA6518/11/02.  
L J Brown Properties Ltd, Mosgiel.IA65117/2/03same address  
B J & Jepson, Nelson.IA65126/7/05Movan  
P K Jepson, Nelson.IA65113/8/09Movan; reg on hold 10  
252776021/9/76IA652 Matakohe Passenger Transport Ltd, Matakohe.IA65221/7/92Napier  
Maama & Perry Clark, Kawakawa.IA6528/3/95.  
Commuter Tour Services Ltd, Kataia.IA6528/2/96.  
Bowman 2000 Ltd, Kataia.IA6522/7/02.  
Simbo Motors Ltd, Raumanga, Whangarei.IA65227/1/04.  
C A & M E Forman, Paremoremo, Auckland.IA65227/1/04Movan?
P F & J K Chiles, Pauatahani, Porirua.IA65228/7/06Movan  
253813421/9/76IA653 Valeland Holdings Ltd, Bayswater, Auckland?IA6532/4/93Napier; Kiwi Experience  
M Pavlovich & Sons Ltd, Hamilton37?IA6535/12/94Kiwi Experience 37?  
Barribal Motors, Taranaki.IA65325/3/03 Midhurst Motors 1974 Ltd
Tranzit Group Ltd, Stratford474BGG69717/10/06   
S Hubbard, Wanganui BGG6979/7/07Reg on hold 07  
25477628/10/76IA654 Maama & Perry Clark, Kawakawa.IA6546/8/92Napier  
Clark Pacific Ltd, Kawakawa.IA6546/8/92Kaikohe Bus Co; Reg on hold 06  
25581368/10/76IA655 Mid Canterbury Industries Ltd.IA6552/3/93Napier  
M McDonald & B Solway, Temuka.IA65513/7/98Movan  
F W Gillespie, Invercargill.IA65521/7/05Movan  
D R Barr, Te Atatu.IA65528/8/09Movan; At Beach Rd Holiday Camp, Invercargill; reg on hold 10  
256813526/10/76IA656 Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North64IA65624/3/92Napier  
Registration cancelled64.3/5/02Still in Nimons yard 09  
257813726/10/76IA657 Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North65IA65724/3/92Napier
S M & G W Vercoe, Palmerston North IA6579/6/06Movan; To Feilding 07  
Information not available IA6578/2/11Movan  
2608895-B1937/12/76IA660 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland260RE9635/2/92Napier  
Valeland Holdings Ltd, Auckland.RE9632/4/93   
JV's Vans & Buses, Tokoroa.RE96330/11/93(Joyce Volker)  
JV's Vans & Buses Ltd, Tokoroa.RE96314/12/95   
P D Studman, Epsom, Auckland RE96318/11/02 Movan
26188987/12/76IA661 Newmans Coachlines Ltd261LZ85441984Nelson  
Valeland Holdings Ltd, Auckland.LZ85442/4/93.  
M Pavlovich & Sons Ltd, Hamilton.LZ85445/12/94.  
L M Carseldine & B T Leslie, Hamilton.LZ854416/2/04Movan? Reg on hold  
R J Roos, Rotorua.LZ854416/8/06Movan? Reg on hold 04  
Information not available LZ854428/6/11Reg on hold 04  
262889621/12/78IA662 Mid Canterbury Industries Ltd.IA6622/3/93Nelson  
Classic Coaches, Wainuiomata1IA6629/12/98Richard Potts  
Michael Boyton, Motueka262IA6626/10/11"Mary Ann"
263890628/9/77IK5463 Newmans Coachlines263IK546321/2/78Nelson Contiki; leased from Chase-NBA NZ Ltd  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd263IK546319/1/83.  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd263NO13151/3/89.  
Devonport Bus Co Ltd17NO131510/4/92.  
Finlayson Park School, Manurewa, Auckland NO131516/10/96(G T Beazley)
G T Beazley, Manurewa NO13152008Reg on hold 08  
2648908820628/9/77IK5464 Newmans Coachlines (leased from Chase-NBA NZ Group Ltd)264IK546421/2/78Nelson Contiki  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd264IK546419/1/83.
Mid Canterbury Industries Ltd.IK54642/3/93.  
B Poskitt, Oamaru.IK546426/11/98Reg on hold 99  
265955712/10/77IK5465 Chase-NBA NZ Group Ltd265IK546521/2/78Nelson Contiki  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd265IK546519/1/83.  
Valeland Holdings Ltd, Auckland.IK54652/4/93.  
M Pavlovich &Sons Ltd, Hamilton.IK54655/12/94.  
Corgi Company, Picton.IK54655/11/96(David Steele)  
J R's Charters Ltd, Blenheim.IK546512/6/02(John Galloway)
Travlon Coachlines 2005 Ltd, Lincoln?IK546510/2/12   
266955912/10/77IK5466 Chase-NBA NZ Group Ltd266IK546621/2/78Napier  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd266IK546619/1/83.  
Valeland Holdings Ltd, Auckland.IK54662/4/93.  
Bowman Buses, Kaitaia5IK546625/11/93.  
Bowman Buses, Kaitaia5SK432225/2/94.  
Otene Buses Ltd, Okaihau53SK43229/6/95CoF exp 08/06  
registration lapsed  3/9/07   
267890928/10/77IK5467 Chase-NBA NZ Group Ltd267IK546721/2/78Napier  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd267IK546719/1/83.  
Valeland Holdings Ltd, Auckland.IK54672/4/93.  
M Pavlovich &Sons Ltd, Hamilton.IK54675/12/94.  
Robert & Martha Otene, Mangere.IK54679/2/96.  
Heremaia (Jerry) Hohepa, Waima, Northland.IK546716/10/98.  
Simbo Buses, Whangarei.IK546730/8/01Mark Simperingham  
Ivan Hart, Waitoa.IK546720/2/03Movan  
Ivan Hart, Omanawa, Tauranga.IK54672005Movan; Reg on hold  
S J Hunter, Paeroa.IK54674/1/07Movan; Reg on hold 05  
P J McClung, Taupiri.IK546723/10/08Movan; Reg on hold 05  
A P Edgecombe, Taupiri.IK546729/5/09Movan; Reg on hold 05  
Information not available IK546727/9/10Movan; Reg on hold 05  

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Newmans B58 3-axle Coaches with NZMB Tourliner bodies

C45FA full coaches. 025-036 had European bodies. The remained have Centennial bodies. 030-036 were converted to C29Fv composites and renumbered 730-736 .
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
01412304B3133/10/79JJ1795 Shaws Transport Ltd, Takanini50JJ179519/10/90New Plymouth  
withdrawn from use..17/2/00.  
016123103/10/79JJ1796 Shaws Transport Ltd, Takanini51JJ179619/10/90New Plymouth  
withdrawn from use..1/5/96.  
0171230818/10/79JJ1806 Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe52JJ18069/11/90New Plymouth  
Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe52TM841120/7/95.  
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames.TM841117/10/01.  
018.1979JJ1804 fire..30/1/86Napier; Centennial body  
0191230718/10/79JJ1805 Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe53JJ18059/11/90Napier  
Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe53SF251924/9/93.  
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames.SF251917/10/01.
C Ashwell, Kaiapoi SF251926/9/06Movan? ; Reg on hold 07  
021122174/12/79JJ2132 Youth for Christ.Y0NE3/10/88Napier; chg plate 4/10/88 
Northland Coachbuilders, Ruakaka.TB969729/12/94chg plate 13/12/94; rebuilt  
Warman's Motors, Te Kopuru.TB969716/4/96Robert Warman
Samoan Independant Seventh Day Adventist Church, Mangere TB969710/12/10CoF exp 08/11  
023122226/12/79JJ2136 Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe54JJ213619/10/90Napier  
Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe54SD898031/8/93.  
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesS54?SD898017/10/01Cof exp 19/8/03  
024122010/12/79JJ2139 Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe55JJ213919/10/90Napier  
Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe55SP284725/5/94.  
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesS8SP284717/10/01.
02589047/12/76IA2583 Mid Canterbury Industries Ltd, Ashburton.IA25832/3/93New Plymouth  
Cunningham Passenger Services Ltd, Westport16IA258318/12/98.  
Cunningham Passenger Services Ltd, Westport16CPS1616/12/99.  
JR's Charters, Blenheim?EYC8067/5/09J R Galloway; chg plate 29/4/09  
Parkys Charters Ltd, Blenheim?EYC80610/3/11COF Exp 11/11  
0268903B2017/12/76IA2582 Mid Canterbury Industries Ltd, Ashburton.IA25822/3/93New Plymouth  
Mid Canterbury Industries Ltd, Ashburton.TU87785/12/95.  
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford31JAMO3120/8/99.  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton431CLF83123/2/05chg plate 18/1/05
Bromell Coachlines, Nelson?IMABU526/3/10chg plate 29/4/10; M & L Bromell Partnership  
02789017/12/76IA2584 Mid Canterbury Industries Ltd, Ashburton.IA25842/3/93Nelson "Olympus"  
D D Murdoch, Tauranga.IA258411/12/98Movan  
D D Murdoch, Tauranga.MVOLVO23/12/99Movan  
02889007/12/76IA2585 Mid-Canterbury Industries Ltd, Ashburton.IA25852/3/93Nelson "Indus"  
Mid-Canterbury Industries Ltd, Ashburton.UO94383/12/96.  
Wadsworth Motors Ltd, Tapawera, Nelson12UO943820/4/99.  
0298902B2009/2/77IA2591 Mid Canterbury Industries Ltd, Ashburton.IA25912/3/93Napier  
Te Ata Hou Trust, Wellington.IA25615/2/99.  
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford44JAMO4418/4/02.  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton444CLF84423/2/05Chg plate 18/1/05  
Karapiro Charters & Tours?CLF84424/5/05(D J & L I Roigard)
P J & L A Weatherall, Redwood Pass, Blenheim?CLF8441/12/06Movan  
0308899B1979/2/77IA2590 Newmans Coachlines Ltd730IA25901987Napier  
Shannon Auto Services Ltd.IA259013/12/91.  
Madge Coachlines Ltd.IA25904/3/94.  
Absolutely Fabulous Ltd, Auckland.IA259028/7/94Movan? reg lapse 4/3/02  
T K Mason, Papatoetoe.CAT51219/5/04Movan; VIN 7A8J51E1004295953  
R I Smythe, Thames.CAT51227/7/04Movan  
HSV Limo Ltd, Wanganui CAT51222/3/08Movan  
W R Nikora, Wanganui CAT51210/7/09Movan  
Information not available CAT5123/2/11Movan  
03395546/12/77IK5469 Newmans Coachlines033IK54693/7/78Napier; leased from Chase-NBA NZ Ltd  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Auckland033IK54691/6/83Napier  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Auckland733IK54691985C29FV  
Taverner Tours Coachline, Hamilton.IK54692/6/93.  
G C Newman, Kawerau.IK546919/8/93.  
L C Newman, Auckland.IK546914/2/96.  
L C Newman, Auckland.UQ761630/10/96Movan  
M A Taylor, Hamilton UQ761624/11/98Movan  
Registration lapsed  25/12/06   
M A Taylor, Hamilton DRN6082/2/07Movan; VIN 7A8J51E1007074730  
ACS Mahi Tahi Ltd, Mossburn DRN60815/12/11Movan;  
03495616/12/77IK5470 Newmans Coachlines Ltd034IK54703/7/78Napier; Leased from Chase-NBA NZ Ltd 
Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Auckland034IK54701/6/83Napier; C29FV 1987 
Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Auckland734IK54701985C29FV 1987 
Taverner Coachline, Hamilton.IK54709/3/93  
Geoff Brown Charters, Takanini.IK54707/9/93  
The Great Fun Bus Co Ltd, Christchurch.FUNBUZ6/12/93  
Geoff Brown Charters, Takanini.UF14725/6/96  
Corgi Company, Picton.UF147216/10/97David Steele 
Scott Aronsen, Twizel.UF147216/10/97  
J R's Charters Ltd, Blenheim.UF147226/2/03(John Galloway) 
Travlon Coachlines 2005 Ltd, Lincoln.UF147210/2/12  
035890519/12/77IK5471 Newmans Coachlines Ltd035IK54713/7/78leased from Chase-NBA NZ Ltd 
Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Auckland035IK54711/6/83Nelson "Colossus" 
Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Auckland735IK54711985C29FV 1985 
Te Karaka Motors Ltd.IK547118/3/93  
Te Karaka Motors Ltd.SC914718/8/93  
Otene Buses Ltd, Okaihau17SC914715/9/94Reg on hold 05
registration lapsed  5/9/11  
036955819/12/77IK5472 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Auckland036IK54723/7/78Leased from Chase-NBA NZ Ltd  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Auckland036IK54721/6/83Nelson "Ajax"  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Auckland736IK54721985C29Fv  
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames?IK547228/7/92.  
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames?RQ522423/11/92.
withdrawn from use?.23/7/04.  
050122191979JJ2138 Newman's Routs Service Ltd, Parnell050JJ213829/12/92Napier  
Tranznew Ltd1050JJ21381/12/95Tranzit Group  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton1050JJ213825/1/06   
David Roigard, Karapiro JJ213818/6/07Race car transporter  
051122216/12/79JJ2137 Newmans Routs Service Ltd051JJ213729/12/92Napier  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd390JJ213727/5/93.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd390UT154528/11/96.  
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford3UT154519/2/04.  
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford3JAMO39/3/04to CLZ803 26/1/05  
Tranzit Group, Stratford403CLZ80317/2/05.
K R & S Knight, Patea CLZ80321/8/06Movan  
0521221819/3/80JK9055 Newmans Routs Service Ltd052JK905529/12/92Napier  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd391JK905527/5/93.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd391TU97211/12/95.
NZ Busrental, Woodville.TU972110/5/04 "Rotorua" (V Chalk & K Carrington)  
Circle Star Holdings, Riverhead DAY6855/12/05.  
J K Henry, Riverhead DAY98531/3/06Reg on hold 06; To Whenuapai 08  
0531223027/8/81KF9792 Newman's Routs Service Ltd, Parnell053KF979229/12/92Napier; Viewmaster body  
Tranznew Ltd, Masterton1053KF97921/12/95Tranzit Otaki  
Tranzit Group Ltd1053KF979225/1/06Otaki
C H Burridge Ltd, Levin KF979227/9/07   
0541223311/9/81KF9964 Newman's Routs Service Ltd, Parnell054KF996429/12/92Napier "Royal Soveriegn"; Viewmaster body  
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga454KF996421/3/93.  
Tasman Coachlines Ltd, Chrsitchurch5TAS510/5/93.  
Clark's Pacific Ltd, Kawakawa.TAS531/1/97.  
JV's Vans & Buses Ltd, Tokoroa.TAS514/2/97.
P L Thomson & V A Rei, Hawera.TAS510/8/06Reg on hold 06  
055122294/9/81KF9796 Newmans Routs Services Ltd055KF979629/12/92Nelson; Viewmaster body  
Tranznew Ltd, Masterton1055KF97961/12/95Tranzit  
Tranzit Group Ltd. Masterton1055KF979626/1/06 
A D & R A Prujean, Katikati KF97962/7/07Reg on hold 07  
0561543925/9/81KF9842 Newmans Routs Service Ltd056KF984229/12/92Nelson "Sirrus"; Viewmaster body
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga456KF984231/3/93.  
K F & H Johnston, Whakatane?KF98429/4/03Movan; Reg on hold 06  
057.1981JZ9237 Fire..3/12/89Nelson
058154454/12/81KL2442 Newmans Routs Service Ltd058KL244229/12/92Nelson  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga?KL244231/3/93.  
Tasman Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch?KL244210/5/93.  
Tasman Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch?SJ25319/2/94.  
Fuller Group Ltd, Auckland32SJ253118/9/95Waiheke?  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd?SJ253110/7/97Waiheke?  
North Harbour Coaches58SJ25319/12/98Allison Craven  
Kapiti Coach Tours Ltd, Paraparaumu?SJ25317/7/06   
059.1981KJ820 Accident..10/4/87Napier; Viewmaster body  
0601544211/12/81KJ821 Newmans Routs Service Ltd060KJ82129/12/92Napier; Viewmaster body  
Tranznew Ltd, Masterton1060KJ8211/12/95Tranzit Newmans Services  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton1060KJ82125/1/06.
KHM Orchards Ltd, Paengaroa?ECU7823/9/07chg plate 5/10/07  
R M Fredrickson, Paengaroa?ECU7825/6/09reg as truck  
503.1979JJ1940 Fire..1990Napier "Pegasus" C30FAt renumbered 703 1985  

Volvo Home

Composite coaches 770-773 have NZMB C20Fv "Eurocoach" bodies and manual transmission. 774-775 have manual transmission and Emslie C21Fv bodies. 776-787 have NZMB C21Fv bodies and Allison transmission. 776-780 have "Centennial" bodies and 781-787 have "Viewmaster" bodies. 772 is a two axle coach. All the other composites have 3-axles.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
7709563B22721/8/78JA5245 Mo Reedy, Gisborne9JA524518/2/93Napier; CoF exp 05/11
77210696B27526/9/78JA6067 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Auckland772JA606717/8/79Nelson then New Plymouth
Grant Strothers, Napier.JA606728/10/92Movan  
G T & J M Eastwood, Glenbrook, Sth Auckland.DEH55914/3/06Movan; Reg on hold 06; to Drury 2008  
7739562-B22620/9/78JA5379 Adams Bus Service, Whangarei.JA537921/7/92New Plymouth (E R & Kaye Adams)  
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei.JA53796/12/96   
Barriballs, Inglewood15WB453314/1/03 Midhurst Motors 1974 Ltd
Tranzit NZ Ltd, Inglewood473UM1517/10/06  
Explorer Tours NZ Ltd, Penrose, Auckland?UM1520/2/07  
Wintersworx Ltd, Tauranga?UM152/3/09D A Winters; Reg on hold 10 
7741069424/11/78JD3158 ZigZag tours (W T Ashton), Napier.JD31584/7/91Nelson  
C E Lawson, Hastings.JD315829/10/93.  
Keiran McCarthy, Napier.JD315829/10/93.
Claude Grant, Hastings.JD315819/11/04   
7751069224/11/78JD3157 Tawhai Johnson, Clive.JD315716/10/91Nelson; Still in Newmans Blue; reg on hold 09
Information not available JD31574/1/12Reg on hold 09 04/09  
7761230314/11/79JJ1932 Salters Cartage Ltd, Auckland12JJ19322/6/93New Plymouth  
R G Jenkins, Manly, Auckland ALJ45619/2/02Movan  
R W Hopkins, Mt Maunganui DHZ31528/7/96Movan 
7771230614/11/79JJ1931 Mt Cook Group Ltd512JJ193124/3/92Nelson  
Mt Cook Group Ltd512SF779628/10/93.  
Mt Cook Group Ltd512SI132729/11/93.
Northland Coachbuilders, Ruakaka.SI13275/12/94to C45F  
Devonport Bus Co Ltd.SI13279/4/96.  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd.SI132710/7/97.  
CJM Busline, Auckland.SI132727/5/99CJ, LA and SC Ma Chee  
A G Brougham Buses Ltd, Pukekohe04SI132719/6/01.
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesS14SI13271/6/07   
7781223427/3/80JK9058 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd778NQ505610/2/88New Plymouth  
Egors Place Caravan Repair.NQ50562/6/93.  
D Tepania, Picton. T1P7/12/95Movan; Reg on hold 05  
779122272/4/80JK9360 Adventure Discovery Ltd, Queenstown.JK936020/10/92Napier; Kiwi Discovery 
B A J & L M Boulton, Outram, Otago.JK936024/10/00Movan 
W M Andrews, Dunedin.1SUPER14/8/02Movan 
G M Read, Waitara.1SUPER8/6/07Movan 
D R Watt, Tauranga.1SUPER18/6/09Movan 
780122222/5/80JK9373 Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe24JK93731/7/93Nelson; to C45F  
Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe24SL667121/3/94.  
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesS24SL667117/10/01.
7811544129/10/81KL2604 E C Reesby Ltd, Rotorua.KL26042/6/93Nelson; converted to C49F  
N & S Carter Ltd, Ranui, Auckland.KL260428/4/97   
Curtisy Tours, TaurangaR86KL260410/7/01Kenn & Tracey Curtis
John Herrick, Taumaranui.KL26042013operated by McGrath Buses  
7821544327/11/81KL2619 Newmans Routs Service Ltd782KL261929/12/92Nelson  
Tranznew Ltd, Masterton782KL26191/12/95Tranzit Group  
withdrawn from use..25/6/98.  
783156741/3/82KL2455 Newmans Routs Service Ltd783KL245529/12/92Napier  
Taranaki Coachlines Ltd, Auckland?KL245522/4/93.  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton1783KL245515/2/94.  
O P Woods & R J Collingwood, Hawera?KL245524/1/01.  
S G Bennett & J M Duthie, Stratford?KL245525/2/02Reg on hold 03; To Urenui & New Plymouth 2008  
784.1982KL5210 Taranaki Coachlines..1993Napier; No LTSA record
7851567504/82KL2458 Bayline100.1993Napier;  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga100WC917311/4/97.
7861567620/4/82KM9943 IW & EJ Hanna, Haumoana820KM994321/12/93New Plymouth  
IW & EJ Hanna, Haumoana820SL997721/3/94Operated for Mt Cook  
Tawhai Johnson, Clive.SL99776/9/02.
Waipawa Buses Ltd170SL99777/8/07 
7871567313/4/82KL5215 The Great Fun Bus Co Ltd, Christchurch.KL52151/12/93Nelson  
The Great Fun Bus Co Ltd, Christchurch.GTFUN10/1/94.  
The Great Fun Bus Co Ltd, Christchurch.UR608730/5/97.  
Great Southern Land Touring Co Ltd, Christchurch.UR60872/8/99.  
Swasbrook Tour & Event Management Ltd, Auckland3UR6087 24/9/01. 
Swasbrook Tour & Event Management Ltd, Auckland3SWAS3 23/7/02. 
Swasbrook Tour & Event Management Ltd, Auckland3BZG372 27/4/04. 
G T Beazley, Manurewa, Auckland.BZG37211/6/04Reg on hold 05  
P A Chatfield, Tuakau.ETC55220/11/08Reg on hold 05; Chg plate 25/11/08  
withdrawn from use  14/2/11   

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New Plymouth City Council B58 Bus

New Plymouth City Council had 4 Volvo B58 2 axle buses. IU5849 was the NZMB/Hess demonstrator from 31/8/78 until delivery to New Plymouth and is fitted with a Hess B46D body. The other three have Hess B45D bodies.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
4106854/2/82KI501 Gold Star Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton4JD315730/7/91.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru454JD315718/3/92.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru454WW319717/2/98Auckland
A G Tapp, Omakau WW319718/1/07Reg on hold 07  
G R Wiffen, Alexandra WW319712/2/08Reg on hold 07  
G I Winton, Timaru WW31973/8/09Movan  
Information not available WW31974/2/11Movan; Reg on hold 10  
15106864/2/82KI502 Gold Star Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton15KI50230/7/91.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru455KI50218/3/92Timaru
R A & J M Hurndell, Wanaka455KI5023/7/06Movan; CoF exp 09/11  
24864615/4/80IU5849 Gold Star Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton24IU584930/7/91Hess demonstrator from 31/8/78
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru451IU584918/3/92Oamaru
I S & K A Monks, Oamaru IU584920/1/06Movan  
S M & M Copson, Dunedin IU584928/7/08Movan  
Information not available IU58493/11/10Movan; CoF exp 12/10  
261179824/2/83KZ3127 Gold Star Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton26KZ312730/7/91.  
Simpsons Bus Services Ltd, Huntly?KZ31274/12/91.  
Hamilton City Buses35KZ31277/9/92VIN 7AT0J51EX10282958 
Blue Worth Coaches135KZ31277/9/95(Go-Bus Transport Ltd); Failed CoF 01/09
Information not available KZ312715/1/10Movan  

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Okato Bus Lines B58 Bus

Two B58 articulated buses with PMC bodies ex-STA Adelaide imported from Australia.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?157331981? Okato Bus Lines Ltd, New Plymouth7EJL12925/2/08"Hawkeye Syd" VIN 7A8J51E0908940613 AB74D  
Tranzit Group Ltd, New Plymouth564EJL1291/7/08   
1367155781981WJP455 Okato Bus Lines Ltd, New Plymouth36DHD7964/5/06"Adel" VIN 7A8J51E0906266941 AB75D  
Tranzit Group Ltd, New Plymouth550DHD7962/7/08   

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Ranui Buses B58 Bus

Two buses with Smithfield B39D bodies imported from Australia. Originally operated by MTT (Metropolitan Transport Trust) Hobart.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
31659309/75GT 8569 Ranui Buses, Tolaga Bay?TL911411/8/95(Colin Devitt); B41D; NZ reg says manufactured 1976  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd27TL91147/2/00 reg on hold 02
registration lapsed  21/6/09   
276914B871/76GT 7737 Ranui Buses Ltd, Opotiki73UY735612/3/97Reg on hold 07; B39D
Information not available UY73566/9/10Unconfirmed; VIN 7A8J51E0997941556  
Sun City Motors Ltd, Nelson UY73562/11/11Dealer  

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Ritchies Transport Holdings B58 Bus

Eight buses with Smithfield B39D bodies imported from Australia. Originally operated by MTT (Metropolitan Transport Trust) Hobart. Number 27 was first registered in NZ to Ranui Buses (see above).
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
3776284/76GT 8079 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd26WL330318/8/97B??F; 
S R Slack, Waipu WL33033/10/03Movan 
R K Osterman, Tauranga WL330316/2/05Movan 
registration lapsed  1/10/07  
367626B1001976GT 8079 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd28WR19455/12/97 B45F; Reg on hold 06
registration lapsed  29/10/09  
497514B1236/76GT 7293 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd29WU78032/2/98B??F; VIN 7A8J51E0998223852 
A N Harris, Ashburton WU78036/8/04Movan 
G J Tinning, Ashburton WU78033/4/08Movan 
A S Scally, Greymouth WU780310/3/09Movan 
G A Hill, Hamner Springs WU780312/9/09Movan; reg on hold 11 
447518B1275/76GT 7225 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd30XH604824/8/98B??F VIN 7A8J51E0998671299
W R Gill & J L Scott, Christchurch XH604828/3/09Reg on hold 09 
537631B1057/76GT 7377 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd31XH22942/2/98B??F; VIN 7A8J51E0998372004 
W A Cooper & L Sinclair, Maheno XH22946/6/03Movan 
J L Louden, Oamaru XH22946/1/05Movan 
B C Louden, Oamaru XH229414/7/05Movan 
H D Buchan & S W Rawson, Oamaru XH22948/1/08Movan; reg on hold 05/09 
Information not available XH22947/2/12Movan; reg on hold 09  
2569101975GT 7926 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd32YW937617/2/00B43F; VIN 7A8J51E0900841477 
A & S Boyes, Wanaka TWAKA24/4/03Movan; chg plate 30/6/03; reg on hold 09 
26691112/75GT 7736 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd  1995Not registered in NZ. Used for spares  
3876291976GT 6863 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd  1995Not registered in NZ. Used for spares  

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Wellington City Council Transport Department B58 BBC 4ELO 2020 trolleybuses

Wellington order 68 new trolley buses in 1979. Problems in construction meant the last did not enter service till August 1986.

These have been broken down to provide front and read axles and traction motors for the next generation trolleys. Fortunately NZ Bus have donated 233 to Omnibus Society and 268 to the Foxton Trolley Bus Museum. 227 and 258 will be used as a supply of spare parts.

The change of ownership from Wellington City Council Transport Department to Wellington City Transport Ltd on 21/8/92 is not shown.

33 buses with Hawke Hunter B40D bodies. Brown Boveri 175hp motors, thyristor chopper and Telma eddy current retarder. There were many problems requiring modifications and some years passed between initial registration of the buses and them being accepted for service.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
2011601729/1/81KA9102 scrapped  6/8/07 
202160091983KA9108 registration lapsed  11/10/97in service 1984; Scrapped 5/2/00  
203160101/12/80JY6519 Wellington City Council Transport Dept203PE8106 In service 1984  
Registration lapsed  11/10/97Scrapped 5/2/00  
2041601112/12/80JM7127 scrapped  18/6/09In service 1983
205160121983JM7125 registration lapsed  11/10/97in service 1983  
Omnibus Society, Wellington205 1999stored non-operational
    Returned to NZ Bus and scrapped 2008  
2061601319/12/80JY6549 to Designline Ashburton for rebuilding as 301  12/10/01 In service 1982  
2071601420/1/81JY5832 scrapped  11/8/09in service 1982
2081601520/1/81JY5831 scrapped  22/7/08in service 1981; CoF exp 11/07  
2091601629/1/81KA9103 reg cancelled  18/12/08in service 1982; broken up 11/08
210160183/2/81KA9109 scrapped  18/12/08In service 1983
211160193/2/81KA9110 withdrawn from use  22/7/08in service 1983; broken up Sept 2007
212160203/2/81KA9111 Wellington City Transport Ltd212EFT474/12/07in service 1982  
scrapped  18/12/08   
2131642216/3/81KA9184 scrapped  12/8/09in service 1982
2141642116/3/81KA9185 Wellington City Transport Ltd214ART54220/6/02in service 1982; broken up Aug 2007 but still registered  
scrapped  22/7/08   
215164231982KA9193 Scrapped   in service 1982  
2161642424/3/81KA9192 scrapped  18/12/08in service 1982
217164252/4/81KA7232 Wellington City Council Transport Department217NA8713/3/87in service 1982  
Scrapped  28/5/09   
218164262/4/81KA7233 scrapped  12/8/09in service 1983
219164272/4/81KA7234 scrapped  18/12/08In service 1982
220164282/4/81KA7235 scrapped  18/6/09In service 1982  
2211642913/5/81KD7490 scrapped  18/12/08In service 1981  
2221643011/5/81KD7488 scrapped  18/12/08In service 1982; CoF exp 01/08
2231701511/5/81KD7485 scrapped  12/8/09In service 1982
2241701711/5/81KD7486 scrapped  18/12/08In service 1982; CoF exp 09/07
2251701626/8/81KH4273 Scrapped  18/12/08In service 1983
2261701811/5/81KD7487 Scrapped  18/12/08In service 1983
2271600826/8/81KH4274 withdrawn from use and used for spare parts  16/3/11In service 1983
228170192/11/81KH4357 At Kilbirnie, parts used for rebuild   In service 1983  
229170202/11/81KH4358 Wellington City Transport Ltd229AKW87115/1/02In service 1982  
scrapped  12/8/09In service 1982  
230170242/11/81KH4360 registration lapsed; Scrapped  30/10/95In service 1982  
231170212/11/81KH4359 registration lapsed; scrapped  30/10/95In service 1982  
2321705410/12/81KJ8245 Scrapped  18/12/08In service 1983
2331702910/12/81KJ8244 Omnibus Society Inc, Wellington233KJ82444/12/11In service 1983; to OS Dec 09; reg on hold 10

35 buses with CWI Hunter B40D bodies. Brown Boveri 175hp motors, thyristor chopper and Telma eddy current retarder. Problems with the first batch were resolved before this batch was built and these buses entered service within a short time of delivery.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
234170527/6/84LQ2643 scrapped  18/6/09   
2351707019/2/85LW6465 scrapped  18/6/09 
2361705325/2/85MA8821 scrapped  18/12/08CoF exp 02/08
237170601/3/85MA5210 Reg cancelled  18/12/08Scrapped August 2008
238170551/3/85MA5209 scrapped  18/6/09   
2391702716/4/85MB7635 Dismantled  Nov 07Reg cancelled 22/7/08
2401706816/4/85MB7638 scrapped  25/6/07CoF exp 03/06
2411702316/4/85MB7636 scrapped  18/12/08 
2421705616/4/85MB7637 scrapped  18/12/08 
2431702625/7/85ME9235 scrapped  18/6/09 
2441705025/7/85ME9236 scrapped  18/6/09LTSA have chassis as 16500
245170595/9/85ME2504 scrapped  18/6/09 
2461706317/9/85MJ2012 scrapped  18/12/08 
2471702517/9/85MJ2016 scrapped  22/7/08 
2481707517/9/85MJ2015 scrapped  11/8/09 
2491707617/9/85MJ2014 scrapped  18/12/08 
2501707417/9/85MJ2013 scrapped  18/6/09 
2511707722/11/85MJ2168 scrapped  18/6/09 
2521707322/11/85MJ2169 scrapped  18/12/08   
2531706522/11/85MJ2171 scrapped  22/7/08 
2541707122/11/85MJ2172 scrapped  18/12/08 
2551707218/4/86MO1322     Broken up Aug 2007; Reg cancelled 22/7/08
256170668/4/86MO1321 scrapped  18/6/09 
2571702229/4/86MO1391 scrapped  10/07CoF exp 09/06; reg cancelled 22/7/08
2581706429/4/86MO1390 Wellington City Transport Ltd258SC291128/7/93 
Tramway Historical Society Inc258SC291129/7/11reg on hold 10 
259170672/5/86MO1397 scrapped  18/6/09 
260170804/7/86MS1707 scrapped  18/6/09 
261170694/7/86MS1706 scrapped  11/8/09 
262170614/7/86MS1705     CoF exp 12/06; Broken up July 2007; reg cancelled 22/7/08  
263170624/7/86MS1704 Wellington City Transport Ltd263XG230020/8/98Reg on hold 04  
Parts used for rebuilds  13/10/07   
264170514/7/86MS1703 scrapped 25/6/07  used as test bed for electrics for 300 series; seats removed; CoF exp 08/05  
2651705820/8/86MS1814 scrapped  18/6/09   
2661707820/8/86MS1813 scrapped  18/6/09 
2671702820/8/86MS1812 at Kilbirnie; reg lapsed  26/4/02 parts taken for rebuild Oct 01  
2681707920/8/86MS1815     At Foxton Trolley Bus Museum; reg on hold 10

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