The Omnibus Society Fleet

3164 - 1960 Bedford SB3

First Registered: 1960.

Bodybuilder: N.Z.M.B.

No of seats: DP30+10F Omnicoach

1st Owner: N.Z.R.R.S. 3164

2nd Owner: Bicknells Kahutara 1978

3rd Owner: Peter Rendall

4th Owner: Omnibus Society

Chassis Number: 68421

Registration: DU9957

Into Service: 1960

Out of Service: 1978

Joined OS Fleet:

Current Status: Stored

History: Sold by N.Z.R.R.S. on 11 Nov 1978. Was vandalised when parked outside and most windows and glass work was broken. Now stored inside at Opaki awaiting restoration. Most replacement glass has been sourced from another omnicoach awaiting installation. Sponsorship from a glass fitting company to bring this vehicle baack to a useable state could be a great promotional tool.

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