NST Buses

The North Shore Transport Co Ltd did some interesting things with buses. The developments commenced with an underfloor conversion of a Mack CB chassis. In 1965 three buses were built. 2 NST Macks and the Keas Mk I. In 1969 two new Kea MkII coaches were built. After takeover by ARA 26 Bedford VAM buses (ex, North shore, Suburban, ABC and PTC) were converted to use Isuzu 6BD1 engines. 18 of these were modifed to mid-engined buses and 14 got Alison automatic gearboxes (13 got both). In 1985 a Bedford VAl was converted from twin-steer to single fromt axle and a Gardner engine installed (along with a hideous grille). Also commencing in 1985 ?? of the ARA 0303s had tag axles and abody extention fitted at the North Shore workshops increasing setting from 41 to 49. The rapid expansion of North Shore following the opening of Auckland Harbour Bridge in 1957 must have placed severe strains on both North Shore Transport and other transport interests of the Davies family. Was shortage of capital a factor in the decision to rebuild buses?


This bus started life with NZ Railways. It was rebuilt in 1960s by North Shore Transport with a mid mounted underfloor AEC AH690 engine and a new NZMB B47D body. A number of engines were installed later in life including a V8 Perkins while with ARA. The permanent plate was issued in 1965.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
18632466D7/6/51pre perm reg North Shore Transport Ltd105EX965320/2/57.
Auckland Regional Authority905EX965316/4/73.
Ray Vincent Ltd.EX965326/6/86.
Orewa Transport 1986 Ltd, Dairy Flat.EX96535/4/88.
S M Loane, Maungaturoto.EX965328/1/97CoF exp 7/97
owner unknown.EX96531/11/04SH16 between Tauhoa and Mangakura

NST 105

NST 105 an underfloor engined Mack in service with North Shore Transport. Photo Wayne Duncan

NST Mack

Two buses constructed from components of scrapped Bedford and Mack chassis with Leyland O.680 engines. The bodies are NZMB.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1412336523/3/65EX9688 Auckland Regional Authority941EX968816/4/73B45D
Shore Watersports Ltd?EX96887/6/78.
Orewa Transport 1986 Ltd, Dairy Flat.EX96888/6/89.
L T Farnworth, Tauranga.EX968825/6/97Movan
S McGregor, Paengaroa.EX968817/10/97Movan
R C Curtis, Lower Hutt.EX968812/12/01Movan
144270522/12/65DB9044 Auckland Regional Authority944DB904416/4/73B44D
Ray Vincent Ltd?DB904413/2/87.
V W McVeigh, Otahuhu?DB904423/4/87Movan?
T R & R J Dalbeath, Mt Maunganui?DB904422/7/91Movan
P & R A Barton, Ranui, Auckland?DB90443/1/01Movan

NST Mack Movan

NST Mack EX9688 highly modified as a movan June 2005. Photo Mike Butler

Kea Mark I

Kea mk1 with ARA

Kea Mk I with three doors as ARA 943. Photo John Gilmour

This bus was built by North Shore Transport using imported components. The engine is a horizontal rear mounted AEC AH505. The NZMB body was initally B43T later B45D. Neville Jarvis believes the chassis is a Ford Thames 36.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
14311752225/11/65DB8990 Auckland Regional Authority943DB899016/4/73.
Orewa Transport (1984) Ltd, Dairy Flat.DB899018/9/86.
Explorer Bus Ltd, Penrose.DB89905/12/97.
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai.DB899026/11/99"Lucille"
J Van De Voo, Royal Heights, Auckland.DB899027/1/03No CoF
taken off road (I hope not scrapped).DB899027/8/03.

Kea MkI as a party bus

Kea MkI as a Party Bus. Photo Ian Prince

Kea Mark II

Two coaches built at North Shore Transport workshops. They were used initally by Johnstons Coaches, another part of Auckland Transport Holdings Ltd and then sold to Midland Coachlines. They stayed together throughout their working life and both are now Movans. The coaches had NZMB C41F? bodies. Initially the buses ahd AEC 505 engines and gearboxes. These were quickly replaced with Detroit Diesel V6s driving through Allison automatic transmission.

Johstons Kiwi 31

Kea Kiwi 31 at Diana Drive c1970. Photo Peter Trevor

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
Kiwi 301969113/11/69EG797 Midland Coachlines Ltd103EG7975/3/71.
Palmerston North City Corporation16EG7977/6/78.
Murphy Buses, Thames?EG79717/9/87.
D M Taylor, Paeroa?EG79716/4/03Movan
P M Henderson, Hamilton?EG79730/8/04Movan
Kiwi 311969103/11/69EG796 Midland Coachlines Ltd.EG7965/3/71.
Palmerston North City Corporation17EG7967/6/78.
Murphy Buses, Thames?EG79620/5/87.
P A Evans, Coromandel?EG79610/7/01Movan
G & B G Pengelly, Coromandel?EG7969/2/04.

Last updated 26 June 2005