Bedford SB Bus

Original Operators A to E

Original operators are
Atkinson & Dossett Auckland Area Health Board Auckland Bus Co Auckland Metropolitan Fire Board
Auckland Transport Board Barnaby's Passenger Service Birkenhead Transport Bonnici Motors
Buses Ltd W Butler Cave Buses Cromwell Bus Service
Gordon Davis Days Motors Defence Department Department of Education
Department of Internal Affairs Dorset Motors Edwards Motors

The small number of buses still registered will be tracked until next change of ownership to an individual. The last registration record search was 22 January 2010

Atkinson & Dossett Ltd

Pleasant Point. Depots in Fairlie and Waimate. Sometimes trade as Landmark Lines.

The bodies on 18 and 19 are of the same design. 18 was built by Midland Coachlines. The asset strippers who bought the Ceramco group sold off all of Midland in 1982. Modern Motor Bodies purchased the coach building business including the tooling for the Midland Midiliner
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
18NFM2BKZ76086329/3/82KO5682 B W Youdale, Temuka KO568230/10/09Midland B40F; Diesel Motor; Waimate depot
19NFM2BKZ760541813/5/83LB2281 Information not available LB22819/9/10 Modern Motor Bodies B40F; Diesel Motor; Fairlie depot; reg on hold 11

NZ Motor Bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
6NFM2B3N76053674/11/74GS7895 written off  17/7/08Waimate; B35F

Emslie body
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
15NJM28HZ760217819/2/79JH2155 information not available JH215531/3/03  
information not available YERTLE3/5/10changed plate 23/9/10

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Auckland Area Health Board

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?76117424/4/81JL850 Wairakei Country Music Club Inc, Taupo?JL85030/4/92Woodgate Enterprises B36F 
Caves Buses, Whangarei11JL85024/6/97Maryann Cave 
Caves Buses Ltd, Whangarei11JL8501/3/06 
K A Thompson, Whangarei JL85029/11/08reg on hold 
K K Snedden, Whangarei JL85020/1/09unconfirmed; reg on hold 
?NJM2BHZ760148717/3/82KN5634 Auckland Health Care Services Ltd?KN563415/7/93 Woodgate Enterprises. Mobile Blood Unit stationed at Greenlane Hospital 
Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd, Te Awamutu KN563417/10/94As dealer? Never used 
registraton lapsed  1/5/97scrapped by Hodgsons 
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Auckland Bus Co Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
4658741953? Auckland Bus Co Ltd166p2.47219631952 SB chassis; ABC body rebuilt 1963 
Auckland Bus Co Ltd166EY95421966Permanent plate 
Auckland Bus Co Ltd15GH60081973ABC B38D steel body 
Auckland Regional Authority185GH60081974front rebuilt at Diana Drive 1975/76 
Tauranga Bus Services Ltd28GH60081978chassis nbr probably misrecorded should be 4874 
Katikati Bus Services Ltd8GH6008c1985  
T M Ruegg, Katikati RD31764/12/91Movan 
S R & D A Alexander, Katikati RD317612/1/95Movan 
S B Simons, Ormondville RD317621/11/96Movan 
W M Collins, Tokoroa RD317616/7/03Movan "Shirayne"
Information not available RD31762/10/06Movan; Reg on hold 09 
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Auckland Metropolitan Fire Board

In 1986 this non-psv chassis was given a B36F bus body by Demac and registered as a new bus.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
32SBG419581959EZ1866 Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd, Te Awamutu29ME960218/3/86  
Mercury Buses Ltd, Martinborough?ME960212/3/96  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Masterton237ME96021/10/99Isuzu 6BB1 Diesel/LPG
written off by insurer  23/11/09  

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Auckland Transport Board

Twelve 1954 Bedford SB with Saro (Saunders Roe (Anglesey) Ltd) B35+17D bodies. One 31 Ocotober 1964 these buses became owned by Auckland Regional Authority.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
301SB165921/12/54EZ2683 Auckland Regional Authority301EZ268331/10/64  
Auckland Regional Authority291EZ26831973  
J Rossen, North Shore EZ268318/11/77Movan; reg on hold 
30568211/4/55EZ2687 Auckland Regional Authority305EZ268731/10/64  
Auckland Regional Authority295EZ26871973  
Ray Vincent Ltd, Penrose EZ268718/11/77No LTSA record 
Tauranga-Mt Maunganui Buses Ltd9EZ26872/12/77  
306102371/4/55EZ2688 Auckland Regional Authority306EZ268831/10/64No LTSA record 
Auckland Regional Authority296EZ26881973No LTSA record 
Ray Vincent Ltd, Penrose EZ268818/11/77No LTSA record 
Petricevich, Kaitaia14EZ26882/12/77  
Mt Cook Northland, Paihia14EZ2688c.1979  
318682214/3/56? Auckland Transport Board302??  
Auckland Regional Authority302EZ268431/10/64  
Auckland Regional Authority292EZ26841973  
Ray Vincent Ltd, Penrose EZ268418/11/77No LTSA record 
D J Koni Motor Services Ltd, Taumaruni14EZ26845/12/77  
320SB102381/4/55? Auckland Transport Board303??  
Auckland Regional Authority303EZ268531/10/64  
Auckland Regional Authority293EZ26851973  
D J Koni Motor Services Ltd, Taumaruni11EZ26855/12/77  
R G Carroll, Rothesay Bay EZ268530/1/87Movan 
P L Gallagher, Hamilton EZ268510/3/89Movan 
T B Bowler, Hamilton EZ268530/5/95Movan 
K Rosser-Bowler, Te Kauwhata EZ268524/9/91Movan 
Registration lapsed  30/10/95 
325SB102421/4/55? Auckland Transport Board304??  
Auckland Regional Authority304EZ268631/10/64  
Auckland Regional Authority294EZ26861973  
Donald Hamilton, Mangatawhiri?EZ268618/11/77  
A G Brougham Buses Ltd, Pukekohe8EZ268617/3/88  
S R Shepheard, Whangarei EZ268617/6/92Movan? 
A M Petrie, Paekakariki EZ268615/12/93Movan? 
N P Gray, Takaka EZ26865/4/94Movan?; Reg on hold 
Registration lapsed  11/11/02  
32668201/11/55? Auckland Transport Board307??No LTSA record 
Auckland Regional Authority307EZ268931/10/64  
Northern Motor Bus Co Ltd, Whangarei31EZ26899/9/70  
Kerikeri Group Services?EZ268927/6/75  
R F Rodgers, Kerikeri?EZ268931/10/78  
Packwood Services, Kerikeri?EZ268911/6/79  
Movan, Drury?EZ2689by 1983  
327SB102411/12/55? Auckland Transport Board308??  
Auckland Regional Authority308EZ269031/10/64  
North Shore Transport Co Ltd41EZ269015/8/69Auckland Transport Holdings Ltd 
Auckland Regional Authority841EZ269031/3/72  
H J Gibson, Westmere EZ269023/11/77  
Bream Bay Buses Ltd, Ruakaka9EZ269031/1/78  
B A Southee, Helensville?EZ269029/11/79  
H D Schick, Tikipunga EZ26908/9/80Movan 
S A Lankow, Te Puke EZ269027/6/83Movan 
C W Ludwig, Whakatane EZ269012/6/91Movan; Reg on hold 90 
S Gibson, Whakatane EZ269026/8/92Movan; Reg on hold 90 
D M Brunsden, Matata EZ269028/9/93Movan; Reg on hold 90 
registration lapsed  11/10/97  
32884371/11/55? Auckland Transport Board309??No LTSA record 
Auckland Regional Authority309EZ269131/10/64  
Auckland Bus Co Ltd162EZ26918/8/69  
C F C Perham, Kopeopeo EZ269130/8/72Movan 
32968231955? Auckland Transport Board310??No LTSA record 
Auckland Regional Authority310EZ269231/0/64  
Auckland Bus Co Ltd161EZ26928/8/69  
J M Sweden EZ26928/3/73  
Bus Travel Ltd, Huia2EZ269228/2/75  
B A Southee, Helensville?EZ269226/9/79  
Hopkins Motors, Helensville2EZ2691by 1986  
330102401955EZ2693 Auckland Transport Board311??No LTA record 
Auckland Regional Authority311EZ269331/10/64  
North Shore Transport Co Ltd42EZ269315/8/69Auckland Transport Holdings Ltd 
Auckland Regional Authority842EZ269331/3/72  
Ray Vincent Ltd, Penrose EZ269318/11/77  
Tauranga-Mt Maunganui Buses Ltd14EZ26932/12/77  
333760214/3/56EZ2694 Auckland Transport Board312??No LTA record 
Auckland Regional Authority312EZ269431/10/64  
North Shore Transport Co Ltd43EZ269415/8/69Auckland Transport Holdings Ltd 
Auckland Regional Authority843EZ269431/3/72  
Ray Vincent Ltd, Penrose EZ269418/11/77  
M H & H P Atkinson, Pauanui EZ269419/12/78movan 
Don Richards, Waipawa EZ2694by 1982movan 

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Barnaby's Passenger Service

Pukekohe Hawke Dual Purpose body
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
2SBG4396930/5/56? Information not available?EX723814/3/68  
Information not available?EX723811/3/77  
Hardy's Passenger Transport, Pukekohe?EX723830/10/78  
A G Brougham Buses, Pukekohe?EX72389/3/90this is a guess 
Information not available 4POPI24/12/90Movan; Chg plate 13/5/02

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Birkenhead Transport Ltd

NZMB bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1SB42341/8/52EW5602 Howick Bus Co Ltd9EW560231/5/68NZMB B36+12F snub nose
Church of Jerusalem, Mt Wellington EW560230/4/79no LTSA record
6760217610/10/78IW242 Okato Bus Lines Ltd, New Plymouth?IW24211/1/90NZMB B38D
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga52IW2426/6/90 
J P van de Pas, Tauranga&nsbp;IW24217/8/05Reg on hold 06
8786098214/8/68EY8591 Information not available EY85918/12/87NZMB B38D
Information not available EY859117/5/90 
Information not available EY85916/9/90 
Information not available EY859124/5/94 
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei?EY85916/12/96 
Information not available EY859120/6/97plus several more owners. Reg on hold 07
10SB39006720/4/63EW5611 Warkworth Passenger Services (J F Haslam)?EW561125/3/85B37D
Gubbs Motors Ltd, Warkworth?EW561110/9/86 
A L Merton, Warkworth?EW561118/4/97Movan
The Timic Family Trust, Wellington?EW56114/12/98Movan
Information not available EW561120/3/08Movan
213B35773929/5/59EW5621 Howick Bus Co Ltd27EW56219/11/70NZMB B37+18D
Whangarei Bus Services Ltd?EW56215/4/83 
W Cowie, Whangarei?EW562111/8/88 
M A Chibnall, Papakura?EW56211/9/88 
Performance Parts Ltd, Papakura?EW562112/6/9010 seats
M Prangley, Te Aroha?EW562119/7/93CoF exp 1/94
registration lapsed?EW562123/2/96CoF exp 1/94
22577371959EW5622 Eastern Buses Ltd7EW5622c1966 
Howick & Eastern Buses Ltd47EW5622?No LTSA record
29NFM2BHZ761510329/5/79IW259 Newmans Coachlines Ltd439IW2592/3/90NZMB B38F
Clarks Coachlines, Kawakawa?IW25912/3/92Perry & Maama Clark; Diesel motor
Clarks Coachlines, Kawakawa?IW25912/3/92Clark's Pacific Ltd
Classic Coachlines, Wainuomata?IW25924/10/00R V Potts
A J McLeod, Martinborough IW25914/10/04Movan
R Coy, Martinborough IW2594/4/08Movan
328842513/11/61EW5632 Howick Bus Co Ltd16EW563231/5/77NZMB B37D
Howick & Eastern Buses Ltd16EW56326/7/82 
E Mikkelsen, Manurewa EW563218/3/87Movan
E M Beale, Muriwai EW563218/5/90Movan
R J & M J Veale, Orewa EW563218/5/90Movan
registration lapsed  31/8/87 
R J Veale, Whangaparoa SPARKI18/9/97Movan
S O Reid & W S Taylor, Picton BED1268/4/03Movan; Chg plate 6/3/03
L C Poulsen, Dunedin BED12624/10/06Movan VIN 7A816161097088425
Information not available BED12617/11/06Movan; Reg on hold 11

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Bonnici Motors Ltd

New Lynn
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
45SB3952367/4/65EZ7992 Kaikohe Bus Co Ltd8EZ799223/6/69Hawke Clipper C36F 
Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Whangarei8EZ7992?  
Rosetown Buses, Te Awamutu6EZ799217/12/86Geoffrey Greaves 
C J Fleury, Invercargill EZ79921/8/91Movan 
N W Fleury, Invercargill EZ79928/4/92Movan 
D E Fleury, Invercargill EZ799226/10/95Movan 
A W Tuhura, Balclutha EZ799211/4/00Movan 
G P Mitchell, Invercargill EZ79923/8/01Movan 
J P Brookes, Dunedin EZ799224/7/08Movan
Information not available EZ799216/5/11Movan 
49SB488125/7/66DB8578 Waikato Coachlines Ltd, Hamilton?DB857823/6/69Hawke Clipper B39F. Rebuild of 52/53 chassis 
Kumeu Motors Ltd?DB857810/7/73  
Kumeu Buses Ltd?DB85788/6/81  
A J Parker, Glen Innes DB857819/5/92  
P E Cannell, Waihi DB857812/1/94Reg on hold 
J M Lockwood, Thames DB857829/8/05Reg on hold 93 
80NFM2BEZ761387621/12/76IF1413 Black & White Buses Ltd, Tauranga?IF14136/5/83  
Hun, Tairua IF14133/5/88Movan 
T A Hooper, Matata IF141320/3/91Movan 
M & P J Bagnall, Alexandra IF14133/12/94Movan; Diesel Motor; reg on hold 09 

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Buses Ltd

Hamilton. Own built B36D bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
4SB3541881/12/58EJ3160 Information not available?EJ316026/10/76  
4 other owners EJ316020/1/82  
Dave Larson 4ANGL28/1/12Movan; chg plate 30/1/12 
12435101/8/57EJ3168 Ross Mudgway, Pokeno?EJ316830/10/74  
Maramarua Bus Co?EJ316810/12/80  
J W & E D Bryant, Waitakaruru?EJ316821/9/81  
D I Stodart & D Maury, Whangarei EJ316810/4/85Movan 
D R Lyons, Milford, Auckland EJ316829/10/86Movan 
J A Alchin, Dargaville EJ31688/1/90Movan 
A J & N Shore, Havelock EJ316823/6/93Movan 
N Shore, Havelock EJ316813/3/96Movan 
C F Thompson, Blenheim EJ316817/5/06Movan 
Information not available EJ316814/8/09Movan 
registration lapsed  20/11/11  
31SB37136226/2/60EJ3183 Tauranga Bus Services Ltd?EJ318322/3/76Buses Ltd B38D; LPG 
K Beale, Tauranga EJ318312/10/90Movan 
G J Lochhead, Tauranga EJ31832/8/93Movan 
registration lapsed  30/10/95Movan 
G J Lochhead, Tauranga TY33118/1/96Movan 
Y E Murray, Tauranga TY33112/6/01Movan
Information not available TY33131/8/11Movan; reg on hold 08 
33SB3795034/11/61EJ3185 Tauranga-Mt Maunganui Buses Ltd36EJ318522/3/761960 chassis 
Bayline Group Ltd36EJ3185?  
R T Welch, Tauranga EJ318522/5/90Movan? 
L F & J A Timmins, Waipu EJ318521/4/93Movan 
E Worthington & M Harding, Kerikeri EJ31857/11/00Movan 
P L Shove, Upper Hutt EJ318518/12/02Movan
Information not available EJ318513/10/06Movan; reg on hold 05 

NZMB Commuter 2 B40D bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
21NFM2BDZ760404426/7/84LP2522 Newmans Coachlines Ltd321LP252219/6/87NZMB Commuter 2 B40D 
Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd??LP25222/6/93  
Waipawa Buses Ltd109LP252216/8/00 
Information not available LP252227/1/11Movan 
55NFM2BKZ76144736/4/83KZ3133 Newmans Coachlines Ltd355KZ313319/6/87NZMB Commuter 2 B40D 
Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd106KZ31332/6/93  
Energy Plus Ltd, Feilding.KZ313316/1/03  
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Feilding57KZ313316/12/03  
Tranzit Group Ltd457KZ313317/2/05 
Information not available KZ313318/6/08Movan 
56NFM2BKZ76144766/4/83KZ3137 Newmans Coachlines Ltd356KZ313719/6/87NZMB Commuter 2 B40D 
Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd?KZ31372/6/93  
Waipawa Buses Ltd91KZ313716/8/00Reg on hold 10
58NFM2BDZ760404326/7/84LS2820 Newmans Coachlines Ltd358LS282019/6/87NZMB Commuter 2 B40D 
Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd??LS28202/6/93  
Waipawa Buses Ltd42LS282016/8/00Reg on hold 10

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W Butler

Omaio. NZMB Steelbilt B33F body from ATB 1 Ford V8.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?SB0407261/2/56EK9357 Rogers Bus Service, Omaio?EK93576/6/63 
Bluebird Buses Hamilton Ltd?EK935716/6/67 
Blueline Motors Buses Ltd, Hamilton?EK935728/6/69 
L T Latrobe, Raglan EK935719/8/82Movan
A J Cowlishaw, Henderson EK935729/6/83Movan reg on hold
registration lapsed  8/9/03 

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Cave Buses Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?271213/3/64EK9853 Bay Coachlines Ltd?EK9853c1982 
Transbay Coaches Ltd, Whakatane?EK985314/11/95 
M W Ruffell, Rotorua EK985328/8/01Movan
T M & S V Brazendale, Timaru EK98531/6/04Movan; Reg on hold 07

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Cromwell Bus Service Ltd

Hawke Body?
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?SB3900685/12/62AD3355 Central Motorways Ltd, Alexandra?AD33556/5/80 
Robert McGregor, Millers Flat?AD33554/6/80 
P M Dunick, Millers Flat?AD33556/9/83Movan?
A D Cleaver, Dunedin?AD33556/10/94Movan
registration lapsed  1/11/96 
B E Hartstone & K M Wilson, Blenheim ACU1994/7/01Movan; VIN7A8160P1001390068
P J & K McCullan, Lower Moutere ACU1997/3/02Movan; Reg on hold 02; In Chch Mar 08
Information not available ACU1993/2/09Movan; Reg on hold 02

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Gordon Davis

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?SB3531661/11/57? Cougar Coaches Ltd, Christchurch?AL954317/6/65Steel Bros body 
Cougar Motors Ltd, Christchurch?AL95433/1/69  
Brazier Motors, Blenheim?AL954320/5/80Diesel Motor 
Starborough Transport, Seddon6?AL95436/11/86  
Emerson Motors, Oxford6?AL95437/1/87David Emerson 
W J Craword, Christchurch?AL954324/2/95Movan 
M R Browne, Twizel?AL954324/2/95Movan 
B H & J S Anderson, Kaiapoi?AL954317/9/96Movan 
S M Anderson, Queenstown?AL954331/1/00Movan 
K D Milne, Christchurch?AL95434/5/01Movan; CoF exp 09/11

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Days Motors Ltd

Christchurch. Days Motors had 5 Bedford SB3 with unusual NZMB deluxe bus 36 seat bodies.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
22SB35895226/8/58s.825 Days Motors Ltd, Christchurch22DV15061966  
Glenorchy Motors Ltd?DV150625/3/68  
J F Sadlier, Dipton?DV15065/12/70  
E M Ellin, Dipton?DV150614/6/77  
K C Sangster, Balfour DV150628/10/82Movan? 
J G Leeden, Invercargill DV15061/7/83Movan? 
R R Wilson, Hamilton DV15064/10/89Movan 
L Connor, Motueka DV150626/11/92Movan 
G J Alderdice, Nelson DV150610/3/95Movan VIN 7A8160P1098058952 
J M O'Loughlin, Oxford DV15066/8/98Movan; reg on hold 02; Diesel 
Registration lapsed  21/5/09  
23SB3719194/11/59p2.932 Days Motors Ltd, Christchurch23DV15071966  
Wadsworth Motors Ltd, Nelson?DV150715/10/68  
T D Masters, Renwick DV15075/1/95  
G R Freeman, Westport DV150724/2/95  
M R Bennett, Dunedin DV150722/3/00  
J A Bell, Dunedin AFW24629/8/02reg on hold 01 
M R Bennett, Dunedin AFW2463/7/09reg on hold 01 
Information not available AFW24620/1/11unconfirmed; Reg on hold 01 
24?07/60? Days Motors Ltd, Christchurch24DV15081961  
25SB3764401/8/60s.621 Days Motors Ltd, Christchurch25p2.9411961  
Days Motors Ltd, Christchurch25DV15091966  
Glenorchy Motors Ltd?DV150927/12/68  
Buchanan Motors, Invercargill?DV150923/6/71  
Peter Mason, Makikihi?DV150929/11/72  
Atkinson & Dossett Ltd, Pleasant Point?DV15094/2/82  
L Eaton, Timaru DV150923/3/92Movan 
R J Cooper, Seddon DV15095/1/94Movan 
registration lapsed  3/8/96  
26SB38722308/61p3.279 Days Motors Ltd, Christchurch26DV15101961   
E W Duncan, Havelock SP586311/5/94Movan VIN 7A8160P1094087223; SB3 
R E Beard, Havelock SP586331/10/95Movan reg on hold 96 
T W Swale, Havelock SP586321/12/09at Chartridge Holiday Park; reg on hold 96

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Defence Department

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
32532763316422/1/70FJ1008 Madge Coachlines, Palmerston North743FJ100829/5/86NZMB C36F; NZ Army; Nalla Holdings Ltd  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North743FJ100824/3/88   
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd743FJ100817/8/98   
R W Baty, Opotiki FJ100821/11/02Movan  
J D Jamieson, Thames FJ100818/12/03Movan  
S J Libline, Gisborne FJ10089/11/05Movan
S A Taiatini, Kaiapoi FJ10082/11/07Movan; reg on hold 08 
?NJM2BHZ760147526/2/79JD5964 Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd?JD596414/7/881978 Chassis Midland B36F 
Reporoa Valley Transport15JD59645/7/94Kevin Smith 
J G Noble, Wanganui JD59646/5/06  
T E Martin, Palmerston North JD596430/10/06Movan
?NJM2BHZ76014858/2/79JA7387 Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd?JA73878/4/911978 Chassis Midland B36F 
Graham Lutze, Urenui?JA738722/12/92  
Energy Plus Ltd, Feilding?JA73872/3/95  
Gunson Transport Ltd, Te Kauwhata?JA738725/2/97  
Taniwha Buses Ltd, Drury?JA738731/3/98  
G R Trotter, Kaukapakapa JA73876/8/01Reg on hold 01 
?NJM2BHZ760217026/2/79JD5968 Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd?JD596812/10/981978 Chassis Midland B36F 
Reporoa Valley Transport14?JD59685/7/94Kevin Smith 
Nirvana Coaches, Ohope14JD596819/7/02Kevin Smith
Central Transport Ltd, Reporoa?JD596821/4/09  
?NJM2BJZ76007162/8/79JI7469 Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd?JI74695/8/87Midland B36F 
Pearsons Bus Service, Kurow?JI746929/9/88Murray Pearson 
East Otago Coachways, Palmerston20JI746910/7/00J T McLew
R J Kennedy & S M Grant, Dunedin?JI746916/4/07Movan; Isuzu 6BD1 motor 
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Department of Eductation

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
109NFM2BCW760210524/1/84LN7495 Otago Road Services Ltd25LN749519/10/891983 Chassis CWI PN 82pri/69sec; B52F "Tokoiti" 
K B Hopper, Outram LN749514/1/09Reg on hold 09 
112NFM2BCW760214621/11/83LM7554 Trans Tui Ltd, Te Puke?LM755426/2/90CWI PN 82pri/69sec 
Whangarei Bus Services (1994)Ltd?LM755417/5/90  
D J Ansted, Waitara DRF95723/1/07Reg as truck; 
Information not available DRF9573/4/08Reg as truck on hold 08 
113NFM2BCW760218324/1/84LN7496 Lewis Hodgson Motor Servces Ltd, Te Awamutu42LN749614/7/891983 Chassis CWI PN 82pri/69sec 
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames35LN749622/9/97"Hewey"
T A Woods, Taupo LN749614/7/09Movan 
115NFM2BCW760221324/1/84LN7521 Lewis Hodgson Motor Servces Ltd, Te Awamutu41LN752114/7/891983 Chassis CWI PN 82pri/69sec 
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames37LN752122/9/97"Lewey"
T Khumalo, Otautau LN752116/10/09reg on hold 09 
Scrapped  11/9/10  
116NFM2BCW760221424/1/84LN7522 Dempsey Buses Ltd, Raetihi?LN752228/8/891983 Chassis CWI PN 82pri/69sec 
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesM25LN752228/4/03 
M J Winks, Papakura LN752223/12/09  
Information not available LN752217/2/10Reg on hold 
Scrapped  26/7/11  
117NFM2BHZ76150952/4/80JO5866 Simpsons Bus Services Ltd, Huntly?JO586619/4/901978 Chassis NZMB PN 83pri/68sec 
Carleys Transport Ltd, Te Kauwhata14?JO586612/4/96  
Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton?JO586630/9/04  
Good Time Fun Bus, Tauranga14JO586618/12/04P J Connolly & J A Beaton
J J Fletcher, Ohura JO586617/7/08reg on hold 08 
118NFM2BHZ76150962/4/80JO5865 Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany10JO586518/5/901978 Chassis NZMB PN 83pri/68sec 
D J & G Lloyd, Greenhithe JO586524/3/00Movan 
G J Smith, Greenhithe JO586520/12/04Movan 
C A Lester, Dunedin JO586524/12/08Movan 
Information not available JO586527/9/10Movan 
119NFM2BHZ76150972/4/80JO5867 Matamata Passenger Transport (1977) Ltd15JO586724/10/951978 chassis NZMB PN 83pri/68sec 
Go-Bus Transport Ltd415JO58673/10/05Diesel engine  
G J O'Brien & N D Channer JO586717/7/06Movan 
Information not available JO586713/10/10Movan 
120NFM2BHZ76150982/4/80JO5868 Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd, Te Awamutu46JO586825/7/891978 Chassis NZMB PN 83pri/68sec 
Dorset Motors, Ruakaka?JO586816/4/96  
Caves Buses, Rotorua?JO586816/3/00  
Bowmans 2000 Ltd35JO586816/1/03 
B Yates, Kaitaia JO586815/11/06Reg on hold 06 
L C Boyd, Tauranga JO586811/12/06Reg on hold 06 
P J Oldaker, Wanganui JO586828/8/08Reg on hold 06 
Information not available JO586815/4/11Reg on hold 06 
181NFM2B5N76085555/5/76HX3707 Pahiatua Passenger Services (1984) Ltd23HX370715/7/881975 Chassis NZMB CH 81pri/68sec 
Bayline Group Ltd23HX370720/12/90  
J W Schiavi, Opotiki HX370725/2/04Reg on hold 04
185NFM2B5N761739029/6/77IK4640 Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd IK464023/2/891976 Chassis NZMB CH 83pri/68sec 
Withatruck Rentals, New Plymouth42IK464027/2/89Clarrie Withers; LTSA has chassis as NFN2B5N761396 
Withatruck Rentals, New Plymouth42IK464023/8/93Withacar Rentals Ltd 
Okato Bus Lines, New Plymouth33IK464031/7/95"Torvil"; D J & H F Oxley 
M S Collinge, Waitakere IK464012/10/04  
Registration lapsed IK464012/10/09  
187NFM2B5N761739029/6/77IK4639 Kaingaroa Forest Village Administration IK463924/11/891976 Chassis NZMB CH 83pri/68sec 
Associated Coach Sales NZ Ltd, Palmerston North IK463912/11/92dealer 
White Bus Service Ltd, Dannevirke IK463914/2/93  
Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia10IK463929/12/95D J Bowman 
Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia10IK463924/1/00Bowmans 2000 Ltd
D J Bowman, Kaitaia IK463913/3/07  
C H Riley, Haumoana IK463920/8/07Movan; Reg on hold 10 
195NFM2BEZ76138821/5/78IW793 Turley Motors (Betty & Allan Turley)?IW79326/9/89NZMB PN 60pri/50sec 
A C Hoebergen, Tahuna?IW79321/1/03Reg on hold 
T Moles, Barrytown?IW79312/9/07Reg on hold 
Information not available IW79313/9/10Movan 
196NFM2BEZ76138831/5/78IW794 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Kaikohe441IW79418/5/90NZMB Commuter 1 PN 60pri/50sec 
Kaikohe Bus Co36IW79412/3/92Perry & Maama Clark 
Kaikohe Bus Co36IW79429/3/96Clark's Pacific Ltd
Otene Buses Ltd, Okaihau?IW79421/11/06Reg on hold 07 
Information not available IW79414/10/11Unconfirmed; Reg on hold 07 
953SB39125920/4/64G23.862 Department of Education149DV43511975NZMB Prim 58+24 Sec 50+18 
Vickers Coachlines, Gore89DV435126/8/87(Jenkins Motors Ltd) 
Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin24DV435112/2/90  
K B Hopper, Outram DV43514/9/96Movan 
H Te A Takaroa, Hokitika DV435130/7/99Movan 
S J Laing, Mosgiel DV435124/11/03Movan 
G J Leaman & S Taylor, Omakau DV435124/2/06Movan 
A A Ferguson & A J Harris, Omakau DV435117/5/07Movan; reg on hold 07 
Information not available DV435117/12/10Movan; Reg on hold 07 
955SB39523811/2/65EZ5761 Department of Education151EZ57611975NZMB Prim 58+24 Sec 50+18 
Johnsons Coachlines, Napier?EZ576126/8/87  
M R Strum, Wairoa3EZ576123/11/90CoF exp 01/99 
registration lapsed  4/3/00  
R Harrison, Oputama  19/3/01Unconfirmed 
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Department of Internal Affairs

SB3 with B15Fv body used as ground transport for Chatham Island air service.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
???FS8005 Chatham Is County Council?FS8005?no engine. Workers lunch room

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Edwards Motors Ltd

Auckland. Passenger services to Te Aroha, Morrinsville, Matamata, Rotorua and Tauranga
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
40663512/53? Billy Higgs & Sons Ltd, Wellington?ET6973/55Duple C30F 
Maxwell Motors, Masterton3ET697? 
Kapiti Christain Centre ET697c1975 
41526512/53? Billy Higgs & Sons Ltd, Wellington?ET6983/55Duple C30F 
Maxwell Motors, Masterton4ET698?  
Movan, Reefton&bsp; ?  
61781083519/11/68EC5438 Midland Coachlines Ltd, Auckland161EC54382/6/72NZMB Vistaliner C33F 
Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Nelson?EC54385/8/74  
Holiday Tours Coachlines Ltd, Timaru?EC543811/6/79  
Tokoroa Buses Ltd?EC54382/5/80  
D J & M R Bold, Napier EC548310/4/90Movan; CoF exp 06/09  

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