Early Albion Buses and Charabancs

1907 NZ Railways Charabancs

The first 4 (or 5) vehicles in NZ Railways fleet where 10 seat Albion Charabancs. On October 1 1907 a service was started between Culverden, then the northern terminus of the railway, and Waiau Ferry. The distance is 17 miles. Once bridges were completed the service was extended a further 6 miles to Hanmer springs. The Albions were sold in 1917.

NZR Albion

NZR Albion Charabanc. Photo NZR Staff Bulletin

UnknownN Z Railways11907 B10
UnknownN Z Railways21907 B10
UnknownN Z Railways31907 B10
UnknownN Z Railways41907 B10
UnknownN Z Railways?1907  B10. Mike Jarka's NZR fleet list only records 4 Albion charabancs

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Model L27 Department of Education

2 school buses with seating for 40 children. The Department of Education also had 2 other Albion L27s that had truck bodies. 42 is described as a coal truck and 43 as a 40cwt truck.
UnknownDepartment of Education67/04/27 Later 44
UnknownDepartment of Education711/11/27 Later 45

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N Z Railways

7 vehicles. Type unknown. Mike Jarka thinks these were trucks.
UnknownN Z Railways16   
UnknownN Z Railways17   
UnknownN Z Railways18   
UnknownN Z Railways23   
UnknownN Z Railways24   
UnknownN Z Railways122   
UnknownN Z Railways133   

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