Leyland Comet Buses and Coaches

The Leyland Comet was a medium wieght chassis introduced in 1948. Initial versions (ECPP1 and ECP01)were normal control and available with 300 cu in petrol and diesel engines although I think only the petrol engined ECPP1 came to New Zealand. These had a 210in wheelbase for a 27ft 6in body length In 1952 the chassis became forward control and was available with a 350 cu in diesel engine only. This version was the ECP02.1 with a 203 in wheelbase for a 30ft body length In 1962 this was replaced by the 12C.6RP with 370 cu in engine. This was joined in 1963 by th 13C.6RP with the Leyland O.400 engine. Production of these models ceased in 1968. Leyland produced the 13C.16RP until 1971 but none of these came to New Zealand.

This list is incomplete. Buses will be added as I come across them.

Eastbourne Bus Company

Comet forward control bus with NZMB bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
21L30790CQ14211/12/64 Bay Coachlines Ltd, Whakatane.CQ142119/12/77.
W G Geary, Tauranga?CQ14213/11/95Movan
M C Durrant, Tauranga?CQ14216/12/95Movan
S N Twigg, Greymouth?CQ14218/8/00Movan
R L & C A Hill, Oamaru?CQ142110/8/00Movan
T P Stevenson, Morrinsville?CQ142128/8/01Movan
R J O'Connor, Morrinsville?CQ14219/1/03Movan

Madge Motors (T S Madge Estate)

Palmerston North
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
2255437325/5/56ER9688 Madge Charabanc Motor Co Ltd22ER96885/10/72ECP02
Hanhams Buses, Auckland??ER968815/2/81.
G A Fair, Auckland??ER968811/7/84Movan?
C B Menhennet, Auckland??ER96885/3/86Movan
L G Menhennet, Auckland??ER968826/3/86Movan
D A Sjoberg, Henderson??ER968821/3/03Movan

Midland Motorway Services Ltd

Christchurch. All with Midland bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
04254382906/56? Marshall Motors, Dunedin?DK5106not knownECP02/1R C31F 
Newton Coachways, Dunedin5DK5106not known  
history unknown DK5106   
information not available XO41691/12/98Movan VIN 7A8B10G1098543829 
Tom Walker, Kohukohu XO416917/7/08Movan "Aphrodite"
63L1089129/5/64DV3426 Newton Coachways, Dunedin8HY860318/9/7212C.6RP 
Vickers Passenger Services Ltd, Balclutha46IZ53095/6/84  
P L Shanks, Milton IZ530915/9/89Movan 
G B Eaton, Dunedin IZ530923/4/93Movan 
A W & N Eason, Winton IZ530913/5/97Movan; Reg on hold 07 

NZ Railway Road Services

1708-1712 ECPP1RT with NZMB B33+16D bodies (5 buses)
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
170849284212/50P2.104 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Timaru1708P3.2171961.
17094928431/51P2.105 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Timaru1709P3.2181961.
17104935392/51P2.418 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Dunedin1710V3.3241961originally to Timaru
171149284512/50P2.106 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Timaru1711P3.2191961.
17124935362/51P2.419 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Dunedin1712P3.6171961.

1893-1902 ECPP1RT with NZMB bodies (10 buses)
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
189349353511/50P1.619 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, New Plymouth1893P.1681961B33+13D
189449515611/50P1.617 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, New Plymouth1894P.1691961B33+13D
189549515711/50P1.618 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, New Plymouth1895P.1701961B33+13D
189649516011/50P1.044 (56)     B33+13D, Rotorua
189749515810/50P2.833 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Auckland1895P.1701961B33+16D
189849353711/50  ? ?1963B33+16D Rotorua
189949353811/50  NZ Railway Road Services, New Plymouth1899P.1711961B33+16D
190049354010/50P1.046 (56)     B33+16D, Rotorua
190149354210/50  NZ Railway Road Services, Auckland1901P2.8341961B33+16D
190249284410/50P.726 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Auckland1902P2.8351961B33+16D

2038-2047 ECPP1 with NZMB B29+9F bodies (10 buses)
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
20384951779/51P.35 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Auckland2038P.351961 
20394951788/51P1.626 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, New Plymouth2039P.1781961orginally to Wellington
204049517910/51P1.627 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, New Plymouth2040? orginally to Wellington
20414966609/51P.717 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Auckland2041P1.9391961 
20424951761951P.718 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Auckland2042P1.9401961 
204349518010/51  NZ Railway Road Services, Rotorua2043P1.2431961 
20444951628/51P1.628 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, New Plymouth2044P.1741961orginally to Wellington
20454951869/51P1.629 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Masterton2045P.1751961orginally to Rotorua
204649666110/51P.891 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Auckland2046P1.9851961 
20474966749/51P1.048 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Rotorua2047P1.2441961 

2121-2140 EC02/4R forward control with NZMB B33+16D bodies (20 buses). These buses were fitted with Eaton 2 speed rear axles.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
21215232382/12/53P.735 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Auckland2121P1.9861961 
Buller Motorways Ltd, Westport23EZ290628/8/65 
B E Abraham, Ross EZ29066/5/86Movan
S Y Allen, Punakaiki EZ290616/9/94Movan
registration lapsed  14/4/03 
21225232393/3/54P1.630 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Napier2122P.1321961orginally to Wellington
NZ Railway Road Services, Napier2122EN62631966 
Byers Taxis Ltd, Waipawa?EN62638/1/71not used?
A R Ross, Hastings EN62631/3/73 
J B Morrison, Palmerston North EN626324/5/73 
A D MacGibbon, Hataitai EN62637/11/73Movan
E J Hazelwood, Kaiapoi EN626316/2/77Movan
C M Black, Belfast EN62639/8/78Movan
K T Rule, Christchurch EN62639/8/78Movan
A M McGregor, Spring Creek EN626310/9/86Movan
B A Shipley, Blenheim EN62631/12/86Movan
D J Columbus, Blenheim EN626316/7/97Movan
E A Ashton, Hope EN626326/2/07Movan; reg on hold 07
21235232374/53P1.631 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Napier2123P.1331961orginally to Wellington
NZ Railway Road Services, Napier2123EN62641966 
Tui Motors, Te Puke5EN626420/4/68 
21245232402/54P1.265 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Napier2124P1.0601961 
NZ Railway Road Services, Napier2124EN62711966 
Cambridge Travel Lines8EN627110/10/70 
21255233412/12/53P.36 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Kaitaia2125P1.5171961 
NZ Railway Road Services, Kaitaia2125EZ28741966 
D J Koni Motor Services Ltd, Manunui?EZ287414/12/68 
D J Koni Motor Services Ltd, Manunui?EZ287414/12/68 
Cambridge Travel Lines9EZ287411/6/71T N Pidduck
Cambridge Travel Lines9EZ287414/2/80Tauwhare Transport Ltd
I & A Julian, Cambridge EZ287423/12/87Movan?
registration lapsed EZ28744/7/98Movan?
212652324211/53P.37 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Kaitaia2126P1.5161961 
NZ Railway Road Services, Kaitaia2126EZ28731966 
??EZ28737/6/69plates have changed
21275232439/2/54P1.632 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Wellington2127P.1341961 
NZ Railway Road Services, wellington2127EV65411966 
Bluff Motors Ltd?EV654123/6/70 
Mid-Canterbury Transport, Ashburton?EV65417/1/72Mid Canterbury Industries Ltd
C Weightman, Christchurch EV65418/6/83Movan
Lancaster Motors Ltd, Christchurch EV654120/3/84Dealer
E Addy, Christchurch EV65412/7/85Movan
J Tapley, Ashburton EV654113/10/87Movan
L Tighe, Richmond EV65419/3/89Movan; Reg on hold 98
21285233573/54P1.633 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Wellington2128P.1351961 
NZ Railway Road Services, Wellington2128EV65181966 
T G Lowrie, Waipukurau3EV651817/5/70 
21295233594/54P1.634 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Wellington2129P.1361961 
NZ Railway Road Services, Wellington2129EV65421966District Engineers bus
? EV654215/11/69Movan; plates have changed
21305231563/54P1.635 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Wellington2130P.1371961 
NZ Railway Road Services, Wellington2130EV65431966 
Buller Motorways, Westport25EV654320/4/68plates have changed
213152315711/53P.38 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Kaitaia2131P1.5511961 
NZ Railway Road Services, Kaitaia2131EZ28761966 
Colvin, Orini?EZ28767/6/69 
213252335811/53P1.266 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Napier2132P1.0611961 
NZ Railway Road Services, Napier2132EN62721966 
Tui Motors, Te Puke17EN627230/4/68 
21335231583/53P1.267 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Napier2133P1.0621961 
NZ Railway Road Services, Napier2133EN62731966 
??EN627315/11/69plate has changed
21345231592/54P1.636 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Wellington2134P.1381961 
NZ Railway Road Services, Wellington2134EV65441966District Engineers bus
Cambridge Travel Lines5EV654416/12/69plates have changed
21355232336/6/53P1.637 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Wellington2135P.1391961 
NZ Railway Road Services, Wellington2135EV65451966 
Leopard Coachlines, Darfield?EV654525/5/70not on LTSA record
R Powell, Hokitika EV6545?movan
F R Horder, Wakefield EV654522/7/92movan
A C Woodhouse, Christchurch EV654518/1/95movan
B P Aymes & D J Tuner, Timaru EV654530/10/97movan
A S & K L Sim, Timaru EV65456/3/02movan
R R & B E Allan, Geraldine EV654531/1/06movan
21365232322/12/53P1.638 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Wellington2136P.1401961 
NZ Railway Road Services, Wellington2136EV65461966 
Jamieson Motors Taranaki Ltd, Stratford17EV65461/11/69 
Energy Plus Ltd, Feilding?EV654631/7/91 
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford1JAMO112/7/02change plates 29/8/02
21375232342/12/53P1.639 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Wellington2137P.1411961 
NZ Railway Road Services, Napier2137EN62651966 
Hawke Bros Ltd, Takanini EN626515/11/69Dealer
Tui Motors Ltd, Te Puke18EN626523/12/69 
J J Caldwell, Rotorua EN626511/6/84Movan
C W Caldwell & N M Hayes, Auckland EN626511/6/85Movan
registration lapsed  1/7/97 
21385232359/2/54P.39 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Kaitaia2137EZ28721966District Engineers Bus (Auckland?)
Frank Cavill, Mangakino?EZ28728/8/68 
Mangakino Buses Ltd?EZ287217/9/70 
B Bradshaw, Porirua EZ28726/11/73Movan
P S Muschamp, Otaki EZ287212/6/82Movan
J W Le Cheminant, Nelson EZ287210/1/91Movan
S Boyd, Wakefield EZ287229/3/93Movan
M Raffills, Nelson EZ287230/9/94Movan
registration lapsed &nsbp;3/7/99 
D J & M Raffills, Nelson ZT982119/1/01Movan
K C Rogers, Nelson ZT98215/4/01Movan; Reg on hold 01
213952324011/53P.736 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Kaitaia2139EZ28751966originally to Auckland
Lupton, Helnesville?EZ287528/8/65 
21405232459/2/54P.737 (56) NZ Railway Road Services, Auckland2140P1.9871966 
NZ Railway Road Services, Auckland2140EZ34271966 
Ray Vincent Ltd, Penrose EZ342712/8/65Dealer
Tui Motors Ltd, Te Puke3EZ34273/9/65 
Greengold Corporation Ltd, Tauranga EZ342724/7/85 
P S Keesing, Katikati EZ342713/5/86Movan
P I Stephens, Opotiki EZ342712/10/93Movan
N R Reid, Te Puke EZ342724/5/96Movan; Reg on hold 98

Red Bus Service

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
6..EM1906....No LTSA Recod

William Shearer

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?5534991955CW2207 R G Thomas, Winchester CW220730/11/92
D S Thomas & A L Cleghorn, Hampden CW220717/3/95Movan
R K Dodgshun, Oamaru CW220727/5/98Movan; Reg on hold
G B Haynes, Ashburton CW220720/9/02Movan; Reg on hold
I G Norris, Christchurch CW22074/12/02Movan; Reg on hold
D J Brown, Christchurch CW220719/4/09Movan; Reg on hold 97

Weld Motors

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
.53309424/9/53EQ1108 Millars, Patea9EQ11083/2/65.
No information available EQ110816/2/73plus 4 more owners
No information available EQ11085/12/94Movan Reg on hold 95


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