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Only 5 Foden buses came to New Zealand. These were imported supplied to Whenuapai Bus Co Ltd between 1953 and 1955. All were equiped with Hawke B42+13F bodies. The buses were purchased for the Kelston service begun when Transport Bus Services collapsed in 1953. When this service was lost in 1958 to ABC the Fodens were sold to City Bus Service in Napier. The fleet remained together throughout their years as public service vehicles passing to Hawkes Bay Motor Co when they purchased City Bus Service.

These were rear-engined buses with Foden 6-cylinder two-stroke diesels and did not do well with Whenuapai Bus Co. After only 10,000 miles each of the Fodens was found to be suffering from severe overheating, which had resulted in considerable damage to valves, bell housings and gearboxes. The cost of spare parts was very high, and the amount of time that the Fodens spent out of traffic placed severe strain on the remaining-vehicles. The problem was referred to the Foden plant in the UK, and after their construction of a 'mock-up' at the factory it was found that a two inch movement of the radiator fan during bodybuilding had reduced the engine cooling by 65 %. Once this was established the buses were overhauled, with the fan being moved to a more efficient position, and the troubles ceased.

Given the problems Whenuapai Bus Co experienced with servicing the much simpler Ford diesel motors fitted to some of the V8s the Foden diesels seem a very complex bus for Whenuapai Bus Co to have chosen.

The buses on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 20 March 2010

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
193380627/12/1953P.697 City Bus Service, Napier19P.10691958 
Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd, NapierC1EN69481962   
Hilary Bruce, Auckland EN694828/11/78Movan; re-reg OH9526  
?, Raetihi OH95261990Movan  
203380823/12/1953P.698 City Bus Service, Napier20P.10701958 
Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd, NapierC2EN69501962   
G Stothers, Napier EN887219/12/74Movan  
P S Free, Papamoa SW753426/10/94Movan; VIN 7A86E061094033808  
C P Free, Papamoa SW753424/2/04Movan  
W A & M L McCormack, Tokoroa SW753427/11/07Movan
A M Wilson & G V Tukiwaho, Pukekohe SW75344/7/08Movan; reg on hold 08  
213385422/7/1954P.699 City Bus Service, Napier21P.107127/6/58 
Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd, NapierC3EN69511962   
Alan Jones, Napier EN695111/6/80Movan  
S C McCarthy, Napier EN695123/12/91Movan
registration lapsed  29/6/96   
223386610/2/1955P.700 City Bus Service, Napier22P.10721958   
Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd, NapierC4EN69491962 
?, Tarawera EN69491978Movan  
Rueben Chapman, Taupo EN6949?Movan. At Taupo Tip  
?, Waiohiki, Hawkes Bay EN6949?photographed 2007
23338644/5/1955P.755 City Bus Service, Napier23P.10731958   
Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd, NapierC5EN69521962 
J Morrison EN6952?Movan  
G A Ellis, Napier RU88552/3/93Movan  
N T & S M Gray, Waiohiki, Napier RU885515/4/94Movan  
S M Gray, Marewa, Napier RU88555/7/01Movan; Reg on hold 01


Last updated 20 March 2010