Isuzu MR1113 Bus

A small bus with Isuzu 6BD1 front engine.

The vehicles on this page are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 11 April 2010.

Bennetts Passenger Service Ltd


#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner# Later RegDateComments
??MR1113F250894511/2/88NN6373 Bennetts Passenger Service (1989) Ltd, Arrowtown??NN637311/4/89 CWI C32F 
Brazier Motors (1988) Ltd, Nightcaps20NN63735/2/96 This bus has remained at Tuatapere since new
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Department of Education

CWI bodies on 1985 and 1986 chassis even though not registered till 1987. When certified to cary adults these are B28F bodies.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner# Later RegDateComments
419JAL MR1113F 250791213/1/87NA3942 Dempsey Buses Ltd, Raetihi8NA394211/10/89  
Wades Landing Ltd, Owhango?NA394231/3/10S R Carr 
420250791313/1/87NA3943 Eastbourne Bus Co Ltd5NA39436/4/90CWI B28F 
Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura5NA394315/7/94  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd5NA394328/4/99 Stagecoach Auckland 
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt5NA394326/11/02 
Leabourn Passenger Service Ltd, Wellsford?NA394322/6/07   
421250791413/1/87NA3944 Hokitika Tour & Charter Service Ltd92NA394421/3/90 
Normans Motors Ltd, Whangarei?NA394425/9/09   
422250791513/1/87NA3945 Van Asch College, Christchurch NA394529/9/92CWI B28F 
Mana Coach Services Ltd16NA39454/8/93 
Waipawa Buses Ltd128NA39452/3/04 
423JAL MR1113F 250791613/1/87NA3947 Wylies Garage Ltd, Tapanui1NA394710/10/89CWI  
Wylies Buses Ltd, Tapanui1NA394726/7/04  
Normans Motors Ltd, Kamo11NA39477/9/06  
424JAL MR1113F 250791713/1/87NA3948 Salisbury School, Nelson NA39486/10/92CoF exp 03/09 
425JAL MR1113F 250791813/1/87NA3949 SBL Group Ltd, Nelson29NA394913/11/89 
426JAL MR1113F 250791913/1/87NA3950 SBL Group Ltd, Nelson41NA395013/11/89  
427250793213/1/87NA3953 Weir Bros, Hawera226NA395316/3/90CWI B28F; reg on hold 10 
428250793313/1/87NA3954 Weir Bros, Hawera227NA395419/3/90CWI B28F
R D McQuinn, Whangarei NA395416/2/09Movan  
429JAL MR1113F 250793413/1/87NA3955 Tui Motors Ltd, Te Puke?NA395519/4/90CWI 
Whangarei Bus Services Ltd, Whangarei?NA39559/11/90   
Cave Buses, Whangarei10NA395524/5/94 Athol Cave
Cave Buses Whangarei Ltd10APG6461/2/06   
430JAL MR113F 2507935M13/1/87NA3961 Lewis Hodgson Bus Services, Te Awamutu7NA396119/4/90 CWI B28F; Go-Bus Transport Ltd
Leabourn Passenger Service Ltd, Wellsford19NA396125/11/05   
scrapped  13/10/09  
431JAL MR1113F 25077783/2/87NA4279 Eastbourne Bus Co Ltd4NA42796/4/90CWI B29F 
Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura4NA427915/7/941986 chassis 
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd4NA427928/4/99 Stagecoach Auckland 
Shaws Transport Ltd, Takanini?NA427921/5/02part of Murphy Buses  
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames?NA427920/3/07  
432JALMR111325079363/2/87NA4281 Deakin Motors Ltd, Hastings NA42818/8/89 Dealer; CWI B28F 
Eastbourne Bus Service2NA42814/4/91 Lower Hutt City Council 
Eastbourne Bus Co Ltd2NA428128/6/91  
Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt2NA428115/7/94  
Wellington City Transport Ltd2NA42811/7/97Stagecoach 
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt2NA428117/8/00  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt2NA428129/1/03North City Bus Ltd
Normans Motors Ltd, Whangarei?NA42814/8/08  
433JAL MR1113F 25079373/2/87NA4282 Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd, Te Awamutu33NA428216/3/90 CWI B28F 
Starborough Transport Ltd, Nelson??NA428216/3/90   
Mana Coach Services Ltd18NA428220/12/01 
434JAL MR1113F 25080373/2/87NA4283 Newmans Coachlines Ltd504NA428316/3/90CWI C25F; Whangarei? 
Adams Bus Service, Whangarei.NA428328/10/921986 chassis 
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei.NA42836/12/96  
Little Toot Buses, Whangarei.NA428312/1/05 Suzanne Ansell; reg on hold 07 
435JAL MR1113F 25080333/2/87NA4284 Turley Motors, Te Aroha11NA42843/5/90 Allan & Betty Turley; CWI B23F 
436JAL MR1113F 25080403/2/87NA4285 Tui Coachlines Ltd, Mt Manganui5NA428519/4/90CWI C29F 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga505NA428522/5/011986 chassis
437JAL MR1113F 25082343/2/87NA4286 Geoff Novak, Dunedin6NA428615/8/89CWI C29F 
Cesta Travel Ltd, Dunedin6NA42868/6/901986 chassis 
Leabourn Passenger Service Ltd, Wellsford42NA428628/2/97  
43825087453/2/87NA4287 Hokitika Tour & Charter Service Ltd88NA42874/1/90 1986 chassis 
D N Colville, Hokitika NA42874/9/09reg on hold 09 
439JAL MR1113F 25083173/2/87NA4288 Hokitika Tour & Charter Service Ltd93NA428821/3/90 1986 chassis 
G S Hopper, Hokitika NA428824/9/09reg on hold 10 
44025083183/2/87NA4289 Colin Bryant, Mayfield1NA428920/9/891986 chassis 
Mid-Canterbury Transport, Ashburton?NA428917/7/96  
Atkinson & Dossett Ltd, Pleasant Point45NA428925/10/97 
D I Shanks, Cave NA428829/12/09  
441JAL MR1113F 25083193/2/87NA4292 Starborough Transport Ltd, Seddon?NA429213/11/891986 chassis 
Nelson Suburban Buses Ltd40NA429211/5/90  
44225083203/2/87NA4293 Southland District Council, Invercargill?NA429330/3/901986 chassis  
M D & J A Nicol, Balclutha NA429322/9/01Movan  
P M & J K Stephenson, Balclutha NA429319/3/07Movan; Reg on hold 07  
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O L Jenkins Motors Ltd


#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner# Later RegDateComments
8025080394/3/86MH979 Nelson Suburban Buses Ltd??MH97917/7/89 Morgan & O'Shea C24F 
Mana Coach Services Ltd20MH9794/7/90  
Karamu Coachlines Ltd, Hastings30MH97910/9/03 
registration lapsed  6/12/09 Stored outdoors at Porirua after breakdown in 2008. Abandoned because of weather damage 
86MR11136BDF250956629/10/86ML7719 Tranzit Group Ltd210ML771926/2/90 Morgan & O'Shea C24F
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Leopard Coachlines


#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner# Later RegDateComments
33MR113F250890023/6/89OJ1585 Coachlines Southland Ltd23OJ158528/2/94Designline C28F
??JAL MR1113F 251047216/9/92RP2414 Central Motorways Ltd, Alexandra9RP241425/6/97Designline C28F  
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Newmans Coach Lines Ltd


#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner# Later RegDateComments
??251047311/12/90PN3922 Southern Pacific Holidays & Leisure Ltd, Auckland?PN392215/7/91 Designline C27F 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland?PN39225/1/93   
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga50WI481410/12/01 
??JAL MR1113F 251048713/12/90PN3929 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland?PN39295/1/93 Designline C27F 
W H MacKay, Auckland?WI357928/1/02Airbus owner-driver? 
Karapiro Charters & Tours, Cambridge3WI357910/6/04 David & Lisa Roigard
??JAL MR1113F 251176313/12/90PN3930 Johnstons Coachlines, Auckland?PN393020/10/92 Designline C27F 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland?PN39305/1/93   
SBL Group Ltd, Nelson?WH39963/12/01  
Mosgiel Coach Services30WH399616/7/04Robert Mitchell
??JAL MR1113F 251176213/12/90PN3931 Southern Pacific Holidays & Leisure Ltd, Auckland?PN393115/7/91 Designline C27F 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland?PN39315/1/93   
SBL Group Ltd, Nelson28WI51294/10/01 Abel Tasman Coachlines 
Travlon Coachlines 2005 Ltd, Lincoln?WI51291/5/08   
??JAL MR1113F 251048613/12/90PN3932 Southern Pacific Holidays & Leisure Ltd, Auckland?PN393215/7/91 Designline C27F 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland?PN39325/1/93   
Cunningham Passenger Services Ltd21CPS2119/11/01 chg plate 9/1/02 
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Okato Bus Lines Ltd

New Plymouth

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner# Later RegDateComments
1625097722/4/87NA9627 Tranzit Group Ltd, New Plymouth568NA96271/7/08CWI? C28F "Kayzee"

Otago Road Services Ltd

Green Island, Dunedin

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner# Later RegDateComments
34250981315/3/90OR4471 Otago Road Services Ltd34DNB92121/9/06Designline C32F 
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Pacific Tourways Ltd


#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner# Later RegDateComments
??JAL MR1113F 250900924/9/86MS4581 Pacific Tourways Ltd, Christchurch?TT42647/11/95CWI C29F  
Peng & Sun New Zealand Ltd, Auckland?TT426410/4/97   
Courtesy Coach Lines Ltd, Hamilton?TT426426/8/99   
Linda Darnell, Pukekohe?TT42646/9/99   
Edwards Passenger Service Ltd, Tuakau6TT42642/11/01 
Edwards Passenger Service (2006) Ltd, Tuakau6TT426418/1/07   
M N Beverland, Matauri Bay TT426424/2/10   
??250900024/9/86MS4582 Pacific Tourways Ltd, Christchurch?TS454517/10/95CWI C27F  
Katikati Bus Co Ltd4KATBUS19/8/97chg plate 27/8/97
??JAL MR1113F 250899924/9/86MS4583 Cunningham Passenger Services Ltd?WA240010/4/97CWI  
Starborough Transport Ltd, Nelson?WA240017/8/99   
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd16JAMO1619/12/01CWI B46F
Tranzit Group Ltd416CLZ81617/2/05chg plate 26/1/05  
??MR1113F250890510/9/87NI4927 Coachlines Southland Ltd, Invercargill66NI49276/12/96CWI B29F
??MR1113F250874416/9/87NI4961 Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua54NI496127/3/96CWI B28F
T P Carnaby, Feilding NI496117/11/09CoF exp 10/09 
??MR1113F250894630/11/87NI5008 Coachlines Southland Ltd, Invercargill67NI50086/12/96CWI B29F; reg on hold 08
K A & C J King, Dunedin NI50083/9/09reg as truck 
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Patterson Motors


#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner# Later RegDateComments
??250891415/12/87NI5010 Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch??NI501026/11/90 Designline C29F 
Pacific Tourways Ltd, Christchurch??NI501023/9/92   
Reisen Line Ltd, Hastings31NI501030/1/97  
Karamu Coachlines Ltd, Hastings31NI50107/8/97 
written off  1/8/07  
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Last updated 1 May 2010