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*GETTING NIMONS No. 6 TO THE HAWKES BAY – It is planned to take the Morris Commercial to Nimons at Havelock North, for the company’s centenary celebrations, on the weekend of the 3 and 4 September, 2005. Keep these dates free in your diary if you’re interested in being part of this expedition.


*OMNIBUS SOCIETY AGM – This will be held on Saturday, 15 October, 2005. Further details later.


*THE VISIT TO MANA COACH SERVICES’ PORIRUA DEPOT will now be arranged for November, 2005. Watch this space for details.


            PREVIOUS EVENTS…

*VISIT TO THE OLD TIME CINEMA, LYALL BAY, on Sat. 30 JulyThanks to Michael Berry for this review of an excellent evening:

 About thirty members and friends enjoyed a convivial evening at the Time Cinema for the Society’s July event.

Despite an inauspicious start with a 15 minute power failure, the host was well prepared and kept the food warm whilst we chatted under emergency lighting. A tasty main course was eagerly devoured by the gathering prior to watching a parade of short films which included the humour of Woody Woodpecker and Laurel & Hardy. The highlight of the short films was the British Transport Film Unit’s film called “Overhaul. This film showed the efficient procedure adopted by London Transport for overhauling their RT buses in Aldenham Workshops (which was originally intended to be a tube train depot) and was a good forerunner to the main film. We then came out to the dining area again for a desert of pavlova and fruit salad. A youthful Cliff Richard (yes, he has aged) performed well in the film “Summer Holiday” along with The Shadows and the now familiar faces of Una Stubbs (“Till Death Do Us Part”) and Melvyn Hayes (“It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”). The film features an RT bus travelling through Europe to Athens and the adventures they had en route. The film starts at Aldenham Workshops, so we were well informed about this location by the previous film. Glimpses of Greek buses were seen at Athens (….including pre-1972 system closure trolley buses - Ed.) Morris Moller thoughtfully supplied the participants with Jaffas to add to the cinematic experience. A great evening out, which the Time Cinema’s staff and Morris Moller are warmly thanked for arranging.”



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Subscription unpaid?  Some subs are still unpaid. Treasurer, Morris Moller, would appreciate hearing from you. Sub forms were sent out earlier but, if you need one, ask either Morris (475 9467) or Henry (476 7278) to send you one. Subs are $25.00 per year or $12.50 for non-earners.


OUR FLEET…Thanks to Peter Rendall, Henry Brittain

6the Nimon’s Morris Commercial – this vehicle is due in the Hawkes Bay on the first weekend in September. (See COMING EVENTS above.)It is mobile, the exterior is rubbed down, it needs a final exhaust bracket fitted and the interior is virtually finished.

20 – the recently acquired EBC Leyland Royal Tiger Cub has moved from Mana Coach Services’ Porirua yard to Karori. It may have a dropped valve or the engine may have been “cooked”. We are grateful to Kerry Waddell, MCS’s Managing Director, for allowing us the period of storage at Porirua.

39 – it is desired, when more pressing priorities have been dealt with, that the silver BUT be returned to operating condition. (See also under  6117.)

119 – the BUT’s brake shoes have arrived back from Auckland and now need installing.

462Our Leyland Leopard workhorse is continuing to keep our income stream up, but disgraced itself the other evening – while running off from a charter fortunately. Stopped dead on Raroa Crescent. All fluids fine and all pressures good….. however was able to restart on the over ride switch and get the old girl home. Checking with the technical wizards seemed to support my view that we had had a sensor failure. Quick look showed that one wire was off the oil pressure switch so repair – no fix, check water temp sensor – defective sensor – isolate – problem solved – now find new sensor. The bus’s Loading Certificate has been changed now to show adult rather than school capacity. The vehicle will require a COF next month.

3583 – it has been suggested that we write to the Interislander company, telling them about the bus and investigating the possibility of sponsorship.

6117 – the ex-NZRSS Hino freighter has departed Karori and is now domiciled out at Neil Brown’s place in Te Horo, where it basks alongside the VAL and across from the spare truck.  The space freed up will probably be filled by BUT trolley 39 – as it’s been about a year since it was left at Kilbirnie and the space will be needed for company purposes in the near future – the arrival of a fair number of 12.3m vehicles is placing pressure on the parking space, and the “new pits” may well be called into use as parking roads.

Library - our technical library continues to grow. A call out to Multispares to pick up a new flasher unit for ex-EBC 20 ($180.00) saw us presented with over 100 parts manuals – Leyland, AEC, BMC and others. All are now incorporated into the library stock – Mike Flinn accomplished this task. [The Library is one of the essential resources of the Omnibus Society, but, though not as well-known and easily visible as the vehicles, it is vital in keeping them going and in providing a historical resource as well as an engineering one. Mike Flinn, among others, has realised  this importance and has done sterling work to ensure its survival and accessibility. – Ed.]


NB Our fleet needs constant care. Tuesday work nights at Karori Depot could use more people. If you don’t mind getting your hands a bit dirty, and, irrespective of whether or not you have any particular expertise, the small dedicated team of regulars would welcome your presence and support.



BOOK & CALENDARS… Graham Stewart’s new book Wellington – Portrait of the Region”, is packed with past and present photos, very many of which feature trams, buses, trolleybuses and other transport. Its shop price is $44.99 but it is available through Henry Brittain for only $35.00. Also available from Henry for $10.00 is the high quality Australian calendar “Trams 2006” which shows largely Australian vehicles, though a Wellington silver BUT trolley and combination tram 16 are there, too. Please contact Henry if you are interested – Ph. (04) 476 7278 or email him on 

            Peter Rendall has available the equally high quality Australian calendar “Buses 2006”, again for only $10.00. Please contact Peter if you are interested – Ph. (04) 970 1405 or email him on   



Arthur Giles, d. 25 June, 2005

I thank Stan White for the following words about Arthur: I attended the funeral of Arthur Giles on Thursday – he died on 25 June at the age of almost 95 at Atawhai Home in Napier where he had been for more than two years. He had a good memory for Hawkes Bay Motor Company activities back to the early days.

Arthur joined the HBMC as a clerk in 1926 and was appointed General Manager in 1956. After that he became HBMC Managing Director and was on the Board of Mt. Cook Line for ten years from 1972 when it merged with HBMC. He retired from HBMC in May 1974 but remained on the MCL Board. The dates may sound confusing but HBMC continued with that name, and as the North Island arm of MCL until 1981.

Arthur was a very straight, no-nonsense person and the HBMC grew under his control, purchasing mainly AEC chassis for a number of years to save on spares holdings.

Anthony (Greaney) and I had several interviews with Arthur from 1988 into the 1990s, and, again,  we spoke with him in the last two years while he was in Atawhai Home. He was most helpful with general company information.

Brian Smith added the following comment on Stan’s original email about Arthur: What a great loss! Arthur’s career in the industry almost spans the total years of bus history in New Zealand! And he did well to buy British AECs! Just as well you and Anthony have done such a great job of recording the HBMC history and vehicles, and I’m really looking forward to purchasing your book in the near future!


Andrew Gale d. late April, 2005

I thank Graeme Inwood for these words about Andrew: It is with much regret that I have to report to you all the sad passing of group member, and a personal friend to myself and alot of the Wellington based members, Andrew Gale. Andrew passed away suddenly at home about two weeks ago.
 Andrew migrated to Wellington from England about 18 months ago. He loved New Zealand with a great passion and was proud to call himself a Kiwi. His love for NZ could be seen on the groups when he signed his name after a message with GDNZ (God Defend New Zealand). He was a wealth of knowledge when it came to UK and NZ buses. He could just about answer most questions about what was going on, especially on the Wellington scene. He knew more about what was going on out there than most of us bus drivers.
Eternal Rest Grant To Him O Lord & Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him. May He Rest In Peace. Amen.
 [I owe apologies to Graeme for allowing my poor desk organisation to overwhelm some earlier material he had sent me, including the above material about Andrew’s  passing. Andrew had also begun to look at working on the Society’s AEC, 249. The Society and I extend all our sympathy to his friends and family in their sad loss. A Memorial Service was held for Andrew in May. - Mike Secker]

OBSERVATIONS…Thanks to Peter Beale, Henry Brittain, Gerard Cooper, Anthony Greaney, Graeme Inwood, Morris Moller , Bryce Pender, Peter Rendall, Nick Stoneman, Peter Thompson


AUCKLANDPeter T. advises that new Ritchies vehicles arrived in June for the beginning of the new North Shore bus routes and contracts, as the planning of the North Shore Busway gets into swing. There are fourteen new MANs from Designline as follows:

686/CSK566, 687/CSK567, 688/CSK568, 689/CSK572, 690/CSK577, 691/CSK578, 692/CST621, 693/CST622, 694/CST625, 695/CST627, 696/CST631, 697/CST635, 698/CST873, 699/CST875. As well, 641 and 642 were transferred up from Timaru.

Twenty Ex Reading Transport, (west of London, UK). Optare Excels arrived in the country to supplement the MANs. These had rear doors added, mostly at Kiwi Bus Builders in Tauranga. They received numbers in the 656 -675 block. Nick adds that they are 39 seaters except for 671 – 675 which seat 42.

Ten Singapore DAFs are being refurbished for Express and Peak work and will use the number block 676 - 684.

Five Dennis Darts leased to Redbus in Christchurch also returned north. Nick adds that the Darts leased by Ritchies were 304 – 313, all 1997, Designline-bodied. Ritchies’ numbers for them are 471 – 480. All of these vehicles are based at the Albany Depot and used on new North Shore contracts, mainly west of the Northern Motorway. Mentioned also are the three Scania L94UBs from Kiwi with, apparently, more to follow.

As mentioned in the last “RS”, Ritchies also bought the 40-strong fleet of long-time school and charter bus operator, Hanham’s Buses. These buses were renumbered into the Ritchies fleet system, and the yard used by Ritchies for their new services.

Morris also mentions, concerning Ritchies, that they had five ex-China (Stagecoach) double-deck Volvo B12s running from Auckland to Tauranga/Rotorua. During the Lions’ tour they apparently got as far as Wellington – or some did.

Stagecoach also continued deliveries of their 2400 series buses with 2436 - 51 delivered to Wiri Depot, 2452 - 60 to Kilbirnie in Wellington, 2461 - 77 to Shore Depot, and 2478 – 88 have gone back to Kilbirnie. Only 2489 - 96 remain to be delivered.

All Mercedes Benz 0305 buses advises Peter T. (1500s to #1600) are now gone from the Stagecoach fleet, with 1527/IU8160 being the last in service on special workings from Swanson Depot, and then taken to MOTAT. Thanks to Henry B. for initially alerting me to the passing of these excellent workhorses of the Auckland fleet; Henry forwarded also an article from the NZ Herald of 4 July which carried comments from George Simon, a driver who began his career in Auckland at the same time as the 0305s began service there. He commented as he drove 1527 in service before it went to MOTAT: “It will be sad to see the old girl go….If I had an option, I’d drive this bus any day and every day – it is more reliable than many of the modern buses in a lot of ways.”

Further to these 0305 informants, BUSES magazine (UK) for August had an article in its “Global News” section in the August, 2005, issue on the subject with an illustration of 1535/IX2562, the last 0305 still in Yellow Bus Co. colours. The magazine notes also the following piece of history about the ARA’s choice of these vehicles: ARA turned to Mercedes after British Leyland refused to supply single-deck Daimler Fleetlines and insisted it would only offer the Leyland National, which the Authority did not consider was suitable for its operating environment. The 0305s had NZ Motor Bodies coachwork incorporating German VoV front and rear ends. (It’s worth remembering, too, that they were replacing trolleybuses. – Ed.)

Many MAN SL200 buses (1601 – 1688) are also being sold from the fleet, 10 to Gobus in Hamilton, and others to Bethlehem Coaches in Tauranga, and to Taupo Passenger Services.

Gobus Hamilton now has 11 ex Stagecoach SL200s as follows - 140 - ex 1661, 141 - 1663, 142 - 1665, 143 - 1666, 144 - 1667, 145 - 1668, 146 - 1670, 147 - 1672, 148 - 1674, 149 - 1676, 150 - 1677. The last four are in the green urban livery, the other 7 are in the white-with-stripes school livery.

The ex Dunedin MAN 10.100s, F/Ns 27 - 35, from Cityline Hutt Valley, have now been transferred to Auckland.

Peter T. also mentions the many attractive allover advertising buses that are on the road in Auckland and Wellington for Stagecoach. Look out for the Telecom, Cadbury and Vodafone liveried buses, with several Telecom buses in Auckland, and two in Wellington. The first advertising 2400 series bus, 2425, is in Vodafone livery at Shore Depot.


CHRISTCHURCH – Gerard outlines the scene here as follows: “Christchurch Bus Services are now well underway running their new fleet of 16 Optare Excels. Apart from a few teething problems (and a diff and a motor in a couple) they are going brilliantly along with the Designline Mercs and Kiwi MANs. [The BCA “circular” for June pictured a Kiwi MAN for CBS, F/N 124, a B51D SLF. They describe it as follows: “It’s officially a 17.220….The imported SLF chassis is a tag-axled 15.220, distinguishing it from the Designline-assembled 17.223 which is based on the 2-axle 12.223.” – Ed.]
The latest tender round here saw RedBus collect nearly all routes: Hei Hei - Burwood, Russley - Avondale, Wainoni/North Shore, Lincoln/Southbridge (yes, after ten years buses are going to venture back to Southbridge for a one year trial), Templeton Shuttle, Burnham and Shirley. The one exception is the Hornby – Lincoln shuttle which was given to CBS.
However, Red Bus have just handed back another route, the 17 Bryndwr - Barrington route, for re-tender. The tender for this route closes in a week’s time, 3 August.
RedBus has been given approval by the Commerce Commission to aquire Leopard if
a suitable sale agreement is reached. It will be a case of wait and see!
Other than that, nothing much else happening around ChCh.”


HAWKES BAY – Anthony advised in late July: “In the last month Nimons have had two new vehicles delivered: 38 /CRG375   2004   Mitsubishi Rosa   JLABE649T0PDW0602 B24/04F It is New Zealand new, not a 2nd hand import. 100  2005  Volvo B6/BLE   YV3R3B114XC010039 KBBL B33/12FA It is decked out in a special golden livery as their "centennial bus" as 2005 is Nimons centennial year. Existing 100 is renumbered119.”  

Nimon 100

Nimons Centennial Volvo 100/CTW65           Photo: Stan White

WELLINGTON – Stagecoach – As mentioned under AUCKLAND, the small MANs, 27-35 have left Cityline Hutt Valley. Seen at Kilbirnie at the end of July were two of the above-mentioned MAN SL200s, 1654/KX8645 and 1655/KX8644, (1983 Hawke B45D), in unlettered plain white, used as driver trainers. Also observed there, was sole remaining Leopard 401 – is it still waiting to go to a bus museum in the UK as has been mentioned?

Nick S. confirmed that the vehicle bearing rego CRA217 (that I could not identify in the last “RS”) was, in fact, 2458. He also comments that all the Hinos at Kilbirnie are to be repainted and are going to Runcimans. (Lucky them – darned good bus, the RK. – Ed.) Also, he says that Wellington will lose some 700s to the Hutt Valley and to Auckland.

As noted by Peter T. in the Auckland notes 24XX deliveries to Wellington are 2452 – 2460, with 2478 – 2488 returning to Wellington.

The BCA “circular” records the fact that 2455/CQM 370 was the 1000th locally assembled MAN chassis to be delivered in NZ. They note, also, that it is the first time since Bedford’s market dominance that so many single-make chassis have been built locally. Also mentioned is the first MAN bus delivered in NZ (though not assembled here), a 1976 MAN 15.192 FOC-R, new to Gisborne C.C., and bodied by NZMB. They comment: “This front-engined 190 bhp workhorse is still in service today, with McGrath Buses, Taumarunui.” MAN’s first big break, they point out, came with the sale of 80 buses to the ARC in 1980.

Peter R. notes that 2489, now in Wellington in striped livery, is what may turn out to be a one-off. It is B53F, all other 2400s being B51D – ie it has only a front entrance/exit. Given that format, it is not surprising that it is allocated to Eastbourne services.

[The following is a verbatim report from Graeme Inwood which he sent me in May, so, again I must apologise to him for losing it owing to my sloppy office organisation. As always with Graeme’s breezy style, it retains its freshness and interest. Please keep sending items, Graeme. You add much to this newsletter. - Ed.]

302 Test Run -

Well, this afternoon during a break, I was asked by Stagecoach engineer, Crinel Geobox, if I wanted to drive 302 on a small test run to Lyall Bay and back. I don't know, bit busy, wanted to have a snooze etc. What do you think? Get out of the way! We are out of here. As it was about 3.45 we decided that Lyall Bay was not suitable due to the height of the overhead at the turnaround - recently renewed and higher, the shift truck would be needed. So we went off to Miramar, much better idea. Out of the depot and down Onepu Rd. This trolley has fast pick up, am going to have to watch this. Brakes are good. Steering is good and light. Power pedal is more like a diesel than 301's (a bit stiff). Three new gauges on the dash. One is to show how much power is in the over head, very interesting. One to show power and braking use. Last one is for the 25volt batteries to check they’re charging.

The rest of the dash is new as well. Not just new for us but a new updated dash layout for buses in general. Same as CBS 125. Crinel asked me what I thought of 302. I said put an ETM in and I will use it now.

There is more testing to be done, so do not expect to see 302/3 at a bus stop near you for a few weeks. Other than needing a good wash, 301 is going out every day.[Reminder – this was May.]

Mana Coach Services -

Porirua Depot – Bryce reports that ex-Leopard 74 was on the road as Mana 17 on 3/8/05, followed by ex-Leopard 76 as Mana 16 on 5/8/05. They are MAN 11.220s/ Designline SLF B51D. One of them is registered ZR8221 which puts them in a batch (F/Ns 781-784) operated by Stagecoach Auckland but owned by Mana. These latter details were recorded in an earlier RS. Can anyone clear up this situation?

Newlands Depot – Peter B. advises that Hino coach 141 (along with 55 below) has gone to Kiwi, Tauranga, where it will gain a new front and a repaint. Ansaldo 112 is the last of these ex-trolleybuses with original interior including red seat squabs – it is due to go to Palmerston North shortlyfor an interior refit (110, 111 and 159 have already been refurbished). Leyland 166 is at Porirua for repairs – a side panel blew open in strong winds, says Peter, damaging a 4WD. A new panel is required.

A new Volvo B7M 37-seat coach, similar to 130, is due; it will be in Newlands colours. Splendid Leyland 138 will be sold and will be replaced by a 49-seat 1993 Dennis Javelin. Also there will be two more B7 buses for Newlands this year, presumably from Kiwi.

Kapiti Depot – 1996 Volvo B12 coach 55/UO6068, in blue and yellow Kirra Tours livery, was at this depot midway through July, on its way to Kiwi at Tauranga for interior refurbishment. Noted by your Editor recently at Ohau, in a front garden beside SH1, was ex-Pavlovich, ex-Kapiti Charters, ex-MCS Scania 63 which, in the green/grey livery it still wears, did sterling service at Kapiti Depot until relatively recently.

At this depot now is the whole batch of Mercedes-Benz/Designline 2-axle SLFs 77 – 88. The full dozen was completed by the recent arrival (24/7/05) of 80/ AGB 930 from Porirua. The three Volvo B6Rs, 9, 10, and 11, which, with the aforementioned Mercedes, comprise the 15-strong SLF requirement on the Coast, have recently gained new front and side bright orange Hanover destination equipment. Surprisingly, this relatively superficial change makes a considerable and improving impact on the vehicles’ appearance. Previously, the Volvos had powered blinds, in latter days only at the front.

Morris has provided more details about coach 143/NCS 43, 1989 Hino RG197, now resident on the Coast. It was new to Newlands Coach Services and has a Designline Aztec C33FA body. (The loading cert. gives it 34 seats – it has a comfortable, belted courier seat at the front. – Ed.) Now that this coach is based at Kapiti, 28-seat Izusu/Designline 54/NI 4961, has returned to Porirua.

From 2 July, all Waikanae routes operate a slightly modified Route 77 (ie taking in both north and south beach loops. Lindale is no longer served by nearly every bus. Instead, there is a three- times-a-day shuttle from Monday to Friday during the term time of Whitireia Poly.  


                        FROM THE PRESIDENT… Peter Rendall has recently visited Brisbane and offers this guide to happy gricing there.

Bus Enthusiasts’ Brisbane


The first thing is to allow plenty of time…..  It’s a big city, and the area is even bigger if you include the Gold Coast – which is about 90 minutes by train. The journey is well worth it – where else handy can you ride 3’6” suburban electrics at up to 140 km/hr?!

Must sees

Queen Street Bus Station, which acts as a hub for services south, SE and SW of the CBD.  It’s also home to the bus information centre – which keeps office hours – but is a source of timetables, maps etc. If you persuade them to give you a copy of the now out of print “Brisbane Public Transport Directory”,  it’s a great help – otherwise the complete set of timetable leaflets make up a stack 9cm (3.5 inches) high… Their usual response seems to be ring Transinfo on 131230…

The South Eastern Busway – take a 111 – run every 10 mins off peak and do the busway end to end. The only bit you miss is the Wollongabba bus station – but you can get there on other services eg. 210, 211. Total length is about 10km, there are a number of stations on it, and max speed is 100km/hr - also runs past one of the BCC depots.

The Inner Northern Busway is not so intensively used – 300 group series seem to use it mostly… 

Toowong is the main bus depot, with workshops. Can be accessed by a range of services, but the 598/599 Great Circle run stops out front. Hint – Take a Zone 1 – 4 ticket and ride this one… takes hours and goes right around the city at about a 5km radius from the centre – but you get to see the place without hassle.

Fare system is complex – easy option is a Daily ticket – valid all bus, train and ferry services. Work out the furthest trip you want to do – hint – calculate from centre of city. Cheaper option is Off peak Daily – but can be used only from 0900 to 1530, 1900 to end of services (or all day Sat & Sun).  Nambour (northern limit of suburban trains and 104kms from Roma St) is 17 Zones, Robina (85km) on Gold Coast is 15 Zones, and Rosewood (westernmost “suburban” station) is 9 Zones (57km). Current cost of a 17 Zone daily is about $25. 

Railway museum at North Ipswich is worth a visit (do behind scenes tours to see more locos).  Hourly bus service from Ipswich Station… 20 minutes to walk. Operating rail museum is at Rosewood (last Sunday of month)… 5 minute walk from Station.  Tramway museum is at Ferny Grove (5 minute walk from station) - operates Sunday afternoons….

Bus MuseumQueensland Omnibus and Coach Society has a large collection of buses (see photo below) – access not open to public but if anyone is going over, talk to me and I’ll arrange to put you in touch with the guys – a hospitable lot.   QOCS members can also facilitate visits to local operators and depots – there are more than 30 operators in the Greater Brisbane area excluding the BCC – you need a local guide !  Surfside on the Gold Coast has 100’s of buses, and even medium-sized operators have 15 – 20 units.  Mt Gravatt has the only Leyland Tiger artic ever made…. The National that came to NZ was donated by Surfside to the QOCS….  And if you want country buses, Murwillumbah in Northern NSW [about 30km from Coolangatta (Robina)] is the place – for a town of 7400 people it’s great – at least 5 operators and heaps of buses – be around before and after school – and there are quite a number of schools.

Very hard to get railway photos – high mesh fences (to stop idiots throwing things at trains) are now being supplemented by high sound-blanking walls. You can get some from station platform ends, edges of overbridges, level crossings and from ground under bridges etc. Hint – First floor carpark at Toombul Centro allows good telephoto shots of trains on airport viaduct. Sun ok early morning and late afternoon.

If you want to look at the view and visit Botanical Gardens, use the 491 bus for the top of Mt Coottha.

QOCS vehicles

Some of the QOCS  vehicles.                   Photo: Peter Rendall


INTERNATIONAL… The mundane nature of the following details points up the horror and tragedy in which they became involved in July, 2005. Stagecoach London operated Transbus (Dennis) Trident 17758/LX03BUF, Alexander-bodied, of 2003, was the double-decker bombed by terrorists in London on 7 July, with tragic loss of life.


ENQUIRIES… As noted in the last RUNNING SHEET, I should like to know the new owner and location of Mana 46, if anyone out there knows anything.

                                      Peter B. also had three queries in the last issue which I’ll repeat as follows: (i) What are the present whereabouts of Mana’s ex-CTB Bristol RE #1? (ii) Information is required about Leopard Coachlines’ current Christchurch operation – what vehicles are in the fleet, with makes, models, fleet numbers, registrations. (iii) EV6635, WCT Daimler tower truck No.15 – this vehicle has been restored as a Daimler truck by John Veneberg. It has an original sleeve valve engine and is in running order. Photos, old registration numbers are needed – its early history is required for registration.

                                    ... Mike Butler, our excellent website meister, is appealing for photos of Leyland Leopards in WCT service, especially those in unusual colour schemes. He can scan photos for those who don’t have a scanner or you can scan them and email them to Mike at  He advises that for good reproduction on the web, scanning at 300dpi and then producing a .jpg file works best. His home phone is (04) 383 8143 and his address is 146 Clyde Street, Island Bay, Wellington.

                                    Please also note the query concerning Mana’s MANs 16 and 17, newly arrived in the Porirua fleet, ex-Leopard. (on Page 5)


Note: I’m quite happy to make an Enquiries section an occasional, or even a regular,  feature if readers of this Newsletter send me their queries. We do circulate to a wide pool of knowledge.  



            Mike Secker, 63 Glen Road, Raumati South, Kapiti  6010.  Ph: (04) 902 1173  Fax: (04) 902 1174  Mob: 027 426 7901




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