MAN SL202 Buses

Between 1986 and 1989 Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington and Christchurch all purchased MAN SL202 buses with CWI B45+27D bodies. The bodies are the German "Stadt 80" design. For New Plymouth and Christchurch these were the last buses purchased before privatisation. The buses are all equipped with ZF automatic transmissions. Those for Auckland, Christchurch and New Plymouth have 5 speed transmissions. The Wellington buses have 4 speed ZF transmissions and a lower differential ratio. While this means they perform well on the hills they have a maximum top speed of 75kph.

Auckland Regional Council

69 buses. These buses all passed to Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd, which operated as Yellow Bus Co on 12/6/91. In 1998 this became Stagecoach Auckland. The numbers follow on from the earlier MAN SL200 buses deliverd in 1981 to 1985. The depot shown is where the bus was stationed in 2004.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1689794000112/2/86MA6224 W J Doel, Henderson Valley MA622430/12/09Shore; Movan
1690794000226/5/86MT7457 reg cancelled  22/6/10Shore; Reg on hold 09; used for parts at Swanson 
1691794000425/3/86MJ8297 Yellow Bus Company1691WN544030/9/97Panmure (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
1692794000525/3/86MJ8298 Auckland Regional Council1692OC417330/11/88Orewa 
1693794000625/3/86MJ8299 Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt1693MJ829910/09Orewa 
1694794001529/8/86MW3300 Stagecoach Auckland1694CCK28918/6/04Panmure (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd) 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt1694CCK28910/09  
169579400166/8/86MW2339 Runicman Motors, Upper Hutt1695MW233910/09Panmure 
scrapped  22/6/10  
1696794001729/8/86MW3301 Stagecoach Auckland1696CCK28818/6/04 Panmure (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd); CoF exp 01/10  
scrapped  22/6/10Used for parts at Swanson 
1697794001829/8/86MW3302 Stagecoach Auckland1697CCK28418/6/04City (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt1697CCK28410/09  
169879400236/8/86MW2380 Stagecoach Auckland1698CCK28718/6/04City (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
169979400246/8/86MW2381 Stagecoach Auckland1699ZK818823/8/00Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
170079400256/8/86MW2382 Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt170003/09MW2382Orewa 
1701794002629/8/86MW3303 Stagecoach Auckland1701YA173011/5/99 Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd) 
1702794002729/8/86MW3304 Stagecoach Auckland1702CCE13516/6/04Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt1702CCE13503/09(Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
1703794002829/8/86MW3305 Stagecoach Auckland1703CCK26017/6/04Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt1703CCK26003/09(Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)
1704794002929/8/86MW3306 Stagecoach Auckland1704CCE13316/6/04Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
1705794003029/8/86MW3307     Wiri 
170679400311/10/86MY4759 Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch18MY475922/3/10Shore 
170779400321/10/86MY4758 Stagecoach Auckland1707CCD99115/6/04Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
170879400371/10/86MY4756 Stagecoach Auckland1708CCD99415/6/04Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
170979400385/11/86MU3567 Stagecoach Auckland1709CCD99315/6/04Wiri; Roskill (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd); At Swanson wfu 31/5/10  
171079400435/11/86MU3569 Stagecoach Auckland1710CCD99215/6/04Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
withdrawn from use1710CCD9922/7/10from North Star. Parked at Swanson  
171179400445/11/86MU3568     City 
1712794005116/12/86NF2699 Stagecoach Auckland1712CCE13416/6/04Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
1713794005516/12/86NF2698 Stagecoach Auckland1713CCK28618/6/04Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
1714794006316/3/87NF1525     Wiri 
1715794006418/3/87NF4958 Withdrawn from service1715NF4958 from Roskill. Parked at Swanson 
1716794006913/5/87NF6911     Wiri; June 10 to Swanson for disposal 
1717794007013/5/87NF6910 Stagecoach Auckland1717CCK25918/6/04Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)
1718794007513/5/87NF6909     Wiri 
1719794007613/5/87NF6912 Stagecoach Auckland1719CCK25817/6/04Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
172079400797/8/87NK9509     City 
withdrawn from use1720NK95092/7/10from North Star. Parked at Swanson  
172179400807/8/87NK9508 Stagecoach Auckland1721CCK25717/6/04Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
Leopard Coachlines Ltd228CCK25729/10/10   
   22/2/11Destroyed in Christchurch Earthquake  
172279400878/9/87NL528 Stagecoach Auckland1722CCE13216/6/04Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)
172379400888/9/87NL529 Stagecoach Auckland1723YW956717/3/00Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
172479400898/9/87NL530     Wiri 
1725794009030/10/87NF5886 Stagecoach Auckland1725CCK28517/6/04Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
1726794009130/10/87NF5887 Withdrawn from service1726NF58879/7/10City. Parked at Swanson 
1727794009230/10/87NF5885     Swanson
1728794009516/12/87NS1647 withdrawn from use1728NS16472/7/10from North Star. Parked at Swanson
1729794009616/12/87NS1648     Swanson; To Shore 2010; Parked at Swanson 2/7/10 
1730794009717/2/88NS2854 Stagecoach Auckland1730YY87117/3/00City (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
withdrawn from use1730YY87112/7/10from North Star. Parked at Swanson
1731794009817/2/88NS2855     City 
1732794010317/2/88NS2853 withdrawn from use1732NS28532/7/10from North Star. Parked at Swanson
1733794010423/3/88NS3202     Orewa; Swanson 2010 
1734794010523/3/88NS3201 withdrawn from use1742NS32012/7/10from North Star. Parked at Swanson
173579401065/5/88NO3078     Swanson 
173679401075/5/88NO3081     Swanson; June 10 parked for disposal 
173779401085/5/88NO3079     City 
1738794010921/7/88NX1738     City 
1739794011021/7/88NX1739     Swanson; June 10 parked for disposal 
174079401158/11/88NY9889     Orewa 
174179401168/11/88NY9890     Swanson 
1742794011725/11/88OC4042     City 
1743794011813/12/88OC5480     City 
1744794011925/11/88OC4044     City 
1745794012025/11/88OC4045     Shore Gas 
1746794012125/11/88OC4046     Shore Gas 
174779401229/2/89OD3724     Orewa; Swanson 2010 
1748794012728/7/88NX1748     Shore CNG; in service 1989 
1749794012816/9/88NY8741     City CNG; in service 1989 
1750794012928/7/88NX1750 Go-Bus, Tauranga552NX17508/3/11City CNG; in service 1989 
1751794013016/9/88NY8742     Shore; in service 1989 
175279401391/2/89OF313     Shore 
175379401401/2/89OF314     Shore 
175479401411/2/89OF315     Orewa 
175579401421/2/89OF316     Wiri 
175679401439/2/89OD3725     Orewa
175779401449/2/89OD3726     Orewa 

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Christchurch Transport Board

57 buses with CWI bodies. These buses all passed to Red Bus Ltd, a city owned company, in April 1992.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
612794000923/5/86MO4014     CoF exp 12/09 
613794001023/5/86MO4013 J W Harvey, Waimate MO401322/2/10 
614794001123/5/86MO4015 Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin?MO401517/11/09 
615794001223/5/86MO4016     CoF exp 12/09 
617794001414/7/86MT9668     CoF Exp 12/09 
618794001914/7/86MT9671 Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin?MT967117/11/09  
619794002014/7/86MT9669     CoF exp 12/09 
62079400214/8/86MT9705 Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin MT970517/11/09  
62179400224/8/86MT9706 Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin MT970617/11/09  
622794003430/9/86MT9789     CoF exp 12/09 
623794003330/9/86MT9790 Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch621TJ536125/5/95  
B P Burrows, Timaru TJ536113/2/10  
62579400452/12/86NF2108 A D Walker, Christchurch NF120810/2/10  
62679400529/12/86NF2114 Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin FDN47817/11/09chg plate 16/12/09 
62879400549/12/86NF2115 Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin NF211517/11/09  
629794005622/1/87NH2600 Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany?NH260019/2/10  
630794005822/1/87NH2601 A D Corkery, Invercargill NH260122/2/10 
631794005723/2/87NH2642 NZ Coach Services, Lower Hutt?NH264218/6/09 No motor or gearbox. Reg on hold 08 (Boss Transport Ltd) 
632794006512/3/87NH2674 NZ Coach Services, Lower Hutt632NH267419/5/09 Boss Transport Ltd; Kiwi front and back panels 
633794006612/3/87NH2675 S W Hendrie, Christchurch NH267511/12/09  
63679400814/8/87NI5736 Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany?NI573619/2/10  
637794008220/8/87NL9345 NZ Coach Services, Lower Hutt NL93455/2/10  
64079401022/3/88NL9700 Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany?NL970019/2/10  
64579401135/5/88NK1187 Classic Coaches Ltd, Wainuiomata?NK118715/7/10  
64679401239/6/88NK1279 NZ Coach Services, Lower Hutt646NK127906/09Boss Transport Ltd 
FDH11611/11/09Kiwi front and rear mouldings. Carries a Scania badge
652794013327/10/88OB1560 NZ Coach Services, Lower Hutt652OB15905/2/10Boss Transport Ltd; in Lower Hutt from Sept 09 
655794013530/5/89OJ1599     CoF exp 11/09 
665794015514/3/90OX4065 Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch665WZ883227/4/98  
Go-Bus Transport Ltd565WZ883217/3/10  
666794015417/5/90PB4884 Go-Bus Transport Ltd561PB488417/3/10Tauranga 
667794015617/5/90PB4882 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hastings563PB488210/12/09 
668794015717/5/90PB4885 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton564PB488510/12/09  
669794015317/5/90PB4883 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Napier562PB488317/3/09  

1 bus with Designline B49D body. This is the only SL202 in New Zealand that does not have CWI body.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
670794015113/6/90OZ9058 Hamilton City Buses Ltd50OZ905822/1/92 

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New Plymounth City Transport

6 buses

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1794-006823/3/87NH2687 Goldstar Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton1NH268730/7/91  
Reesby Buses Ltd, Rotorua8NH268718/11/91 
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch57NH268722/20/99 
2794-00087/5/86MO1354 Goldstar Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton2MO135430/7/91  
C J Worth Ltd22?MO135426/11/91  
Hamilton City Buses Ltd31MO13547/9/92Now Go-Bus Transport Ltd
3794-006723/3/87NH2688 Goldstar Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton3NH268830/7/91  
Reesby Buses Ltd, Rotorua7NH268818/11/91  
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch58NH268822/10/99  
6794-00077/5/86MO1355 Goldstar Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton6MO135530/7/91  
E C Reesby Ltd, RotoruaR81MO13552/12/91 
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch19MO13552009  
10794-009326/11/87NL9510 Goldstar Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton10NL951030/7/91  
Simpsons Bus Service Ltd, Huntly33?NL951011/11/91  
Hamilton City Buses Ltd33NL95107/9/92Now Go-Bus Transport Ltd
11794-009326/11/87NL9511 Goldstar Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton11NL951130/7/91  
Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd, Te Awamutu32?NL951111/11/1991  
Hamilton City Buses Ltd32NL95117/9/92  
Hamilton City Buses Ltd32RX33731/4/93now Go-Bus Transport Ltd

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Wellington City Council Transport Department

30 buses. These buses all passed to Wellington City Transport Ltd on 21/8/92. In 1992 Wellington City Transport Ltd purchased the Cityline operations in Hutt Valley and Papakura. 5 MAN SL202 buses were relocated to Cityline Auckland in Papakura.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
143794004116/2/87NH2634 Wellington City Transport Ltd143BSS8285/1/04  
14779400498/5/87NH2755     Repainted in Go Wellington Yellow
14979400597/7/87NI5704 AA Coaches, Auckland NI57042011 
150794006020/7/87NI5718 Cityline Papakura150NI57181994(Wellington City Transport Ltd) 
Stagecoach Auckland150NI571828/4/99Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
Fullers Group Ltd, Waiheke Is150NI571831/3/09   
156794008327/10/87NL9460 Wellington City Transport Ltd156ZP10731/11/00 
15879400844/12/87NL9531 Cityline Papakura158NL95311994(Wellington City Transport Ltd) 
Stagecoach Auckland158NL953128/4/99Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
161794015811/10/88OB1550 Cityline Papakura161OB15501994(Wellington City Transport Ltd) 
Stagecoach Auckland161OB155028/4/99Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd)  
Fullers Group Ltd, Waiheke Is161OB155031/3/09   
16379401608/12/88NT9388 Wellington City Council Transport Dept163PA687922/5/90  
165794016216/12/88NZ8003 Cityline Papakura165NZ80031994(Wellington City Transport Ltd) 
Stagecoach Auckland165NZ800328/4/99Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd); Swanson 2010  
16979401661/5/89OG8399 Cityline Papakura169OG83991994(Wellington City Transport Ltd) 
Stagecoach Auckland169OG839928/4/99Wiri (Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd) Swanson 2010

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