The Omnibus Society Fleet

374 - 1962 AEC Reliance 2MU2RAE

Graeme Inwood

First Registered: 1962.

Bodybuilder: N.Z.M.B.

No of seats: B40D.

1st Owner: W.C.T. 374.

2nd Owner: W.C.T. Museum.

3rd Owner: Omnibus Society.

Chassis Number: 3743.

Registration: EV6923.

Into Service:

Out of Service:

Joined OS Fleet:

Current Status: Paint and panel work required, currently stored in Wairarapa

History: Recieved a quick red paint job after joining the society fleet, but now inline for a more formal repaint. With Dennis White's immaculate Mk 2 around, 374 has been a lower priority to return to original colours.

Dennis White Driving School 358 - Graeme Inwood

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