Hino RK buses

The Hino RK176 has a normally aspirated motor. The RK177 differs in having a turbo charged engine. The chassis are number in a single series. The RK176 chassis were intially number 401xx followed by 402xx. In 1988 the chassis numbers reverted to 400xx. The RK177s fit into this 400xx series which starts with RK176s, then has the two intermingled then terminates in all RK177 chassis.

The buses on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 4 March 2010.

Hino RK 176

Abbots Holdings Ltd

Papatoetoe. NZMB records show it being completed in March 1987 as a stock vehicle for Hino Distributors Ltd. It was not sold until November 1988.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1401844/11/88NY85     CWI Ranger C45F

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Austral Specialised Vehicles Ltd

Porirua. Built as stock/demonstrator vehicle for the new "Tasman" body style. THis was third "Tasman" body - the first two were supplied to Mana (#33 on a Hino BX341 and #34 on a Volvo B6FA). Displayed at the 1987 and 1988 Bus & Coach conferences before sale to Papakura Bus Services.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?4020912/8/87NL2274 Papakura Bus Services LtdP02NL22741/11/88 
Murphy Buses Ltd, TakaniniP02NL227420/3/07   
scrapped  19/3/09  

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The New Zealand defence forces had a number of Hino buses with Coachwork International Ranger bodies. Both RK176 and BX341 chassis were used. Some are still in service with the Army, Navy and Air Force. Some of these saw service in Singapore.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
??401861986? Ministry of Defence (Army), Waiouru.NO2428/1/90Initially used in Singapore C45F 
Central Motorways Ltd, Alexandra64NO2423/5/95 
??402425/5/88NQ471 ....RNZAF Woodbourne 
??402435/5/88NQ469 ....RNZAF; CoF exp 10/09 
??402515/5/88NQ470 ....RNZAF 
??402685/5/88NT4681 P J Mahony, Hawera.NT468129/5/97Army  
Mahony Holdings, Hawera.NT468110/11/05(M L Christain)
Titahi Bay Tours & Charters Ltd NT468124/4/08Colin Simpson  
??402695/5/88NT4665 ....Army Trentham Camp UPF
??402705/5/88NQ472 ....RNZAF Woodbourne 
??402715/5/88NQ467 C E Baker, Christchurch NQ46731/8/09RNZAF Woodbourne
City Impact Church (M K Foreman), Oteha, North Shore GOCITY20/1/10chg plate 17/2/10

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Devonport Bus Co

Oneroa, Waiheke Island. Devonport Steam Ferry Co. operated its harbour services as North Shore Ferries. In 1985 the bus services were split from the ferry operations and became Devonport Bus Co. Strangely NN4726 is shown on LTSA records as registered to North Shore Ferries.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
274018523/1/87ND8808 Fullers Group Ltd122ND880814/3/90 
Scrapped in Hutt Valley for spares Aug 08  18/12/08  
284023222/1/88NN4726 Fullers Group Ltd, Waiheke121NN472613/5/97 

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Holiday Tours & Travel

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
344018015/9/86MX3089 Kawerau Raft Expeditions Ltd.MX308928/6/90Ranger C45F 
Warrens Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch87MX30894/9/92operated PTL colours 
Coachlines Southland Ltd33MX308920/3/95IPT
??4025312/4/88NT8767 Pacific Tourways Ltd, Christchurch.NT876730/4/90CWI C42F 
Clarks Pacific Ltd, Kawakawa58NT87678/6/00Reg on hold 01/08

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Howick & Eastern Bus Co Ltd

Auckland. CWI bodies

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
7401839/10/87ND8734     B47D
11402149/10/87ND8735     B47D 
19402159/10/87ND8736 Bayline Group Ltd224ND873618/10/10B47D
214019112/3/87NH2676 Taverner Coaches, Waiuku NH26764/9/06B42D (Brian Taverner)
Taverner Coaches, Waiuku NH26763/4/09(Debra Taverner)  
Q J & T L Browne, Wellsford NH26767/8/09   
274025223/10/87NM8122 Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga226NM812218/10/10B47D
334019012/3/87NH2677 Bayline Group Ltd225ND873618/10/10B47D 
414018912/3/87NH2678 Katikati Bus Co Ltd41DMC22422/8/06B42D; chg plate 1/9/06
524018812/3/87NH2679 Taverner Coaches, Waiuku NH26794/9/06B42D (Brian Taverner)
Taverner Coaches, Waiuku NH26793/4/09(Debra Taverner)  

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Newmans Coachlines Ltd

Ranger body. This buses were originally based in Hamilton

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1604020521/8/87NK5327 Go-Bus Transport Ltd117NK53272/6/93Te Puke depot 2005
1614020821/8/87NK5326 Go-Bus Transport Ltd116NK53262/6/93Te Puke depot 2005

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NZ Railway Road Services (Cityline)

There were 36 Hino RK176 buses in the NZRRS urban fleet. One passed to Newton Coachways with Dunedin services, 4 to Nimons with Hawkes Bay services and five to Mana with Paraparaumu services. One went to Jenkins of Gore in 1991. Was this used by NZRRS in Gore on services sold to Jenkins? The balance all passed on to Stagecoach. All are fitted with 47 seat dual-door Coachwork International Ranger bodies. 6890 - 7241 have Dual-purpose seating

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
68904013017/9/85MI8415 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura6890MI841523/2/93  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd6890MI841528/4/99Stagecoach Auckland 
Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt6890MI841514/8/01CoF exp 11/09
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt6890MI84152009North city Bus Ltd 
dealer6890MI84152/7/10Stagecoach Auckland 
71924018716/3/87NA7176 Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North51NA717624/4/91 
71934019614/5/87NA6078 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7193NA670823/2/93  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7193NA670828/4/99 Stagecoach Auckland; Papakura Depot 
Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7193NA670810/4/79   
71944019714/5/87NA6138 Mana Coach Services41NA613824/4/91Paraparaumu
Howick & Eastern Buses41NA613802/09Reg owner not changed 
P J & S V Murray, Manukau City NA61384/7/09  
71954019814/5/87NA6139 Mana Coach Services07NA613928/2/91Paraparaumu
Howick & Eastern Bus Co Ltd, Pakuranga60NA613901/09On loan from Mana 
Howick & Eastern Bus Co Ltd, Pakuranga60NA613919/3/09  
I M Wallace, Tokoroa NA613919/10/09CoF exp 02/10 
71964019914/5/87NA6140 Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North52NA614024/4/91  
71974020414/5/87NA6060 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7197NA60602/7/93Hutt Valley
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7197NA60607/12/04North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga197NA606028/1/09CoF exp 11/09 
71984021610/6/87NA6947 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7198NA69472/7/93Hutt Valley 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7198NA69477/12/04North City Bus Ltd 
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn?NA69472/7/10  
71994021710/6/87NA6946 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7199NA69462/7/93Hutt Valley 
Wellington City Transport Ltd7199NA694628/9/93Stagecoach Wellington 
Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7199NA694619/8/97  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7199NA694628/6/04North City Bus Ltd 
72004021810/6/87NA6945 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7200NA69452/7/93Hutt Valley 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7200NA69457/12/04North City Bus Ltd 
scrapped  22/6/09  
72014021916/7/87NK8507 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7201NK85072/7/93Hutt Valley 
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7201NK850716/8/00Stagecoach 
Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7201NK850715/10/01  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7201NK85077/12/04North City Bus Ltd 
72304022912/10/87NA7352 Newton Coachways Ltd, Dunedin?NA73526/6/91  
Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin39NA735216/7/91  
Okato Bus Lines Ltd, New Plymouth.NA735215/10/98  
Papakura Bus Services LtdP06NA73525/3/01 
Murphy Buses Ltd, TakaniniP06NA735220/3/07  
72314022812/10/87NA7353 Cityline(NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7231NA73532/7/93Lower Hutt 
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7231NA735328/4/99Stagecoach 
Fullers Group Ltd, Auckland7231NA735311/4/02Waiheke; CoF exp 02/09 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga231?NA73535/8/09Reg on hold 09 
72324023012/10/87NA7350 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7232NA735023/2/93Papakura 
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7232NA735028/4/99Stagecoach 
Fullers Group Ltd, Auckland7232NA735011/4/02Waiheke; CoF exp 11/08
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga232?NA73505/8/09CoF exp 2/10 
72334023112/10/87NA7351 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7233NA735123/2/93  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7233NA735128/4/99Stagecoach Auckland 
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt7233NA735114/8/01  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7233NA735128/6/04North City Bus Ltd
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga233NA735128/1/09Stagecoach stripes; CoF exp 01/10
72344023930/10/87NA7355 Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua08NA735528/2/91.
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn?NA73553/7/09  
72354023830/10/87NA7356 Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North53NA735624/4/91  
72364024030/10/87NA7357 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7236NA73572/7/93Hutt Valley 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7236NA73577/12/04North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga236NA73576/3/09Green & white 
72374024130/10/87NA7358 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7237NA73582/7/93  
Wellington City Transport7237NA735828/6/04Stagecoach 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7237NA735811/8/05North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga237NA735828/1/09Stagecoach stripes 
7238402469/11/87NA7359 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7238NA73592/7/93Hutt Valley 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7238NA73597/12/04North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga238NA735928/1/09white
7239402479/11/87NA7361 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7239NA736123/2/93  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7239NA736115/3/05North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga239NA736119/2/09Stagecoach stripes; CoF exp 01/10
72404024830/10/87NA7360 Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua42NA736024/4/91Paraparaumu
Howick & Eastern Bus Co Ltd61NA736019/3/09on loan from Mana from 01/09 
Mouldem Ltd, Palmerston North NA736014/9/09Movan 
72414024930/10/87NA7377 Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua30NA737728/2/91.
Howick & Eastern Bus Co Ltd62NA737719/3/09on loan from Mana from 01/09 
Manawatu Container Services Ltd, Palmerston North NA737725/2/10no CoF 
7242402501/2/88NL7824 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7242NL782423/2/93to XU7670 3/3/99 
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7242XU767028/4/99Stagecoach 
Central Motorways Ltd, Alexandra.XU767010/7/03  
7243402561/2/88NL7836 Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North54NL783624/4/91 
7244402581/2/88NL7825 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7244NL78252/7/93  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7244NL78257/12/04North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga244NL78256/3/09  
7245402571/2/88NL7826 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7245NL78262/7/93  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7245NL782615/3/05North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga245NL782628/1/09Stagecoach Stripes; CoF exp 06/09 
7246402591/2/88NL7827 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7246NL78272/7/93  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7246NL782715/3/05North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga246NL78276/3/09  
7247402601/2/88NL7828 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7247NL78282/7/93  
Wellington City Transport7247NL782828/6/04Stagecoach 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7247NL782811/8/05North City Bus Ltd
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga247NL782819/3/09Green & White 
7248402611/2/88NL7829 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7248NL78292/7/93  
Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7248CFK2788/10/04  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7248CFK27815/3/05Still reg to City Line 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga248CFK27828/1/09Stagecoach stripes 
7249402651/2/88NL7830 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7249NL78302/7/93  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7249NL783015/3/05(North City Bus Ltd) 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga249NL783019/2/09  
7250402641/2/88NL7831 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7250NL78312/7/93  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7250NL783123/8/06(North City Bus Ltd) 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga250NL783119/2/09  
7251402671/2/88NL7832 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7251NL78322/7/93  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7251NL783211/8/05(North City Bus Ltd) 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga251NL783228/1/09CoF exp 10/09 
7252402661/2/88NL7833 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7252NL78332/7/93  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7252NL783315/3/05(North City Bus Ltd) 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga252NL783319/3/09Stagecoach stripes 
7253402771/2/88NL7834 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7253NL783414/9/92  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7253NL783415/3/05(North City Bus Ltd) 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga253NL783428/1/09  
7254407261/2/88NL7835 Jenkins Motors (1989) Ltd, Gore.NL783521/5/91  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru435NL783510/9/93Rotorua 

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Pacific Tourways Ltd


#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
52402331988NI509 N Harrap, Auckland.NI5031996Designline Aztec C45FA; No LTSA record 
574027311/1/88NI5013 Overland Tours NZ Ltd.YU939631/1/00CWI Ranger C37FA 
Topline Tours, Te Anau?YU939617/1/03Denis Penington 
D K S Tours Ltd, Hamilton?YU939628/12/05"Burt"
Hot Ice Travel Ltd, Johnsonville YU939611/8/09  
584027211/1/88NI5012 Red Bus Service, Gisborne10NI50125/8/99(E G Wilcox, Rotorua)CWI Ranger C37FA 
Waipawa Buses Ltd10NI50126/7/00Red Bus, Gisborne 

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Palmerston North City Corporation

Buses with Coachwork International Ranger bodies

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
50401311/11/85MI7769 Palmerston North Passenger Services Ltd50MI776918/2/91  
Simpson Buses Ltd, Huntly37MI776910/7/91  
Hamilton City Buses Ltd52MI77697/9/92  
Hamilton City Buses52MI776918/1/02Go-Bus Transport Ltd
514013810/12/85MI6452 Palmerston North Passenger Services Ltd51MI645218/2/91  
Lewis Hodgson Motor Service Ltd, Te Awamutu51MI645210/7/91  
Hamilton City Buses Ltd51MI64527/9/92  
Hamilton City Buses51MI645218/1/02Go-Bus Transport Ltd
534013911/6/86MS8710 Palmerston North Passenger Services Ltd53MS871018/2/91  
Simpson Buses Ltd, Huntly36MS871010/7/91  
Hamilton City Buses53MS87107/9/92Go-Bus Transport Ltd 
54401422/7/86MT3352 Palmerston North Passenger Services Ltd54MT335218/2/91  
C J Worth Ltd, Hamilton54MT335210/7/91  
Hamilton City Buses Ltd54MT33527/9/92  
Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton54MT335218/1/02Mt Maunganui
55401432/7/86MT3351 Palmerston North Passenger Services Ltd55MT335118/2/91  
Lewis Hodgson Motor Service Ltd, Te Awamutu55?MT335110/7/91  
Hamilton City Buses Ltd55MT33517/9/92.
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames?MT335114/11/05  

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Scenic Coachlines Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
28401813/10/86MY4838 Scenic Coachlines Ltd28SCL2821/12/88CWI Tourliner C41F 
Countrywide Tours NZ Ltd, Auckland?TN47445/9/95Chg plate 21/7/95 
Menzies Coachlines, Wyndham?TN474418/8/98Burns Motor Garage Ltd 
Dons Coach Lines Ltd, Ferndale, Gore?TN47442/3/05Don McFadzien; CoF exp 02/10 
29401823/10/86MY4839 Scenic Coachlines Ltd29SCL2915/6/92CWI Tourliner C41F 
Napper Holdings Ltd, Christchurch29?SCL294/11/98  
Coachlines Southland Ltd125SCL2920/6/00IPT 
Coachlines Southland Ltd125AAF26320/4/01IPT; Reg on hold 09 

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Hino RK 177

Newmans Coachlines Ltd

Ranger body. Purchased by Newmans after the takeover of Buses Ltd, Hamilton

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1624005324/2/89NZ8272 Hamilton City Buses118NZ82722/6/93  
written off..21/10/99  
1634005424/2/89NZ8273 Hamilton City Buses119NZ82732/6/93  
Go-Bus Transport Ltd60YZ942223/3/00Te Puke depot 2005

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NZ Railway Road Services (Cityline)

There were 50 Hino RK177 buses in the NZRRS urban fleet. Four passed to Newton Coachways with Dunedin services, two to Nimons with Hawkes Bay services and one to Otago Road Services with Otago services. The balance all passed on to Stagecoach. All are fitted with 47 seat dual-door Coachwork International Ranger bodies. 7257 has Dual-purpose seating, the remainder bus seating.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
7255400111/2/88NL7823 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7255NL782323/2/93NZRRS Papakura 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7255NL782323/8/06North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga256NL782328/1/09Stagecoach stripes 
withdrawn from use  26/2/10  
72564001214/4/88NL7790 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7256NL779023/2/93  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7256NL77907/12/04North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga256NL779028/1/09Reg on hold 09 
72574001314/4/88NL7795 Newton Coachways Ltd, Dunedin57NL77956/6/91  
Invercargill Passenger Transport16NL779525/3/92Coachlines Southland Ltd
72584001514/4/88NL7796 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7258NL779614/9/92  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7258NL779623/8/06North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga258NL779628/1/09Reg on hold 10 
72594001414/4/88NL7797 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7259NL779723/2/93NZRRS Papakura 
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7259NL779714/4/04Stagecoach; Wiri Depot 
Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7259NL779710/4/07  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga259NL77976/3/09  
72604001614/4/88NL7799 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7260NL779914/9/92  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7260NL779923/8/06North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga260NL77993/2/09Bayline white in 2009.
72614001714/4/88NL7794 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7261NL779414/9/92  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7261NL779423/8/06North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga261NL779428/1/09Stagecoach stripes 
72624001814/4/88NL7800 Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North55NL780024/4/91  
72634001914/4/88NL7791 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7263NL779123/2/93  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7263NL779128/4/99  
Central Motorways Ltd, Alexandra75NL779110/7/03 
72644002014/4/88NL7792 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7264NL779223/2/93  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7264NL779228/4/99Stagecoach; Wiri Depot 
Fullers Group Ltd7264NL779216/8/06Waiheke Is; CoF exp 05/09 
72654002114/4/88NL7798 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7265NL779814/9/92  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7265NL779810/4/07North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga265NL779828/1/09White 
7266400231/5/88NL8272 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7266NL827214/9/92  
dealer NL82722/7/10  
72674002214/4/88NL7793 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7267NL779323/2/93  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7267NL779328/4/99Stagecoach; Papakura Depot; CoF exp 08/09 
Jeremy Stevens, Secure Smart NL77932/7/10  
72684002410/5/88NL8264 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7268NL826414/9/92  
written off following fire  12/10/05  
72694002510/5/88NL8265 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7269NL826514/9/92  
dealer NL82652/7/10  
72704002610/5/88NL8266 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7270NL826614/9/92  
scrapped  22/6/10  
72714002710/5/88NL8273 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7271NL827323/2/93  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7271NL827328/4/99Stagecoach; Wiri Depot; CoF exp 07/09 
72724002910/5/88NL8271 Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin36NL827112/3/91CoF exp 02/10
72734002810/5/88NL8267 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7273NL826714/9/92  
dealer NL82672/7/10  
72744003010/5/88NL8268 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7274NL826814/9/92CoF exp 01/10
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn?NL82682/7/10  
72754003110/5/88NL8269 Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North56NL826924/4/91  
7276400331/8/88NX9485 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7276NX948514/9/92CoF exp 01/10
dealer NX94852/7/10  
7277400341/8/88NX9486 Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin37NX94862/5/91  
7278400351/8/88NX9487 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7278NX948723/2/93  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7278NX948728/4/99Stagecoach; Wiri Depot 
Fullers Group Ltd7278NX948716/8/06Waiheke Is 
7279400381/8/88NX9488 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7279NX948823/2/93NZRRS Lower Hutt 
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7279NX948828/4/99Stagecoach; Papakura Depot 
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku?NX948824/7/09CoF exp 02/10; Brian Taverner 
75324003618/10/88NX9510 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7532NX951023/2/93NZRRS Papakura
dealer NX95102/7/10  
75334003718/10/88NX9509 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7533NX950923/2/93NZRRS Papakura 
scrapped  22/6/10  
75344003918/10/88NX9507 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7534NX950723/2/93NZRRS Papakura; CoF exp 01/10
Taverner Coachlines, Waiuku?NX95072/7/10  
75354004018/10/88NX9508 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7535NX950814/9/92NZRRS Papakura 
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7535NX950828/4/99Stagecoach; Wiri Depot 
Fullers Group Ltd7535NX950816/8/06Waiheke Is 
75364004128/11/88NX9516 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7536NX951614/9/92  
dealer NX95162/7/10  
75374004228/11/88NX9517 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7537NX951714/9/92 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7537NX951723/8/06North City Bus Ltd
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga227NX951719/2/09  
7538400439/12/88OB4207 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7538OB420714/9/92  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7538OB420723/8/06North City Bus Ltd 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga228OB420719/2/09  
7539400449/12/88OB4208 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7539OB420814/9/92  
dealer OB42082/7/10  
7540400456/1/89OB4215 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7540OB421514/9/92  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7540OB421528/4/99Stagecoach; Wiri Depot; CoF exp 08/09 
Jeremy Stevens OB421530/3/10  
7541400466/1/89OB4211 Newton Coachways Ltd, Dunedin?OB42116/6/91  
Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin38OB421116/7/91  
Okato Bus Lines Ltd, New Plymouth52OB421115/10/98"Obel"
Tranzit Group Ltd, 573OB42112/7/09  
7542400476/1/89OB4213 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7542OB421314/9/92  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7542OB421328/4/99Stagecoach; Papakura Depot 
Tavs Coachlines, Waiuku?OB421328/4/99Brian Taverner 
7543400486/1/89OB4212 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7543OB421214/9/92  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7543OB421228/4/99Stagecoach; Wiri Depot; CoF exp 07/09 
Jeremy Stevens OB421230/3/10  
7544400326/1/89OB4214 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7544OB421414/9/92  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7544OB421428/4/99Stagecoach; Wiri Depot; CoF exp 08/09 
75454004915/3/89OE7913 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7545OE791314/9/92  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7545OE791328/4/99Stagecoach; Wiri Depot; CoF exp 08/09 
Jeremy Stevens OE791330/3/10  
75464005016/3/89OE7916 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7546OE791614/9/92  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7546OE791628/4/99Stagecoach; Papakura Depot 
75474005115/3/89OE7912 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7547OE791214/9/92  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7547OE791215/3/05North City Bus Ltd 
75484005116/3/89OE7917 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7548OE791714/9/92  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7548OE791728/4/99Stagecoach; Papakura Depot; Reg on hold 09 
Jeremy Stevens OE791730/3/10  
Ian Andrew OE791704/10  
75494005517/4/89OG5328 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7549OG532814/9/92  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7549OG532828/4/99Stagecoach; Wiri Depot; CoF exp 08/09 
Commercial Coach Lines?OG532826/3/10  
75504005617/4/89OG5326 Newton Coachways Ltd, Dunedin?OG53266/6/91  
Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany?OG53269/3/92  
Devonport Buses Ltd?OG532617/2/95 to TO8467 28/8/95 
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7550?TO846710/7/97Stagecoach 
Whenuapai Bus Travel Ltd28TO84676/11/98  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd628TO84676/11/98remodelled front 
S Wards, Kaikoura TO84673/3/10unconfirmed 
75514005717/4/89OG5327 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7551OG532714/9/92  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7551OG532728/4/99Stagecoach; Papakura then Wiri Depot; CoF exp 09/09
Jeremy Stevens OG532730/3/10  
75524005817/4/89OG5325 Newton's Coachways Ltd, Dunedin?OG53256/6/91  
Citibus Ltd, Dunedin250OG53256/10/93 
Citibus Ltd, Dunedin250DHN25026/5/06   
75534005926/5/89OG5341 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7553OG534114/9/92  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7553OG534115/3/05North City Bus Ltd
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn?OG53412/7/10  
75544006026/5/89OG5342 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt7554OG534214/9/92 
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt7554OG534216/5/05North City Bus Ltd 
75554006126/5/89OG5343 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7555OG534323/2/93  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7555OG534328/4/99Stagecoach 
Central Motorways Ltd, Alexandra77OG53437/4/04 
75564006226/5/89OG5344 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Papakura7556OG534414/9/92  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd7556OG534428/4/99Stagecoach 
Fullers Group Ltd, Auckland7556OG534411/4/02Waiheke

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Last updated 31 December 2011

Initial data on provided by Maurice Moller, Garth Stewart and Anthony Grearney.