Wade 220T Coaches

Wade coach chassis were manufactured by Tasman Special Vehicles of Cambridge and distributed by Wade Motors of Hamilton. Only 4 were produced. All had dual rear axles with drive from the mid-engine to the rearmost axle.

The buses on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 4 March 2010

Ford Wade 220T Chassis 1001

This was used by NZ Motor Bodies as a demonstrator for the Tourliner C46F body. It passed through the ownership of Guthrey's, Madge and Ritchies. After a spell at Otorohanga it passed to The Party Bus Company in Auckland. Simmons Machinery are dealer specialising mostly in agricultural equipment. Thenbus was off the road from mid 2003 till late 2006

Guthrey Coachlines Ltd, Wellington?9 Dec 1981KI503 
Madge Coach Lines, Palmerston North10620 Sep 1983KI503 
Madge Coach Lines, Palmerston North10610 Jun 1987ND8254 
Ritches Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru20629 Sep 1987ND8254 
Simmons Machinery Ltd, Te Awamutu.2 Aug 1996ND8254 
F H G Stott, Otorohanga.18 Oct 1996ND8254 
The Party Bus Company Ltd, Auckland.27 Feb 2003ND8254 
A P George, Kumeu, Auckland.15 Jul 2005ND8254 
A A Peach, Mangere, Auckland.13 Mar 2006ND8254Reg on hold 2006

Wade Chassis 1002

Madge 110 Wade

Madge 110 at Palmerston North depot Aug 2004

This coach was fitted with a Hawke Supercruiser C46F and supplied new to Blue and White Tours, a trading name of Whangarei Bus Services Ltd. At some time the front of the bus was modified.

Whangarei Bus Services Ltd?11 Aug 1982KT2875
Madge Coach Lines, Palmerston North1104 Oct 1984KT2875
Madge Coach Lines, Palmerston North1104 Jun 1987ND8252

Wade 220T Chassis 1003

Karapiro 2 Wade

Karapiro Tours Wade 220T Photo Graeme Inwood

The third Wade was delivered new to Madge Motors. Vehicle Registration records for this vehicle appear to have some problems with accuracy of information. The engine and chassis numbers have been exchanged. The axle configuration is shown as 3-Axle twin-steer + single drive and with a rather optimistic seating capcity of 65. Also Ritchies are recorded as Retchies. This coach is now being used a few kilometres from where it was constructed.

Madge Coach Lines, Palmerston North10517 Mar 1983LD813 
Ritchies Transport Holdings, Timaru20529 Sep 1987ND8253 
G & M Roigard, Papamoa.12 Jun 1995ND8253 
Karapiro Tours & Charter (L & D Roigard), Karapiro215 Dec 2003ND8253for sale since 2008 but still used

Wade 220T Chassis 1004

The last Wade was also delivered directly to Madge Motors. It was equipped with a C46F Tourliner II body. As with 1003 the Vehicle Registration records for this vehicle appear to have some problems with accuracy of information. The engine and chassis numbers have been exchanged. The axle confiuration is shown as 2-Axle but the photograph, taken at Ritchies Tinwald depot October 2004, confirms it had the same axle arrangement as the other 3 Wades. Photo Mike Butler

Madge Coach Lines, Palmerston North10718 Aug 1983LE4645 
Madge Coach Lines, Palmerston North10710 Jun 1987ND8250 
Ritchies Transport Holdings, Timaru20729 Sep 1987ND8250 
M J Ngatai, Christchurch 26 Jan 2007ND8250Race Car Transporter
3 Jan 2008HUSSIN
21 Jan 20091NZO9


Leader A4208

In 1979 Wade Motors Ltd of Hamilton were the New Zealand distributors for Leader and supplied the only Leader bus in New Zealand to Black & White Buses of Tauranga. It is fitted with a NZMB Hess B53F body. Chassis number A4PA21112. Later a CWI Ranger front was fitted.

Black and White Buses Ltd, Tauranga1414 Nov 1979JJ2080
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga14?15 Sep 1989JJ2080
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga14?11 Feb 1991PS2171
Normans Motors Ltd, Kamo, Whangarei1431 Dec 1996PS2171
Black and White Leader

Black & White Coachlines #14 with the original front. Photo Don Roberts.

Norman Motors Leader

Norman Motors #14 Leader. Photo Mike Butler.


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Sean Millar "From Moa to Olymbus" 2003 was the initial source of data.