Seddon Mk6 Buses

The Seddon Diesel Mk 4 was introduced in 1948 and was fully described in the May 1949 edition of Bus and Coach. The Mk 4 chassis had an overall length of 24ft 10in on a wheelbase of 14ft 10in. It could be fitted with a body with a maximum length of 27ft . The engine was a front mounted Perkins P6 The Mk 6, introduced in 1950, was simply a lengthened version of the Mk 4, with an overall chassis length of 25ft 11in on a wheelbase of 16ft 4in (5m) designed for a maximum body length of 30ft, the mechanical specification being unchanged.

Although PSV and Omnibus Monograph 6 described the first 8 North Shore Transport chassis as Mk 4 all had 16ft 4in wheelbase an must have been Mk 6.

GVW 9524 kg.

The vehicles on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 4 March 2010.

Birkenhead Transport Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
258831952P.112 Birkenhead Transport Ltd2P15741961Mk 6/2 Pennine Coach Craft B34+17D  
Birkenhead Transport Ltd2EW56031964   
Orewa Transport2EW56031966(Jack Urlic)
388311954P.113 Birkenhead Transport Ltd3P15751961Mk 6/2 Mulliner B36+12F
Birkenhead Transport Ltd3EW56041964   
Papakura Clevedon Bus Services?EW560425/8/70   
5301484/10/55P.115 Birkenhead Transport Ltd5P15771961Mk 6/XR Mulliner B36+12F
Birkenhead Transport Ltd5EW56061964   
Eastern Buses Ltd12EW560627/3/69 
Hanham Buses, Albany1EW56069/1/76 
H C Smith, Te Atatu EW560624/5/79Movan  
J R Gray, Whangarei EW560622/3/84Movan  
T A Bourne, Tuamarina EW56064/5/87Movan  
I A Symons, Blenheim EW56068/8/95Movan  
R J Waugh, Maheno EW56063/7/06Movan; Isuzu 6DB1 motor; VIN 7A8G0XX1096020638

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Gibson Motors Ltd

New Plymouth
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
15292971954EO8528     NZMB C27F  
17306801955EO5532 No history on LTSA prior to 1983   NZMB C27F
Papakura Bus Services9EO553210/80Derelict in a yard  
Douglas Neil?, Papakura LJ224622/12/83Movan  
W J Kincaid, Auckland LJ224623/12/83Movan  
P J Downing, Temuka LJ224615/8/85Movan  
B G & R M Silke, Temuka LJ22468/9/95Movan  
W R & L J Moore, Parua Bay, Whangarei LJ22466/8/96Movan  
M W Beckett, Kawerau LJ22464/12/07Movan; To Rotorua 09
18307331956EO8530     Hawke C27F

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Gisborne Borough Council

Mk6HR Mulliner B30F body. Gisborne Borough Council became Gisborne City Council on 11/6/59
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1300559/8/55P.1208 Findlay Motors Ltd, Taupo?EM219517/3/69P.1119 1961-65
Hawkes Bay Motors Co Ltd, Napier78EM21951/8/73B36F 
Turley Motors, Te Aroha?EM219525/6/76(Alan Turley) 
Turley Motors Ltd, Te Aroha?EM21959/11/77  
Katikati Bus Co Ltd?EM219530/10/80  
B C Williams, Mt Maunganui EM219516/6/81Movan 
P S Gorlett, Tauranga EM219528/10/86Movan 
M D Stewart, Tauranga EM219516/6/93Movan 
registration lapsed  1/6/96  
T P Fowler, Papatoetoe XR117130/12/98Movan 
C G Garrett, Morrinsville XR117126/2/03Movan 
J K Robb, Helensville XR117112/3/03Movan 
W Te Whata, Ranui, Auckland XR117117/5/04Movan 
H M Humphries, Tauranga N2Blue27/7/06Movan chg plate 7/12/06
M D & H M Foster, Tauranga N2BLUE7/9/07Movan  

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Greyhound Buses Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
20301491955ER6712 Allans Motors, Shannon10?ER6712  Mk 6/2 Mulliner B34D
Madge Coachlines, Palmerston North310ER6712  

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Gubbs Motors Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
10538011/8/52EY2108 Orewa Transport Ltd?EY210822/5/75Mk 6/2 NZMB C27F
Hawke Coachwork Ltd, Takanini?EY210812/3/76 
Peninsula Transport, Manly, Whangaparoa?EY210812/3/76 
B A Southee, Helensville?EY210810/11/77Movan?
M V Dalton, Auckland?EY21089/4/79Movan
J V White, Christchurch?EY210815/8/89Movan
S J Grey, Wellington?EY210830/1/96Movan
S G Grice, Kumeu?EY210830/11/00Movan; reg on hold 98; To Waimauku 09

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Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
3058848/4/52P2.216 Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd30P12801956Mk 6/2 Pennine Coach Craft B34+17D
Commercial Buses Ltd14P1.28023/8/60  
Commercial Buses Ltd14P1.6621961 
Kinns Motors Ltd, Cambridge?FE85297/9/64   
32581916/5/52P2218 Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd32EN74231966Mk 6/2 Pennine Coach Craft B34+17D
B C Clements EN742310/8/79Movan  
R G Demanser, Taradale EN74235/5/80Movan  
A R Beets, Napier EN742322/3/81Movan  
R B Vance, Napier EN74239/7/01Movan  
R V Willaims, Taupo EN742316/2/04Movan; Reg on hold 01; To Wairoa 10

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J McComb & Co

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1095061955? Cave Buses Ltd, Whakatane19EK98655/6/57Mk 6/2 NZMB B32F

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The North Shore Transport Co Ltd

Takapuna. 1 Mk6/1 buses with own B34F body. In PSV circle 1961 8 buses, numbers 8, 9, 23, 24, 77-80 are described as Mk4. Neville Jarvis comments "One important change was made to the drivers cab design on the Mk6 chassis that was an improvement over the Mk4 and this was related to the positioning and operation of the brake and clutch pedals. On the Mk4 both pedals worked longitudinally in slots cut in the floorplate. The pedals on the Mk6 operated conventially through holes in the floorplate. I believe that both Mk4 and Mk6 chassis were available in this improved configuration."

"Having driven Fleet Number 8, the first Seddon to enter service with NST, albeit much later in its service life, I know that it was fitted with the early Mk4 pedal configuration working in slots, and I can attest to its awkward and even dangerous operation. I was later a regular driver of Fleet Number 79 with its improved arrangement and found it a joy to drive. I believe Number 79 to have been a model Mk6/2 and have reached the view that Number 8 was possibly a Mk6/1 i.e. a Mk6 with the early Mk4 pedal arrangement. I cannot recall any other NST Seddon so fitted but there may have been others."

"I have deduced from the Seddon photographs, and by projecting a drawing of a Seddon body over that of a Daimler CVG5, that the 16 ft 4in wheelbase was standard throughout the fleet of 14 buses that entered service between 1951 and 1956." As all had a 16ft 4in wheelbase this would confirm that they are all Mk 6 chassis.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments

13 Mk6/2 buses with NST B34F half-cab bodies.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
953811952DZ5050 United Passenger Service, Whangarei?   
2371581953EX9602 History prior to 1983 not known    
R & B J Bell, Dargaville KM410130/3/83rebuilt NZMB B36F 
H J Jarvis, Otaki KM410119/6/96  
Mercury Buses Ltd, Martinborough KM410116/7/96  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton235KM41011/10/99 
C B & L J Wallace, Himitangi Beach KM410126/3/08Reg as truck; reg on hold 09 
7892891954EX9628 United Passenger Services, Whangarei11EX9628  
8096301955EX9630 Findlay Motors, Taupo6EX963024/8/70 
Hawkes Bay Motor Co, Taupo76EX96301/8/73  
Museum of Transport and Technology EX963025/9/73What was its fate? 
8699991955P.675(56) North Shore Transport86P1.8081961  
North Shore Transport86EX96361965 
Morgan, Assembly of God EX963612/96 
Findlay Motors, Taupo9EX963605/71  
Hawkes Bay Motor Co, Taupo79EX96361/8/73  
? EX9636?Movan 
90311321956EX9638     P1.810 1961
91311311956EX9639     P1.811 1961
94316791956P1.814 (1961) Donald McGregor, Henderson EX964225/6/70LTSA has chassis 31672
J E Potter, Kaitaia EX964211/10/72Movan 
J E Mercer, Palmerston North EX96425/12/75Movan 
D G McDonald, Kaitaia EX964229/1/80Movan 
R L Holmes, Wanganui EX96424/8/80Movan 
Waikanae Christian Holiday Park EX964221/12/83Movan 
C L Dredge, Waikanae EX96422/11/84Movan 
J T McLean, New Plymouth EX96422/4/85Movan 
registration lapsed  4/8/03  

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based on data from OB Monograph 6

Last updated 7 April 2013