Hino BT51 Buses

A bus and coach chassis with Hino DS60 engine

The buses on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 2 May 2010.

Hino BT51 Movan

Former NZRRS 5431 as a Movan. Photographed at night, Bluebridge Ferry Terminal, Wellington. Sept 2004

Blue Bus Service

Masterton. Later Tranzit Group Ltd. NZMB Vistavision C29F.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
274184111/11/76IE8022     reg on hold 09

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Harold Halse

Russell. Can anyone help with a trading name and the nature of the service operated

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
?4179721/11/74HH3516 Hallowes Passenger Transport, Russell HH351620/8/80 Peter Hallowes
Youth for Christ, Auckland HH35168/2/84 
D V Jack, Hamilton HH351618/6/86Movan; Reg on hold 09

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Hawkes Bay Motor Company Ltd

3 coaches with NZMB C41F bodies

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner# Later RegDateComments
57418002/12/74HB8368 White Bus Service, Dannevirke8HB836815/6/81NZMB C41+17F 
White Bus Service, Dannevirke84HB8368  when fleet renumbered after purchase by Waipawa Buses 
Waipawa Buses Ltd84HB836820/3/06Hastings; CoF exp 07/08
Avondale Osteopath & Acupuncturist Ltd, Napier&bsp;HB836818/3/10 CoF exp 02/10 
58418022/12/74HB8369 Buchanan Motors, Invercargill.HB836923/1/81  
Travelfar Coaches Ltd, Rangiora3HB83691/12/81 operated in Rangiora Coachlines livery at some time 
Barriball Motors, Inglewood14HB836922/2/83 Midhirst Motors 1974 Ltd 
Moonlight Tours, Whangarei.YJ575227/7/99 A J Kevey; new plate 15/7/99 
J E & A J Kevey, Whangarei.YJ575221/10/99Movan; CoF exp 03/01 
registration lapsed..25/2/02. 
594180119/12/74HB8436 Bluff Motors14HB843613/2/81  
B E & B J Hayward, Dunedin.HB84367/7/95Movan

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Holiday Tours & Travel


#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner# Later RegDateComments
?4184216/12/76GT2646 Southern Services Ltd, Dunedin39GT264623/7/82MMB C45F  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd39GT2646    
K Wright, Timaru.GT26468/4/02Reg on hold  
S K Wright, Temuka.GT264612/10/02Reg on hold  
K Wright, Temuka.GT264610/3/03Reg on hold  
K Wright, Temuka.GT264623/3/07Reg on hold 02  
registration lapsed  4/4/09   
21418778/12/76IA3535 Kanes Motors Ltd, Christchurch21?IA353513/9/80Emslie C44/17F  
Holiday Tours & Travel Ltd, Christchurch21IA353511/2/81   
J M Pickard, Timaru LQ832024/4/85   
Maungati Coach Lines, Timaru LQ83206/4/92 W & M Wilkes
22418808/12/76IA3534 Kanes Motors Ltd, Christchurch22?IA35346/11/79Emslie C44/17F  
Holiday Tours & Travel Ltd, Christchurch22IA353425/1/80   
Kanes Motors Ltd, Christchurch22?IA353414/3/80   
Holiday Tours Coachlines, Oamaru22?IA353411/2/81   
Holiday Tours & Travel Ltd, Christchurch22IA353416/3/81   
De Luxe Motors, Blenheim9IA35343/12/81   
Blueline Motor Buses Ltd, Hamilton11IA353410/2/84   
Blue Worth, Hamilton11IA353411/5/90Go-bus Transport Ltd  
P J Olding, Raetihi.IA35348/10/01Reg on hold 04; To Huia 2007  

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Newlands Coach Service Ltd

1 coach with NZMB C41F bodies

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner# Later RegDateComments
174182327/3/75HT4859 Newlands Coach Service Ltd17NCS178/8/96 
Happy Buses, Kaukapapa.NCS178/8/96Shane McGregor
M P Jones, Tuhikaramea, Hamilton.NCS1725/4/09Reg on hold 09

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New Zealand Railways Road Services

30 coaches with Emslie bodies. The capacity varies from 29 to 45 seats for full coaches. The 5 composites all had C20Fv bodies

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner# Later RegDateComments
5418418741975HY3510 Owner after NZRRS unknown...Rotorua C36F
G D Minchin, Orewa.SK210814/3/94Movan  
V J Garrett, Oakura.SK210814/8/95Movan; Reg on hold 07  
5419418691975HY3509 Bluff Motors...Dunedin C29F;No LTSA record
5420418702/3/76HY3705 Bluff Motors Ltd16HY370511/7/91Rotorua C36F
Stuart Smith, Abbotsford, Dunedin.HY370520/7/95.  
Carl Kernohan, Upper Moutere.HY370511/9/96.  
withdrawn from use.HY370519/1/05.  
5421418712/3/76HY3704 NZ Post Ltd, Petone.HY37048/10/90Akld C36F (1975 model  
Deakin Motors, Hastings.HY370410/2/92Dealer  
R W Templeton, Foxton Beach.HY370422/4/93Movan  
R W Templeton & S King, Otaki.HY37043/4/95Movan  
L Julian, Wanganui.HY370417/12/98Movan; Reg on hold 00  
H M Clough, Wanganui.HY370427/6/06Movan; reg on hold  
Laugesens Gardens (P A Laugesen), Wanganui HY370419/10/07Movan; reg on hold 00  
5422418735/4/76HY3913 NZ Post Ltd, Petone.HY39138/10/90Waihi C36F  
Deakin Motors, Hastings.HY371329/4/91Dealer  
Nga Pahareke Te Kohunga Reo, Hastings.HY371314/12/93.  
Deakin Motors, Hastings.HY371323/4/97Dealer; CoF exp 05/99  
G S Behague, Havelock North.HY371319/2/01   
registration lapsed..26/2/01.  
5423418721975HY3915 No LTSA record...Chch C29F  
54244186611/5/76HY4150 Peter Costelloe, Chesichurch.HY415027/5/91Rotorua C36F  
The Human Mover Bus Co, Rangiora HY415011/1/07Farrington Group Ltd; reg on hold 08  
54254186811/5/76HY4151 Allans Transfer Service, Christchurch6HY415120/8/91 Oamaru C45F  
Geraldine Tourism Service.HY415126/6/96 K J Neumann; Reg on hold 03 
withdrawn from use  3/6/08  
5426418671976HY4327 No LTSA record...Tokoroa C36F  
5427418641976HY4152 No LTSA record...Dunedin C20Fv  
5428418651/9/76HY6377 Leopard Coach Lines Ltd, Christchurch.HY637724/7/91 New Plymouth C41F  
N E Urwin, Christchurch.HY637724/2/92.  
H Grosvenor, Christchurch.HY637724/4/92.  
P D Costelloe, Christchurch.HY637729/5/92Reg on hold 04  
The Human Mover Bus Co, Rangiora.HY41503/12/07Farrington Group Ltd; reg on hold 07  
5429418495/7/76HY5972 Bus Travel Ltd, New Lynn42HY59729/5/89Thames C41F  
Warmans Passenger Transport, Te Kopuru37HY597223/4/92.  
S P Green, Kaikohe.HY597229/11/04Reg on hold  
P G Green, Kaikohe.HY597221/7/05Reg on hold 05  
J G Ginty, Southbridge HY597216/12/09Reg on hold 05  
5430418505/7/76HY5973 Iskcon School, Kumeu.HY597321/5/91Hamilton C41F 
Warmans Passenger Transport, Te Kopuru.HY597325/3/97CoF exp 05/01 
S Retimana, Ruawai.HY59737/10/02Reg on hold 01 
J J Gilmour, Ruawai.HY59737/4/08Reg on hold 01 
54314185222/6/76HY5914 Norman Harvey, Auckland10HY591410/8/89Waihi C41F; used on Waiheke Is 
V W McVeigh, Te Puke.HY59142/9/91Movan  
5432418515/7/76HY5974 Allan Buchanan, Invercargill6HY597422/8/91Dunedin C45F  
Barriball Motors, Inglewood6HY597411/11/93 Midhirst Motors 1974 Ltd; to ADQ363 20/7/01  
S E Gavin ↦ A R Barlow, Stratford.ADQ3633/8/01Movan; Reg on hold 07  
5433418631976HY3916 LTSA record starts 1991...Aklnd C36F  
N E & P J Stammers, Waiomu, Thames DUNWEL14/6/91Movan
5434418591976HY6208 No LTSA record...Aklnd C20Fv  
5435418611976HY6227 J E Robinson, Auckland.PT140521/3/91Aklnd C20Fv; Movan  
J A & J F Atkinson, Tauranga.PT140515/3/93Movan  
W S & G E Inglis, Otaki Beach.PT14052/3/98Movan  
R E Stubbs & E F Guy, Karamea.PT140511/3/00 Movan; To Waipukurau 2007; To Waipawa 2009; reg on hold 09 
5436418604/8/76HY6207 D H Eade, Dunedin.HY620730/4/91Dunedin C20Fv; Movan  
J F & A M Atkins, Waihi Beach.HY620712/12/96Movan  
registration lapsed..2/5/98.  
5437418621/9/76HY6378 A C S (NZ) Ltd, Christchurch.HY637827/5/91 Wellington C41F; Dealer  
J F Hutton, Christchurch.HY637818/9/91 Opertors in Chch Overland Tours 16 and Avon Albatross Line 16  
M M Sherry, Christchurch.HY63782/10/91.  
L G Oakman, Christchurch.HY637823/10/92.  
B G Nottingham, Christchurch.HY637831/3/94.  
Good Time Tours, Kaiapoi.HY63785/6/96Steve Nottingham  
J H Lutherus, Nelson.HY637824/12/99Movan. To Picton 08; reg on hold 09 
5438418531976HY6333 M G Tuffery, Christchurch...Chch C29F; No LTSA rec  
5439418541/9/76HY6375 Leopard Coach Lines Ltd, Darfield.HY637519/4/91Wellington C41F  
St Marks School, Christchurch.HY637519/12/91.  
Good Time Tours, Kaiapoi.HY63751/12/04Steve Nottingham
5440418471976HY6372 No LTSA record...Tokoroa C36F  
5441418481/10/76HY6571 Whitehills Leisure Tours.HY657127/5/91 Opotiki C36F; Hawkes Bay Freight Ltd  
Max Sturm, Wairoa.HY657126/1/96   
registration lapsed..5/2/00.  
5442418441/10/76HY6572 The Great Bus Fun Co, Auckland.GTFUN16/7/91Auckland C36F  
Valley Services, Whangamata.RI178212/3/92   
Brian Boru Hotel, Waitoa.RI178223/3/93   
Cambridge Travel Lines16RI178216/12/94Tauwhare Transport Ltd  
R J Garrett, Te Awamutu.RI17828/2/99Movan  
G Cleland, Palmerston North.RI178216/4/02Movan; To Lower Hutt 2009; reg on hold 09
5443418431/10/76HY6573 Te Uri Powhiri Ana Inc, Glen Innes, Auckland.HY657328/2/91 Rotorua C36F  
M D Stewart, Tauranga.SM973021/4/94.  
registration lapsed..1/5/97.  
5444418651/10/76HY6574 Allans Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.HY65749/7/91Hamilton C41F  
J R Hall, Christchurch.HY65743/8/93.  
Maranatha Christian School, Lower Hutt.HY65746/3/95.  
P F & J Childes, Pauatahanui.HY657420/11/02. Movan
5445418771976HY6570 M G Tuffery, Chch...Chch C29F; No LTSA record  
5446418781976HY6763 Written off after accident on Milford Sound Rd...Rotorua C36F  
5447418761/1/75HY6764 P G Tuffery, Christchurch.PP96714/5/91Dunedin C20Fv  
A R Jellyman, Christchurch.PP96713/10/92   
Texas Party Bus, Kaiapoi.PP96726/6/96W A Butson  
K V Johnson, Hikurangi.PP96730/5/97Movan; Reg on hold 02  
G D Johnson, Hikurangi.PP9672/10/09Johnson Haulage; Movan; Reg on hold 02  

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Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd


#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
41418812/12/76HY2806 Southern Services Ltd41HY28067/12/76Emslie C45F
Ritchies241HY2806 Seen operating with Holiday Tours
Greenhalgh Coachlines Ltd241?HY280617/11/82 
J O & L M Haydon, Gore HY280613/5/04CoF exp 11/04

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Southern Services Ltd

Dunedin. Owned by Turnbull Coaches and then by Ritchies.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
404184012/12/76GS4344 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd40GS4344 MMB C45F
R D Macale & S L Smalley, Westport.GS434421/7/03Movan
K T Smithson & P J Sayer, Invercargill.GS434424/1/05 Movan; Reg on hold 05; To Opotiki 2007
42418817/12/76HY2814 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd42HY2814 Emslie C45F
J C & J Adamson, Christchurch.HY281425/6/04 Movan; Reg on hold 03
registration lapsed  1/11/08 Movan; Reg on hold 03

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Timaru City Council

NZMB B37D. Numbers 7, 10, 11 repowered with Detroit 4.53T engine

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
6417079/9/74GT3791 Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd22GT379129/12/83Detroit 4.53T
Motueka Bus Co38GT379121/9/95Max Gray
D J Wills, Motueka.GT379119/11/01Movan
S Tomuri, Motueka.GT379124/3/03Movan
P S J Taylor, Kohimarama, Auckland.GT379119/2/04 Movan; CoF exp 10/04
registration lapsed. 22/11/06 
?. 05/09At Deans Truck Services, Motueka
74170129/7/74GT3588 Greyhound Buses Ltd, Wanganui51GT358810/2/87Detroit 4.53T
R G White, Hastings.GT358827/3/92.
Warmans Passenger Transport, Te Kopuru.GT358827/3/92.
G F Benbrook, Siverdale.GT358813/4/02Reg on hold 02
registration lapsed. 21/11/07 
9417084/9/74GT3780 C G Green Ltd, Arundel.GT378021/12/83Reg on hold 03
10417029/8/74GT3633 Greyhound Buses Ltd50GT363310/2/87.
Greyhound Buses Ltd350GT363324/7/95Tranzit Group; CoF exp 05/00
Motor Coach Museum (Ian Little), Foxton.GT363330/4/02No CoF
A L Stewart, Foxton Beach.GT363317/6/03No CoF
G B Nicholson, Paraparaumu.GT36339/5/05Movan
H R McIntyre, Sandy Bay, Motueka.GT363312/6/06Movan
M Van Rijnberk, Massey, Auckland GT363321/11/07Movan; Reg on hold 08
11417991974HR6202 Greyhound Buses Ltd, Wanganui52HR62027/4/87.
I E Hawkes, Wanganui.HR620227/3/92.
K E Hawkes, Wanganui.HR62027/9/93.
Greyhound Buses Ltd, Wanganui52HR620229/6/94.
Greyhound Buses Ltd, Wanganui352HR620224/7/95Tranzit Group
J C & G A Flutey, Wanganui.HR620214/1/04 Reg as truck; Reg on hold 05; To Hastings 2007
124179816/6/77IH812 C G Green Ltd, Arundel, Geraldine.IH8129/12/86Reg on hold 03

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Tokoroa Buses

Hawke bodies

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
34159118/10/73GY1697 Rangatira Station, Tokoroa GY16973/6/81DP40F; Movan
D A Holton, Mt Maunganui GY169729/1/01Movan
G E & J E Pattison, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland GY169724/5/06 Movan
R B & T R McIndoe, Upper Hutt GY169730/5/08Movan; To Levin 09
W Clarke & M Travers-Clarke, Wainuiomata GY16971/3/10Movan
14159220/2/74HA6648 Barriball Motors Ltd15HA664823/1/80B46/15F
Barriball Motors15HA664815/3/90 Midhurst Motors 1974 Ltd
D C Roberston, Bell Block.XS327110/8/99Movan; Reg on hold 02
Parihaka Management Trust, Pungarehu XS327121/7/09Movan; Reg on hold 02

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Travelfar Coaches Ltd

Rangiora. MMB C45F.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
7418241/5/75HS2474 Holiday Tours & Travel Ltd.HS247431/5/84MMB C45F
Delta Coachlines, Blenheim18HS247428/12/84 
Harry Warren Motors, Seddon18HS2474 on lease?
Brazier Motors Ltd, Nightcaps.HS247412/12/88 
Ellesmere Buses.HS247412/12/88Murray Skilling
Ashburton Bus & Coach43HS24744/9/95 
J A Barclay, Woodend.HS247431/12/96 
Redwood Coach Lines, Christchurch43HS247412/4/02 
Stephen Ritchie, Christchurch.HS247428/6/05 
S A McNally, Kaiapoi.HS24744/5/06Movan
B S Dean, Orari HS24744/3/09Movan

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Weld Motors Ltd

Palmerston North. Weld Motors C49F body

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
34184124/10/79JJ1605 Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe39JJ160521/6/89 
Murphy Buses Ltd, KerepehiS39JJ160517/10/01 
J V Donaldson, Thames JJ160529/12/06Reg on hold 07

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Whangarei Bus Services Ltd

Hawke B43D. Owned by Whangarei District Council and operated by Whangarei Bus Services Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
1941845HN93231/9/75 Whangarei Bus Services Ltd114HN932327/6/89"Robin"
Papakura Bus Services LtdP16HN932328/6/94.
K & D Don, Thames.HN93232/8/04Movan?
R I Moseley, Kaiaua, Sth Auckland.HN93238/4/05Movan? Reg on hold 04
registration lapsed  23/5/09 
2041846HN93241/9/75 Ray Phillips, Karaka, Papakura3HN932410/12/86.
Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe69HN932429/8/94.
Shaws Transport Ltd, TakaniniS43HN9324 .
M E & A P Reichardt, Waharaoa HN932427/12/06Movan

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Former NZRRS motor caravan

A bit of a mystery. The chassis number doesn't line up with any recorded for the NZRRS fleet Since Holiday 21 and NZRRS 5445 both are recorded as chassis 41877 it could be 5445. M G Tuffery also owned 5438 and 5447. .

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
?41879.1976 M G Tuffery, Christchurch.PP96610/5/91No CoF Movan
G R Shaw, Christchurch.PP96611/5/92 Reg on hold 1989 Movan. In Pages Rd Aug 2005
registration lapsed. 22/12/09  

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Last updated 8 January 2012

Data from Sean Miller, Darryl Bellamy, Anthony Grearney