Bedford VAM Bus

The Bedford VAM was a front engined medium size bus introduced in 1965 to supplement the SB. The VA chassis was designed with an 80inch front overhang to allow for entrance ahead of the front axle. The models were

This is an incomplete list of Bedford VAM buses imported into New Zealand. Photos of the buses in service and details of any buses missing or incomplete on this list are welcome. Please email

The buses on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 5 January 2013

Original operators are
Airways Taxis Allan Motors Ltd Auckland Bus Co Ltd Auckland Regional Authority
Barnabys Passenger Service Birkenhead Transport Ltd Black & White Buses Blair Motor Coaches
Blenheim Transport Ltd Blucks Transport Blue Bus Service Ltd Bonnici Motors Ltd
Buses Ltd Cleary Bus Services Commercial Buses Ltd Frederick Cooper
Cougar Motors Ltd Days Motors Ltd Eastbourne Bus Service Gibsons Motors ltd
Gubbs Motors Ltd Guthrey Coachlines Ltd H & H Travel Lines Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd
Hickmotts Bus Service Ltd Bill Higgs & Son Ltd Howick & Eastern Buses Ltd Invercargill City Council
Johnston's Blue Motors Kaponga Buses Katikati Bus Co Ltd Leopard Coach Lines Ltd
Madge Coachlines Ltd Marton Coachlines Matamata Passenger Transport Maxwells Motor Services
Midland Coachlines Ltd Mount Cook Group Ltd Mount Cook Freightlines Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd
Newlands Coach Service Newmans Bros New Plymouth City Council NZ Railway Road Services
Otago Road Services Ltd Pahiatua Passenger Service Palmerston North City Council The Passenger Transport Co Ltd
Richard Porter Red Bus Service Ltd E C Reesby Runciman Motors Ltd
Shear Coachlines Ltd Star Mini Tours Ltd Suburban Buses Ltd Tauranga-Mt Maunganui Buses Ltd
Timaru City Council Tui Motors Ltd United Passenger Services Vickers Passemger Services
Victor Transport Tauranga Ltd Webb Motors Ltd Whenuapai Bus Company Ltd

Airways Taxis Ltd

Hamilton. Provided transport between city and the airport for NAC.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
468212533/10/68EC3809 Hickmotts Bus Services Ltd, Motueka?EC380917/3/78VAM 3 Hawke Commander B35F 
Hickmotts Bus Services 1981 Ltd, Motueka?EC380930/1/81Diesel 
Rangiora Coachlines Ltd?EC380929/7/83  
Batchelor Coachlines, Rangiora?EC38091/8/90Peter Batchelor 
J S Scott, Christchurch EC38097/10/94Movan? 
G A Doig, Waimate EC380916/12/02Movan 
registration lapsed  28/4/03  
G A Doig, Waimate BHF53619/6/03Movan; VIN 7A816111003821253 
K A & L N Gifkins, Palmerston North BHF5364/8/04Movan 
A J & A Pinkerton, Rotorua BHF53613/6/07Movan; Reg on hold 11 

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Allan Motors Ltd

This company based in Shannon and Palmerston North took over Madge Motors in 1991 and then operated as Madge Coachlines. VAM 70 with Hawke Commander B44F body
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
276215973/3/69FI7684 Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North316FI768423/10/91Later Allan 116 
B C Clements & M D M Burne, Foxton.FI76843/4/04Movan
M I & R A Hunt, Marton.FI768430/7/04Movan 
S R Webb, Tokoroa.FI768421/3/06Movan; reg on hold 06; To Hikurangi 08 

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Auckland Bus Company Ltd

8 VAM70 buses passed from Auckland Bus Company to Auckland Regional Authority. All had NZMB B42D body frames and external sheathing with internal fitout by Auckland Bus Company. All of these buses were re-engined by Auckland Regional Authority with mid-mounted Isuzu 6BD1 engines. All except 983 also received Allison Automatic Transmission.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
7TRP2D9N76393169/4/70FG3116 Auckland Regional Authority193FG311628/2/74  
Auckland Regional Authority983FG3116?  
Ray Vincent Ltd, Penrose.FG311613/2/87  
Bay Coachlines Ltd, Whakatane.FG311627/4/87  
Transbay Coaches Ltd, Whakatane.FG311614/11/95  
B & V Wilton, Levin.FG311622/3/04Movan 
876307481970FG3132 Auckland Regional Authority192FG313228/2/74No LTSA record 
Auckland Regional Authority982FG3132?  
Ray Vincent Ltd.FG31321986de-registered 2002 
to scrap merchant as complete bus..05/04  
9761882714/7/70FH4401 Auckland Regional Authority191FH440128/2/74  
Auckland Regional Authority981FH4401?  
Hanham's Buses?FH44016/4/87  
T L Bell & W E Prince, Matamata?FH440127/4/89Movan?; Reg lapse 15/1/01 
R J Steiner, Tirau?AME86621/3/02Movan
K M Steiner, Tirau?AME86625/10/07Movan; reg on hold 12 
10764741827/7/70FH4418 Auckland Regional Authority190FH441828/2/74  
Auckland Regional Authority980FH4418?  
Papakura Bus Services Ltd?FH44186/4/87  
P M Mahoney, Ruawai?FH441819/2/96Movan? 
C G & S H Brown, Whitianga?FH44182/7/99Movan? 
W H Parker, Whitianga?FH441818/12/02Movan 
R H & C A Barron, Richmond?FH441811/10/05Movan 
G C & L Irving, Westport?FH441815/12/06Movan 
Information not available FH44186/10/11Movan; Reg on hold 12 
11763941311/8/70FH4438 Auckland Regional Authority189FH443828/2/74  
Auckland Regional Authority979FH4438?  
Papakura Bus Services Ltd?FH44386/4/87  
Favona Coaches, Mangere, Auckland?FH443822/2/96Peter Fairgray 
Favona Coaches, Mangere, Auckland?WB165624/3/97Peter Fairgray 
S J Hemsworth, McLeods Bay, Whangarei?WB16568/12/98Reg on hold 99; To Auckland 08 
Registration lapsed  14/9/11  
12764741524/8/70FH4500 Auckland Regional Authority188FH450028/2/74  
Auckland Regional Authority978FH4500?  
Commercial Buses Ltd27FH450025/8/89at Commercial in 1986 
Commercial Buses27FH450019/1/96Philip Fry 
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd27FH450017/6/96  
H J Croft, Kawakawa.FH450022/9/99Movan 
Information not available FH450015/3/12Movan; Reg on hold 07 
13TRPD1N768832915/12/71FW4088 Auckland Regional Authority187FW408828/2/74  
Auckland Regional Authority977FW4088?  
Commercial Buses Ltd28FW408825/8/89at Commercial in 1986 
Bus Travel Ltd, Huia28FW408823/1/90  
Warmans Passenger Transport, Te Kopuru?FW408827/6/95  
withdrawn from use?.11/6/02  
14TRPP1H76883315/4/72FW4282 Auckland Regional Authority186FW428228/2/74  
Auckland Regional Authority976FW4282?  
Commercial Buses Ltd29FW428220/9/89at Commercial in 1986 
Bus Travel Ltd, Huia29FW428223/1/90  
Philip Fry29FW428219/1/96  
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd29FW428217/6/96  
G K Gribben, Kaiteriteri.FW428214/7/99Movan 
S M & R F McColl, Motueka.FW428216/8/99Movan 
R Van Sint Annaland, Motueka.FW428216/10/03Movan; To Takaka 08 
B J & P S Rogers, Whakatane.FW42821/12/08Movan; Cof exp 06/12 

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Auckland Regional Authority

VAM70 buses ordered by North Shore Transport but delivered after takeover. Numbers 798-800 and 972-974 had NZMB B42D bodies. 966-971 had Hawke B42D bodies. Repowering with Isuzu 6BD1 engines Many of these buses were re-engined. 972-974 mid mounted with Allison automatic; 966-968, 970-971 Front mounted with manual transmission.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
79845893223/4/75HL6544 Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd.HL65442/7/86NZMB B42D; 
K G Wilkinson, Picton.HL654430/7/99No CoF; reg lapsed 10/12/01 
79945894015/7/75HL8315 Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd.HL83152/7/86NZMB B42D 
T J & D E Lawrence, Nelson.HL83159/2/00Movan 
8004589266/10/75HN4756 Auckland Regional Authority975HN4756?NZMB B42D 
Hanham's Buses, Albany.HN475624/9/86  
Kerikeri Rentals & Buses Ltd.HN475617/1/97  
W S Gillanders, Kerikeri.HN47561/9/05Reg on hold 05 
966TRP2D1N76785341/8/72GC7247 Auckland Regional Authority966GC724719/6/73Suburban Buses Ltd 
Ray Vincent Ltd, Penrose?GC724713/2/87Hawke Commander B42D 
Katikati Bus Co Ltd?GC72479/7/87  
K S Connell, Mangere Bridge, Auckland?GC724730/12/94Movan 
B M Lee, Kauri, Whangarei?GC724726/5/95Movan 
P M Ritchie, Rakaia?GC724712/7/96Movan 
J R Win, Wakefield, Nelson?GC724710/12/98Movan 
R L Win, Reefton?GC724716/9/06Movan; CoF exp 12/11 
96776785321972GC7258 ....Hawke Commander B42D; No LTSA record 
968TRP2DIN767853123/8/72GC7267 Auckland Regional Authority968GC726719/6/73Suburban Buses Ltd 
Ray Vincent Ltd, Penrose?GC726713/2/87Hawke Commander B42D 
Blank Bus Services, Warkworth?GC726720/2/87  
Gubbs Motors Ltd, Warkworth?GC726723/4/90  
F J Pears, Foxton?GC726724/4/01Movan 
969TRP2DIN76785336/9/72GH6781 Auckland Regional Authority969GH678119/6/73Suburban Buses Ltd 
Central Motorways Ltd, Alexandra.GH678113/11/86Hawke Commander B42D 
W E Donovan, Milton.GH678125/3/99Movan 
G S Mathieson, Dunedin.GH678124/5/99Movan 
M S & D J Jordan, New Plymouth.GH678123/3/01Movan; reg on hold 04 
970TRP2D1N770998613/9/72GH6787 Auckland Regional Authority970GH678719/6/73Suburban Buses Ltd 
Ray Vincent Ltd, Penrose?GH678713/2/87Hawke Commander B42D 
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North?GH678715/6/87  
J J Drabble, Havelock North?GH678713/8/99Movan 
J J Drabble, Havelock North?ZE86189/6/00Movan; Reg on hold 07 
971TRP2D1N767836613/10/72GH6820 Auckland Regional Authority971GH682019/6/73Suburban Buses Ltd 
Ray Vincent Ltd, Penrose?GH682013/2/87Hawke Commander B42D 
Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd, Te Awamutu?GH682023/4/87  
D A & R V Murdoch, Tauriko, Tauranga?GH68205/12/91  
J Fitness & E Hodgson, Hamilton?GH68203/11/01Movan 
N P Groot, Stoke, Nelson?GH68202/7/03Movan 
D C Leary, Wakefield, Nelson?GH682028/8/04Movan 
J S MacPherson & H R Leary, Franz Josef?GH682016/9/04Movan; reg on hold 06 
registration lapsed  23/6/08  
H R Leary, Okarito EPN1575/9/08Movan; To Hokitika 09 
972TRP2D3N772994819/10/73GY3192 Ray Vincent Ltd, Penrose?GY319213/2/87  
Greenline Motors Ltd, Morrinsville?GY319227/4/87  
Greenline Motors (1992) Ltd, Morrinsville?GY319213/2/92  
Associated Coach Sales (NZ) Ltd, Palmerston North?GY31927/8/92  
Wyldes Motors Ltd, Runanga?GY319226/2/93  
J A Barclay, Woodend, Christchurch?GY31925/1/99  
Redwood Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch?GY319212/4/02  
S J Ritchie, Christchurch?GY319228/6/05  
W N Ranger, Christchurch?GY319220/2/06Reg on hold 06 
973TRP2D3N77299466/11/73GZ664 Howick & Eastern Buses Ltd.GZ6646/4/87  
Norman Harvey, Mt Wellington, Auckland?GZ66412/7/91  
Ranui Buses, Tolaga Bay?GZ6641/2/95Molly Devitt 
scrapped  29/9/98  
974TRP2D3N77299476/11/73GZ665 William Smith, Manawaru, Te Aroha.GZ6656/4/87  
I G & R A S Johnston, Paeroa.GZ66523/4/01 Movan; To Ashburton 08 
Information not available EUJ38412/9/11Movan 

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Barnabys Passenger Service Ltd


#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
4VAM3682015828/8/67DG770 Barnabys Passenger Service 1976 Ltd, Pukekohe4DG77011/3/77Hawke Cruiser DP44F VAM3 
Keith Hardy, Patumahoe4?DG77021/10/80  
Orewa Transport 1986 Ltd, Dairy Flat?DG7706/9/91  
A M Letica, Kaukapakapa DG77021/2/95Movan VIN 7A816XX0995820158 
N D Reid, Coromandel DG77021/9/99Movan 
J J Reid, Hamilton DG7706/8/09Movan; Reg on hold 08 
Information not available DG7703/4/12Movan 
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Birkenhead Transport Ltd

Birkenhead Transport repowered the VAM 3 buses with Perkins Diesel engines. Many of the Birkehead VAM70s have TFP chassis numbers. Like the VAM 3's the VAM 70's received Perkins Motors.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
3768000625/11/75HI3183 Papakura Bus Services17HI318327/3/86NZMB B42D VAM3 
I A McAllister, Owango.HI318318/1/00Movan? 
B H Sunnex, Waikanae.HI318325/1/00Movan 
S B Rowe, Whitianga.HI31837/11/00Movan 
B H Sunnex, Waikanae.HI31834/12/00Movan 
P D Robinson, Upper Moutere.HI318312/11/01Movan Reg on hold 
T M Burton, Richmond.HI318323/1/06Movan Reg on hold 
L J & P J Hanna, Brightwater, Nelson.HI31839/8/06Movan Reg on hold 03 
5TFP2BON766366511/6/71EW1569 Whangarei Bus Services Ltd116EW15695/4/83NZMB B42D VAM3 
Adams Bus Service, Whangarei.EW156924/5/94  
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei.EW15696/12/96  
E C & M Mansfield, Orewa.EW156922/2/01Movan 
S J & F Sinclair, Granity.EW15693/3/03Movan; to Whangarei 2007 
7TFP2B0N766366611/6/71EW1571 Papakura Bus Services1EW157112/2/82NZMB B42D VAM3 
Ian McAllister, Owhango.EW157125/1/99Movan? 
W J Chaytor, Waihi Beach.EW157129/11/99Movan; reg lapsed 4/3/02 
9BLP2DJE4579495/3/81JR3343 Waiheke Bus Co(Fullers Group Ltd)20JR334328/9/99NZMB Hess B42D VAM75 
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford49JR334319/8/03  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton449JR334317/2/05Pahiatua
D G & J T Beard, Hastings JR334314/4/08CoF exp 08/08 
11TFP2BON76664179/5/72FH4015 Papakura Bus Services Ltd4FH401529/3/84NZMB B42D VAM70 
P D Hill & M Hay, Gore.FH401531/12/98Movan? 
J D Milne, Gore.FH40158/7/04Movan 
16TFP2B1N76744489/5/72FH4016 Nelson Suburban Buses Ltd21FH401611/1/84NZMB B42D VAM70 
G & S Blaney, Picton.FH40162/3/99Movan; Perkins 6354 motor 
R & P Ottaway, Kaiapoi.FH40162/9/03Movan 
Information not available FH40165/3/12Movan 
1776334011969EW1536 Whangarei Bus Co Ltd?EW15361980NZMB B40F VAM3 
Roberts Transport.EW1536.No LTSA Record 
Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe19EW1536.  
17BLP2DJW4586431/3/82KA6294 Papakura Bus Services Ltd18KA62943/1/96Hawke B42D VAM75 
Murphy Buses LtdP18KA629420/3/07  
J D Harker, Christchurch KA629412/12/08  
19TFP2B1N76940704/7/74GK4815 Papakura Bus Services Ltd15GK481527/3/86NZMB B42D VAM3 
W A Lewis, Papakura.GK481512/9/01CoF exp 09/02 
B T Huband, Maungaturoto.GK48157/9/05Reg on hold 
K T Crook, Auckland.GK481522/1/07Reg on hold 02 
20BLP2DJZ74552371/2/80JL643 Waiheke Bus Co (Fullers Group Ltd)19JL64325/9/97NZMB Hess B42D VAM75 
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford52JL64331/10/03  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Stratford452JL64317/2/05Accident damaged 
Alro Investments Ltd, Palmerston North.JL64318/5/05Reg on hold 05 
scrapped. 1/2/08  
21BFP2BFW4520423/11/76HL8694 Papakura Bus Services Ltd7HL869420/5/91NZMB Hess B42D VAM70 
M J Conway, Whangaparoa.HL869430/6/00Movan 
M J Conway, Whangaparoa.MEREE7/12/00Movan; to BLU103 7/8/03 
P J Clarry, Waipu.BLU1034/11/03Movan; CoF exp 05/05 
registration lapsed. 2/5/06  
22BLP2DJW4584551/3/82KA6295 Papakura Bus Services Ltd19KA62959/2/96Hawke Hunter B42D VAM75
M W Carpenter & J C Buckton, Te Aroha KA62958/10/07Reg on hold 08; To Morrinsville 09 
244520113/11/1977HL8695 Simpsons Bus Services Ltd, Huntly?HL86951/2/90NZMB B42D VAM70 
Shaws Transport Ltd, AucklandS38HL869518/12/90Reg shows chassis 704805 
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesS38HL869517/10/01 
M T & G Carey, Kerepehi HL869529/9/08Movan; To Thames 09 
Information not available HL869519/10/10Movan; reg on hold 11 
26BLP2DJW44552837/2/80JL645 Waiheke Bus Co (Fullers Group Ltd)25JL6459/10/96 NZMB Hess B42D VAM75
P J & R M Freeman, Papakowhai, Wellington.JL6457/11/03Movan 
P J & R M Freeman, Papakowhai, Wellington.BEDBUS13/10/04Movan 
R & C L Tredwell, Masterton.BEDBUS30/12/05Movan
A J Gudopp, Masterton.BEDBUS11/7/07Movan; CoF exp 08/12 
30BLP20J274546087/2/80JL646 Waiheke Bus Co(Fullers Group Ltd)18JL64615/8/97NZMB Hess B42D VAM75 
Associated Coach Sales (NZ) Ltd.JL6467/11/03  
G D Mundo, Rotorua.JL6461/3/04Movan 
G P Bindon, Warkworth.JL64623/5/07Movan 
S B Alexandra, Waiuku JL64622/9/08Movan 
Information not available JL6463/3/10Movan 
31745037717/8/79JB7763 Papakura Bus Services LtdP12JB776322/3/93NZMB Hess B42D VAM75
T R Barlow, Fairlie JB776330/1/06Movan? 
T Corbishley, Oamaru JB77634/12/06Movan; Unconfirmed 
registration lapsed  14/1/08  
32BLP20JZ74546317/2/80JL644 S R & James Dorset (Dorset Motors), Ruakaka1IQ656219/6/87 NZMB Hess B42D VAM75 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru?JL64424/7/04  
B J Baker-Taylor, Gore?JL64430/12/04Movan? 
T G Collins, Picton?JL64410/2/06Movan 
L S Murray, Springston JL64412/3/07Movan; reg on hold 10 
34 BLP2DJZ74507054/9/79JB7766 Waiheke Bus Co (Fullers Group Ltd)23JB77669/10/96NZMB Hess B42D VAM75
Associated Coach Sales (NZ) Ltd.JB77667/11/03Dealer 
R D Alexander, New Plymouth.JB776627/1/04Movan; To Hawera 08; reg on hold 12 
44TFP2139N76498011/5/70EW1542 Howick & Eastern Buses LtdH 20EW15426/6/80NZMB B42D VAM70 
Katikati Bus Co Ltd?EW154211/1/89  
D J Southen, Christchurch?EW15428/10/96Movan 
45TFP3B9N764979912/5/70EW1543 Howick & Eastern Buses LtdH 5EW154331/3/80NZMB B42D VAM70 
Simpson Bus Services Ltd, Huntly?EW154330/10/90  
Murphy Buses, Thames?EW154315/2/91  
H V L Wass, Tokoroa?EW154328/10/03Movan; reg on hold 06; To Mangakino 09 
46TFP2B0N76521411/1/70EW1553 Howick & Eastern Buses LtdH 28EW15531981NZMB B42D VAM70 
Murphy Buses, Thames?EW155323/12/89  
Texas Party Bus, Kaiapoi?EW15532/8/04W A Butson 
S M & O A James, Rangiora?EW155323/8/04Movan? reg on hold 05 
47 TFP2BON765214214/9/70EW1549 Howick & Eastern Buses LtdH 23EW15491981NZMB B42D VAM70 
Murphy Buses, Thames?EW154923/12/89  
A M Boyd, Kaiapoi?EW154911/2/04Movan? 
R J Keenan, Timaru?EW154927/3/06Movan; Reg on hold 07 
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Black & White Buses

Greerton, Tauranga. Proprietor George Beagley. Number 2 was delivered before the company was formed and number 3 after the company was formed.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
2763913318/3/70FG755 Black & White Buses Ltd, Tauranga2FG7554/4/73VAM 3 Hawke Commander B??F 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga2FG75515/9/89  
A N Shepherd, Omanaia, Northland FG7554/3/98Movan; reg on hold 04 
3TFP2B1N768000315/5/73GM4432 Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga3GM443215/9/89VAM 3 Hawke Clipper DP39F 
Ultimate Bus N Coaches, Whakatane?GM443212/6/98(Ultimate Couriers Ltd) 
J P Dalton, Te Poi GM44329/6/00Diesel engine,Movan 
M J Dalton, Te Poi GM443213/7/00Movan 
D B Hunt & J Dalton, Rolleston GM443220/8/01Movan 
D B & D M Hunt, Rolleston GM44328/9/06Movan; reg on hold 11 

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Blair Motor Coaches

G Blair, Waitarere Beach, Horowhenua.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
9TRP2D9N7652325/5/71FT35 Allen Motors Ltd, Shannon17FT3520/7/76VAM 70 Hawke Clipper C44F 
Nelson Suburban Buses Ltd8FT3520/2/79  
P Kerpen, Motueka FT3522/8/96Movan; Reg on hold 04 
N A McAuliffe & M Mouat, Greymouth FT3530/10/08Movan; Reg on hold 04 

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Blenheim Transport Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
4TRP2D8N76171474/3/69DY864 Selwyn Schroeder, Taitapu DY86414/7/78VAM 70 NZMB B??F "Kotuku"
Travlon Coachlines, Lincoln?DY86426/4/96Maureen & Robin Kelso 
Travlon Coachlines Ltd, Lincoln?DY8642/5/97  
R B & W Cotterell, Invercargill DY86413/1/98   
Information not available GLF9831/8/12Movan; reg on hold 10 
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Blucks Transport

Nuhaka. This composite bus was used on Mahia-Nuhaka-Wairoa service.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
7?11/67EA4054     Hawke B13Fv; later 407

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Blue Bus Services Ltd, Masterton

Later Tranzit Group
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
10783483230/6/67ET3470 R & J White, Lower Hutt.ET347022/7/03Movan; Reg on hold 02 
scrapped  5/6/09  

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Bonnici Motors Ltd, Auckland

VAM 3 Hawke Cruiser bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
47682059028/4/66DB8497 Couper Motors Ltd, Putaruru?DB84973/6/71C39F
Creswell Motors, Cambridge?DB849713/4/78Arthur Creswell 
Hardy's Passenger Service, Patumahoe?DB849719/2/82Keith & Heather Hardy 
Barrier Travel, Tryphena, Gt Barrier Is?DB849715/4/91Paul Pye 
registration lapsed  29/10/95  
48680258706/66DB8554....C40F No LTSA record

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Buses Ltd, Hamilton

23 and 24 were ordered by Auckland Bus Co but delivered to Buses Ltd.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
2BRP2DEW45149328/8/75HN9272 Newmans Coachlines Ltd302HN927219/6/87VAM70 Hawke Commander B42D 
Shannon Auto Services Ltd302?HN927213/12/91  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North302?HN92724/3/94  
C J Robert, Foxton?HN92726/1/03  
G Halvorsen, Paraparaumu?HN927230/3/05Movan; Reg on hold 05 
registration lapsed  17/12/09  
4EW4532317/5/78IQ6562 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Parnell304IQ656219/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D 
Adams Bus Service, Whangarei17IQ656212/2/92  
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei17IQ65626/12/96  
Billy B Buses 2004, Albany.IQ656213/12/04P F Squire; reg on hold 12 
6BF2BFW45328931/5/78IU9239 Newmans Coachlines Ltd306IU923919/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D 
Adams Bus Service, Whangarei?IU923912/2/92  
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei?IU92396/12/96  
M A Oxborough, Wainui, Auckland IU92391/3/05Reg on hold 05 
K C Nieper, Havelock?IU923913/6/08Reg on hold 05 
Information not available IU92391/8/11Reg on hold 05 
7TFP2DON766197322/10/70FH1148 Newmans Coachlines Ltd307FH114819/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D 
R D Taranaki, Hamilton.FH114830/1/92  
Taverner Coachlines, Hamilton.FH114826/1/96  
A G Brougham Buses Ltd, Pukekohe.FH114831/1/97Operated by Magic Bus 
W D de Thierry, Pukekohe.FH11482/3/01Movan 
R W & J M Russell, Port Waikato.FH114823/2/02Movan; Reg on hold 06 
9TFP2BON76664183/6/71FT135 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Parnell309FT13519/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D 
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga?FT1356/12/91  
M J Austin & P J Davidge, Te Puke?FT13515/5/97  
P J Davidge, Tauranga?FT1358/6/99LPG/CNG; Movan Reg on hold 
R R Martin, Papamoa?FT1359/8/05LPG/CNG; Movan Reg on hold 
Carolyn London, Waikite Valley, Rotorua?FT13528/6/07LPG/CNG; Movan Reg on hold 09 
Information not available FT1358/12/10Movan 
12BFP2BFW45335417/5/78IQ6561 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Parnell312IQ656119/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D 
Shannon Auto Services Ltd, Palmerston North312IQ656113/12/91  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North312IQ65614/3/94  
Allan Rawson, Oamaru312IQ656119/4/05Movan; CoF exp 06/09 
Information not available IQ656113/9/12Movan 
15BFP2BF45334428/11/78JC2429 Newmans Coachlines Ltd315JC242919/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D 
Adams Bus Service, Whangarei?JC242912/2/92  
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei?JC24296/12/96  
P J & K Cadwallader, Siverdale JC24293/5/05Nissan Diesel Motor; Reg on hold 
C C Martins, Rahotu JC24295/3/07Movan 
Information not available JC424916/7/11Movan 
16BFP2BFW4535212/11/78IU9926 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Parnell316IU992619/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D 
Shannon Auto Services Ltd, Palmerston North316?IU992613/12/91Old Madge address 
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North316?IU99264/3/94  
D Rushbrook, Otaki.IU992620/5/04Movan? CoF exp 12/04 
P M Wharton, Upper Hutt.IU992620/5/04Movan? Reg on hold 
G S McDonald, Wellington.IU992614/8/06Movan? Reg on hold 
F L Mundell, Kelson, Wellington IU992626/3/07Movan? Reg on hold 04 
withdrawn from use  27/8/07  
23TFP2B8N76178131/10/69EC4233 Newmans Coachlines Ltd323EC423319/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander DP44F 
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames.EC42337/11/89  
V J Bennett, Waihi.EC423329/1/04Reg on hold 
A P J Bartle, Wanganui.EC42339/9/04Reg on hold 
B A Oliver, Wanganui.EC423324/9/07Reg on hold 02 
Information not available EC42334/12/12Movan 
24TFP2B8N76178161/10/69EC4234 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Parnell324EC423419/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander DP44F 
Murphy Buses, Thames?EC42347/11/88"Trash Can"
A S Christensen, Rototuna, Hamilton?EC42348/3/06Movan? 
A G Simpson, Paeroa?EC423416/8/06Movan 
Information not available EC423419/5/10Movan 
Registration lapsed  11/6/11  
26BFP2BEW4523004/3/76HP2331 Newmans Coachlines Ltd326HP233119/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D 
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga326HP23316/12/91  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga326HP233126/9/97  
G H Tatana, Tauranga HP233128/5/03no CoF 
registration lapsed..3/1/05  
27.1978IU9927 Newmans Coachlines Ltd327?IU992719/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D 
No LTSA record.IU9927   
35TFP2BEW45334419/3/76HP2379 Newmans Coachlines Ltd335HP237919/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D 
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga?HP23796/12/91  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga?HP237926/9/97  
D J Bryan, Tauranga.HP237922/9/04Movan 
D G Gardiner, Kaitaia.HP23793/10/06Movan; To Mt Maungnui 08 
A J Chadfield, Beachlands, Manukau HP23798/9/08Movan 
46TFP2B1N76744475/7/72GB6484 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Parnell346IQ656119/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D 
Shannon Auto Services Ltd, Palmerston North346?GB648413/12/91old Madge address 
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North346?GB648422/3/94CNG 
T D & R Mead, Wanganui.GB64844/2/04Movan? 
registration lapsed. 31/7/06  
49782398329/11/67EJ6944 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Parnell349EJ694419/6/87VAM14 Hawke B42D 
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga?EJ69446/12/91  
V I & C R Collett, Bluff?EJ694416/5/96Movan 
Information not available EJ69448/2/12Movan; CoF exp 07/12 
50658610927/2/68EJ7302 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Parnell350EJ730219/6/87VAM14 Hawke B42D 
Cesta Travel Ltd, Dunedin25EJ730210/2/92  
R C Sharp, Whangaparoa?EJ730218/1/95Movan 
L P Spain, Whangaparoa?EJ730221/11/95Movan 
C J Smith, Waitara?EJ73026/3/96Movan; Reg on hold 02 
S Whitehead, New Plymouth EJ73027/10/09Unconfirmed 
registration lapsed  13/12/09  
51TRP2B9N765214025/5/70FH659 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Parnell351FH65919/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D 
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga?FH6596/12/91CNG 
Kerikeri Rentals ↦ Buses Ltd?FH65923/4/97  
R J Paul, Auckland?FH6591/11/99Reg on hold 99 
52766366717/12/70FH6548 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Parnell352FH654819/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D 
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga?FH65486/12/91  
A J & D Russell, Taupo?FH654816/7/97Movan 
A J & D Russell, Taupo?AFA94624/9/01Movan 
T C Byrne & S Sky-Byrne, Waipawa?AFA94623/1/07Movan 
53TFP2B0N766642019/7/71FQ9765 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Parnell353FQ976519/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D 
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga?FQ97656/12/91LPG/CNG 
G Burt, Rotorua?FQ976521/3/96Movan 
D L Roberts, Rotorua?FQ976521/7/03Movan 
J H Conway, Oamaru?FQ976523/5/05Movan 
P J & M A Ronald, Outram?FQ97658/3/06Movan 
54TFP281N767445015/3/72GB6152 Newmans Coachlines Ltd354GB615219/6/87VAM3 Hawke Commander B42D; LPG 
Kiwi Coachlines Ltd, Tauranga.GB61526/12/91  
Emerson Motors Ltd, Oxford.GB61527/9/94  
R C Mongomery, Kaiapoi.GB615223/3/96Movan? 
P N Robertson, Riwaka.GB61528/10/99Movan; Reg on hold 01 
P D Macadam, Nelson.GB615211/9/03Movan. At Tahuna Motor Camp; Reg on hold 01 

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Cleary Bus Services

Waipawa Edward Cleary.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?3VAM686669713/2/69EC3977 Cleary Bus Services Ltd, Waipawa?EC397727/6/72Hawke Commander C38F 
Central Buses Ltd, Waipawa18EC397712/2/75Petrol/LPG 
Blueline Motor Buses Ltd, Hamilton8EC39773/8/82  
Blueworth Coachlines Ltd, Hamilton8EC39778/3/88  
N M Bennett, Te Puke?EC397718/5/01Movan 
N P & N Sampson, Taupo?EC397717/1/02Movan 
J V Theobald, Taupo?EC397712/12/05Movan; Reg on hold 06 
registration lapsed  14/1/09  

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Commercial Buses Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
168208911966DB8623 Bus Travel Ltd, Auckland10DB862313/9/73Perkins Diesel NZMB B39+19D body ex Leyland OPS3 NZRRS 1915 
Mt Maunganui Soccer Club DB86236/3/80  
Gubbs Motors Ltd, Warkworth12DB8623?  
W A Henderson, Waihi TH86699/5/95Movan 
Information not available TH86696/7/10Movan; Reg on hold 12 
268208921/6/67DF2687 Harry Richards, Beachlands2?DF268712/5/72Perkins Diesel Crawley Ridley body ex-Newmans 
Edwards Passenger Service, Tuakau2DF268722/5/73  
Edwards Passenger Service Ltd, Tuakau4DF268718/4/79 
Crawley Ridley & Co Ltd, Hastings.DF26874/7/97Stored. Reg on hold 97 
31762727630/7/69EF3763 Whenuapai Bus Co Ltd5EF37635/10/71Hawke B42+18D VAM3; LPG
Whenuapai Bus Co 1980 Ltd5EF376316/4/80  
Whenuapai Bus Co 1980 Ltd5KS11681982  
Papakura Bus Services Ltd9KS116821/2/85  
McLeod Motors Helensville Ltd?KS116821/2/85  
Claude Sawyers, Parakai, Helensville?KS116827/12/02Movan? 
Vision Landscaping (T M Mansell), Helensville?KS116810/3/04Movan; CoF exp 06/07 
Persons Unknown?KS116815/8/08Movan; CoF exp 06/07 
registration lapsed  3/1/09  
32TFP2B9N763340317/7/69EF3798 Whenuapai Bus Co 1980 Ltd, Auckland9EF37985/10/71Hawke B42+18D VAM3 
Gubbs Motors Ltd, Warkworth.EF379812/4/85"Kowhai Cheetah" 
R Rodney, Whakatane.EF379829/10/98Movan 
3768208909/1/69EA2145 Abbots Motors Ltd, Papatoetoe2EA21455/4/73Hawke Commander B42+18D VAM3 
Ranby Motors, Papakura3EA21459/2/81  
K B Costello, Tauranga?EA21454/9/89  
Cozzie Coaches Ltd, Tauranga.EA214528/4/92  
Griffins Bus Services, Marton.EA214511/10/99  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton.EA214512/4/01  
B A Curwen & F Goodman, Waverley.EA214511/2/02Reg on hold 03; To Palmerston North 09 
38761781503/69EC4047 Brice Motors Ltd7EC404721/8/72Perkins Diesel Hawke Commander B42+18D 
Brice Motors Ltd15EC4047?No LTSA record 
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Frederick Cooper

Wanganui. One VAM3 bus with NZMB body.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?TFP2B9NT6391355/3/70FK928 B Pull & Sons Ltd, Wanganui?FK92830/6/89  
Marton Motor Services Ltd30FK9284/8/93  
J C Tennant, Waimate PINS17/12/98Movan 
S E & J C Tennant, Waimate PINS10/12/03Movan 
M E & J M Smith, Tauranga CSE15525/6/05Movan; chg plate 15/6/05

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Cougar Motors Ltd

Christchurch. Cougar Motors were acquired by H & H in 1975. These VAM70 coaches were modified to rear engine from new and had Hawke Commander C41F bodies.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?TRP2D2N77122013/1/74GS3544 H & H Travel Lines Ltd, Invercargill49GS35443/2/77  
S B & M A Schroeder, Taitapu?GS354417/3/94  
Travlon Coachlines, Lincoln?GS354426/4/96  
Mainland Coaches, Lincoln?GS354410/10/96  
Mainland Coaches, Lincoln?DDMAU19/12/97  
withdrawn from use..30/3/99  
?TRP2D9N762159828/8/69EB2346 H &H Queenstown Tours50EB23463/2/77  
H & H Travel Lines Ltd, New Plymouth50EB23463/4/80  
Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe?EB234629/5/87  
Harkers Passenger Services Ltd, Waiuku?EB234630/9/98  
A I S Ngata, Otara, Auckland?EB234619/3/01No Cof 
registration lapsed..24/9/01  
?762159928/8/69EB2347 H &H Queenstown Tours55EB23473/2/77  
H & H Travel Lines Ltd, New Plymouth55EB23473/4/80  
Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe?EB234729/5/87  
Harkers Passenger Services Ltd, Waiuku?EB234730/9/98  
A I S Ngata, Otara, Auckland?EB23477/6/00No Cof 
registration lapsed..24/9/01  
?TRP2D9N762160028/8/69EB2348 H & H Travel Lines Ltd, New Plymouth57EB23483/2/77  
L J Pearson, Kurow?EB234814/2/86  
Roxburgh Passenger Service Ltd?EB234817/6/93  
R J Bungard, Waihola, Otago?EB23484/1/02  
Awakino Homestead 2002 Ltd, Awakino, Taranaki?EB234812/5/03  
C & R Quinn, Aria, King Country?EB234816/5/05Movan 

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Days Motors Ltd, Christchurch

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
3478606691/11/68ED2148 Midland Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch46ED21486/7/70 VAM3 NZMB C37F 
O L Jenkins Motors Ltd, Gore2ED214831/5/73  
Vickers Coachlines, Gore2?ED214822/6/89Jenkins Motors (1989) Ltd 
A J Gluyas, Ashburton?ED214824/7/96  
Loose Units Bus Co Ltd, Kaiapoi?ED214818/3/00  
W D Gluyas, Kaiapoi?ED214822/3/00same address
R L Ellis, Christchurch?ED214821/10/06  
Information not available ED214828/5/12Movan; Reg on hold 10 
35TRP2D7N7134489/5/69ED3586 Midland Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch35ED358611/69 VAM3 NZMB C41F 
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North1JK91745/4/73later 101 
Transbay Coaches Ltd, Whakatane778JK91743/10/02  
Transbay Coaches Ltd, Whakatane778JK917430/6/04(Madge Coachlines Ltd)
C A Davies & A Hooper, Mt Maunganui GAP1T13/3/07Movan; change plates 29/3/07 
C A Davies, Tauranga GAP1T20/8/08Movan 
36TRP2D9N76377013/12/69DI4625 Midland Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch36DI46256/7/70 VAM3 NZMB DP45F 
Madge Char-a-banc Motors Ltd, Palmerston North11DI46255/4/73  
Allan Motors Ltd, Palmerston North?DI46257/4/77  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North11DI462523/10/91  
D E Hawke, Levin DI462520/12/02Movan 
D J Taylor, Queenstown DI462520/6/05Movan 
L B Henderson, Myross Bush, Southland DI46252/12/06Movan 
Peter Beale, Wellington DI462527/10/07Movan
37TRP2D9N763770329/5/70DI9379 Midland Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch37DI93766/7/70 VAM3 NZMB C49F 
O L Jenkins Motors Ltd, Gore24KW26406/12/72date of plate chg unknown 
Ollie Turner Enterprises Ltd, Dunedin?KW264031/5/89  
Five Rivers Motors Ltd, Lumsden?KW264017/11/93  
Allan Buchanan, Invercargill?KW264027/2/98  
A G Wainui, Invercargill?KW264014/2/00Movan 
A P Harland, Winton?KW264025/3/02Movan 
D T Gilbert, Bluff?KW264030/3/07Movan; Reg on hold 03
Information not available KW26405/12/11Movan; Reg on hold 03 
3868221129/11/67DH7063 Midland Edwards Coachlines Ltd, Auckland167DH706315/4/70NZMB C37F body
Midland Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch167DH706312/6/72  
McDermotts Coaches Ltd, Winton18DH706325/7/77  
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd?DH706319/7/96  
A Drake, Riverton.DH706315/4/00Movan; Reg on hold 03 
Information not available DH706324/11/11Movan 
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Eastbourne Bus Service

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
87532002/5/75FL4293 Bruns Charter Service Ltd, Waipukurau22FL429311/3/87VAM70 NZMB
H B Rewiri, Opotiki FL429311/1/08Reg on hold 08 
968241831966CU8152 Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd19CU8152?VAM14 NZMB 
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd19UI1918/6/96  
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd19JAMO197/7/97to YU8105 7/3/00 
P L Tolhopf, Waitara?YU810516/3/00Movan 
R K & C Stockman, Hamilton?DONTN030/3/01Movan; CoF exp 07/12 
12DW4561692/5/75FL4292 Bruns Charter Service Ltd, Waipukurau23FL429218/9/89VAM70 NZMB
J B Warrander, Gisborne FL429225/1/08Movan; To Whangarei 08
Information not available FL429210/2/12Movan; reg on hold 12 

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Gibsons Motors Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
8TFP2DIN76787881/2/72FW3570 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, New Plymouth213FW357017/8/79NZMB C40F 
Greenline Motors Ltd, Morrinsville.FW35701/5/87  
Greenline Motors (1992) Ltd, Morrinsville.FW357013/2/92  
P B & N G Martin, Thames.FW357028/8/96  
registration lapsed..30/4/01  
9TFP2BIN76800046/12/73GZ5950 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, New Plymouth213GZ595017/8/79NZMB C40F 
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga.GZ59506/12/91  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga.GZ595026/9/97  
withdrawn from use..26/11/97  
10TFP2D1N76787871971FW3356 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, New Plymouth210FW335617/8/79NZMB C40F 
Greenline Motors Ltd, Morrinsville?FW33567/7/87  
Greenline Motors (1992) Ltd, Morrinsville?FW335613/2/92  
M G McPhee, Atiamuri?FW335621/12/98Reg on hold 
A B Proffitt, Te Awamutu?FW335626/3/07Movan; reg on hold 08 
14TFP2BON766560127/5/72GI8729 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, New Plymouth214GI872917/8/79NZMB C40F 
Greenline Motors Ltd, Morrinsville?GI87291/5/87  
Greenline Motors (1992) Ltd, Morrinsville?GI872913/2/92  
C G Garrett, Morrinsville?GI872911/2/02Movan 
T P & J A Fowell, Auckland?GI87293/1/03Movan 
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Gubbs Motors Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
5BLP2DFW4529633/11/77IP4195 S R & D A Ashton, Whangarei.IP419514/10/03VAM75 Hawke C40F, Movan
Information not available IP41951/3/11Movan 
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Guthreys Coachlines Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?7509778/10/75HZ7865 De Luxe Motor Services, Blenheim.HZ78653/2/86Hawke B41F? 
Dominion Salt Ltd, Seddon.HZ78657/2/89  
JR's Charters, Blenheim5HZ786521/8/00J R & F M Galloway
K Howieson, Nelson HZ78656/11/06unconfirmed; CoF exp 12/06 
R E Calder, Nelson HZ78657/12/09Reg on hold 11 
?7509768/10/75HZ7866 Nelson Suburban Buses Ltd.HZ786626/9/85Hawke B41F? 
Ian Harris, Picton.HZ786626/6/97Movan? 
K M & G Stace, Picton.HZ78662/2/04Movan 
U D & J D Eyes, Taupo.HZ786610/5/06Movan 
?8546868/10/75HZ7867 De Luxe Motor Services, Blenheim.HZ78676/9/85Hawke B41F? 
Waipawa Buses Ltd18HZ786719/11/86  
B C Clements & M D Burne, Foxton HZ786717/10/07Movan 

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H & H Travel Lines Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
2TRP2D8N76188207/4/70DQ1892 Mt Cook Coachlines702DQ18921989 VAM70 H&H B44F Invercargill 
N F Kroger, Nelson.DQ18927/4/94  
West Coast Express ltd, Nelson.DQ189220/10/94  
R E & C A Harbott, Amberley.DQ189217/10/95Movan 
Information not available DQ18929/3/10Movan; reg on hold 10 
3765170711/2/1971DQ6303 Mt Cook Coachlines703DQ63031989 VAM70 H&H B44F Invercargill 
Mid-Canterbury Transport.DQ63039/3/94  
D L & F L Harkerss, Southbridge.DQ630331/7/98Movan? 
M R Thomas, Akaroa.DQ63033/2/03Movan 
withdrawn from use. 21/3/06  
4.1971DR3506 No LTSA record...VAM70 H&H C44F Invercargill 
676783646/1/72DM6080 Whangarei Bus Services Ltd.DM608021/6/85VAM70 H&H B44F Invercargill 
Adams Bus Service, Whangarei.DM608024/5/94  
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei.DM60806/12/96  
J Dacombe, Whangarei.DM608023/8/01Movan 
B Henwood, Hikurangi.DM608016/9/02Movan; No Cof 
M C Britton, Hikurangi.DM60801/12/03Movan; No Cof 
registration lapsed. 21/2/05  
7TRP2D1N76782188/6/71DR3195 Pahiatua Passenger Services Ltd.DR319515/6/87VAM70 Hawke B44F Invercargill 
Kumeu Buses Ltd, Kumeu.DR319527/6/88  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai.DR319525/11/99  
M Osborn, Pukekohe.DR319520/10/01Movan 
S J Scott, Hokitika.DR319529/8/06Movan 
S G Hoy, Hokitika DR31953/10/08Movan; CoF exp 01/07 
8TRP2D1N76782158/6/71DR3196 Mt Cook Coachlines708DR31961989 VAM70 Hawke B44F Invercargill 
Western Cab Society Ltd, Henderson.DR31962/3/94 VAM70 Hawke B44F Invercargill 
Western Cabs Ltd, Henderson.SN758817/4/01  
D E Prodger, Kai Iwi.SN75888/4/02  
S W Mikkelsen, Tairua.SN758815/7/02Unconfirmed 
registration lapsed. 20/10/03Sighted near Thames 13/2/07
12767836525/5/72DM7066 Whangarei Bus Services Ltd.DM706621/6/85VAM70 H&H C44F Invercargill 
Adams Bus Service, Whangarei.DM706624/5/94  
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei.DM70666/12/96  
D J Wilkin, Masterton.DM706622/3/00Movan; Reg on hold 04 
1545610017/5/77IJ6162 De Luxe Motor Service (1972) Ltd, Blenheim.IJ616224/3/87VAM70 H&H B44F Invercargill 
Starborough Transport, Seddon.IJ616229/2/88  
Mid-Canterbury Transport, Ashburton.IJ616223/7/90  
W J Ford Cartage, Kaikoura.IJ616221/10/98  
R G Martin, Wakefield, Nelson.IJ61627/4/03Reg on hold 03 
Registration lapsed  30/1/09  
17TRP2DIN76782178/6/71DR3197 Pahiatua Passenger Services Ltd.DR319715/6/87VAM70 Hawke B44F Invercargill 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga.DR319715/4/91  
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames22DR31973/4/96  
B J Necklen, Alexandra DR31978/11/08Movan; Reg on hold 12 
18.1971DR3199 No LTSA record...VAM70 Hawke B44F Invercargill 
22TRP2D2N770998821/9/72GD7971 Mt Cook Coachlines722GD7971? VAM70 H&H B46F Invercargill 
De Luxe Motor Services 1972 Ltd, Blenheim.GD797123/2/88  
M Multhaup & L A Appleton, Blenheim.GD797131/10/91  
Flying Kiwi Expeditions Ltd, Blenheim.GD797124/12/96  
M Multhaup, Christchurch.GD797131/3/99  
Nelson Environment Centre Inc.GD797127/8/99Recycling Centre 
D S F Kroupa, Hokitika.GD797129/5/00Movan; Reg on hold 03 
247122025/7/73GP3854 Cougar Motors Ltd, Invercargill.GP385430/12/77VAM70 H&H C40F Invercargill 
H & H Travel Lines Ltd, Invercargill.GP38541/4/81  
De Luxe Motor Services 1972 Ltd, Blenheim.GP385424/3/87  
Hebberds Bus Service Ltd, Rai Valley.GP385428/1/94  
C E Hill Cavell, Wakefield, Nelson.GP38548/2/02Movan? Reg on hold 
L Cavell, Wakefield, Nelson.GP385413/10/06Movan? Reg on hold 01 
Registration lapsed  7/1/12  
2945897017/774GQ8098 De Luxe Motor Services 1972 Ltd, Blenheim.GQ809824/3/87VAM70 H&H B44F Invercargill rebuilt 1982 
Emerson Motors Ltd, Oxford.GQ809821/5/92  
Chris Thomas, Oxford.WE902119/5/97  
R J Jones, Oamaru.WE902114/7/03Movan? Reg on hold 03 

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Hawkes Bay Motor co Ltd

Mt Cook Group purchasesd Hawkes Bay Motor co Ltd in 1972. The Hawkes Bay fleet operated as Hawkes Bay Motor Co until 8/9/81. Two VAM3s (1 each in Taupo and Pahiatua) and four VAM70s used in Hawkes Bay.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDateComments
3768666964/12/68EM6287 Mt Cook Group Ltd37EM6287 8/9/81VAM3 Hawke C37F Taupo 
Black & White Buses Ltd, Tauranga.EM62872/8/88  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga.EM628715/9/89  
J I Burge, Tahuna.EM628715/6/98Reg on hold 03 
S H Keane, Te Puke EM628713/12/08Movan 
38686669823/12/68EC3913 Mt Cook Group Ltd38EC3913 8/9/81VAM3 Hawke C37F Pahiatua 
D C Bewley, Taupo.EC391312/8/87Movan? 
J B & D Puvis, Mangakino.EC391328/8/96Movan; Reg on hold 97 LPG/CNG 
40763770428/11/69EO1604 Mt Cook Group Ltd40EO1604 8/9/81VAM70 Hawke B41D 
Taupo Passenger Services Ltd.EO160412/3/92  
Reporoa Valley Transport.EO16045/2/95(Kevin Smith) 
N D Hainsworth, Marton.EO16044/3/05Reg on hold 05 
J D Hainsworth, Marton.EO160420/10/08Reg on hold 05 
Information not available EO160415/4/11Movan 
41TPR20N764741728/11/69EO1603 Mt Cook Group Ltd41EO1603 8/9/81VAM70 Hawke B41D 
Taupo Passenger Serives Ltd.EO160312/3/92  
K M Dixon, Taupo.EO160329/6/98Movan? 
I A & M A Brown, Papatoetoe.EO160316/2/00Movan 
I R Hills, Paeroa.EO160328/11/03Movan
K J Handley, Te Aroha.EO16039/1/07Movan; Reg on hold 05 
registration lapsed  24/9/08  
42TRP2D1N76783636/12/71FX859 Mt Cook Group Ltd42FX859 8/9/81VAM70 NZMB B42D 
Taupo Passenger Serives Ltd.FX85912/3/92  
S L & I L Garner, New Plymouth.FX85915/3/00Movan 
43TRP2D1N768883326/12/71FX865 Mt Cook Group Ltd42FX865 8/9/81VAM70 NZMB B42D 
Taupo Passenger Services Ltd.FX86512/3/92  
G S Gillespie, Albany.FX86524/6/97Movan? 
F J Pears, Foxton.FX8656/12/97Movan? 
T R Poki, Gisborne.FX8654/12/98Movan 
R T Poki, Gisborne.FX86525/2/00Movan 
S M Jakob, Gisborne.FX8657/7/03Movan 
D A Larson, Gisborne.FX86516/11/05Movan 
E C Mason, Rotorua.FX86522/2/08Movan 
M J Cheyne, Invercargill FX86529/11/08Movan 
Information not available GGS17829/9/10Movan 

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Hickmotts Bus Service Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
12TFP2B0N76656038/11/71FY5630 Motueka Bus Co Ltd12FY563030/1/81VAM3 R J Cooke body 
Quayle Motors Ltd?FY56302/1/91merged back into Motueka Bus Co Ltd 
J R Burrows, Christchurch FY563021/1/03Movan 
B E & P Sahlen, Paraparaumu FY563026/5/03Movan 
P Sahlen, Otaki FY563014/1/04Movan 
L R Kneebone, Paeora FY563018/11/04Movan; reg on hold 11

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Billy Higgs & Son Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
4682015922/10/68EB5647 Gutrheys Coachlines Ltd, Wellington.EB5647 15/12/76VAM3 NZMB B??F body 
Information not available?EB56472/6/82  
Information not available?EB56477/7/82  
Barribal Motors16UM1615/3/90(Midhusrt Motors 1974 Ltd) chg plate 16/8/96 
Information not available?WW628330/3/98chg plate 23/2/98 
Information not available WW628314/11/02Movan 
Information not available WW628315/1/10Movan; Cof exp 07/11 
12VAM1468221314/12/66CV3907 Gutrheys Coachlines Ltd, Wellington.CV3907 15/12/76VAM14 NZMB B??F body 
Matakohe Passenger Transport Ltd.CV390727/9/85  
Warmans Passenger Transport, Te Kopuru.CV390718/5/90  
A J Mowday, Massey, Auckland.CV390715/1/01Movan; reg on hold 12 

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Howick & Eastern Buses Ltd

H or E preceding the number shows if the bus carried a Howick or Eastern number before the two fleets were merged. Howick Bus Company also operated a number of VAMs ex-Birkenhead. These are listed above under the Birkenhead fleet.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
E 6TFP2B9N764980216/4/70FF9233 Murphy Buses, Thames.FF923323/2/89VAM70 (H&E 46) 
Andre Simpson, Waihi.FF923315/8/03  
M L Reece, Papakura.FF923328/4/04  
R A Richards, Swanson.FF923319/10/04Reg on hold 04 
H 2TFP2B9N763340118/11/69EG7556 Simpson Bus Services Ltd, Huntly.EG755630/1/90VAM3 
Leslie Coaches, Gordonton.EG755612/8/91Ten Seventy Ltd 
G J Hines, Whakatane.EG755611/6/96  
M Wilkes, Ohaupo.EG755624/3/05Movan 
C J Kelly, Te Awamutu.EG75566/3/06Movan 
H 10TFP2B9N764980031/3/70FF9224 Norman Harvey, Mt Wellington, Auckland.FF922412/7/91VAM3 
Oneroa-Surfdale Transport Ltd, Waiheke.FF922431/1/95  
Brosnan Motors 1971 Ltd, Raglan.FF922425/8/97  
K J Murdoch, Papamoa.FF922426/5/98Movan 
K G Richardson & M Bond, Nelson.FF922410/10/03Movan; Reg on hold 05 
H 36BLP2DAW45188916/3/82KN6902 Matamata Passenger Transport (1977) Ltd.KN69022/10/95VAM75 Hawke B42D 
H M Chappel, Thames.KN690212/8/03Movan 
P J Geurts, Wainuiomata.KN690220/8/07Movan; To Waipahi, Southland 08 
Information not available KN69025/5/12Movan; reg on hold 09 
48ZN4520512/4/82KM3055 Matamata Passenger Transport (1977) Ltd32KM30552/10/95VAM75 Hawke Hunter B42D 
D C & D M Liddicoat, Hamilton KM30553/4/06Movan. Kept at Waitara Motor Camp 

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Invercargill City Transport

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1BLP2DFW45358527/2/78IP8325 Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin18IP832510/3/89VAM75 NZMB B42D "Otokia"; Reg on hold 06 
scrapped  27/2/78  
2BLP2DFW45324027/2/78IP8336 Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin16IP833611/11/88VAM75 NZMB B42D "Moturata"; Reg on hold 07 
scrapped  27/2/78  
476820342/10/68CW4540 Otago Road Services Ltd, Green Island21CW454021/7/89VAM70 NZMB B40D "Papakaio" 
C M Hooper, Green Island.CW454011/2/99Movan; Reg on hold 01 
Information not available CW454029/7/10Movan; reg on hold 01 
5TRP2D9N762232515/10/69CX529 De Luxe Motor Services Ltd, Blenheim.CX5299/1/86VAM70 NZMB C42F 
Starborough Transport, Seddon.CX5293/4/87  
Brian Bickmore, Lower Motuere.CX52911/2/93  
J & S Buses (James Taia), Papakura.CX52923/6/95  
A G Philip, Bombay.CX52912/12/03Movan, Reg on hold 04 
678620352/10/68CW4539 De Luxe Motor Services 1972 Ltd, Blenheim.CW45399/1/86VAM70 NZMB B41D 
Hebberds Bus Service Ltd, Rai Valley.CW45393/2/86  
E H Duncan, Nelson.CW453914/12/01Movan 
D J & D R Matheson, Nelson.CW453917/1/03Movan 
E H Duncan, Nelson.CW453917/11/03Movan 
M J Wilde, Picton.CW453915/4/04Movan; reg on hold 05; To Nelson 08 
7TRP2D9N762232615/10/69CX526 Brazier Motors, Nightcaps.CX5262/12/83VAM70 NZMB B41D 
R L Ashbrook, Riverton.CX52627/9/00Movan 
A E Reynolds, Invercargill.CX52610/7/01Movan 
L J Craig, Christchurch.CX52621/8/01Movan 
J B Harpur, Christchurch.CX52628/2/03Movan; Reg on hold 05 
registraction lapsed  27/1/11  
8TRP2D9N762232715/10/69CX527 Otago Road Services Ltd17CX52729/12/88VAM70 NZMB DP40D "Maungatua" 
G S Mathieson, Port Chalmers.CX52719/3/98Movan 
T R Cresswell & B I Grieve, Invercargill.CX52730/3/99Movan 
Information not available CX5274/8/11Movan 
9TRP2D9N762232815/10/69CX530 Otago Road Services Ltd, Green Island22CX5304/9/89VAM70 NZMB DP40D "Makomako" 
withdrawn from use. 31/7/96  
10TRP202N771220325/3/74GQ1420 Bluff Motors Ltd.GQ142017/1/91VAM70 H&H B43D Allison auto 
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames.GQ14202/5/95  
J A Godfrey, Waihi.GQ142011/5/00No Cof 
J C Bates, Whangamata.GQ14203/7/02Reg on hold 00; To Tokoroa 08 
T W Hata, Opotiki.GQ142022/5/09Reg on hold 00 
registration lapsed  11/8/09CoF exp 00 
12TRP2D2N771220425/3/74GQ1421 Bluff Motors Ltd.GQ142117/1/91VAM70 H&H B43D Allison auto 
Central Motorways Ltd, Alexandra.GQ142110/4/95  
Central Motorways Ltd, Alexandra.TS992026/1/96  
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd.TS99206/11/96  
McDermotts Coaches Ltd, Winton.TS992030/5/97  
G R Hill, Amberley.TS99204/10/02  
G L Partridge, Rangiora.TS992028/6/05Recovery vehicle? 
persons unknown.TS99205/12/05Recovery vehicle? no CoF 
B J Bates, Christchurch.TS992022/11/06Recovery vehicle? Reg on hold 05; To Cust 08 
1378620336/9/68CW4263 Vickers Passenger Service Ltd, Balclutha.CW426313/8/82VAM70 NZMB B41D 
Jenkins Motors (1989) Ltd, Gore.CW426322/6/89  
Ruarangi Kokiri Trust, Whangarei.CW42634/11/93  
Ida Brown, Whangarei.CW42634/9/00Unconfirmed transfer 
Registration lapsed..24/9/01  
14786203613/9/68CW4279 Blenheim Transport Ltd.CW427911/2/86VAM70 NZMB DP41F 
Rosetown Buses (G M Greaves), Te Awamutu7CW427928/10/86"Lethal Weapon" 
Dobson Motors Ltd, Te Kuiti.CW427919/1/94  
P L Tolhopf, Waitara.CW427911/6/98Movan? 
G M Vaughan, Kaiwaka.CW42796/6/00Movan 
C E Hayes, Geraldine.CW427917/5/01Movan 
G M Vaughan, Kaiwaka.CW427924/5/01Movan 
R J & P M Martin, Huia.CW427930/5/01Movan "'Arting About"; reg on hold 10
15BLP2DFW45295527/2/78IP8337 Otago Road Services Ltd, Green Island20IP83378/5/89 VAM75 NZMB B41D "Wingatui" 
withdrawn from use..2/4/03  
20686990530/6/67DP2674 Vickers Passenger Service Ltd.DP267413/8/82VAM14R NZMB B41D 
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford8DP267415/3/84  
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford8UI818/6/96  
K S & E J Lee, New Plymouth UN784325/9/96Movan 
M D & Laurie, Raglan UN784321/5/07Movan 
J G Tricker & H K Ironside, Tauranga UN784316/7/09Movan 
23682211129/6/67DP2709 Vickers Passenger Service Ltd.DP270913/8/82VAM14R NZMB B41D 
Jenkins Motors (1989) Ltd, Gore.DP270922/6/89  
J W Richardson, Nelson.DP270928/6/96Movan 
J E Wilkinson, Nelson.DP270920/10/00Movan 
J D & A F Mckay, Christchurch.DP270911/12/04Movan; To Darfield 08; CoF exp 08/12 

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Johnston Blue Motors Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?TFP2B0N76636681/12/70FP56 Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd35FP5614/4/82NZMB 
Abel Tasman Enterprises35FP568/12/88J K & L W Wilson 
Quayles Motor, Motueka35FP5627/8/92Max Gray 
H K Cooper, Motueka FP5626/8/02Movan; Reg on hold 03; To Blenheim 09 

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Kaponga Bus Service

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?682015623/6/67EO7274 Tauranga Bus Service29EO727414/10/68VAM3 LPG DP40F
Bayline Group Ltd29EO727421/10/74  
K M Wright, Taupo.EO72746/11/98Movan 
G L Walsh, Hamilton.EO727411/4/00Movan 
A B & L Douds, Turua, Thames.EO727426/7/02Movan 
L A Douds, Waihi.EO727424/5/06Movan; To Auckland 08 
Information not available EO72743/4/12Movan 

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Katikati Bus Co Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?VAM368208891/1/66FE2289 T L Boe, Ngongataha FE22895/10/87VAM 3; Movan 
B C Janes, Turangi FE228921/9/89Movan 
H A Edwards, Levin FE22892/11/92Movan 
J B Taylor, Waituna West, Manawatu CWW94116/9/05Movan; Diesel Motoe 

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Leopard Coach Lines Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?45466412/11/75HU7784 Flying Kiwi Expeditions, Blenheim?HU778410/11/92VAM70 NZMB (M Multhaup & L A Appleton) 
Flying Kiwi Expeditions Ltd, Blenheim?HU778424/12/96  
Flying Kiwi Wilderness Expeditions Ltd, Nelson?HU77843/5/01  
W H McCloughen, Orewa HU778411/11/02Movan 
McCloughen Enterprises Ltd, Riverhead HU778418/10/07Movan; W H & L E McCloughen 
Information not available HU778417/7/10Movan 

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Madge Char-a-banc Motors Ltd

Palmerston North. Madge Coachlines Ltd from 1980s
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
2TRP2D9N76377024/12/69FK1591 Pickering Motors Ltd, Opunake.FK15912/5/84VAM70 NZMB
C R Meyer, Wanganui.FK159110/2/98Movan 
B G Smith, Wanganui.FK15918/3/00Movan; Reg on hold 05 
4TRP2D8N761714827/2/69EN1115 Allan Motors Ltd, Palmerston North?EN11157/4/77VAM70 NZMB
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North?EN111523/10/91  
E G Haskell & S K McGregor, Dunedin.EN111521/11/02Movan; To Upper Moutere 09
Information not available EN111524/6/10Movan; reg on hold 09 
1248241781/7/66ES3603 River Rats Rafting Ltd, Auckland.ES360319/12/94NZMB
D G Clarricoats, Rotorua.ES36039/2/96Movan 
A O Myers, Dunedin.CMYBUS24/5/06Movan; To Wanaka 08 
D G McKinlay & G R West, Mosgiel.CMYBUS1/7/08Movan; reg on hold 11 
16TRP2D0N76610019/2/71FN3210 Allan Motors Ltd, Palmerston North.FN321029/3/78VAM70 NZMB 
Pickering Motors Ltd, Opunake.FN321018/11/83  
R K Stenner, Urenui.FN321022/7/98CoF exp 10/98 
J R Knight, New Plymouth.FN321015/8/01no CoF 
Knight Technological Pythorgorian Eng Ltd, New Plymouth.FN321013/9/04no CoF 
1087053844?4/7/72GE9006 M A Gair, Bombay.GE900630/3/951971 Chassis. NZMB body 
Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe.GE900612/5/00  
J D MacNicol, Paeroa GE900615/5/03Movan 
T B Wright, Turua GE900611/11/03Movan 
T Thomas, Katikati GE900629/6/04Movan; Reg on hold 07; To Tauranga 09 

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Marton Motor Services Ltd trading as Marton Coachlines

Marton. VAM 70 Hawke Commander B44+7F
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
9TRP2CW45855827/11/74HH8165 M J Donnithorne, Maxwell HH816527/1/03Movan 
R A & S Ellis, Inglewood HH81653/1/04Movan 
W M Newton, Maketu HH816520/6/06Movan 
R D Robinson, Mt Maunganui HH81653/7/06Movan 
D N & N T Johnson, Temuka HH81655/1/07Movan 
T & C O'Connell, Temuka HH81652/10/10Movan 

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Matamata Passenger Transport Ltd

Matamata. From 1977 Matamata Passenger Tansport (1977) Ltd
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
23TFP2D1N767878911/12/72GH3570 Matamata Passenger Transport (1977) Ltd23GH357024/10/95VAM3 NZMB DP40F 
Barribal Motors, Inglewood7GH35709/4/96Midhurst Motors 1974 Ltd 
R G Duff, Waitara STEPT015/8/00Movan; chg plate 16/8/00 
Lois & Ron Ritchie, Howick AWE74318/9/02Movan; chg plate 1/9/02 
27BLP2DZOLW45262523/8/82KQ8093 Rings Scenic Tours, Matamata KQ809322/12/03R I Alexander; VAM75 Hawke Hunter B48F

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Maxwell Motor Services

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
2VAM368205871/6/66ET2163 Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.ET21632/2/83  
Barriball Motors, Inglewood12UM1216/8/96 Midhurst Motors 1974 Ltd; Chg plate 16/8/96 
H R Baylis, Kai Iwi ZN811916/10/00 Movan; Chg plate 4/10/00; Reg on hold 05 
Information not available ZN81196/10/10Movan; reg on hold 11 

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Midland Motorway Services Ltd

Midland bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
4578222244/10/67DH6570 James Dorset, Whangarei6DH657019/6/78C??F 
Dorset Motors (Whangarei) Ltd6DH65702/9/83  
Adams Bus Service, Whangarei.DH657026/9/85E & E K Adams 
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei.DH65706/12/96  
E J Field, Meadowbank, Auckland.DH657016/7/99  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai.DH657014/7/00  
J van der Voo, Royal Heights, Auckland.DH657010/5/02CoF exp 07/02 
R B Antony, Hobsonville.DH657015/2/06Reg as truck; To Meremere 08 
S M Joyce, Hamilton.DH657016/5/08Reg as truck. On hold 08; To Taupiri 09 
Information not available DH657026/4/10Reg as truck. On hold 08 
73TRP2D8N761714526/2/69DT3125 Newton Coachways Ltd, Dunedin7 then 21DT312503/80B48 
9168561088/8/68ED1071 Midland Cocahlines151ED1071?VAM 14 Midland B49 
Newtons Coachways, Dunedin10ED10717/9/79  
Cunningham Passenger Transport Ltd, Westport2ED10713/2/82  
Blondells Passenger Services, Oamaru?ED107129/10/85  
Newtons Coachways, Dunedin15ED107117/9/86  
Blondells Passenger Services, Oamaru?ED107119/10/88  
Niels Kroger, Nelson?ED107119/9/91  
West Coast Express Ltd, Westport?ED107120/10/94  
G I & M J Beckett, Runanga?ED10712/11/01Movan 
J L Wannell, Westport?ED107118/10/03Movan 
P A MacGregor, Westport?ED107110/6/08Movan 
Information not available ED107124/3/11Movan; Reg on hold 11 
9268561073/9/68ED1298 Newton Coachways, Dunedin9ED129817/2/78VAM 70 C41F
Midland Coachlines Ltd150ED129811/2/83  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Whangarei123ED129821/6/83  
Newton Coachways, Dunedin22ED12989/12/85  
Travlon Coachlines, Lincoln22ED129817/3/89Robin & Maureen Kelso 
Travlon Coachlines Ltd, Lincoln22ED12982/5/97  
Good Time Tours, Kaiapoi?ED12987/6/00Steve Nottingham 
Information not available ED12988/12/12Reg on hold 10 
93TRP2D7N761714529/11/68ED2497 Newton Coachways Ltd, Dunedin8 then 23ED2497?C41F 
Travlon Coachlines, Lincoln4ED2497?  
94TRP2D7N71180717/12/68DU115 Otago Road Services, Green Island9DU11520/5/77"Puriri" B41 
Papakura Bus Services Ltd.DU11511/10/85  
Texas Party Bus, Kaiapoi.DU11519/7/04W A Butson 
G W Guiney, Christchurch.DU11524/10/06  
The Bunny Party Bus Co Ltd, Christchurch.DU1155/7/07  
withdrawn from use  16/2/09  

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Mount Cook Group Ltd

The Christchurch fleet had 10 coaches with NZMB bodies. (Probably 3 VAM14 and 7 VAM70s.) Four VAM 75 (BLP-2) vehicles had MCD bodies. Two went to Hawkes Bay and two to Paihia. See also Hawkes Bay Motor Co and Mt Cook Freightlnes (below)
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
10BLP2DJW45834212/3/81JW5175 Fullers Northland, Paihia.JW51757/12/88VAM75 MCD C45F 
Fuller Cruises Northland Ltd, Paihia.JW517515/9/89  
Rosetown Motors, Te Awamutu2JW517514/10/91G M Greaves "Gungadin" 
Dobson Motors Ltd, Te Kuiti.JW517519/1/94  
W Taylor, Ngongotaha.JW517522/3/04movan; To Clinton 08 
14BLP2DJW45652422/12/80JW1548 Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga57JW15481/5/91Napier VAM75 MCD B42D 
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames18JW15483/4/96Blitzem
J D & D B Harker, Christchurch JW154828/3/09CoF exp 08/09 
Information not available JW154820/1/10Reg on hold 09 
15BLP2DJW4567814/3/81JW5136 Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga56JW51361/5/91Napier VAM75 MCD B42D 
Katikati Bus Co Ltd, Katikati.JW513622/3/96LTSA shows chassis as BLP2D527456781 
Shaws Transport Ltd, Takanini.JW513631/1/01  
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames.JW513617/10/01"Trash Can" 
W L Eisenhut, Mt Maunganui.JW513614/8/07Movan? 
R D Robinson, Mt Maunganui.JW513616/6/08Reg on hold 09 
Information not available JW513616/7/10Movan; Reg on hold 11 
128782222227/11/67DO4873 Blenheim Transport Ltd.DO487317/7/78VAM 14? 
Selwyn Schroeder.DO48732/5/80  
Travlon Coachlines.DO487330/11/95MA & RH Kelso 
B M Grimwood, Christchurch.DO487330/7/96Movan? 
K M Diver, Christchurch.DO487317/6/00Movan 
Gypzey Rose Beadle, Christchurch.DO487321/2/07Movan 
Michael Brown, Dunedin.DO487312/3/07Movan 
M A Price, Christchurch DO48738/9/08Movan 
J B Thomas, Christchurch DO487320/12/09Movan; Reg on hold 09 
Information not available DO48734/11/10Movan; Reg on hold 11 
129782222519/12/67DO5824 Deluxe Motor Services Ltd, Blenheim?DO582417/7/78VAM14 NZMB C40F Chch 
Wyldes Motors Ltd, Runanga?DO582413/10/81  
Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry, Palmerston North?DO582428/3/83Batchelar Argiculture Centre 
J Wainwright, Dannevirke DO582414/12/90Movan 
S C Alderson, Dannevirke DO582413/4/06Movan; CoF exp 07/09 
130686990323/11/67DO4852 Mid-Canterbury Transport, Ashburton.DO485230/4/91VAM14 NZMB C40F Chch 
W R & G J Cole, Winchester, Canterbury.DO485221/3/97Movan; Reg on hold 04 
W A Cole, Nelson.DO485211/11/08Movan; Reg on hold 04 
131782222312/67DO5814 No LTSA record...VAM14 NZMB C40F 
136TRP2D7N71180828/11/68DO5403 Mid-Canterbury Transport, Ashburton.DO540330/4/91VAM70 NZMB C40F Chch 
W J Boulton & E T Sullivan, Blenheim.DO54039/6/97Movan 
G & R E Doughty, Marton.DO540320/4/00Movan; To Turakina Beach then Wanganui 08 
1377118061968DR9122 No LTSA record...VAM70 NZMB C40F Chch 
148BLP20JW45827320/11/81KM7255 Fullers Northland, Paihia.KM72557/12/88VAM75 MCD C45F 
Fuller Cruises Northland Ltd, Paihia.KM725515/9/89  
Orewa Transport (1986) Ltd, Dairy Flat.KM725528/2/92  
Explorer Bus Ltd, Auckland.KM72555/12/97  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai, Auckland.KM72555/12/97Dorothy 
G J Mills, Whenuapai.KM725515/7/03 Same post address as Party Bus CoF exp 07/04 
W Henry, Riverhead.KM725510/4/06Reg on hold 04 
registration lapsed  13/7/08  
150TRP2D0N76660910/12/70DJ5819 Mid-Canterbury Transport, Ashburton.DJ581930/4/91VAM70 NZMB C40F Chch 
Nightline Coaches (W D Gluyas), Christchurch.DJ581930/4/91  
R L Ellis, Christchurch.DJ58193/10/05Movan? 
151TRP2D0N766609822/12/70DJ6017 Mid-Canterbury Transport, Ashburton.DJ601730/4/91VAM70 NZMB C40F Chch 
D M Sincock, Kaiapoi.DJ601711/12/97Movan 
R T & T E Langridge, Christchurch.DJ601715/8/00Movan 
Daniel Matata & C J Linney, Feilding DJ60173/9/09Movan 
168TRP2D2N770998715/12/72GF5762 Mid-Canterbury Transport, Ashburton.GF576230/4/91VAM70 NZMB C40F Chch 
Harkess Buses, Southbridge.GF576231/7/98D L & F L A Harkerss 
G L Cox, Christchurch.GF57629/6/05Reg on hold 
V C Brisbane, Christchurch.GF576227/5/07Reg on hold 05 
R S Raymond, Wakapuaka, Nelson GF576230/5/08Movan; Reg on hold 09 
169TRP2D2N770998521/12/72GF5811 Mid-Canterbury Transport, Ashburton.GF581130/4/91VAM70 NZMB C40F Chch 
D L & F L A Harkerss, Southbridge.GF581131/7/98  
T A Mitchell, Wanaka.GF58112/8/02Movan; CoF exp 04/05 
registration lapsed. 3/7/06  

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Mount Cook Freightlines

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
755TFP2B9N76391365/5/70DO6236 F W McDowall Ltd, Winton.DO623619/12/95VAM70 NZMB B32D Fairlie 
Transbay Coaches Ltd, Whakatane.DO62364/4/96  
W D Francis, Riverhead, Auckland.ROOEYE25/5/99Movan 
S N Gedge, Henderson EKA39221/5/08Movan; Change plate 2/4/08; Reg on hold 09 

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Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
104501861979JE3302 Destroyed by depot fire ..12/83VAM75 NZMB DP44F 
11BLP24502091979JE3301 Destroyed by depot fire ..12/83VAM75 NZMB DP44F 
Nelson Suburban Motors Ltd10LT87135/11/84BLP2DZOJ Modern Motor Bodies C45F 
B D Watson Motors Ltd, Halswell4?LT871311/5/92Isuzu engine 
Travlon Coachlines Ltd, Lincoln11XF58049/10/01  
Travlon Coachlines 2005 Ltd, Lincoln11XF58041/11/05
29766560412/7/71FR2815 Bickley Motors, Takaka.FR281513/5/86VAM3 NZMB C41F Isuzu 6BD1 engine 
K S Johns, Nelson.FR28155/1/01Movan 
K S Johns, Nelson.ANM58225/3/02Movan; To Christchurch 08 
A J & A Davis, Twizel.ANM58224/7/08Movan 
30766559420/11/70FN4512 P Meihaelis, Lauriston, Canterbury.FN451229/6/86VAM3 NZMB C41F Isuzu 6BD1 engine 
Brosnan Motors 1971 Ltd, Raglan.FN45122/5/89  
Te Mata Stores (1986) Ltd, Raglan.FN45123/7/02  
P M & C J Thompson, Albany.FN451218/2/03Movan 
L B & W A Knox, Wanganui.FN451226/4/06Movan; To Auckland 08; to New Plymouth 09 
Greg Sheehan & Dzjamilla Veldman, Rotorua FN451203/10Movan 
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Newlands-Wellington Coach Service Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
868241849/11/66DN5246 Stent & McNutt Buses Ltd, Tauranga.DN524628/8/78VAM14 NZMB B39/7D 
Mt Maunganui Charter Service.DN52467/5/87Keith Costello 
Cozzie Coaches Ltd, Mt Maunganui.DN524630/9/92  
G R & P I Turner, Tauranga.DN524631/10/97Movan; Reg on hold 04 
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Newman Bros Ltd

Newmans had 2 VAM14s in the South Island on Nelson-Picton-Christchurch services with NZMB C32F bodies. Bodies were modified later in Newmans Servce.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
27783483318/12/67DX9827 Newmans Coachlines Ltd507DX98271976  
Cunningham Passenger Services Ltd, Westport7DX982730/4/79  
Twin City Tours, Napier DX98271/8/90Daniel Stothers 
S Mona, Flaxmere DX982729/5/91Movan 
C R Pani, Hastings DX98276/1/94Movan 
E J de Vries, Te Awanga DX982711/1/94Movan 
registration lapsed  23/2/96  
D G Reynolds, Haumoana XF810518/3/97Movan 
A Paxie & D G Reynolds, Napier XF810511/9/98Movan 
G M Nelson, Mohaka XF81051/2/07Movan; Reg on hold 07 
2878348311/2/68DX9828 Newmans Coachlines Ltd508DX98281976NZMB C36F
Cunningham Passenger Services Ltd, Westport8DX98286/9/79  
T Julian, Westport?DX98284/2/92Movan 
A J Braithwaite, Invercargill?DX982829/5/95Movan 
T E Barrett, Invercargill?DX98281/7/96Movan 
G G Funnell & B A Hansen, Timaru?DX982811/7/06Movan; To Invercargill 08 
N A & E A Carstairs, Winton?DX982821/12/09Movan; Reg on hold 07 

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New Plymouth City Council

New Plymouth's bus fleet included two Bedford VAM70 with NZMB B42D bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
476171466/3/69EO6942 Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd?EO69421/9/81  
Cunningham Passenger Services Ltd, Westport.EO694228/3/88  
K & C Beveridge, Westport.EO694222/2/94Movan 
K G Gilmour, Nelson.EO69428/7/97Movan 
G A Hunger, Stratford.EO694214/8/07Movan; Reg on hold 08 
15TRP2D9N76474162/6/70EA8978 Nelson Suburban Bus Co Ltd?EA89781/10/81  
B W Gulbransen, Blenheim.EA897828/5/96Movan 
ERF35815/9/08To Levin 09

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New Zealand Railways Road Services

In 1969/70 New Zealand Railways purchased 18 Bedford VAM3 Coaches with NZMB C27F bodies.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
4235TFP238N76178143/10/69FI8856 Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga20FI885615/10/83  
Cambridge Travel Lines15FI885620/6/89Tauwhare Transport Ltd 
B E & J Bartlett, Ohaupo FI88568/8/97Movan 
registration lapsed  10/2/03  
423676272733/10/69FI8857 Vern Milne Transport, Reporoa44FI885718/4/84LPG 
Taupo Passenger Services44?FI88575/7/89Vern & Steve Milne 
Reporoa Valley Transport?FI885720/10/92Kevin Smith 
D M Hendry, Te Puke FI88577/4/01Movan; reg on hold 
G J Spick, Te Puke FI885728/1/06Movan; reg on hold 00 
423776272743/10/69FI8858 L & D Baxter, Blenheim.FI885822/2/89NZRRS Rotorua; Movan 
L S Bush, Brooklands.FI88585/12/97Movan 
Gibby's Laser Karaoke, Dunedin.FI885818/8/04B R Rowe; Reg on hold 98 
M G Campbell, Dunedin FI88588/10/08Reg on hold 98 
4238TFP2B9N76272753/10/69FI8859 Mornington Baptist Church, Dunedin FI885919/11/83NZRRS Dunedin; Kenmure Road Trust No2 
Wylies Garage Ltd, Tapanui?FI88595/6/92  
B G Warwick, Kaiapoi&nsbp;FI885925/8/97Movan 
C L Gloisten, Leithfield Beach&nsbp;FI885925/1/01Movan 
S J Stronach, Christchurch&nsbp;FI88592/3/06Movan 
424376528341/7/70FK9894 D B Stevenson, Abbotsford, Dunedin.FK989419/9/88NZRRS Dunedin 
Ashburton Bus & Coach Services.FK989411/9/89  
W L & M J Irving, Timaru.FK989411/3/02Movan 
R A Kearns, Oamaru.FK98945/7/07Movan 
Registration lapsed  1/9/08  
4244TFP2B0N76528321/7/70FK9895 Clarrie Withers, New Plymouth29FK989530/11/83  
WithaCar Rentals Ltd, New Plymouth29FK989523/8/93  
Okato Bus Lines, New Plymouth?FK989531/7/95David & Heather Oxley 
P J Beddis, Opotiki.FK989516/8/00No CoF 
D M Tawhiti, Opotiki.FK98957/2/01No CoF 
reg lapsed. 6/3/06&nsbp; 
4245TFP2BON76528331/7/70FK9896 Hokitika Tour & Charter Service Ltd44FK989617/10/83  
M C Winders, Christchurch FK98967/12/09Reg on hold 09 
424676528345/8/70FL591 Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt38FL59125/8/87Dunedin 
C H Burridge Ltd, Levin.FL5918/2/96 
A J Pearson, Raumati.FL5913/3/06  
K W Stephens, Paraparaumu FL59117/7/09CoF exp 07/09 
4247TRP2B0N76536895/8/70FL593 K C & M M Sangster, Balfour1FL59310/12/83  
Northern Coachlines, Lumsden?FL59324/1/86Five Rivers Motors Ltd 
L M & C Wikitera, Christchurch?FL59321/11/03reg on hold 99 
C Wikitera, Waiuku?FL59319/2/04Reg on hold 99 
Motorcycle Farm Services, Temuka?FL59328/10/08Movan; Reg on hold 99 
424876536871/9/70FL1365 Geoff Brown Truck Sales, Manurewa FL13655/12/83Christchurch 
Vern Milne, Reporoa45FL136522/5/84LPG 
Vern Milne Transport Ltd, Reporoa45FL136521/7/88  
Taupo Passenger Services45?FL13655/7/89Vern & Steve Milne 
Reporoa Valley Transport?FL136520/10/92Kevin Smith 
A D & G M Bott, Glen Innes FL136519/6/00Movan; Reg on hold 05 
424976536881/9/70FL1366 De Luxe Motor Services, Blenheim9FL136614/12/83Auckland 
Stonehurst Motoel 1979 Ltd, Christchurch FL13663/9/91  
Good Time Tours, Christchurch FL136629/12/94Steve Nottingham 
scrapped  23/12/97  
425076536901970FL1365 No LTSA record...Christchurch 
425176569691/10/70FL1936 P O Kelly, Levin.FL193622/2/89Movan? 
P L Hill, Waihi.FL19364/6/98Movan 
G M & J Knell, Glenfield, Auckland.FL19365/7/04Movan 
425276569671970FL2020No LTSA rec...Dunedin 
437576659681970FL2903No LTSA rec...Dunedin 
4376766559311/11/70FL2904 Hammond Scenic Tours, Trentham.FL290426/1/89NZRRS Thames 
Graeme Lister, Rangiora.FL290421/5/90Movan; Reg on hold 06; To Masterton 08 
4377766560011/11/70FL2905 John Gibbs, Havelock North.FL290515/6/89Movan; NZRRS Timaru 
John Gibbs, Havelock North.WJ449818/7/97Movan 
A J & C M Beere, Cambridge.WJ449819/9/97Movan 
I A & L N Haumaha, Huntly.WJ449818/9/99Movan 
Bay Shelter Trimmers, Te Puke.WJ449828/8/03A Versteeg; Reg on hold 02; To Tauranga 08 
437876655961/12/70FL3298 Hammond Scenic Tours Ltd, Trentham.FL32984/2/88NZRRS Wellington 
P & K Morgan, Masterton.FL329829/4/91Movan reg as SB3 
437976655951/12/70FL3299 Black & White Buses Ltd, Tauranga.FL329920/5/88NZRRS Wellington 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga.FL329915/9/89  
E A & E J Savill, Tauranga.FL329922/10/96  
S J Haggart, Hatfields Beach, Orewa.FL329924/11/99  
A M Dorset, Wainui Quarry, Kaukapapa.FL32998/7/03Reg on hold 
W K Donovan, Whangaparaoa.FL329917/9/07Reg on hold 05 
registration lapseedFL329916/6/08   

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Otago Road Services Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
8TRP2DCW45895518/6/74HJ9810 C M Hooper, Dunedin.HJ98109/2/01VAM70 NZMB B46 "Kowhai" 
C D McLea & A S Walsh, Oamaru.HJ981021/7/03Reg on hold 01 
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Pahiatua Passenger Services

These buses passed with the company to Mt Cook Group. Number 62 stayed with Pahiatua Passenger Services when it became an independant company again in 1984.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
12682211014/9/66ES3282 Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd62ES3282 1/10/70VAM14 NZMB C32F 
I & N Murphy, Kerepehi.ES328229/6/84  
T C Mihingare, Tauranga.ES32822/5/96CoF exp 11/96 
registration lapsed  7/11/05  
187134454/2/69ES6890 Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd7ES68905/7/71VAM70 NZMB C37F 
Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd10ES68901974VAM70 NZMB C37F 
Mt Cook Group Ltd10ES68901981VAM70 NZMB C37F 
Taupo Passenger Services Ltd?ES689012/3/92  
B J & D F Coe, Tauranga?ES68904/12/96Movan; reg on hold 02; To Katikati 08/Waihi Bch 09 
19TRP2D9N763074718/12/69EE257 Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd8EE2575/7/71VAM70 NZMB C37F 
Weir Bros Ltd, Hawera?EE2575/5/80  
R F Cooper, Marton?EE25716/1/97Movan? 
K F & E M Beale, Kerikeri?EE25724/6/01Movan 
E A & T Juranovich, Rai Valley?EE25725/9/03Movan

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Palmerston North City Council

Palmerston North had 3 new Bedford VAM 70s with Hawke DP40D bodies. Four other Bedford VAMs were acquired from Timaru.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
5TRP2D84761882513/6/69EF3745 Midland Gray Line22EF37457/10/82  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Nelson291EF374521/6/83  
Katikati Bus Co Ltd.EF374531/1/86  
M A & A M Brown, Hamiton.EF374529/4/94Movan; Reg on hold 04-08  
C W Hart, Hamiton EPW1695/12/08Movan; Reg on hold 09 
6TRP2DN761882620/6/69EF3764 Cambridge Bus Lines Ltd.EF376425/9/81(Tauwhare Transport Ltd) 
Wayne Byford, Taihape.EF376418/8/97  
T & S Thompson, Levin.EF37646/12/99Movan 
D Rowney, Levin.EF376416/2/01Movan
S D Adamson, Rangiora.EF37647/12/06Movan 
S J & N R Bennett, Waimate EF376417/1/09Movan 
8786067025/7/68DG8809 Midland Gray Line24DG88097/10/82  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Nelson292DG880921/6/83  
Newton Coachways, Dunedin11DG88099/12/85  
G G Cains, Picton.DG88092/3/89Movan 
G R Hagen, Nelson.DG88094/3/94Movan 
R T & K L Bucknell, Nightcaps.DG88099/12/99Movan; To Otautau 08 

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The Passenger Transport Co Ltd

All the PTC VAM70s passed to ARA with the company in 1971. All except 33 and 51 were repowered with Isuzu 6BD1 engines 3,24,27 mid-engined manual transmission. 8 front engined manual transmission 50,54 mid-engined Allison 8
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
3TRP2D0N765829318/9/70FF8899 Auckland Regional Authority703FF889916/4/73VAM70 NZMB DP39D 
Howick & Eastern Buses Ltd?FF88996/4/87  
Norman Harvey, Mt Wellington?FF889924/1/91  
Ranui Buses, Tolaga Bay?FF88991/2/95(Alan Devitt) 
Ranui Buses Ltd, Gisborne?FF889930/11/98  
J M Crawford, Whakatane?FF889918/5/99  
D J Griffin & P J Ririkore, Hawera?FF889928/6/02Reg on hold 99 
8TRP2DON765829412/10/70FH5855 Auckland Regional Authority708FH585516/4/73VAM70 NZMB B42D 
Ray Vincent Ltd, Auckland.FH585528/11/86Dealer 
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North.FH58559/2/87  
D A Tipping, Hastings.FH58559/2/87Movan 
registration lapsed..2/6/03  
24TPR2DON76661036/7/71FH5838 Auckland Regional Authority724FH583816/4/72VAM70 NZMB B43D 
Nimon & Sons Ltd?FH58386/4/87  
G Scoggins, Woodville FH583811/1/00Movan 
V F Scoggins, Woodville FH583828/4/00Movan 
M S & K M Salanoa, Wellington FH583810/9/02Movan 
Agrilube Ltd, Enfield, Oamaru FH583818/5/05Movan; Reg on hold 
B W Ryan, Christchurch FH58381/3/07Movan; Reg on hold 05 
R B Alves, Christchurch FH583815/12/09Movan; Reg on hold 05 
27TRP2DON766610129/6/71FH5836 Auckland Regional Authority727FH583616/4/73VAM70 NZMB B43D 
Tui Motors Ltd, Te Puke.FH583628/11/86  
Norman Motors Ltd, Whangarei8FH583621/8/89Reg on hold 07 
33TRP2DON765829128/9/70FH5851 Auckland Regional Authority733FH585116/4/73VAM70 NZMB DP39D 
Adams Bus Service, Whangarei?FH585128/11/86  
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei?FH58516/12/96  
A L Brown, Paeroa?FH585127/1/00Movan 
48TRP2D0N76523416/10/70FH5857 Auckland Regional Authority748FH585716/4/73VAM70 NZMB B43D 
Howick & Eastern Buses Ltd.FH58576/4/87  
Bus Travel Ltd, New Lynn.FH585713/5/91  
Philip Fry, Huia.FH585719/1/96  
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn.FH585717/6/96  
Warmans Passenger Transport, Te Kopuru.FH585713/6/97  
C E & B Nicholls, Awanui.FH58575/7/01Movan 
registration lapsed..22/12/03  
50TRP2D0N76661021/7/71FH5837 Auckland Regional Authority750FH583716/4/73VAM70 NZMB B43D 
Tui Motors Ltd, Te Puke41FH583728/11/86  
Tui Coachlines Ltd, Mt Maunganui41FH583714/3/91  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga541FH58371/10/00  
R A Peary, Mt Maunganui?FH583731/3/03Movan? 
P R James, Mt Roskill, Auckland?FH583712/12/05Movan?; Reg on hold 06 
51TRP2DON76582925/10/70FH5853 Auckland Regional Authority750FH585316/4/73VAM70 NZMB B43D 
Tui Motors Ltd, Te Puke43FH585328/11/86  
Tui Coachlines Ltd, Mt Maunganui43FH585314/3/91  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga543FH58531/10/00  
Nirvana Coachlines43FH585328/5/04Reporoa Valley Transport Ltd 
I H Wood, Rotorua FH585329/12/05Movan 
5476582311970HP5305 Auckland Regional Authority750HP53051971VAM70 NZMB DP42D; No LTSA record 

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Richard Porter, Tokomaru Bay

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?TRP2W45599624/3/75HK5557 Colberts Bus Service (G S Colbert & Co), Ruatoria.HK555715/3/76 VAM70 NZMB B45F 
T T McClutchie, Hicks Bay.HK55577/7/03Movan; Reg on hold 04 
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Red Bus Service Ltd, Gisborne

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
2782398614/12/67EA5562 Party Transport Service Co Ltd, Nelson.EA55628/9/98VAM14 DP37F 
J C & B P Ashton, Rangiora.EA55621/8/02Movan; Reg on hold 05; to Geraldine 2007 
345766622/6/81JW9944 Waipawa Buses Ltd, Waipawa103JW99446/7/00VAM 75; CoF exp 08/09
5TRP2D0N766610422/11/71FY3071 Thomas Tekahu, Gisborne?FY307120/1/99VAM70 NZMB B37F; Reg on hold 01 
W J Haverfield, Massey, Auckland FY307129/4/06Reg on hold 01 
8TRP2D3N772994512/12/73HD3957 S M Griffiths, Gisborne HD395719/5/99VAM70 NZMB B37F; Movan 
D I Herbison, Foxton HD39574/8/07Movan; Reg on hold 07 
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E C Reebsy Ltd, Rotorua

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
14682125521/6/68ED6149 Reesby Buses Ltd, Turangi?ED61496/12/83VAM3 NZMB DP40F 
Turangi Coachlines?ED614924/7/85Turangi Rentals Ltd 
Binning Concrete Services Ltd, Levin?ED614921/5/92  
Central Services Ltd, Levin?ED614927/7/92  
S M & C A Tothe, Palmerston North?ED614929/1/93  
Ash's Coachlines, Wanganui?ED614918/8/94A T & N A Mayor Co Ltd 
B E Hall, Wanganui?ED61493/2/00reg on hold 00 
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Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
11686960610/02/67DN5843 G H McPhee, Carterton.DN584322/2/96VAM14 NZMB C36F 
G H McPhee, Carterton.CELT16/11/97Movan 
R A Allen, Rotorua.ACY8522/7/01Movan  
N A W & S L Brown, Taupo.ACY85215/3/04Movan 
S L Hallett, Puhoi.ACY85216/10/06Movan 
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Shear Coachlines Ltd, Auckland

Two coaches with Hawke Commander bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
9TFP269N763913429/5/70.FH687 Reesby Buses Ltd, Turangi?FH6878/2/80VAM3 DP43F 
Turangi Coachlines (Turangi Rentals Ltd)?FH68724/7/85  
Kumeu Buses Ltd?FH6873/4/95  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai?FH68725/11/99  
A G Chapman, Kaiaua?MIBACH3/11/00Movan 
C N Waata, Kaiaua?MIBACH21/10/03Movan 
A G Chapman, Kaiaua?MIBACH8/9/05Movan; CoF exp 05/09 
10TRP209N763931510/7/70FH820 Reesby Buses Ltd. Turangi.FH8208/2/80VAM70 Hawke Commander DP44F 
Turangi Coachlines (Turangi Rentals Ltd)25?FH82024/7/85  
Kaingaroa Forest Village Administration?FH82025/11/92  
M L Young, Katikati?FH8208/1/96Movan 
N G Wood, Te Puke?FH82018/9/96Movan
J B Tomas, Nelson?FH82014/12/05Movan; Reg on hold 06 

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Star Mini Tours Ltd, Paihia

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?BRP2DEW4515985/12/83LH4775 Fullers Cruises Northland Ltd20LH477515/9/89VAM70 Hawke C45 
Rosetown Buses (Geoff Greaves), Te Awamutu24LH477514/10/91"Perky" 
Dobson Motors Ltd, Te Kuiti?LH477519/1/94Reg on hold 94 
D R Malloch, Masterton?LH47754/9/08Reg on hold 94; To Wellington 09 
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Suburban Buses Ltd, Auckland

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
6776334021969FF4429 North Shore Transport Ltd68FF4429.VAM3 Leyland O.400 engine NZMB B42D 
Auckland Regional Authority868FF44291971Isuzu 6BD1 repowered No LTSA record 
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Tauranga-Mt Maunganui Buses Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
43TFP2B1N7694069915/5/73GM4431 Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga43GM4431.VAM3 Hawke Commander DP40+9F 
registration lapsed  17/5/04  
persons unknown  18/6/04   
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Timaru City Council

Timaru's first VAMs were 9 VAM14s in 1966. Eight had NZMB B40D bodies. Number 16 had a DP39F body. These were followed in 1969 by 4 VAM70's with NZMB B40D bodes. The VAM70s all went to Palmerston North.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
168241791966DS7192 Whangarei City Council32DS71921971"Rifleman" No LTSA record 
2682418721/6/66DS7218 Whangarei City Council33DS72187/9/71  
A J Creswell, Hamilton?DS72181/11/78  
North Hamilton Trust, Cambridge DS721831/3/81  
G H Scott, Katikati T0PMAN24/3/94Movan; chg plate 28/6/94 
P J Duncan & S V Bradshaw; Cromwell AFD13613/9/01Movan; chg plate 7/9/01 
R A Agnew, Gore AFD13629/5/09Movan 
3682418024/6/66DS7238 Whangarei City Council34DS723813/9/71  
Whangarei Bus Services Ltd34DS723816/5/83  
Turley Motors, Te Aroha?DS723823/12/85Allan & Betty Turley 
T & G D Terram, Paeroa DS723826/6/95Movan 
D A Whitcombe & M B Neustroski, Paeroa DS723816/2/99Movan
468228871/7/66DS7275 Whangarei City Council35DS727513/9/71"Silver Eye" 
Cambridge Travel Lines?DS72759/1/87Tauwhare Transport Ltd 
E M & B Orr, Tauranga DS727531/10/96Movan 
S Anderson, Tauranga DS72758/12/97Movan 
J R & R C Hynds, Tauranga DS72757/5/02Movan 
M J Jordan, Tauranga DS727531/1/04Movan; Reg on hold 03 
T N Morrison, Kaiapoi DS72753/7/08Movan; Reg on hold 03 
568241888/7/66DS7287 Whangarei City Council36DS728720/9/71  
Cambridge Travel Lines?DS728720/8/87Tauwhare Transport Ltd 
C M McOnie, Hamilton?DS728716/3/99Movan; No CoF 
M J Perry, Mangere, Auckland DS728716/1/06 Movan 
DYP50314/5/07To Christchurch 08
J & A Millin, Motueka DYP50323/1/09Movan; Reg on hold 09 
6TRP207N7152466/3/69DR9596 Palmerston North City Council9DR959630/9/74  
Blenheim Transport Ltd?DR95965/3/82  
Papakura Bus Services Ltd?DR959616/1/86  
Omega Foundation Trust, Papakura?DR959611/2/93  
T A & M J Francis, Invercargill?DR95965/12/97Movan; Reg on hold 05
R P Tate, Mosgiel DR959617/1/09Movan 
7TRP207N71524811/3/69DR9632 Palmerston North City Council10DR96325/8/74  
Blenheim Transport Ltd?DR963214/7/82  
Baylis Brothers, Leeston?DR963229/2/88  
Bus & Coach Services, Ashburton?DR963227/1/95(Michael Hanham) 
G W Smith, Blenheim?DR963217/6/98Reg on hold 98 
8682289013/7/66DS7305 Whangarei City Council37DS73055/10/71  
Harvey Wright, Mangawhai?DS730523/9/80  
Chappell Coachlines, Wellsford?DS730531/3/87(Dennis Chappell) 
Stephen Sole, Gisborne?DS730516/3/90  
Green Beetle Bus Ltd, Auckland?DS730523/10/91  
Energy Plus Ltd, Feilding?DS730514/4/92  
withdrawn from use..10/5/99  
9TRP207N71524518/3/69DR9651 Palmerston North City Council11DR965130/9/74  
Deluxe Motor Services, Blenheim?DR965127/5/82  
Baylis Bros (Leeston) Ltd?DR965129/2/88  
Buses & Coach Services, Ashburton?DR965127/10/95M Hanham 
S & D Nottingham (Good Time Tours), Kaiapoi?DR96518/5/98Reg on hold 04 
withdrawn from use  26/11/07Reg on hold 04 
10TRP2D771524725/3/69DR9685 Palmerston North City Council12DR968530/9/74  
De Luxe Motor Services 1972 Ltd, Blenheim?DR96855/3/82  
Papakura Bus Services Ltd?DR968524/1/86  
Kumeu Buses Ltd, Kumeu?DR968527/8/92  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai?DR968526/11/99  
M A Haywood, Waitakere?DR968516/5/02No CoF 
registration lapsed?.18/8/03  
1468241772/8/66DS7374 Whangarei City Council38DS73745/10/71"Morepork" 
Whangarei Bus Services Ltd38DS737416/5/83"Morepork" 
Cambridge Travel Lines?DS73743/12/85Tauwhare Transport Ltd 
B J Hamilton & M Polatsek, Mangakino?DS737423/3/96Reg on hold 
M Polatsek, Mangakino?DS737416/11/04Reg on hold 97 
1568241851966DS7340 Whangarei39DS73401971"Saddleback" No LTSA record 
16682418611/8/66DS7412 Nelson Suburban Buses Ltd9DS741219/7/76  
Balfour Coachlines?DS741222/6/81Henry & Beverley Short 
I R & M L Sellars, Winton?DS741230/1/96  
A N Campbell, Fairlie?DS74121/11/99Reg on hold 02; To Glenorchy 07 

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Tui Motors Ltd

Te Puke
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
28?TRP2DDN4559416/12/74HI2753 Tui Coachline Ltd, Mt Maunganui28?HI27532/6/89  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga528HI27531/10/02  
Nirvana Coachlines, Whakatane28HI275314/10/03Reporoa Valley Transport Ltd 
G Hansard, Reporoa HI27539/1/06Movan? Reg on hold 
T L Tolhopf, Waitara HI275315/6/07Movan? Reg on hold 05 
J L Gilliland, Rolleston, Christchurch HI275315/11/07Movan 
P J & A L Mason, Oamaru HI275315/12/08Movan 

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United Passenger Services

United Passenger Services operated from Whangarei to Russell and other Northland towns. They were acquired by Newmans when they expanded rapidly in the late 70s/early 80s.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?76523310/11/71FV6626 Whangarei City Council9FV662627/11/72VAM70 Hawke DP44F "Takahe"; leased to Whangarei Bus Services 
Whangarei Bus Services Ltd9FV662620/5/83 "Takahe" 
J & S Dorset, Ruakaka?FV662624/5/94  
W & D Tribble, Oruawharo, Wellsford?FV662627/3/97Movan; CoF exp 05/02 
registration lapsed  28/8/06  
25BLP2DFW4535703/8/78IU9435 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Parnell286IU94358/4/81VAM75 Hawke C41F 
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Mt Maunganui286IU94356/12/91  
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga286IU943526/9/97 
W N Walton, Mt Maunganui IU943513/4/08reg on hold 08 

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Vickers Passenger Service Ltd

Balclutha VAM75 with C41? body
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
20BLP2DFW45360630/11/77IJ7961 Bluff Motors Ltd?IJ796119/7/89to OQ324 25/10/89 
Waynes Coachlines Ltd, Queenstown?OQ32410/4/95  
Coachlines Southland Ltd58OQ3245/6/96Queenstown 
A J Barnett, Invercargill OQ32410/10/08Reg on hold 08 

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Victor Transport Tauranga Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
5686669526/9/70EC3794 Tauranga Bus Service Ltd35EC37949/3/70VAM3 Hawke DP40F LPG 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga35EC379421/2/74  
K Pennington, Orewa?EC379418/3/98Reg on hold 
scrapped  16/7/07  
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W&H Motors

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
???DJ8567     No LTSA record 

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Webb Motors Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1766559910/11/71FV6625 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Whangarei221FV66253/9/80Hawke C40F 
Community Fellowships Inc, Te Puke.FV66259/8/90  
S & K L Petrie, Wakefield, Nelson.FV662516/5/94Movan 
M W & K E Hodgson, Nelson.FV662523/9/02Movan 
L Canute, Motueka.FV662526/4/04Movan 
I Mills, Nelson.FV66253/8/04Movan 
I D & N J Mills, Nelson.FV662514/2/05Movan 
16 TRP2D0N76517081/10/70FI2844 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Whangarei096FI2844?Hawke C44F 
Cunningham Passenger Services Ltd, Westport?FI284423/1/86  
T J Senior, Seddonville?FI28448/2/93  
R P Smith, Christchurch?FI28442/7/93Movan 
P D & M Edgeworth, Christchurch?FI284414/4/97Movan 

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Whenuapai Bus Company Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
11TFP2BON76521391970FG6075 Creswell?FG6075<1981VAM3 NZMB B46+15F 
12TFP2DON76619752/11/70FH8678 Gubbs Motors Ltd, Warkworth?FH867822/4/87VAM3 NZMB B45F 
D A & B Baker, Massey, Auckland.FH867822/1/01Movan? 
B D Nicholls, Tokoroa?FH867827/7/04Movan; reg on hold 08 
14TFP2B0N76619762/11/70FH8679 Gubbs Motors Ltd, Warkworth?FH867922/4/87VAM3 NZMB B45F 
Kumeu Buses Ltd, Kumeu.FH867924/2/92  
Explorer Bus Ltd, Auckland?FH867917/10/96  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Auckland?FH867926/11/99  
G J Mills, Auckland?FH867915/7/03Same address 
A E Croft, Parakai, Helensville?FH867917/11/03Movan 
R J Maisey, Wellington?FH867922/12/03Movan 
R M Evans, Motueka?FH867920/8/05Movan; Reg on hold 05; To Charleston 08 
15TFP2BIN76744494/4/72GB5618 Gubbs Motors Ltd, Warkworth?GB561817/3/88VAM3 NZMB B45F 
M W Sutherland, Kerikeri.GB561828/2/01  
2445267220/7/82KQ1100 Marton Motor Services Ltd14KQ11004/12/97VAM75 NZMB B42D 
Tranzit Group Ltd, Marton370KQ11004/12/97  
I M Harris, Masterton KQ110024/12/08Reg on hold 08 
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