Auckland Regional Authority Peanuts

Between 1977 and 1980 Auckland Regional Authority acquired 96 Mercedes Benz 0303 buses with New Zealand Motor Bodies DP41D bodies. These buses were used for longer services and charters although in busy periods they could be found operating on many shorter servces (eg Onehunga) as well.

The first of these was number 1001. At the time ETA Foods who made peanut butter and marketed nuts had an advertising campaign around the theme of 1000 peanuts in every jar of peanut butter. Chief character of the ads which appeared on TV and in print media was an animated peanut called Peanut 1001. The connection between 1001 and peanuts in popular culture was so strong that the series became known as ARA "peanuts".

In 1985 bus 1010 was converted to a tag axle bus. 18 more were converted to tag axles for the 1990 Commonwealth games with capacity increased to 49 seats. Conversions were done at the ARA North Shore depot. These buses were disposed of in the early 1990's. Some were sold before ARA became Yellow Bus Company in 1991.

Fleet Data

The buses on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 2 May 2010.

1001-1032 1033-1064 1065-1096

1001 to 1032

Change of ownership from Auckland Regional Authority to Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd (the operating company for Yellow Bus Company) in 1991 is not recorded

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
100100252922/7/77IL8498 Pejay Marna Ltd, Taupo.IL849819/1/95Alpine Scenic Tours 
Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB3UU550827/2/97  
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo181UU550817/4/07  
10020025386/4/78IU7161 Western Haulage, Otautau.IU71612/1/90  
Western Motor & Tractor Services, Otautau.IU71615/12/96Same address 
P B Simon, Brighton Dunedin.IU716126/8/02  
M J Baillie, Ohauiti, Tauranga.IU716126/4/05Movan 
G R & J M Joll, Nelson.IU716111/10/05Movan 
M Michael, Palmerston.IU716122/2/08Movan; Reg on hold 09 
10030050153/7/78IX2455 Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku.IX245522/7/98B F Taverner; Reg on hold 06 
scrapped  11/3/08  
10040050099/5/78IU8244 Outdoor Pursuits Centre, Turangi.IU824415/8/91  
Turangi Coachlines36IU824412/4/99last COF 1998(fail) 
Turangi Coachlines36AHY23615/3/02Restored 2004 
1005.9/5/78IX2456 Written off while owned by ARA..1979 
10060049899/5/78IU8245 Blue Worth Coachlines(Go-Bus Transport Ltd)165IU824523/12/97Tag Axle
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai186CLA1521/1/05Tag Axle; CoF 04/09 
scrapped  22/1/10  
10070050291978IX2457 Ritchies273?IX2457.Reg not on LTSA database 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd273RU6328.Rebodied. Chassis on reg is 8120 
100800512911/8/ LTSA record 
100900514011/8/78IX3255 Reesby Buses Ltd, Rotorua2IX325527/5/92  
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch?IX325527/1/95  
Hato Paora College, Feilding IX32551/7/96  
Alpha Buses Ltd, Feilding?IX32556/5/03Transfer not completed 
Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB21BRE28011/11/03 
Waipawa Buses Ltd?BRE28017/4/07  
written off  21/10/08Damaged in collision 29 May 08 
101000501811/8/78IX3256 Bayes Coachlines, Albany49IX325617/9/91Tag Axle 
Bayes Coachlines, Albany49ZD162419/5/00 
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku?ZD162431/3/07Cof exp 06/08 
J R Angelo, Auckland?ZD162411/2/09Reg on hold 08 
101100515011/8/78IX3257 Simpsons Bus Service, Huntly.IX325724/12/97(Simpsons Farms Ltd) 
Hamilton City Buses Ltd48IX32579/6/98Tag Axle 
Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB18IX325716/1/03  
Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB18BFH37017/4/03no number painted on bus 
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo177BFH37017/4/07  
101200693912/9/78IX3950 Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt1012IX39501/3/00Tag Axle 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt1012IX395029/1/03(North City Bus Ltd, Upper Hutt)
Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB26IX395013/4/05 
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai CWF28028/5/06reg on hold 08 
scrapped  2/12/09  
101300695412/9/78IX3951 Bayes Coachlines, Albany50IX395127/9/91Tag Axle 
Bayes Coachlines, Albany50ZI681027/7/00 
R M Johnson, Te Puke ZI681016/4/08  
S D & W G Blackburn, Auckland ZI68104/12/08Movan 
W G Blackburn, Auckland ZI681023/3/10Movan 
101400696812/9/78IX3952 3-Way Motors, Piopio25IX395224/6/97 
101500698412/9/78IX3953 Auckland Regional Authority1015NY868016/9/88Tag Axle 
Richard Hanham, Albany2NY868020/1/89  
Hanham's Buses Ltd, Albany2NY868013/6/90  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Balclutha301NY868017/6/05  
P M Cox, Temuka NY868012/2/08Movan 
101600730112/9/78IX3954 Auckland Regional Authority1016NY867916/9/88Tag Axle 
Richard Hanham, Albany1NY867928/9/88  
Hanham's Buses Ltd, Albany1NY867913/6/90  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Auckland300NY867917/6/05  
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku NY867929/1/08Brian Taverner 
B Cinotti, Mt Roskill, Auckland NY86793/12/08  
M L Scott, Hamilton NY867923/6/09  
10170051615/10/78IX4148 Auckland Regional Authority1017NX199010/8/88  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd49RF783320/2/92  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd49NCS498/8/96  
Mana Coach Services Ltd49NCS492/11/98Change of legal owner only 
Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB16NCS4913/3/02 
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo?NCS4917/4/07  
Mangateretere School, Hastings?NCS491/3/10  
10180072885/10/78IX4149 Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd1018RM744015/7/92Yellow Bus Co 
Gubbs Motors, Warkworth21RM744026/5/98 
Wymer Bus Service, Waiuku?RM744022/2/08Estate of H J S Wymer 
P A Morris, Waiuku RM74408/4/10  
10190072515/10/78IX4150 A Curtisy Tours(Ken & Tracey Curtis).IX415020/4/98  
Bethlehem Coaches (N D Jamieson), Tauranga47IX415016/7/01  
Bethlehem Coaches (N D Jamieson), Tauranga47BEP93021/3/03Marist Rugby livery 
Bethlehem Coaches, Tauranga47BEP93018/8/05Ken Frew Holdings Ltd; Marist Rugby livery
R E & K Montgomery, Taupo BEP9303/6/08Movan? 
B J Tingle, Matamata BEP9306/10/08Movan 
10200072755/10/78 IX4151 Great Fun Bus Co, Auckland?IX415129/6/95  
Comfort Coach Lines 1995 Ltd, Christchurch?TP86956/10/95  
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn38TP86958/9/00  
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn38CCL85821/7/04 
New Zealand Discovery Ltd, Glendene, Auckland CCL8583/5/07  
information not available CCL85831/7/11CoF exp 12/11 
102100702513/11/78JA1467 Bethlehem Coaches, Tauranga38JA146718/7/97Tag Axle (Innoculations Ltd) 
Bethlehem Coaches, Tauranga38JA146728/2/02(Ken Frew Holdings)
P A Morris, Waiuku JA14678/4/10  
102200701013/11/78JA1468 Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd, Te Awamutu.JA146820/1/98Tag Axle 
Hamilton City Buses49JA14689/6/98  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai185CLA1411/1/05Reg on hold 08 
scrapped  13/1/10  
102300704013/11/78JA1469 Homeward Bound Group, Warkworth.JA14698/6/98Wrought iron products 
Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB8JA146916/11/98  
Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB8XS525518/2/99 
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo XS525517/4/07  
K H Bankart, Tauranga XS525511/6/07Movan 
102400699613/11/78JA1470Scrapped...No LTSA record 
102500738813/11/78JA1471 D A & R S Dryland, Hamilton.JA14719/4/98Movan 
D R Mullins, Taumarunui JA147127/5/08Movan 
D A Dryland, Hamilton JA147131/10/08Movan 
102600742712/12/78JA2138 Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate School, Mangere.JA213824/9/97  
102700737612/12/78JA2139 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd401JA2139.No LTSA reg record 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd264TB604716/12/94rebuild 
10283011026100741412/12/78JA2140 Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd1028BLOOD116/5/95  
Auckland Healthcare Services Ltd.BLOOD112/12/95  
NZ Blood Service Ltd.BLOOD121/7/98  
South Pacific Staging Ltd, Swanson.APR46530/4/02 Change of plate 15/4/02; CoF exp 08/02 
Registration lapsed. 8/8/05  
102900755513/11/78JA1472 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd402JA147217/9/91  
NZ Bus Rentals (V Chalk & K Carrington), Woodville.JA14723/3/04 being renovated; Reg on hold 04 
103000755619/2/79JD613Scrapped...No LTSA record 
103100754319/2/79JD614 Tav's Coachline Waiuku.JD61411/12/97Tag Axle 
The Party Bus Co, Whenuapai.DBQ49114/12/05Tag Axle; Reg on hold 08 
scrapped  30/9/09  
103200754219/2/79JD615Ritches, Timaru?403?.  The current Ritchie 403 is an 0305. No longer registered 


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1033 to 1064

Change of ownership from Auckland Regional Authority to Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd (the operating company for Yellow Bus Company) in 1991 is not recorded
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
103300757019/2/79JD616 Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt1033JD61631/1/00Tag Axle 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt1033JD61629/1/03North City Bus Ltd 
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku JD6163/12/05  
S D & G Fraser, Te Puke JD61624/6/08Reg on hold 08 
10340075691/3/79JD798 Reesby Buses Ltd, Rotorua4JD7986/11/91  
Cambridge Travel Lines33JD79820/11/91 (Tauwhare Transport Ltd); reg on hold 05 
M N Pidduck, Papamoa JD79810/12/07 Reg on hold 05 
1035075821/3/79JD799 Ritches Transport Holding Ltd404JD7991991?  
Ritches Transport Holding Ltd266??????rebuild burnt in Homer Tunnel Nov 02 
10360075811/3/79JD800 Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt1036JD80031/1/00Tag Axle 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt1036JD80029/1/03North City Bus Ltd
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai DBQ48512/12/05CoF exp 11/06 
scrapped  5/10/07  
10370079871/3/79JD821 Ritches Transport Holdings Ltd405JD82117/9/91  
Ritches Transport Holdings Ltd283SK781414/3/94Rebodied 
10380078991/3/79JD822 Cambridge Travel Lines32JD82223/5/91Tauwhare Transport Ltd; CoF exp 04/07 
scrapped  26/11/07  
10390078961979JD1322Ritchies422JD1322 .No LTSA record 
10400078983/4/79JD1323 Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt1040JD132316/4/99Tag Axle 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt1040JD132329/1/03North City Bus Ltd 
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku JD132324/9/05Brian Tavenerer 
J R Angelo, Mt Eden, Auckland JD132330/6/08CoF exp 12/07; To Porirua 09; Paraparaumu 10 
10410081123/4/79JD1324 Katikati Bus Company8JD132427/9/91 
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku JD132420/4/07Brian Tavenerer 
K Pervan, Waiuku JD132412/1/09  
reg lapsed  8/2/10  
10420081193/4/79JD1325 Alpine Scenic Tours, Taupo.JD132513/6/94  
Alpine Scenic Tours, Taupo.APM3481/5/02Pejay Marna Ltd 
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo.APM34831/8/07  
withdrawn from use  28/11/07  
10430081133/5/79JD1675 Homeward Bound Group NZ Ltd, Warkworth.JD16758/6/98Movan? No COF 
Silver Star Farm, Waitakere.JD167516/6/98Dismantler. No COF 
10440083093/5/79JD1676 Swasbrook Event Management, Auckland2JD167610/3/95  
Swasbrook Event Management, Auckland2TN578226/7/95 
Auckland Tour & Event Management5SWAS513/8/04 
10450083183/5/79JD1677 R Jenkins, Manly, Auckland.JD167723/7/97Movan 
T & C Alderton, Wellsford.JD16774/9/97 Movan; For sale at Sheepworld Warkworth 11; Reg on hold 08 
10460081205/6/79JG4618 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd277?JG4618c1991No LTSA record 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd277RR965724/12/92Rebodied 
10470082995/6/79JG4616 Transporation Auckland Corp Ltd1047SH249219/11/93The Yellow Bus Co 
Katikati Bus Company14SH24926/3/98 
J & S Buses, Papakura SH24928/3/06James Taia 
Tavs Coachlines, Waiuku SH249225/7/06Brian Taverner 
L A Palamountain & M P Kingi, Whangarei SH249226/6/09movan 
10480082915/6/79JG4617 Katikati Bus Company15JG46176/3/98  
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku JG461720/4/07Brian Tavenerer; Reg on hold 08 
104900900711/7/79IB8095No LTSA record.E60N.Movan 
105000902011/7/79IB8096 Bayes Coachlines, Albany74UC423127/3/96 
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku?UC42317/8/06Brian Taverner 
G B Ward, Ngaruawahia UC423120/11/08Reg on hold 09 
105100899616/8/79JG5925Scrapped...No LTSA record 
105200905516/8/79JG5926 Richard Hanham, Albany3JG592612/7/89Tag Axle 
Hanham's Buses Ltd, Albany3JG592613/6/90  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Auckland303JG592617/6/05Reg on hold 06 
withdrawn from use  23/9/08  
105300904416/8/79JG5927 Hanham's Buses Ltd, Albany4JG59276/7/90  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Auckland305JG592717/6/05  
Favona Charter Service, Auckland JG592725/2/06Peter Fairgray & Gordon Snow 
North Harbour Motors, Auckland JG592726/6/08Michael Painter 
Alpha Omega Fellowship, Manurewa JG592729/9/08Gordon Snow 
D R & G R Boswell, Hikuai JG592731/3/10Reg on hold 10 
105400906811/9/79JG6294 Dempsey Buses Ltd, Raetihi.JG629426/5/92Tag axle
R N Gillard, Marton JG62947/11/08CoF exp 04/09 
105500909111/9/79JG6295 Gubbs Motors Ltd, Warkworth22JG629526/5/98Tag axle
National Expeditors Ltd, Ohakune?JG629514/12/07Tag axle; Reg on hold 08 
105600910311/9/79JG6296 scrapped by ARA..17/8/88Accident damaged 
10570187509/10/79JL872 Taxi Liner Ltd, Papatoetoe.JL87230/9/97  
Alpha & Omega bus Co, Mangere.JL87230/6/00G Snow 
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku.JL87228/7/01  
Favona Charter Service, Mangere.JL87213/6/06P Fairgray & Gordon Snow
M B F Taverner, Hamilton.JL87219/5/08Reg on hold 08 
10580187059/10/79JL873 Alpine Scenic Tours, Taupo?JL87331/1/95Pejay Marna Ltd 
Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB4WO72433/11/97  
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo WO724317/4/07Reg on hold 09 
10590187711979JL874scrapped...No LTSA record 
10600187279/10/79JL875 Newlands Coach Service Ltd, Wellington48PZ47915/11/91 to NCS48 Aug96 
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua148NCS48 2/11/98Mana/Newlands merger 
Katikati Bus Company19NCS4818/1/02  
withdrawn from use  24/2/06  
10610188337/12/79JL2161 Auckland Regional Council1061PT713029/4/91  
Turangi Coach Lines30PT713015/8/91CoF exp 12/08 
withdrawn from use  14/9/09  
10620188131980JN1688 Comfort Coachlines, Auckland?JN168829/6/95  
Comfort Coachline 1995 Ltd, Christchurch?TN48306/10/95reg lapsed Mar 00 
Swasbrook Tour & Event Management Ltd, Auckland1SWAS126/4/01Perm reg ZZ9472
Auckland Tour & Event Management Ltd, Auckland1SWAS113/8/04  
Taupo Passenger Services Ltd?CRY82523/12/05chg plate 23/6/05 
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo190CRY82517/4/07  
10630187921/2/80JN1689 Comfort Coachlines, Royal Oak, Auckland?JN168929/6/95  
Comfort Coachline 1995 Ltd, Christchurch?TR906325/10/95  
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn37TR906319/10/00 
Queen Charlotte Sounds Connection Ltd, Picton??TR906322/1/03 
C B Charters, Picton??TR906328/8/08A Coia
10640188551/2/80JN1690 Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB1JN16905/6/91  
Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB1UJ338918/7/96  
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo179UJ338917/4/07  


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1065 to 1096

Change of ownership from Auckland Regional Authority to Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd (the operating company for Yellow Bus Company) in 1991 is not recorded
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
10650196951/2/80JN1691 Newlands Coach Service Ltd,Wellington47PZ47921/10/91  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd,Wellington47NCS478/8/96  
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua47NCS472/11/98Merger 
Katikati Bus Company Ltd3NCS4720/11/02  
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku?NCS4719/10/07Brian Taverner; CoF exp 07/08 
G S Pike, Hamilton NCS473/10/08Reg on hold 08 
10660197344/3/80JN2203 Newlands Coach Service Ltd,Wellington46PZ47591/10/91  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd,Wellington46NCS468/8/96  
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua46NCS462/11/98Merger
Hanham's Buses Ltd, Albany7NCS4624/2/03  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd313NCS4617/6/05  
S P Harris, Panmure, Auckland NCS4623/5/07Reg on hold 07 
106701969416/4/80JP1504 Katikati Bus Co Ltd6JP150427/9/91  
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku JP150429/1/08  
I K Tuiono, Manurewa JP150424/12/08Reg on hold 09 
106801973316/4/80JP1505 Hato Paoara College, Feilding?JP150511/7/91  
Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB11JP150516/11/99  
Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB11YR889319/1/00  
scrapped  21/4/06  
106901977316/4/80JP1506 Dobson Motors Ltd, Te Kuiti12JP15061/5/95  
Dobson Motors Ltd, Te Kuiti12TG239626/5/95  
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku TG239611/7/06Brian Taverner; CoF exp 11/07 
J R Angelo, Mt Eden, Auckland TG239614/5/08No CoF; To Porirua 09 
Bedpackers Ltd, Hamilton TG239616/2/10Reg on hold 07 VIN 7A8K9120995019773 
10700198349/5/80JQ9728 Auckland Regional Council1070NY939214/10/88Tag Axle 
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt1070NY939231/1/00  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt1070NY939229/1/03North City Bus Ltd
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku NY939222/3/06Brian Taverner 
M Walker, Otaki NY939225/7/08Reg on hold 
L M Dugmore, Christchurch EQN93313/2/09Reg on hold 08 
10710197749/5/80JQ9729 Ritchies Transport Holding Ltd406JQ972917/9/91  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd282SK78577/3/94Rebodied 
107201981316/4/80JP1507 Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd1072RJ450331/3/92  
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Paraparaumu46RJ450316/5/92  
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Paraparaumu46RT753827/1/93  
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku RT75387/6/05  
J & S Buses, Papakura RT753825/7/06James Taia 
K W Baker, Blenheim RT753830/8/08Reg on hold 
E J Saunders, Blenheim RT75382/12/08Reg on hold 08 
10730199109/5/80JQ9730 Turangi Coachlines31JQ973013/10/92  
E A Ashton, Hope JQ973020/6/08Movan? Reg on hold 08 
10740203819/5/80JQ9731 Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt1074JQ973121/6/00Tag Axle 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt1074JQ973129/1/03North City Bus Ltd
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku JQ973117/2/06Brian Taverner 
E Au, Greenlane, Auckland JQ97317/4/08Reg on hold 08/08 
10750203171980JP1508 Transporation Auckland Corp Ltd1075RJ450231/3/92  
Mana Coach Services, Porirua45RJ450226/5/92Accident damaged 
written off  30/8/02  
Taupo Passenger Services Ltd RJ45021/10/02Purchased damaged for spares and dismantled 
10760203169/5/80JQ9732 Katikati Bus Company16JQ97328/7/98Tag Axle 
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku16JQ973228/8/06Brian Taverner; Reg on hold 08 
J R Angelo, Porirua JQ973220/10/08Reg on hold 08 To Paraparaumu 10; for sale Siverdale Feb 11 
10770203804/6/80JR2616 Eastbourne Bus Company17JR261617/9/91  
Cityline Hutt Valley17JR261615/7/94  
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt17JR261629/10/01 
North City Bus Ltd, Upper Hutt17JR261629/1/03Change of legal owner only 
J M Coxhead, Waiheke Is.JR261613/4/05Reg on hold 05 
10780204265/6/80JR2731 Ritchies Transport Holding Ltd???JR273114/8/92  
Ritchies Transport Holding Ltd279RU219712/3/93Rebodied; Cof exp 09/05 
10790204275/6/80JR2730 Hanham's Buses Ltd, Albany6JR273013/10/92  
Ritchies Transport Holding Ltd308JR273017/6/05  
W R Gregory, Whangarei JR273019/3/08Reg as truck 
10800204735/6/80 JR2729 Reesby Buses Ltd, Rotorua5JR272927/5/92  
Paul & Linda Cook, Pukekohe3TT42239/11/95  
Makora Coachlines, Mangere, Auckland3TT422330/11/98then 2 owners for a few days each
Tavs Coachlines, Waiuku?TT422323/8/00reg cancelled 4/3/02 
10810204745/6/80JR2728 Comfort Coachlines, Auckland.TN46629/6/95  
Comfort Coachlines 1995 Ltd, Christchurch.TN4666/10/95  
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn36TN4668/9/00  
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn36CCL86021/07/04 
10820209991980JR3296 Ritches Transport Holdings Ltd???JR329614/8/92  
Ritches Transport Holdings Ltd280RS598627/01/93Rebodied 
10830209788/7/80JR3297 C G & P M Tuck, Mt Maunaganui.JR32978/4/97Movan 
D L Dengelo, Glendowie, Auckland.JR329715/11/02Movan 
N Stipich, Panmure, Auckland.JR329724/12/09Unconfirmed Movan 
Registration lapsed  21/5/11  
10840209198/7/80JR3298 Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd1084RJ450131/3/92  
Mana Coach Services, Porirua44RJ45013/8/92  
Tavs Coachlines, Waiuku.RJ45015/6/03Reg on hold 07 
10850209608/7/80JR3299 Reesby Buses, Rotorua3JR329927/5/92  
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.JR329920/9/94  
Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB2UM275023/9/96  
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo UM275017/4/07  
108602104128/2/80JR9741 Bethlehem Coaches, Tauranga37JR974123/5/97(Innoculations Ltd) 
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga 37JR974128/2/02(Ken Frew Holdings) 
The Youth Movement Trust, Mt Wellington, Auckland DCKREW24/2/09S B & K E Tamaki; chg plate 24/3/09  
108702102020/8/80JW8024 Eastbourne Bus Company18JW802417/9/91  
Cityline Hutt Valley18JW802415/7/94  
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt18JW802429/10/01  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt18JW802429/1/03North City Bus Ltd 
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku JW802426/1/06Brian Taverner 
H Singh, Taupiri JW802426/5/08CoF exp 05/08 
108802104020/8/80JW8025Turangi Coachlines32JW8025 13/10/92  
10890210191980JW8026Scrapped Reg cancelled .JW802630/8/97  
109002161420/8/80JW8027 Reesby Buses Ltd, Rotorua1JW80276/11/91  
David Johnston, Hamilton?JW802711/11/91  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru427JW802718/3/92Ashburton 
NZ Bus Rentals, Woodville?JW802710/5/04Veronica Chalk & Ken Carrington; Reg on hold 
Tony Peers, Hamilton JW802723/3/06Reg on hold 
M R Morgan & C B MacDonald, Palmerston North JW802715/5/06Movan 
C B MacDonald, Palmerston North JW802713/3/09Movan; Reg on hold 08 
109102163720/8/80JW8028 Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd1091PZ475826/8/91  
Turangi Coachlines34PZ475822/4/97  
Turangi Coachlines34WJ120428/7/97  
109202159324/9/80JW8877 Taupo Passenger Services LtdMB6WW732021/4/98  
Te Taumata Training Ltd, Tauranga.WW732020/8/02M M Morris 
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga34WW732014/4/03Ken Frew Holdings Ltd
Dave Marsden, Maraetai, Auckland1092WW732015/4/13Charter service 
109302161524/9/80JW8878 Turangi Coachlines35JW88787/4/98  
Turangi Coachlines35XI461619/10/98  
109402156924/9/80JW8879 Bayes Coach Lines, Albany51JW887927/9/91Tag Axle 
Bayes Coach Lines, Albany51YW67889/2/00 
C D & T R Parsons, Morrinsville YW678821/3/09reg on hold 09 
109502156824/9/80JW8880 Wellington City Transport280JW88806/7/89Tag Axle 
Wellington City Transport280OI844728/9/89  
Turangi Coachlines33OI844721/4/93  
Turangi Coachlines33WS121911/2/98 
109602159224/9/80LA5164 Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt1096LA516421/6/00Tag Axle 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt1096LA516429/1/03North City Bus Ltd 
I D Watt, Tauranga.LA516411/3/05Movan; Reg on hold 09 


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Used Imports

McDermott Coaches Ltd

Austral body MB03033. Used import from Australia.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?WDB300315610499061988? McDermott Coaches Ltd, Winton43TA759016/12/94  

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RDS Coachlines

Halswell, Christchurch. Australian Import. Austral Denning C49FA.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?WDB600415610722061993? RDS Coachlines, Halswell, Christchurch?WM877619/9/97Roller Door Servcing Ltd 
RDS Coachlines Ltd, Halswell, Christchurch?WM877620/10/00  
RDS Coachlines, Bexley, Christchurch?WM877611/4/01R J Le Breton 
RDS Coachlines Ltd, Halswell, Christchurch?WM877617/5/01  
Voyager Coachlines Ltd, Mangere, Auckland3WM877612/11/03   
Driverite Co (1988) Lt, Mangere?CTM63827/5/11  

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Last updated 8 January 2012

My thanks to Ivan Prince for the original information for this page. Chassis numbers extracted from Sean Millar "New Zealand City Bus Fleets" 1980.

Background photo Graeme Bennett