Volvo B10M Buses and Coaches

In 1981 the Volvo B10M mid-engined chassis replaced the 15 year old B58 undefloor bus chassis. While the B58 came to New Zealand only towards the end of its life the B10M was ordered by NZRRS for coaches and Auckland Regional Council for trolley buses almost immediately after being launched. Almost all Volvo B10M coaches in New Zealand have tag axles. Unless noted below the coach will have a tag axle.

The buses on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 13 February 2012.

Original operators are:
Auckland Regional Authority Bayes Coachlines Blenheim Transport Ltd
Geoff Brown Charters Clarks Coachlines De Luxe Travel
Fiordland Travel Ltd Fourways Coachlines Ltd Go-Bus Transport Ltd
Greenline Motors Hawarden Garage & Transport Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd
Jamiseon Motors Leopard Coachlines Ltd McDermotts Coaches
Mana Coach Service Mt Cook Group Ltd Murphy Buses Ltd
Nelson SBL Newmans Coachlines Tourliner Mk I Newmans Coachlines Tourliner Mk II
Newmans Coachlines CWI Conquest Newton Coachways NZRRS Tourliner Mk I
NZRRS Tourliner Mk II Ngaporo Waimarino Trust Nimon & Sons Ltd
Northliner Coach Service Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd Royal Express Tours
Shaws Transport Tranzit Group Wellington City Transport
White Bus Service
Volvo B10B
The Party Bus Co

Auckland Regional Authority Volvo B10M CityLine 1299 or 1300

Two Volvo B10M 2-axle buses with VoV B45D bodies built by Coachwork International were ordered by Auckland Regional Authority in 1985. Licence fees associated with fitting the VoV bodiy to a non-German chassis lead to the volume order for 88 buses going to MAN. These are the only Volvo buses to receive the VoV body. Like other ARA buses purchased in the 1980s legal owner was Auckland Regional Council.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
129982669/7/85MF7517 Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd1299MF751712/6/91 
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt1299MF751723/2/04 
Wellington City Transport Ltd1299MF751716/4/07   
T Kuriger MF751711/5/10CoF exp 05/10  
130084949/7/85MF7516 Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd1300MF751612/6/91 
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt1300MF751623/2/04 
Wellington City Transport Ltd1300MF751611/4/07 
Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate School, Mangere1300MF751631/3/10  

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Bayes Coachlines Ltd

Albany. Used imports.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
.YV3 B10M55000 088151985  Bayes Coachlines Ltd78XZ1348.ex-Japan artic; CoF exp 11/09
.YV3 B10M55 000088931984  Bayes Coachlines Ltd81BEY92320/12/06 ex-Japan artic B80D  
.YV3 1M2B15TA 0449741996  Bayes Coachlines Ltd98DRF92020/12/06 ex-Singapore 19m artic B68D; CoF exp 12/09

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Blenheim Transport Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
17879215/3/85MC2097 Blenheim Transport Ltd17RQ101726/11/92CWI Tourliner 2 C45F  
Northliner Express, Kerikeri.RQ10172/6/93J J Klinac Ltd  
North Harbour Coaches, Auckland64RQ101719/3/01 Allison & John Craven; CoF exp 07/05 
Invercargill Pasenger Transport59RQ101726/6/06 reg on hold 09 

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Geoff Brown Charters

Charter operation of Geoff Brown Truck Sales Ltd, Manurewa. Imported B10M QC3 Volgren C49F body
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
.24221982. Geoff Brown Charters.SW75452/11/94   
Invercagill Passenger Transport Ltd19SW75454/8/97Reg on hold 09

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Clarks Coachlines

Parry & Maama Clark and from 1996 Clarks Pacific Ltd, Kawakawa trading as Clarks Coachlines
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
??1009223/8/85MG6543 Northliner Coach Service ltd, Kawakawa?MG654330/10/89 original owner Clarks Coachline, Maromaku 
Perry & Maama Clark, Kawakawa?MG65432/3/92Tourliner 3  
Clarks Pacific Ltd, Kawakawa?MG654315/4/96   
Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd92AAD5114/10/01Change plate 24/9/01
ABC Tours Ltd, Midhirst, Taranaki5AAD51119/2/08 
IABCI30/7/08Stray in 2011
18YV3 1MGD12HY 01450321/3/89OD9069 Northliner Express( JJ Klinac Ltd) Kerikeri4PN714917/12/90 Chg plate 20/12/90 
Northliner Express (JJ Klinac Ltd), Kerikeri104WHOSJJ10/8/92   
Northland Coachlines, Kerikeri104RZ777427/5/93JJ Klinac Ltd  
Clarks Pacific Coachlines, Kawakawa45RZ777411/3/94   
Clarks Pacific Ltd, Kawakawa45RZ777415/4/96   
Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd70RZ77742/9/96   
Nelson SBL Travel Ltd70RZ777414/5/99 
SBL Group Ltd, Nelson70RZ777418/6/09   
64YV31M 2B141A0 5379222/9/03BNQ267     Coachwork Central C46FA
65YV31M 2B181A0 5379425/11/04CJS541     2003 Coachwork Central C46FA

Three B10Ms ex-Australia with Custom Coach B53F bodies. Autralian owners were Westbus and then Brisbane Bus Lines. The registations on the buses were Westbus m/o 7076/BBL80 Westbus m/o 7068/BBL87 Westbus m/o 7134/BBL89. I have not been able to match up Austrlian registrations with NZ registrations.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?28521982? Clarks Pacific Ltd80APN64916/4/02Kawakawa  
?19561982? Clarks Pacific Ltd81AQN2419/5/02Kawakawa  
?19581982? Clarks Pacific Ltd82APY69024/4/02Kawakawa; CoF exp 10/11  

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DeLuxe Motor Services

Blenheim. Acquired by Ritchies 2004. NZMB Tourliner II
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1676861/8/84LS2810 DeLuxe Motor Services, Blenheim16RQ101626/11/92 C45F;
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd016RQ101616/12/03Blenheim  
Clarks Pacific Ltd, Kawakawa16RQ101621/12/06CoF exp 08/09  
18YV31 MED14FY 01034718/11/85MG6554 De Luxe Travel Service, Blenheim018RQ101819/11/92 C45F 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd018RQ101816/12/03Blenheim
Information not available RQ101829/4/11Reg on hold 11  
24YV3 1MGD17HY 01488423/8/88NX9886 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd024NX988616/12/03CWI Conquest C45F

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Fiordland Travel Ltd

Fiordland Travel Ltd now operate as Real Journeys
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1768726/7/84LP2523 Magic Transport 1988 Ltd, Queenstown.LP25233/11/88 C45F Tourliner II 
Excel Services Ltd, Papakura.LP25237/7/90. 
North Harbour Coaches, Glenfield, Auckland79LP25235/1/04 Allison Craven 
Cunningham Passenger Services Ltd, Westport32CPS3226/6/06 chg plate 31/7/06 
2879119/8/85MG6542 Jenkins Motors, Gore9XQ82542/3/99 (R W Hall & R L Johnstone) Tourliner 3
R J Partnership, Gore.XQ82544/6/03 (R L & J P Johnstone) 
3YV3 1MGD11GY 01272516/9/87NK5334 Clarks Pacific Ltd, Kawakawa.NK53348/7/98CWI Conquest
Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd76NK533420/2/01 
Information not available NK53346/7/11Movan  
4145059/11/87NI5007 Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd69NI500719/3/08Designline Nova C47DA
5YV3 1MKC15JD 01850124/10/89OQ1684 Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd64OQ168419/3/08Designline Nova C50DA; CoF exp 12/09
6YV3 1MKC10MA 02772625/11/91RB2611 Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd27RB26116/5/08Designline Mirage
7YV3 1M2D16PA 03195914/4/94SI4828 ....Designline Mirage C47DA 
8YV3 1M3D11SA 04302919/10/95TR1647 Bethlehem Coachlines(Ken Frew Holdings Ltd)27TR16475/8/10Designline Mirage C47DA

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Fourways Coachlines Ltd

Avondale Auckland. NZMB Tourliner II
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
35YV31 MED16FY0 1034813/8/86MT5281 Newmans Coachlines Ltd005MT528111/9/87tag axle  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd005PN856027/11/90.  
Newmans Routs Service Ltd005PN856029/12/92.  
Tranznew Ltd (Tranzit Group), Masterton1005PN85601/12/95.
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton1005PN856025/1/06   

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Go-Bus Transport Ltd

Frankton, Hamilton. Australian import with PMC Apollo C51F
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
SuttonsYV3 1MKC13JD 0185001990. Brims, Murwillumbah, NSW....  
Sunstate Coaches, Qld.... 
Go-Bus Transport Ltd215ADT83514/8/01CoF exp 09/09  

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Greenline Motors 1992 Ltd

Morrinsville. Body ex Christchurch Transport Board Bristol.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
33YV3 B10M6000 0056416/12/01AJZ798      

Volvo Home

Hawarden Garage & Transport Ltd

Hawarden and Kaiapoi, Canterbury.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
36YV3 1MGC19Y 01272316/12/86ND8805 Classic Coaches Ltd, Wainuiomata ND88053/11/08NZMB Tourliner II

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Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd

Stratford. Volvo B10C originally Bus Australia, Adelaide 402. C42Ft
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
402YV31 CKC15JD 01806410/89UYX.562 Bus Australia, West Australia402TC.2402early 90slater TC.2602  
Challenge Coaches, Moorebank NSW?TV.523Late 90s   
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford9 BCB40615/1/03   
Tranzit Group Ltd409CLC2097/2/05   

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Leopard Coachlines Ltd

Leopard Coachlines of Christchurch have Volvo B10Ms on chassis imported from Holland. The chassis were originally supplied to BBA in Southern Holland recently taken over by Veolia. The original bodies were Hainje B41D. The buses were scrapped by Joure in Holland the chassis components shipped to T&I Engines, Stillwater, NSW. After reconditioning the chassis were shipped to New Zealand
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
902B10M-55-0026127/10/7977-VB-54 Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch48AYU63525/10/02Kiwi C47F 3 axle
903B10M-55-0026027/10/7931-ZB-58 Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch14YN615126/7/02B41D refit by CWI  
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua149YN615126/7/02CoF exp 07/08  
912B10M-55-0025927/10/7992-VB-39 Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch13YN613625/10/02B41D refit by CWI  
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua148YN61368/7/02.  

Two B10M imported used from Singapore Bus Services.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?YV3 1MEC13FA 0104411985? B I Early (Leopard Coachlines), Christchurch15ZH654814/7/00 Van Hool B51+34D Body # 11583  
Torlesse Travel Ltd, Darfield1ZH65489/4/01 Also did service with Leopard while reg to Torlesse  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North6ZH65487/3/05.
?YV3 1MGC16JA 0181821989SBS 1836A Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch31DNP19724/10/06 Alexander B49+26D 

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McDermotts Coaches, Winton

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
28YV3 1MED16FY 0103483/10/86MW9843 McDermotts Coaches Ltd28AGE18917/12/01NZMB Tourliner
2901035213/10/87ND8807 ....NZMB Tourliner C45F
32YV3 1MGD18HY 01450626/8/87NK5330 Perry Clark, Kawakawa.NK533011/2/96CWI Conquest C49FA
Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd78NK533024/5/99   
Pacific Tourways Ltd, Christchurch?NK53307/10/99   
Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd78NK533018/4/00   
3301450726/8/87NK5329 Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd77NK532927/3/97CWI Conquest C49FA
Nelson SBL Travel Ltd77NK532921/5/97  
Golden Bay Coachlines Ltd, Takaka?NK532912/1/10   

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Mana Coach Service

2-axle Volvo B10M buses rebuilt by Kiwi. Chassis were sourced from overseas. The bodies are adapted NZMB/Hess bodies from CTB Bristols or DCT Leylands.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
681078712/6/01ACN141 Howick & Eastern Buses62ACN14102/09B47D
69YV3 B10M6000 0032725/7/01ADG434 ....B47D
70YV3 B10M6000 00301914/11/01AHW833 ....DP47F
71YV3 B10M6000 0023944/4/02APH981 ....DP47F
7200638629/5/02ARG281 ....B47D
73YV3 B10M6000 00301310/10/02AYK585 ....B47D
7400648916/10/03BPN175 ....B47D
7500635916/12/03BSH155 ....B47DA
7600649015/12/03BSH151 ....B47DA

2-axle Volvo B10M bus with NZMB/Hess body from CTB Bristol or DCT Leyland. This chassis is a used import from Japan.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
.YV31MKE10GA0128861987. Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua114ZK616122/9/00.  

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Mount Cook Group

Mt Cook had a small fleet of Volvo B10M coaches with NZMB Tourliner 3 bodies.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
9576857/8/84LQ8992 Mt Cook Group Ltd95TE207620/3/95C45F  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland95?TE207614/5/98.  
Central Motorways Ltd, Alexandra32TE207611/10/01.
9682681/11/84LW2200 Mt Cook Group Ltd96TE207820/3/95C45F
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland96?TE207814/5/98.  
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd87TE207814/9/01reg on hold 10
97826714/12/84 LW2231 Mt Cook Group Ltd97TE208020/3/95C45F  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland97?TE208014/5/98.  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North620TE208029/3/04Uzabus
98879414/12/84LW2230 Mt Cook Group Ltd98TE2079?C45F  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland98?TE207914/5/98.  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North619TE207929/3/04Uzabus
99879514/12/84LW2232 Mt Cook Group Ltd99SI164819/1/84C45F  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland99?SI164814/5/98.  
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd85SI164814/9/01.

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B10R Australian Imports. All are 2 axle.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
.?1982. Murphy Buses LtdS49ANW6058/8/02 ex-Brisbane Buslines BBL84. Westbus, Sydney m/o 7034 Custom Coaches B53F
.34561984. Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesM67ASE87526/6/02 ex-Busways Sydney. Custom Coaches B53F  
Shaws Transport Ltd, TakaniniM67ASE87512/9/03   
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesM67ASE87514/10/03   
.33461984. Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesM68ATC1316/7/02 ex-Busways Sydney. Custom Coaches B53F  
Shaws Transport Ltd, TakaniniM68ATC13112/9/03   
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesM68ATC13114/10/03   
.32671984m/o 7336 Murphy Buses LtdM69ATF21723/7/02 ex-Busways Sydney. Custom Coaches B53F. CoF exp 02/08  
.33471984. Murphy Buses LtdM70ATY1588/8/02 ex-Busways Sydney. Custom Coaches B53F
.34581984. Murphy Buses LtdM71AWE89316/9/02 ex-Busways Sydney. Custom Coaches B53F
.34591984. Murphy Buses LtdM72AUQ28727/8/02 ex-Busways Sydney. Custom Coaches B53F

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Nelson Suburban Buses Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
171488223/8/88NX9885 ABC Tours Ltd, Midhirst?NX988518/7/11CWI Conquest
97YV3 1MA6172A 0540678/9/04CFM711     Coachwork Central C54FA

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Newmans B10M Tourliner Coaches

Newmans had a large fleet of Volvo B10Ms with Tourliner C45FA bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
061350626/10/82KU1934 Newmans Routs Service Ltd061KU193420/12/92Nelson  
Taranaki Coachlines Ltd061KU193422/4/93.  
Devonport Bus Co Ltd061?KU193430/8/94.  
Devonport Bus Co Ltd061?TO846628/8/95.  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd061?TO846610/7/97Stagecoach  
Hanhams Buses Ltd41TO846626/11/98.
North Harbour Coaches61TO84664/2/00Allison Craven
Derrek Gane, Te Awamutu?TO846627/6/06Reg on hold 06  
062350829/10/82KU1935 Newmans Routs Service Ltd062KU193529/12/92Nelson  
Taranaki Coachlines Ltd062KU193522/4/93.  
TranzRich Ltd, Masterton1062KU193512/5/97.  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton1062KU193510/6/98.  
Alpine Scenic Tours, Taupo?KU19357/4/03Pejay Marna Ltd
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo201KU193531/8/07.  
063350712/11/82KU1944 Newmans Routs Services Ltd63KU194429/12/92Nelson  
Tranznew Ltd1063KU19441/12/95Tranzit, Wanganui  
Tranzit Group Ltd1063KU194425/1/06Wanganui  
S P Smith, Shannon KU194427/12/09Movan?  
064351012/11/82KU1942 Newmans Routs Services Ltd64KU194229/12/92Nelson  
Tranznew Ltd1064KU19421/12/95Tranzit, Wanganui  
Tranzit Group Ltd1064KU194225/1/06Wanganui
Information not available ESH5011/8/10Movan  
065350912/11/82KU1943 Newmans Rout Service Ltd065KU194329/12/92Nelson  
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga165KU194331/3/93.  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga65KU194326/9/97.  
Nirvana Coaches, Whakatane65KU194327/2/04 Reporoa Valley Transport Ltd 
Nirvana Coaches, Whakatane165KU194311/5/06 Kevin Smith, Reporoa
M Connor Haulage Ltd, Lower Hutt?KU194325/8/11 Reg as truck 
066415822/11/82KU2063 Newmans Routs Services Ltd066KU206329/12/92Nelson  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd393KU206327/5/93.  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton?KU20638/5/01.  
Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd?KU206322/6/01.  
Alpine Scenic Tours, Taupo KU206310/11/04Pejay Marna Ltd
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo202KU206331/8/07.  
067415922/11/82KU2064 Newmans Routs Service Ltd, Parnell067KU206429/12/92C45FA  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga167KU206431/3/93.  
Countrywide Tours NZ Ltd, Mt Roskill, Auckland?KU206423/2/96.  
Countrywide Tours NZ Ltd, Mt Roskill, Auckland?WM19195/9/97.  
Weir Bros, Hawera9WM191920/8/98C52F
068416026/11/82KU1947 Paterson Motors, QueenstownR68KU194729/9/92 Nelson 
Overland Tours NZ Ltd, Christchurch.RW918811/6/02   
Tracknet, Te Anau.RW918824/10/03 Te Anau Holiday Park Ltd 
Tracknet Te Anau Ltd.KAIPO1/3/05   
069416126/11/82KU1949 Paterson Motors, QueenstownR69?KU194929/9/92 Nelson
RW918711/5/93Evan Paterson 
Mosgiel Coach Services.RW91875/4/02Robert Mitchell
070416226/11/82KU1950 Newmans Rout Service Ltd070KU195029/12/92Nelson  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga170KU195031/3/93.  
Kapiti Coach Tours, Paraparaumu?CPT1734/4/05(Harbour City Limousines Ltd)
Kapiti Coach Tours Ltd, Paraparaumu?CPT17315/11/05Change of comapny name  

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Newmans B10M Tourliner II Coaches

Newmans had a large fleet of Volvo B10Ms with Tourliner II C45FA bodies. Some were later changed to C49FA.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
07144834/10/83LE9761 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd071PN856127/11/90Nelson  
Newton Coachways15PN856119/1/93.  
Newton Citibus515PN85616/10/93Citibus Ltd
Ivercargill Passenger Transport Ltd, Dunedin515?PN85617/6/11Sale of Citibus to IPT  
072448419/9/83LE6576 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd072PN856227/11/90Nelson  
Newmans Routs Service Ltd072PN856229/12/92.  
Taranaki Coachlines Ltd072PN856222/4/93Intercity  
registration cancelled .8/8/96Destroyed in a fire
07344823/10/83LE6580 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd073PN856327/11/90Nelson  
Newmans Routs Service Ltd073PN856329/12/92.  
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga?PN856331/3/93.  
Pacific Tourways Ltd, Christchurch?PN85638/4/94.  
Pearsons Coachlines Ltd, Oamaru2PN85638/4/94.
Karapiro Tours & Charters?PN85632/5/07David Roigard  
07444856/10/83LE9762 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd074PN856427/11/90Nelson  
Weir Bros, Hawera?PN856419/1/93.  
075826915/11/84LW2213 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell075PN856527/11/90.  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland75PN85655/1/93Kiwi Experience
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt59PN856520/8/07North City Bus Ltd. In service Oct 07
NZ Coach Service, Lower Hutt?GCC5727/3/11Boss Transport Ltd; chg plate 11/11/11
076827030/11/84LW2218 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell076PN856627/11/90.  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland76PN85665/1/93Kiwi Experience  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, blue  
North Star, Auckland60PN856620/8/07Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd  
Northbus, Whangarei60PN856624/3/11North City Bus Ltd; moved to Whangarei in 2010  
077827117/12/84LW2227 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell077PN856727/11/90.
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland77PN85675/1/93Kiwi Experience
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland77PN85675/1/93Kiwi Experience
Bottom Bus Ltd, Dunedin?PN85675/5/08Deep South Adventures  
0780100932/10/85MG6537 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell078PN856827/11/90.
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland78PN85685/1/93Kiwi Experience
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton500PN856828/1/08 
0790100942/10/85MG6538 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell079PN856927/11/90.  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland79PN85695/1/93 Kiwi Experience; CoF exp 07/06
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton?PN856928/1/08   
withdrawn from use  20/9/11   
0800100952/10/85MG6539 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell080PN857027/11/90.
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland80PN85705/1/93 Kiwi Experience CoF exp 05/05
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton?PN857028/1/08reg on hold 11  
0810100962/10/85MG6540 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell081PN857127/11/90.  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland81PN85715/1/93   
withdrawn from use  19/3/04   
08201034318/10/85MI7431 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell082PN857227/11/90.  
Southern Pacific Holiday & Leisure Ltd, Auckland82PN857215/7/91.  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland82PN85725/1/93Kiwi Experience  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton?PN857228/1/08   
083YV31 MED19FY 01034418/10/85MI7430 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland083NQ9737/7/89   
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland83NQ9735/1/93 Kiwi Experience; Conquest Front
Johnston Coachlines Ltd, Auckland83NQ97311/8/08 Kiwi Experience 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd?NQ97312/2/09   
Information not available NQ97318/11/11   
13038188/9/83LE6569 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell130PN857327/11/90.  
Coachlines Southland Ltd15PN857318/12/91   
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd15PN85738/3/07   
131368188/9/83LE6571 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell131PN857427/11/90New Plymouth; LTSA has chassis 4485  
Weir Bros, Hawera231PN857420/8/98.  
13248378/9/83LE6572 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd132PN857527/11/90New Plymouth  
Perry Clark, Kawakawa20PN857512/3/92.  
Bruce Thornley, Woodend, Christchurch836PN857514/5/93 Mt Cook Coach Lines
Peter Maguire, Waddington, Sheffield?PN857510/10/97 to SCL41 4/8/00  
Kiwi Discovery, Queenstown?ZL581125/9/00Adventure Discovery Ltd  
13348818/9/83LE6570 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd133PN857627/11/90New Plymouth  
D.H.R. Travel, Tauranga6PN857611/12/91 Eric Diggelmann & Sons Ltd  
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga?PN857621/9/94Innoculations Ltd  
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga?PN857628/2/02 Ken Frew Holdings Ltd  
1341034519/9/85MG6530 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd134PN857727/11/90.
Southern Pacific Holiday & Leisure Ltd, Auckland134PN857715/7/91.  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland134PN85775/1/93Kiwi Experience  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton504PN857728/1/08   
135YV31 MED12FY 01034619/9/85MG6531 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd135PN857827/11/90.  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland135PN85785/1/93Kiwi Experience  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton?PN857828/1/08   
136YV3 1MGD16GY 01226621/8/86MT5282 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd136PS653120/8/91.  
Newmans Routs Services Ltd, Auckland136PS653119/12/92.
Tranznew Ltd, Masterton1136PS65311/12/95Tranzit Group  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton1136PS653125/1/06   
13701226721/8/86MT5283 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd137PS654624/10/91.  
Newmans Routs Services Ltd, Auckland137PS654619/12/92.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru396PS654627/5/93 
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Auckland?PS654614/7/08Reg on hold 10  
13801226821/8/86MT5284 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd138PN857927/11/90.  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland138PN85795/1/93 Kiwi Experience  
Johnston Coachlines Ltd, Auckland138PN857911/8/08 Kiwi Experience 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd233PN857912/2/09 
139YV31 MGD11GY 01226921/8/86MT5285 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd139PN858027/11/90.  
Johnston Coachlines Ltd, Auckland139PN858020/10/92.  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland139PN85805/1/93.  
Johnston Coachlines Ltd, Auckland139PN858011/8/08 Kiwi Experience 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd?PN858015/4/09   
GT Engineeering Ltd, Hawera?PN85803/8/11Reg on hold 11 
140YV31 MGD18GY 01227021/8/86MT5286 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd140PN858127/11/90.  
Johnston Coachlines Ltd, Auckland140PN858120/10/92.  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland140PN85815/1/93Kiwi Experience
Johnston Coachlines Ltd, Auckland140PN858111/8/08 Kiwi Experience. At Ritchies Blenheim for school bus services Nov 2008 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Blenheim?EUY48926/2/09 change plate 12/2/09 
Information not available O2BNZ114/3/11 Movan; chg plate 24/6/11 
1410127224/9/86MT5289 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell141PN858227/11/90.  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland141PN85825/1/93 Kiwi Experience; CoF exp 8/5/06  
Otene Buses Ltd, Mangamuka Bridge?PN858214/1/08   
Information not available PN858216/12/11 Movan; chg plate 24/6/11 
1420127214/9/86MW9840 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell142PN858327/11/90.  
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland142PN85835/1/93Kiwi Experience  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton?PN858328/1/08CoF exp 05/09  

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Newmans Coachlines B10M CWI Conquest Coaches C46FAT tag axle

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
006YV3 1MGD11HY 0148811/12/87NM8123 Tourism Holdings Ltd006NM81235/1/93.
Tourism Holdings Ltd006UN566117/9/96.  
Johnston Coachlines Ltd, Auckland006UN566111/8/08 Kiwi Experience 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd?UN566117/2/09   
information not available?UN566124/6/13   
007?12724?1989NM8124 ....No LTSA record; Newton 11 is chassis 12724 

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Newton Coachways, Dunedin B10M CWI Conquest C49FA Coaches

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
10YV3 1MGD15HY 01488325/1/89NZ8019 Citibus Newton510NZ80196/10/93Citibus Ltd
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd510?NZ80197/6/11 Takeover of Citibus 
1101272425/1/89NZ8018 Citibus Newton511NZ80186/10/93Citibus Ltd
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd511?NZ80187/6/11 Takeover of Citibus 

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NZ Railway Road Services B10M Tourliner I Coaches

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
624352781/6/83KP7984 New Zealand Railways Road Services10011OO1IC21/10/89C45FA  
Whangarei Bus Services Ltd1001?1OO1IC15/7/91.  
Clarks Pacific Ltd, Kawakawa111OO1IC14/10/93to UO4557  
Far Services Ltd, Birkenhead?UO455714/10/93.  
Bristol Motors, Greenhithe, Auckland?UO455721/2/03.  
North Harbour Coaches, Northcote, Auckland75UO455731/10/03 Allison & John Craven
J M C Tours, Northcote, Auckland?UO455730/10/07.  
Kapiti Coach Tours Ltd, Paraparaumu?UO455714/4/09.  
624452798/6/83LF3058 New Zealand Railways Road Services10021OO2IC16/10/89C45FA
Whangarei Bus Services Ltd10021OO2IC15/7/91.  
Northliner Express, Kerikeri10021OO2IC3/6/93J J Klinac Ltd  
Leabourn Passenger Service Ltd, Kaiwaka331OO2IC25/6/93.  
Leabourn Passenger Service Ltd, Kaiwaka33LPS03311/8/93.  
Information not available FJH18622/5/11 Reg on hold 10 
624552808/6/83LF3059 New Zealand Railways Road Services10031OO3IC16/10/89C45FA  
Whangarei Bus Services Ltd10031OO3IC15/7/91.  
Northliner Express, Kerikeri10031OO3IC3/6/93J J Klinac Ltd  
Leabourn Passenger Service Ltd, Kaiwaka??1OO3IC25/6/93.  
Clarks Northerner Coach Service Ltd, Kawakawa101OO3IC27/7/93.  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North67SP64367/6/94.
B A Finch & S McKay, Napier SP643617/8/09Reg on hold 09  
624652818/6/83LF3180 New Zealand Railways Road Services10041OO4IC16/10/89C45FA  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd5041OO4IC15/7/91.  
Ritchies5041OO4IC25/7/91Owned by Nina Ceasar Ltd
Bickley Motors Ltd, Takaka?B1OM4/4/03.  
Golden Bay Coachlines Ltd, Takaka?B1OM30/3/11Change of company name 
624752821/7/83LF3484 New Zealand Railways Road Services10051OO5IC16/10/89C45FA  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga721OO5IC15/7/91.  
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga 721OO5IC22/7/91.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd5511OO5IC16/8/96.  
Strathmore Coachlines, Christchurch?1OO5IC16/12/09Advance Passenger Transport Service Ltd  
624852831/7/83LF3483 New Zealand Railways Road Services10061OO6IC16/10/89C45FA  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga731OO6IC15/7/91.  
Waipawa Buses Ltd 601OO6IC2/4/93.
Waipawa Buses Ltd 60WBL6017/10/96.
6249528411/7/83LF3540 New Zealand Railways Road Services10071OO7IC16/10/89 C45FA (to C41FA?)  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd5071OO7IC15/7/91.  
NZ Busrental, Woodville 1OO7IC22/6/05 Veronica Chalk & Ken Carrington
Ash's Coachline, Wanganui DCP81028/3/06 A T & N A Mayor Co Ltd  
Coia Family Trust, Picton DCP81027/5/08 Unconfirmed  
Ash's Coachline, Wanganui DCP81020/6/08 A T & N A Mayor Co Ltd  
Strathmore Coachlines, Christchurch?DCP81024/11/09 Advance Passenger Transport Service Ltd  
Strathmore Coachlines, Christchurch?FGD1386/4/10 Advance Passenger Transport Service Ltd; VIN 7AT0J50TX10111799  
6250528511/7/83LH161 New Zealand Railways Road Services10081OO8IC16/10/89C41FA
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd5081OO8IC15/7/91owned by Nina Ceasar Ltd
B M Abernethy, Kaikoura 1OO8IC5/6/08Movan ?  
6251528611/7/83LH162 New Zealand Railways Road Services10091OO9IC16/10/89C41FA
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd5091OO9IC15/7/91Burnt out 1991
6252528711/7/83LH163 New Zealand Railways Road Services10101O1OIC16/10/89C41FA
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd5101O1OIC15/7/91 Burnt out near Roxburgh 19 Jan 1993.
6253556219/7/83LH303 New Zealand Railways Road Services10111O11IC16/10/89C41FA  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd5111O11IC15/7/91.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd511UR36914/11/96.  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton1023UR36917/5/01Magic bus
P J Bengston, Eketahuna UR36912/10/08Reg as truck  
6254556319/7/83LH297 New Zealand Railways Road Services10121O12IC16/10/89C41FA  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd5121O12IC15/7/91.  
New Zealand Coach Service, Upper Hutt?1O12IC19/1/09Boss Transport Ltd  
6255556419/7/83LH298 New Zealand Railways Road Services10131O13IC16/10/89C41FA  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd5131O13IC15/7/91.  
Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd911O13IC18/4/01Conquest front
Daneline Ltd, Dannevirke?1O13IC12/2/05 
625655651/10/83LH510 Leabourn Passenger Service Ltd, Wellsford30LH510 12/11/91.
Information not available FHQ1227/4/10   
625755661/10/83LH511 Perry Clark, Kawakawa30LH51112/11/91.  
Clark Pacific Ltd, Kawakawa30LH51129/3/96Kaikohe Bus Co
6467563926/9/83LH1338 New Zealand Railways Road Services10141O14IC16/10/89C41FA  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd5141O14IC15/7/91.  
De Luxe Group Ltd, Blenheim?1O14IC15/7/91.  
Bethlehem Coaches, Tauranga?1O14IC28/7/05Ken Frew Holdings Ltd  
Hindmarsh Bus Co Ltd, Patutahi, Gisborne?1O14IC1/7/11   
646839736/12/83LM7891 New Zealand Railways Road Services10151O15IC16/10/89C41FA  
Tranzit Group Ltd10151O15IC15/7/91Magic bus then white/red/blue  
646939746/12/83LM7890 New Zealand Railways Road Services10161O16IC16/10/89C41FA  
Whangarei Bus Services Ltd10161O16IC15/7/91 To RN3681 21/7/92 IC plate to Hino 5455  
McDermotts Coaches Ltd, Winton36RN368124/7/92.
Weir Bros, Hawera230RN368115/5/95.  
Take it Easy Tours, Wanganui.RN368118/2/05D C Adams

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NZRRS B10M Tourliner II Coaches

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
647076732/7/84LQ5416 New Zealand Railways Road Services10171O17IC16/10/89C41FA  
Whangarei Bus Services Ltd10171O17IC15/7/91.  
Northliner Express, Kerikeri10171O17IC3/6/93J J Klinac Ltd  
Evan Paterson, InvercargillP101O17IC25/6/93.  
Evan Paterson, InvercargillP10SC929/7/93.
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford14SC9217/5/95.  
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford14UI1418/6/96.  
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford14JAMO141/5/97.  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton414CLZ81417/2/05Chg plate 26/1/05
647176746/7/84LS4328 New Zealand Railways Road Services10181O18IC16/10/89C41FA
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga711O18IC15/7/91.  
Pacific Tourways Ltd, Christchurch86RZ55262/7/93.  
Brun's Charter Services Ltd, Waipukurau12RZ55265/6/97.  
647276756/7/84LS4329 New Zealand Railways Road Services10191O19IC16/10/89.
Whangarei Bus Services Ltd10191O19IC15/7/91.  
Northliner Express, Kerikeri10191O19IC3/6/93J J Klinac Ltd  
Adams Bus Service , Whangarei22SB27623/6/93.  
Adams Travelines Ltd , Whangarei22SB27626/12/96.  
Adams Travelines, Whangarei422SB276214/1/08North City Bus Ltd
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn?SB276223/4/11   
647376766/7/84LS4330 New Zealand Railways Road Services10201O2OIC16/10/89.  
Tranzit Group Ltd10201O2OIC15/7/91Magic bus  
647476776/7/84LS4331 New Zealand Railways Road Services10211O21IC27/10/89.  
Tranzit Group Ltd10211O21IC15/7/91 
6475767814/8/84LW9631 New Zealand Railways Road Services10221O22IC16/10/89.  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga751O22IC15/7/91.  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton10221O22IC23/7/96 
6476767914/8/84LW9632 New Zealand Railways Road Services10231O23IC15/11/89.  
Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Onehunga151O23IC15/7/91.
M & P Clark, Kawakawa.1O23IC3/12/93.  
Clarks Pacific Ltd, Kawakawa.1O23IC28/3/96.  
Turangi Coachlines261023IC15/12/99.  
Turangi Coachlines26ZD198018/7/00Turangi Rentals Ltd
6477768014/8/84LW9633 New Zealand Railways Road Services10241O24IC27/10/89.  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga771O24IC15/7/91.  
Menzies Coachlines, Wyndham.1O24IC23/12/91Burns Motor Garage Ltd  
Menzies Coachlines, Wyndham.RH674025/2/92Burns Motor Garage Ltd
Katikati Bus Co Ltd10RH674030/1/96.
Torlesse Travel Ltd, Darfield?RH674021/1/09.  
6478768114/8/84LW9634 New Zealand Railways Road Services10251O25IC23/11/89.
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton10251O25IC15/7/91Written off 22/10/02  
6479768214/8/84LW9635 New Zealand Railways Road Services10261O26IC7/11/89.  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga741O26IC15/7/91.  
Ritchies Transport Holding Ltd5261O26IC16/8/96.  
De Luxe Group Ltd, Blenheim?1O26IC2/2/04.  
White Star Passenger & Freight Services Ltd, New Plymouth?CRU182 8/6/05chg plate 9/6/05  
White Star Express, New Plymouth?CRU18216/1/08D A & R E McIvar 
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Takapau, Takapau CRU18215/3/11  
648076836/9/84LW6686 New Zealand Railways Road Services10271O27IC16/10/89.  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton10271O27IC15/7/91.
648176846/9/84LW6687 New Zealand Railways Road Services10281O28IC16/10/89.  
Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Onehunga281O28IC15/7/91.  
Perry Clark, Kawakawa?1O28IC3/12/93.
Clark Pacific Ltd, Kawakawa?1O28IC29/3/96.  
Leabourn Passenger Service Ltd, Kaiwaka44LPSO4422/8/96CoF exp 12/09
67981009725/10/85ML4903 New Zealand Railways Road Services10291O29IC31/10/89.  
Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd671O29IC15/7/91.
Tasman Education Trust, Stoke, Nelson 1O29IC28/9/06.  
6799100984/11/85ML23 New Zealand Railways Road Services10301O3OIC31/10/89.  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton10301O3OIC15/7/91Magic Bus  
6800100964/11/85ML24 New Zealand Railways Road Services10311O31IC31/10/89.  
Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Onehunga311O31IC15/7/91.  
Ritchies Transport Holding Ltd5311O31IC28/9/93To Dargaville 2005
Information not available CAM1O76/4/11Movan; chg plate 31/5/11  
6801101004/11/85ML25 New Zealand Railways Road Services10321O32IC31/10/89.  
Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Onehunga321O32IC15/7/91.  
Leabourn Passenger Service Ltd, Kaiwaka34LPS03422/12/93.  
6802101014/11/85ML26 New Zealand Railways Road Services10331O33IC31/10/89.  
Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd681O33IC15/7/91.
Clarks Coachline, Kawakawa191O33IC24/10/06Clarks Pacific Ltd  
6803101024/11/85ML27 New Zealand Railways Road Services10341034IC31/10/89.
New Zealand Railways Road Services10341O34IC3/7/90.  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton10341O34IC15/7/91Magic Bus  
68041010326/11/85ML2105 New Zealand Railways Road Services10351O35IC31/10/89.  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton10351O35IC15/7/91Magic Bus
6805101042/12/85ML2251 New Zealand Railways Road Services10361O36IC16/10/89.  
Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Onehunga361O36IC15/7/91.  
Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd691O36IC28/9/93.
D A & W J Glover, Richmond, Nelson 1O36IC2/9/05C25  
6806101052/12/85ML2252 New Zealand Railways Road Services10371O37IC31/10/89.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd5371O37IC15/7/91.
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd537BCT7993/2/03.  
Information not available BCT79923/3/11reg on hold 11  
6807101062/12/85ML2253 New Zealand Railways Road Services10381O38IC31/10/89.  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga781O38IC15/7/91.  
Pacific Tourways Ltd, Christchurch811O38IC9/8/94to ST4293 17/10/94
Nelson Suburban Bus Company Ltd94ST42938/4/03Magic Bus  
D Ewers, Wakefield ST429317/11/08Reg on hold 09  
7170130335/11/86MX9823 New Zealand Railways Road Services10391O39IC31/10/89.
Nelson Suburban Bus Company Ltd711O39IC15/7/91.
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei101O39IC30/7/97.  
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei10WL372321/8/97.  
Adams Travelines, Whangarei410WL372314/1/08North City Bus Ltd  
7171130345/11/86MX9822 New Zealand Railways Road Services10401O4OIC31/10/89.  
Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Onehunga401O4OIC15/7/91.  
Pacific Tourways Ltd, Christchurch841O4OIC26/6/92.  
Pacific Tourways Ltd, Christchurch84TM350125/7/95.
Nelson Suburban Bus Company Ltd64TM350128/5/04.
Motueka Bus Company Ltd?TM35013/7/09  
7172130355/11/86MX9821 New Zealand Railways Road Services10411O41IC31/10/89.
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd5411O41IC15/7/91CoF exp 10/08
7173130875/11/86MX9820 New Zealand Railways Road Services10421O42IC14/11/89.  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga?1O42IC15/7/91.  
Waipawa Buses Ltd501O42IC22/7/91.  
Waipawa Buses Ltd50WBL508/1/98.
7174130365/11/86MX8359 New Zealand Railways Road Services10431O43IC14/11/89.  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton10431O43IC15/7/91Magic Bus
7175130371/12/86NA3368 New Zealand Railways Road Services10441O44IC31/10/89.  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga761O44IC15/7/91.  
Coachlines Hawkes Bay, Hastings?1O44IC16/5/05 Robert & Adele Stevenson
Nimon& Sons Ltd, Havelock North261O44IC29/4/2010.  
7176130861/12/86NA3369 New Zealand Railways Road Services10451O45IC31/10/89.  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton10451O45IC15/7/91Magic Bus
7177130885/11/86MX8358 New Zealand Railways Road Services10461O46IC31/10/89 Chassis no on reg is nonsense
Pacific Tourways Ltd, Christchurch681O46IC15/7/91.  
Pacific Tourways Ltd, Christchurch68TQ846016/10/95.  
Nelson Suburban Bus Company Ltd98TQ846029/7/04.
7178130891/12/86NA3370 New Zealand Railways Road Services10471O47IC31/10/89.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd5471O47IC15/7/91.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd547BQS36714/11/03.  
written off  10/7/06.  
7179130901/12/86NA3371 New Zealand Railways Road Services10481O48IC31/10/89.  
Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Onehunga481O48IC15/7/91.  
Pacific Tourways Ltd, Christchurch851O48IC26/6/92.
Pacific Tourways Ltd, Christchurch85RZ552322/6/93 Designline rebody 1994/95  
SBL Group Ltd, Nelson?RZ552330/9/05   

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Ngaporo Waimarino Trust

Wanganui. CWI Tourliner 3
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
 YV3 1MED16GY 01035124/7/86MI6739 Ngaporo Waimarino Trust.SA47083/6/93C49F  
Scenic Coachlines Ltd53SA47086/9/93   
Valuxe Coachlines, Tokoroa???ASK35611/10/02 AR & VG Hema Ltd
ABC Tours Ltd, Midhirst???ASK35631/3/08 

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Nimon & Sons Ltd

Havelock North. Tourliner 3
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
2887935/3/85LW7469 Nimon & Sons Ltd28DHU84319/5/06C45FT
35103531/3/87ND8811 Nimon & Sons Ltd35XK911812/10/98C49F  

KBBMVO 2 axle rebuild with new Kiwi body
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
807A8 5P00090 619386410/05/06DHM238      Kiwi B51F School bus body; chassis 6675

2 axle rebuilds using bodies from WCT Leyland Leopards
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
14YV3 B10M60 0000172730/11/01AJR751      Kiwi B57F School bus body ex WCT Leopard 405
15YV3 1MEC12FA 00966724/6/02ASE769      Kiwi B61F School bus Body ex WCT Leopard 445
167A8 5P00090 357823516/1/04BTK189     Kiwi KBBMVO B57F  
197A8 5P00090 498364030/7/04CEJ247     Kiwi KBBMVO B51F

3 axle coaches imported from Australia. Centurion C45FA bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?YV3 1MGC19HD 0159161988? Nimon & Sons Ltd Havelock North24AWM41726/9/02Centurion C45F
?YV3 1MGC19HD 0157891988? Nimon & Sons Ltd Havelock North25AWM41125/9/02Centurion C45F

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Northliner Coach Service Ltd

Kawakawa. CWI Conquest
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?YV3 1MGD19HY 0148851/9/88NY164 Northliner Express
JJ Klinac Ltd, Kerikeri
?IMJJ 17/12/90chg plate 28/12/90 
Adams Bus Service, Whangarei?SB281625/6/93chg plate 17/6/93  
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei?SB28166/12/96 
Unique Holiday Tours Ltd, Palmerston North?SB28163/6/05   
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North?SB281629/6/05   

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Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd

Timaru. Imported from Australia
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
.279901985. Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd268SY163019/10/94C53F
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai?SY16306/7/07   
.YV3 1MKC16GD 0137531987. Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd269SY29304/11/94   
withdrawn from use..13/11/02   
.YV3 1MKC15HD 0149581988. Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd270SX77233/10/94PMC C49F body

One B10M rebuilt by Kiwi as KBBRVO with C48DAt body.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
579K1W1-364024/6/05CSZ721     2004 chassis

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Royal Express Tours

U S Kim, Yaldhurst trading as Royal Express Tours. Imported from Japan
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
.YV3 1MKE13JA 0187681990. Royal Express Tours, Christchurch?DGA9064/4/06C44; Reg on hold 11  

Shaws Transport Ltd

Takanini, Auckland. Volgren C47F body. Imported from Australia
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
.48381983. Shaws Transport Ltd, Takanini?SX670518/10/94Leased From Truck Leasing Ltd  
Truck Leasing Ltd, Auckland?SX67058/10/97operator unknown  
Thompson Transport & Coach Ltd, Auckland?SX670510/3/02(Truck Leasing Ltd)  
North Harbour Coaches88SX670519/7/02(John Craven)  
Withers Coachlines, New Plymouth?SX670513/7/06Clarrie Withers  
P N McNeil, Kaikohe SX670525/5/07Reg on hold 07  

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Tranzit B10M Coaches

Imported from Australia
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
??YV3 1CKC11JD 0156631988. Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton216TN178710/8/95 PMC Apollo C46F ex-Bushmans, Australia.
.YV3 1CKC17JD 0180651989  Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton217TN178414/7/95PMC Apollo C46F ex-Bushmans, Australia;B10C
.83841989. Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton218WP73786/11/97 Volgren C54F(High Deck) Australia. Tag Axle
written off  17/5/11   
.YV3 1MED13FD 0116041985. Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton219XJ791015/10/98 C53F ex-Australia. 3-axle
.YV3 1CKC14KD 0187531991. Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton8301TZ830114/2/96 PMC Apollo C49F ex-Australian Army Tag Axle
.YV3 1CKC10JD 0173691991. Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton8302TZ830215/2/96 PMC Apollo C53F ex-Australian Army tag axle
.YV3 1CKC16KD 0187541991. Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton8303TZ830315/2/96 PMC Apollo C51F ex-Australian Army tag axle
.YV3 1CKC14KD 0187561991. Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton8304TZ830415/2/96 PMC Apollo C53F ex-Australian Army Tag Axle
.YV3 1CKC14KD 0187551991. Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton8305TZ830515/2/96 PMC Apollo C53F ex-Australian Army tag axle  
.YV3 1CKC18JD 0174601991. Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton8306TZ830615/2/96 PMC Apollo C50F ex-Australian Army Tag Axle

New Zealand new
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1031YV3 1MA61X2A 05416110/5/04CAK831 ....3-axle Kiwi C54F  
1032YV3 1MA6132A 05406519/5/04CAZ795 ....B10M4 3-axle Kiwi C50F
1033YV3 1MA6112A 0540649/6/04CCA186 ....B10M-50 3-axle Kiwi C50F  
1036YV3 1MA6112A 05416221/6/04CCG756 ....3-axle Kiwi C50F; CoF exp 12/11  
1037YV3 1MA6192A 0540681/7/04CDB888 ....3-axle Kiwi C50F  
1046YV3 1M2B161A 05379315/9/03BNH443 ....3-axle Kiwi C51F  
1047YV3 1M2B1X1A 0537953/9/03BMU799 ....3-axle Kiwi C54F; CoF exp 09/08
1048YV3 1M2B111A 05379627/8/03BMJ559 ....3-axle Kiwi C54F; CoF exp 11/08  
1049YV3 1M2B131A 05379726/4/04CAA602 ....3-axle Kiwi C54F  

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Wellington City Transport Ltd

20 2 axle trolley buses. Ansaldo electrical equipment. They were withdrawn from service after only a few years of use and stored. All were subsequently converted to diesel by Leopard Coachlines for use by themselves or Mana Coach Services. While operting as trolley buses they were branded Ansaldo but once converted to diesels Volvo branding was used. NZMB/Hess B46D bodies.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
12026701983LE9370 Mana Coach Services Ltd3WU783110/2/98 
12126691983LH878 Leopard Coachlines Ltd7TZ165216/2/96 
Mana Coach Services Ltd159TZ165226/4/01Newlands
12226711983LH879 Leopard Coachlines Ltd9TZ167519/2/96 
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North86TZ167519/12/05   
12326721983LH877 Mana Coach Services Ltd57WS135416/12/97Newlands
12426731983LH1012 Mana Coach Services Ltd38WZ168920/4/98to Newlands 2004 CoF exp 11/11
12526741983LH1013 Leopard Coachlines Ltd12UM417813/9/96 
Mana Coach Services Ltd118UM417824/12/01Newlands
12626751983LH1014 Leopard Coachlines Ltd10TZ168022/3/96 
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North89TZ168019/12/05 
12726761983LH1476 Leopard Coachlines Ltd8TZ167826/2/96 
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North88TZ167819/12/05CoF exp 11/08
12826771983LH1477 Leopard Coachlines Ltd6TZ164115/2/96 
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North84TZ164119/12/05 
12926781983LH1478 Mana Coach Services Ltd39WZ884330/4/98 
13028901983LM7395 Leopard Coachlines Ltd2TZ167620/2/96 
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North87TZ167619/12/05 
13128911983LM7394 Leopard Coachlines Ltd5TZ164013/2/96   
Mana Coach Services Ltd111TZ164026/4/01Newlands
Howick & Eastern Buses60TZ164002/09reg owner not changed; CoF exp 01/12  
13228921983LM7397 Leopard Coachlines Ltd11TZ167721/2/96 
Mana Coach Services Ltd117TZ167720/12/01Newlands
scrapped  19/10/10  
13328931983LM7396 Mana Coach Services Ltd56WS137019/12/97Newlands
13428941983LM7392 Leopard Coachlines Ltd3TZ166017/2/96 
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North85TZ166019/12/05   
13528951983LM7393 Leopard Coachlines Ltd4TZ167927/2/96 
Mana Coach Services Ltd112TZ167926/4/01Newlands
Howick & Eastern Buses61TZ167902/09Reg owner not changed  
13628961983LM7391 Leopard Coachlines Ltd1TU698827/2/96 
Mana Coach Services Ltd110TU698826/4/01Newlands
13728971983LM7390 Mana Coach Services Ltd5WW369327/2/98Newlands; CoF exp 06/08
withdrawn from use  10/2/12  
13828981983LM8163 Mana Coach Services Ltd58WT779222/1/98Newlands
withrawn from use  16/6/11  
13928991983LM8164 Mana Coach Services Ltd6WX104219/3/98 

2 axle diesel buses. Imported from Citybus Hong Kong for use in Wellington. Alexander B41F bodies.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
.YV3 1MGC14PA 0320081993. Wellington City Transport Ltd22UO8044    
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt22UO80441/7/97Airport Flyer
Stagecoach Auckland22UO804423/8/06 (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd) Orewa
.YV3 1MGC16PA 0320091993. Wellington City Transport Ltd23UO79662/10/96   
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt23UO796629/9/00   
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt23UO796631/10/00Airport Flyer  
Stagecoach Auckland23UO796623/8/06 (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd) Orewa  
.YV3 1MGC12PA 0320101993. Wellington City Transport Ltd24UO798910/10/96   
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt24UO798931/10/00 Airport Flyer
Stagecoach Auckland24UO798923/8/06 (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd) Orewa
.YV3 1MGC14PA 0320111993. Wellington City Transport Ltd25UO802022/10/96   
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt25UO80201/7/97 Airport Flyer;
Wellington City Transport Ltd25UO802016/4/07   
.YV3 1MGC16PA 0320121993. Wellington City Transport Ltd26UO800016/10/96   
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt26UO800029/10/01 Airport Flyer; Painted white 2006  
Wellington City Transport Ltd26UO800016/4/07   

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White Bus Service Ltd B10M Coaches

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
60145049/1/89NZ8011 Waipawa Buses (White Bus Service Ltd)80DVKE11/9/93CWI Conquest?
Waipawa Buses Ltd80DVKE120/3/06   

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Volvo B10B

The Volvo B10B is a low floor rear-engined bus chassis.

The Party Bus Co Ltd

2 buses with Alexander B51F bodies ex Metrobus London. The bodies were changed to B53F when modifying for New Zealand use.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
159YV3R13F12RA0007601/94L 59 UNS The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai211EEC4425/10/07imported 08/07; reg on hold 10 
158YV3R13F16RA0007591/94L 58 UNS The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai212EEC7715/11/07imported 08/07; reg on hold 10 

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