Ansair Flxible Clipper Model 6A Coaches

The Ansair Flxible Clipper was a 27 or 29 seat coach built by Ansair Pty Ltd., Essendon, Melbourne under license to The Flxible Company of Loudonville, Ohio, USA. The Clipper was introduced by Flxible in 1936 using a Buick Straight 8 motor. In 1938 the engine moved from the front to the rear. The design was refined post war in 1946. The Ansair Flxible had the same body specification as the Right Hand Drive US Flxible. Mechanical specs had minor changes made to them to reflect the prevalence and availability of British sourced components a 6 cylinder 7.4litre Leyland diesel engine producing 160hp. A Spicer 4 speed transmission was used. Ansair made two versions of the Clipper: The Tourist model 6A (the model of Newman's vehicles), and Intercity model 6B. By the time production ended in the mid 1960's Ansair had produced a total of 131 vehicles. Wheelbase 218in. Length 32ft 11.5in Height 111in. Inside height 92.25in. Headroom 77in

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Newman Bros (North Island) Ltd

Palmerston North. These coaches were used on the Wellington - Palmerston North - Napier service until 1969.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
21AF121952s.377 (56) Newman Bros (NI) Ltd21s.2701961C27+2childrenF
Couper Motors, Putaruru8EN616929/11/68C27+2childrenF
22AF131952s.378 (56) Newman Bros (NI) Ltd22s.2711961C27+2childrenF  
Blair Motors, Levin?EN617020/4/69C27+2childrenF  
23AF1829/5/52s.379 (56) Newman Bros (NI) Ltd23s.2721961C27+2childrenF
EN61711965C21Fv for airport service
White Bus Service Ltd, Dannevirke3EN617113/3/69C33F
Orewa Transport Ltd, Auckland?EN617123/5/72 
Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Auckland23EN617111/8/78  
Montana Group (NZ) Ltd, Auckland23EN617115/6/00  
Nelson City Council, Nelson23EN617127/2/01Preserved at Founders Museum 
24AF191952s.380 (56) Newman Bros (NI) Ltd24s.2731961C29F  
Hughes EN617228/2/69Movan
25AF241952S.381 (56) Newman Bros (NI) Ltd25s.2741961C29F  
E C Reesby, Rotorua11EN61734/4/67   
26AF251952S.382 (56) Newman Bros (NI) Ltd26s.2751961C29F  
E C Reesby, Rotorua15EN617427/5/68   

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