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TO MY REGULAR CORRESPONDENTS: I have not wilfully ignored getting in touch with you for this issue of Running Sheet. I have been very busy – ironically, in part, with bus driving! – and Easter, plus the need to tell members about the Runciman’s visit on 17 April, have dawned on me rather suddenly, along with the need to get this issue out fast. Clearly, I have used material that I have received between this RS and the last one. RS for April-May.


*VISIT TO RUNCIMAN MOTORS. Paul Runciman is generously allowing Society Members to visit his yard and photograph buses on Saturday, 17 April, 2004, at 10.00 am. He is expecting to have some MANs from Auckland to show off, and, of course, his fleet is a microcosm of the Wellington bus scene of the last twenty years. You can farewell the 400 series Leopards here, too. NB Members will need to make their own way there – as ever, those with cars can no doubt help those without.

*STAGECOACH KILBIRNIE WORKSHOPS. This has been deferred to later in the year. This will be a visit inside the workshops building to see the Wellington fleet’s home. There will possibly also be a ride on a 1300 or other new bus.

*VISIT TO GRANT TAYLOR, HAWKES BAY. In connection with returning the ex-Nimon Morris Commercial to them for their centenary in 2005, a visit will be made to Grant Taylor of Nimons early next year – think Leylands and Crawley Ridley bodywork!

*VISIT TO PAHIATUA. Members have expressed interest in a trip to see the Railcar Museum and other places of interest in the Wairarapa. If you are interested, contact Mike Berry [ (04) 479 3111 ]. If there is sufficient interest, he will organize such a trip. Remember, non-members are welcome if members wish to bring friends, family etc.


Subscription unpaid? Morris Moller would appreciate hearing from you. Sub forms were sent out in November, 2003, but if you need one ask either Morris (475 9467) or Henry (476 7278) to send you another one. Subs are $25-00 p.a. or $12-50 for non-earners.

DRIVERS NEEDED – The Society often needs drivers for charters. If you can help, or if you wish to gain the right licence so you can, please contact Peter Rendall, 970 1405, or Henry Brittain, 476 7278.

OUR FLEET… Thanks to Henry Brittain.

119 – this trolleybus is back at Karori as Kilbirnie is short of storage space.

462 – our latest bus has a faulty thermostat. The motor shuts down unexpectedly until a lower temperature has been restored. It is being fixed.

- A forklift is being made available on loan. We will locate it at Karori and, if it is suitable, may consider its purchase.

OBSERVATIONS… Thanks to Peter Thompson, Graeme Inwood, Brian Smith, Peter Beale, Richard Berry

New Zealand Memories Magazine, Issue 47, April/May 2004 - Brian Smith notes that this magazine is now in the shops, containing a two-page article with photos about Midland Motorways to gather support for the 75th Anniversary Re-union of this company to be held in Kaiapoi on Saturday, 10 July, 2004.

NELSON – A recent chance conversation with Richard Berry, brother of our Events Officer, Mike Berry, reminded me of what interest the operations of Nelson Suburban can offer. They have just acquired a Dennis Javelin coach from De Luxe, and they operate a Leyland Titan import on a tourist circuit in summer, using ticketing that allows people to hop on and off at various points. Good to talk to you, Richard.

WELLINGTON – Stagecoach – Three accidents dogged S/c buses in one week at the end of Feb./beginning of March – a young woman walked in front of a bus in Willis St. (26 Feb) and on 5 March died from her injuries; a car/bus collision at Onepu Rd/Coutts St lights saw a car driver cut from their vehicle; and at the Rail a bus/bus collision caused passenger injury. Recent reports spoke of prototype trolley 301 having broken both rear chassis rails. However, it seems things were not as dire as this, though a rear spring has broken – Designline are investigating. History Corner – Graeme has noted 1965 Bedford ER5246, ex-Pahiatua Passenger Services 61 and Bedford SB UR4407, a house bus, – he and RS would appreciate any details of the latter’s history.

Mana Coach Services – Correction: In the last RS I incorrectly gave refurbished Hino 139 as a possible spare bus for Kapiti Commuter services – apologies! Peter Beale rightly suggests this should have been 135, a Leyland. Peter T. would like to know (so would I!) if Mana 73-75 have been delivered and what their details are. 144/NCS44, an ex-Invercargill Leyland Leopard/Hawke used on last year’s Society outing to Newlands, is at Kapiti Depot as a replacement school bus and spare for 22/KJ704 a Leopard/NZMB ex-DCT 205. New vehicles: two B7Rs entered the Newlands fleet very recently, following two B10Ms for urban and standard charter work at Christmas. A further B7R should be in the fleet very soon. New vehicles plus disposal of some older ones give a fleet average age of eight years. Over the winter there will be rationalizing of some of the older coach fleet.

Tranzit – responding to Stan’s F/N query (last RS), Graeme came up with 1041, a 1989 Mitsubishi Fuso, AGY570, Magic Network; 1044, a 1992 MAN 10.180, RO644, running as Pacific 37. Peter T. adds that it is ex Guthreys 044; 1047, 2003 Volvo B12 (Peter has this as a B10) Kiwi body, BMU799 Intercity. Graeme also answered one of his own mysteries with 1103, a 2001 Mercedes 1634/Designline, running as Parakai 3. Noted by him are the following livery changes: 217 from Pacific to Newmans; 1003 Tranzit to Newmans; 1014 Intercity to Newmans; 1015 Tranzit to Magic.

Graeme has also noted Titahi Bay Tours and Charters SC6403, 1977 Bedford YMT3DFW, with a coach body, in Wellington. Does anyone know anything of its history?

Also does anyone know disposal details of Ritchies Peanuts 402 and 427, both last seen in transit from the South Island heading north?


PLEASE NOTE, for those who find this occasionally useful, that I have a new mobile phone, the number of which is 027 426 7901


Mike Secker, 63 Glen Road, Raumati South, Kapiti 6010. Ph: (04) 902 1173 Fax: (04) 902 1174


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